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  1. Ruuhkis

    Panzer IV D 1:35 (Tamiya, wip)

    Testing, it's showing pic now?
  2. Ruuhkis

    Panzer IV D 1:35 (Tamiya, wip)

    There has been some activity in my modelling desk too lately, here are some work-in-progress photos of my current project. It's an old Tamiya kit from late 70's that I've been using as a practice model for color modulation. At this point pretty much all basic painting is done and in next stage there will be some detail painting and then the weathering starts. Comments? Yeah, double post... Sorry. Edit. No2, is it showing now? Photobucket is ****...
  3. Ruuhkis

    Tiger I in winter whitewash (1/35 Academy)

    Hard to explain since I'm not native English speaker but what I meant with that grey primer is this. Your winter white wash is so neatly applied that it looks, in few photos, that camo pattern is applied over the whitewash and then worn off making your whitewash look as basecoat and not the other way round. 3rd picture in particular looks to me like camo has worn off revealing grey layer underneath it. There is no actual primer shoving through, just the way my eye "judges" your paintjob. But like said, still liking the overall look of the model.
  4. Ruuhkis

    Tiger I in winter whitewash (1/35 Academy)

    Nice work, looks good for my taste but since you asked criticism few points that caught my eye. That whitewash is way too perfect and well applied imo, looks almost like the camo has worn of showing grey primer underneath, specially on that low quarter front pic. This could be a photo issue too, photographing model is a pain in the ass... Technically it looks like job well done tho, I like it. Second point is tracks, more presice the snow on tracks. It looks odd to have just patches of snow inside the tracks, it's either covered with snow or polished shiny by track movement against roadwheels. Can't wait to see that another Tiger!
  5. Anyone else having issues about updating Wot? Updating localization package, critical error. Unable to download via HTTP...

  6. What's wrong with RNG? In several cases lately "Killshots" have done only 90% from average dmg leaving opponent to 2-4% health... So many DMG lowrolls.

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    2. Ruuhkis


      I did a quick check. In last 2 games with Mauschen 490 alpha gun I rolled once over 500 out of 16 shots. Average DMG was 435.71. Not bad for such a gun... Almost 90% of it's promised alpha. Am I missing something here?

    3. Folterknecht


      Thats a feature (1% tanks) WG introduced 2011 with the game release after open beta. Caused a massive outcry among veterans on the forums (those threads are long gone in best WG tradition), which ofc was ignored but at least acknowledged. They might have toned it down a little bit.


      Just an other form of noob protection.

    4. monjardin


      I left a tank on 1 HP yesterday, but I forgot to put on my tinfoil had. So, I just assumed it was RNG.

  7. Ruuhkis

    Ruuhkis random games, making a comeback.

    So, after some idling I'm making a comeback to the game. Had a nice game with Leo but in the end I died... Was I too greedy when going into the "pit" or should I have stayed there instead of trying to retreat?
  8. Ruuhkis

    Ruuhkis random games, making a comeback. After the game enemy 50B opens PM: cookiemonster66 (0:18:39) impressive aimbot...recording too support and Quickybaby Ruuhkis (0:19:15) Be my quest. I can download it too for my channel. Look for Ruuhkis Gaming. Ruuhkis (0:19:24) You might learn something... cookiemonster66 (0:19:31) grille cant hit me fully aimed and you snap in 4 shots...i dont think so...even a reroll aint that good cookiemonster66 (0:19:41) i did learn something...your a cheat Ruuhkis (0:19:46) I can share a replay if you like. Ruuhkis (0:20:03) I play vanilla, no mods of anykind. cookiemonster66 (0:20:19) dont replay is enough...iv never seen any 103...snap like that while moving and turning
  9. Ruuhkis

    T95 - The Brick of Tier 9

    What crewskills do you recommend to this thing? Just started grinding towards E3 and put fresh crew with 6th/camo in it, what for 2nd skills? Was planning to go for repairs but would gunhandling be better? Also what equipment should I run? Currently Rammer/vents but still wondering between optics, spall liner and GLD as a 3rd choice. Or even a toolbox? Few games I've had with this I've found myself spearheading assault up close and personal so not really gaining anything from Binos/Net. Oh, and it's already fully upgraded so weight isn't a problem.
  10. Ruuhkis

    Ruuhkis random games, making a comeback.

    My first ever Radley-Walters medal. I almost feel sorry for that arty... Almost. And Ensk with Strv S1, slowly getting some damage in this map/tank combo.
  11. How does a negative forum reputation affect me in here? Will I get banned if it lowers enough? Oh well, gotta have atleast one red stat I suppose...

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    2. Ruuhkis


      And now we know, it prevents me from getting answers either on forums or via PM. You won, I won't be posting onto these forums anymore.

    3. SaintLaurentius


      Are you sure? I'll fix it....

    4. SaintLaurentius
  12. Looks nice so far, I'm really waiting this.
  13. Some games will work with PvE but WoT isn't one of them. This is pure PvP and all magic what it has comes from that. I think that this ranked mode will introduce more players to competive playing, specially at lower ranks. Simply because they can play alone, with any tank they want and when ever they want! Many will try it and some will succeed to climb into higher ranks, nothing wrong with that. Key thing is that after you have reached ranks above average pubbie, like me, you'll should get more even games. This alone is enough to make me try it, all "goodies" I may or may not get are just a bonus.
  14. That was the point. If this ranked battle won't affect normal randoms we might have a improved WoT 2.0 with skillbased MM and reduced RNG in our hands .
  15. I don't get this "WG is forcing to play/I have to play this to be competive." If ranked battles are totally differend from randoms and won't offer any performance boost to randoms/strongholds/cw/etc? If you don't like it, don't try it. Simple as that.