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  1. Thanks for answers, looks like I can do bit more dmg from railroad area than I expected. That's now my official GO-TO spot from both spawns. (If you see me on opposite team in this map ignore this...)
  2. Thanks for feedback. I run Rammer/Vent/Binos and use food too, I prefer vision over camo with this tank. I need to try that train platform next. Just feels like I'm sitting still and gaining nothing, can't get but few shots before screwed.
  3. Title says it all, how these maps are supposed to be played with any siegemode tank? Not really firing lines to shoot, short distances so instantly spotted and can't really push... Few replays I found for my games in these maps. And I know I was a dick towards that Tiger P, did PM and say "I'm sorry for that!" after the game. Where did that 1st shot on Patton go? And some Ensk action... These 2 maps are really hard for me in this tank, I generally hate them! What I'm supposed to do there? Help needed!
  4. Some Strv.S1 action: My first Ace Tanker with this machine, and nice profit too. Fun game with Mr.McKiipeli, Strv. S1 platooning was fun! And as a bonus his view of the game: Enjoy and comment, that makes me a better player!
  5. Never sold any Tier X tanks. For me when I get top-of-the-line vechile to garage it's case closed and time to focus somewhere else. That in mind I just don't play those that I don't like. Credits? Who's worried about them when you can make 1 million in a session of 15-20 games?
  6. Swedish armor to save the game.
  7. I'm really suffering with this tank atm. All but top gun researched and running with Vstab/optics/vents. Having a female crew on it so BIA and 2 other full skills to use, what do you recommend? Commander is obvious with 6th sense and Eagle-eye (The viewrange thing, not sure about english perk name). But what about the rest, camo (They were in Batchat before, that's why in case you wonder...) what I now have seems useless. Edit: Commander skill what I have is "Recon" not eagle-eye like I stated before... My bad. And got top gun too.
  8. I would like to see 3 changes to arty. - Disable preaiming so that arty reticle starts zooming in only when target is spotted and when it is out of spotted reticle starts growing again. - Make 6th sense work against arty too. When highlighted by arty give us a warning. - Give them minimum range to shoot at! How many times I've got oneshotted by arty from 10m. This is the most frustrating part. How many times has last player on the opponent been an arty and and his dmg is doubled in last 10 secs of the game by oneshotting first guy to search him...
  9. After grinding Swedish TD's I decided to do some crew training with T-62A... 1. Good start for a day. After getting Batchat I got bit confused what to do but until then it was a good game by me, can't really figure what I should have done fifferendly. 2. This game was odd... I got some nice free shots in the beginning and all looked good. After our flank collapsed in 11 min mark I should have bailed out from there... But game was 7-4 to us and I choose to buy time to team and stay. I already noticed that my ability to find good spots to shoot because of lack of gundepression is costing me and in the end, that and my lack of situational awareness killed me. Did I screw up because of my decision to stay? 3. The trend continues. For my part I played badly. I should have gone faster to help our E5 I suppose. Then I messed up with AP/HEAT and ended up shooting non damage shots. Any toughts? 4. This was a win but I had no part in it. I took hits from AMX in the first place and didn't make any in return. Then I completely missed shots that were fully aimed against him. And when finally noticed E100 and Type 4 Heavy yoloed against them. Question, when in med that lacks gundepression is it even worth going to middle ditch? 5. Another prove that I suck. Took position where I tought I can do something... And failed. Basically got executed for nothing. 6. Pilsen, my favourite... Not. In the end I might have been more agressive, specially when the E5's rushed I could have followed them. Can someone explain me how did that RU251 survive from what looked like direct arty hit? 7. This game... I did OK'ish damage but that gundepression got me again. I also should have bail out when flank was gone I suppose. I think it was winnable as a team. 268 sat in the corner for sure but that Obj.140 got me wondering... When you unicums play do you play to win or to farm dmg? I'm just wondering could he have done dmg where it counts more, like resetting cap?
  10. 9 losses in a row. So much for getting my winrate up.

  11. The feeling when you do 7k dmg and rest of the team does 4k combined...


  12. Here's one with Strv 103-0. Really exiting (sarcasm...) game, moved 700m and started blasting things up. Big question is, was this winnable? After 5k dmg I figured out that I have a chance to do T-55A mission TD15 so completely focused making dmg instead of playing for win.
  13. I kinda like this tank. After 117 games winrate is 58,12 and average DPG 1644, for me these are good figures. Few things that I've noticed: - Top gun is awesome! In this tank I really don't care if I'm on T8 or T10 game, I can still do dmg with reasonable effort. Just take care about those 440m+ viewrange meds. They will spot you from 250ish m away. - Mobility, this tank really flies. Sadly my own one just haven't found a way to land properly... This thing flips over really easily with bad driving. But repositioning after few shots isn't a problem. - Siege mode. On several occasions where I was forced to take snapshot I didn't bother using it. You can aim on movement mode too if shooting upwards, siege is only needed for gundepression I think. Ofc aiming takes longer but if hidden that's ok, getting on the run faster is worth it in some cases. As a crew I have full female crew with all normal skills/perks and equipped rammer, vent and binos.
  14. Just for the lulz. Arty loves Swedish TD's.
  15. The story continues. I'm playing mostly with T10 Russian meds now and have managed to get some good games. I've been collecting some numbers about my games compared to maps to get info where I suck most , seems like some maps are always easy to play and some just aren't... But more on that later when I get more games. Here are 3 examples, played in a row, of my current performance. All kind of advices, tips and tricks are highly welcomed. 1st. Ruinberg. North spawn, pretty straightforward opening moves and OK'ish game. I did take unnecessary hits from Prot. Also didn't realize that I can get shots to that IS-3 from a window first. And that E5, hard target for me. And where did that first shot at T49 go? 2nd. Stalingrad. North spawn. This map is a mess, I hate it. I have no idea how I should play it. I think you can see that I had no plan whatsoever at the beginning. That Grille got free shot at me and I just drove in front of an autoloader... GG. (sarcasm, you know?) I could have joined the other flank in the beginning but not sure what I could have achieved there. My luck was that only few enemies were on my flank I suppose. 3rd. Highway. North spawn. Once again pretty straightforward and normal opening from me. After we had secured the field I just tried to keep track on that 907 and give him as much support I can. Took few unnecessary hits, again, and missed some shots. in the end I just tried to farm some dmg out of that Jagdtiger since time was short. So, here we are, any improvements or comments? Specially on that Stalingrad I could use some help. And I still can't see me zooming out that fast in the game, half of my shots seems like snapshots in replays.