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  1. Ok, well as everyone likes to mention I am new here as if that invalidates my point. It doesn't and I stand by it. Promoting individuals to kill themselves in real life is offensive and to be honest I have been quite upset about it all day, very confronting to see those images. It appears as though most of it is gone now which I am thankful for. I am not presumptuous enough to be asking for sympathy or forgiveness for Hopey (as I admit I don't know/care what he has done wrong previously). It doesn't phase me if not many people like him and he doesn't fit in, it is probably justified. All I have observed in my short time here is a collection of people being horrible to someone and then the ringleader pushing for the person being picked on to kill themself. Everyone else just laughs along or keeps up the vilification. This is textbook for how suicides due to online bullying occur. Its only afterwards that people reflect and think "shit, we did take it too far, why didn't anyone else speak up?". Like I said it is deeply upsetting to see what I saw and then I see alot of you being so accepting of JOC's actions. Not speaking out against it is accepting. I can assure you that if Hope (or anyone else for that matter) ever posted anything like that I would be equally upset. I am sorry my introduction to the community had to be like this. I came to these forums (I haven't ever been to WG forums, just used the wiki a fair bit) to learn how to get better at the game and to engage a little more in the community. I have discovered the links to peoples streams (which I am learning alot from and good motivators for improvement) and the stats pages which I like also.
  2. I was referring to JOC, not Hopeful. It was ambiguous but I don't know how you could have thought I was referring to Hope
  3. I re-read what I wrote and it could be taken that way, its not what I meant. I was more referring that NOONE is calling JOC out on encouraging someone to kill themself in real life. Instead everyone is trying to pretend it didn't happen and instead trying to dismiss me, discredit me or basically support the premise that Hopeful deserves to literally die for his forum posts. Noone seems to want to call him out and say he was way fucking out of line and that we as a gaming community don't stand for that shit.
  4. You do realise that this was the response "after" your friend JOC was telling Hope to commit suicide ... in 2 different threads? I don't think you made the point you think you did. Some of you are so biased to only see one side of this bullshit. Oh yeah lol, but lets all give another +1 rep for you Ezz, really good. All of you keep going with the big self-reinforcing circle-jerk thats going on here and keep excusing what just happened.
  5. MalusRhom


    Like I said I don't know the distant past. I did look at his recent posts and he seems to either be posting in DETOX thread or defending himself. I did look at JOCs post history also, I don't think he has the moral high ground that some of you think. Yep, don't try and discuss the message. Spread FUD, its the messenger, maybe it is Hopeful, oh I'm more than 50% sure it is. And then a weak disclaimer that if it is someone else, they're a stooge and it must be Hopey telling him what to type. How fucking dumb, provably false and doesn't add anything to this except noise.
  6. MalusRhom


    A responsible reaction from a "Head Moderator". Just looking at the figures for this subforum and the responses it seems like you are wrong. I'm not listening to any twist. I came to these forums and then found the SEA subforum. I then read the threads on DETOX and find a few people who are contributing nothing except shitting up his/our threads ... as retribution for earlier misbehaviour. The only time I speak to Hopeful is when I make myself available for clan wars/detaches and I have not spoken about any of this with any of the clan. As for not caring, there are a select few people who "don't care" but contribute alot to the continued harassment and circle-jerk of each other. Yep, I admit that. It doesn't discount my point nor validate JOC's actions. Hope might have some amazingly terrible forum history that has affected your lives enough to warrant some of this. This goes up there with "I know you are but what am I". Good one, you got me.
  7. This is true, I did read a moderators post which pointed me at some posts where Hopey was claiming people were using cheat mods. I haven't gone looking further.
  8. FeeTFooD! And for those who are wondering how I "crawled" to these forums, it was FeeTFooD who directed me here after a match (and some harsh words which ended in civility). Sorry, I didn't remember your name until I saw it just then. Yep, don't say anything against the shitter posting the suicide suggestions. Noone even mention that. Redirect if you can. Lets avoid any accountability.
  9. I didn't "crawl" in here thank you very much. And if I really need to prove I am who I say I am happy to jump on your teamspeak to allay your fears. Blame the victim eh? The suicide encouragement was done in the DETOX threads. JOC is harassing Hopey at every opportunity and is being excused and supported by a loud group in here. Sorry, online harassment and suicide is not a laughing matter. You can "lol" it if that helps your conscience but to those who have experienced people in this situation or have done any amount of research on the matter know that it is a very real and serious issue.
  10. Is cyber bullying against the law? Cyber bullying can be a crime under either QLD or national law when it involves: Using the internet or a phone in a threatening, harassing or offensive way Threats Stalking (including messaging someone to harm or scare them) Accessing internet accounts without permission Defamation (spreading lies to intentionally hurt someone’s reputation) Encouraging suicide JOC's actions are extremely reprehensible to any mature adult. Your OMEGA friends might be good at WOT but to fucking encourage and stand up for someone like this who ENCOURAGES SUICIDE of another player!! You all need some fucking balls and perspective. This shit should NEVER be tolerated and should be ACTIVELY spoken up against. This bullying is fucking ridiculous and your are all accomplices by actively encouraging and supporting and not condemning this shit. Fucking disgraceful!
  11. MalusRhom


    Just fucking wow. Shame on the rest of this community for being so silent at this! This is fucking disgraceful.
  12. MalusRhom

    Pains of playing in premiums

    Offtopic, but thats a cool mod listing off all your game history. What is it?
  13. MalusRhom


    Ummm no. I was actually directed to these forums by one of your own clan. He was really rude to me and harassing me before the game had even started. I eventually opened a dialogue with him after the game and once he got past his animosity (sort of) he directed me here. I don't know what you're referring to, I presume he hasn't behaved appropriately in forums? In clan chat/wars he is actually great. For those of us who aren't hard core tankers we need someone with a patient, easy-going and accepting style. After all, it is just a game. As to my kids no, they don't deserve it tyvm. My eldest is learning but it is a very confusing and difficult time for him. Trying to teach your kid that sometimes there are just jock-douchebag kids that when in a group feel like gods but get them on their own and they piss their pants ... without being so direct about it. People are mean, tribal, we all have to deal with it at many points in our lives and I am sure he will be fine in time. As a society and especially the internet gaming community I thought this sort of toxic behaviour was frowned upon nowadays as we know how mean and damaging it can be, especially when sustained over a period of time? Really, is there any need to be such bullies? You could simply choose not to read his threads but instead you guys are taking alot more malicious path. That being said, I won't get involved anymore. I am new here and will probably just lurk and learn what I can from some of the interesting threads in here.
  14. MalusRhom


    Wow. I was happy reading some other threads in these forums and then I see this thread. The same ganging up bullying my kids go through at school.
  15. Thanks to those who posted their insights into this thread. As someone who has only just started to take an interest in stats/performance the constructive posts in this thread help to change the mindset (something I struggle with game to game). I tend to not camp enough and to not fall back and completely change my position enough. If I saw an early opportunity in the past I have just dived in and yolo'd ... an urge I am trying to suppress lately. I presume this was as I used to almost exclusively play fast paced FPS and then I played WOT as HT. Now I am watching players with better stats and playing alot more MT/mobile tanks which is giving me more flexibility, now its just all down to knowing when to yolo and when not to. Something else I am learning not to do is rely on others for backup. If I see an easy 2v1 ambush and I yell "Attack" and go in ... only to find myself soloing the enemy down to 100hp and then dieing ... and then the other guy will come over and take the one-shot kill. Its a learning curve and for me it has not much to do with tank angles and weak points. The most substantial thing I need to continue to improve on is my longevity during a game. Anyway, from a new guy to these forums I just wanted to say thanks for sharing your thoughts in this thread.