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  1. What are you doing about crews? Oh wait, you answered that, thanks. In one word or less, will I enjoy light tanks more or less now than before?
  2. I was debating whether or not to play tanks this evening and then realized I was really debating whether or not to get drunk this evening. Since both activities are detrimental to my goals this year, I suppose I will forgo them for now.

  3. I found CrabEatOff's real account, it turns out he's just a teal re-roll padder!
  4. Supposedly things are being changed to make it easier for them to fall apart, but I haven't heard yet what the details are. It does feel weird to go through the game and actually have a large Ming empire in it though.
  5. Made some more progress this weekend: On the east side of the empire, I've started slowly pushing into India. It's easy fights but European wars have distracted me. I have two Indian trade companies set up right now with a third one just a war away. Those extra merchants are really helping direct the ducats into Constantinople - with global trade institution just 15 years away I'm currently 20 ducats ahead of the next nearest trade node. Meanwhile in the south I trashed Ethiopia in order to control the Gulf of Aden which lets me direct more ducats to my trade node. I'll probably detach a smallish (50k) army down there to get the East African trade company started. In the west things are going pretty smoothly as well. North Africa is essentially conquered (I fed Fezzan to avoid Berber coring prices but I'll be integrating them shortly). I've taken central Italy in two small wars with some Italian states. My buddy Poland keeps pulling me in to beat up Hungary so I've grabbed a few provinces through that. I also just finished a Spanish beatdown, the first of many. They have lots of Mediterranean provinces I need for Mare Nostrum. An interesting new feature, one of my abilities from the new Age system is reduced warscore cost for opposing religions. This makes it so I can take lots more land in a peace deal, however the overextension is not reduced. This means getting just shy of 100% overextension only requires 60-70% war score. So in this war I actually fed one or two fort provinces to the British in the peace deal - I don't need those lands for the future and that's one less fort I have to take in future wars! Portugal was also in that war so I peaced them out for some land in the Caribbean. I now have a colony over there despite not even having the maps to send my ships that way. I figure I can probably start a small Caribbean fleet+army to seize colonies in future wars which will help generate that war score. I was going to go beat up India again, but now Austria, my biggest remaining enemy in Europe, is fighting France and Britain. So I'll probably hop in on that little scuffle and smash Austria. I have a lot of AE in Europe already, but given my size and allies, I should be able to avoid any serious coalition through managing truce timers and such.
  6. 100 years in: In the north, I've fed plenty of land to Crimea and am a few years out from fully annexing all of that. I've secured Moscow for the achievement and thus don't have much reason to push any farther north. In the west I've vassaled Fezzan and will feed all of Tunis and Morocco to them to avoid the Berber penalty to core creation. They're diplomatically isolated so it should be easy wars. To the east I've been slowly taking land. I've completely cleared several of the trade nodes in that direction so pretty soon 100% of the ducats that I dump into the Persian Gulf will end up in Constantinople. I've got a decent chance at being the highest trade node in time for Global Trade to spawn. Particularly if I start pushing in to India. To the south I might end up taking more of Ethiopia to control the Gulf of Aden trade node - this would be a good point to dump trade in my direction. That leaves the European front where I need to start breaking through. I've been at peace so much that I actually have zero AE with most European countries. I have Spain, England, and Poland on my side but haven't been able to get them all lined up to fight MY war. So I might have to take a smaller war and only pull one or two of them in. It will probably be against the Papal State+Hungary. That'll get me land in Italy to expand from and I can start feeding Hungary to Wallachia who is already my vassal. Basically I just need to get the ball rolling with making Europe fall apart. In the next 20-30 years the religious leagues should be forming up so hopefully I can take advantage of that to jump a weakened Austria or Spain.
  7. So far I like Mandate of Heaven. The diplo macro builder and building list are great. Thus far the Age and Splendor system seems pretty cool. I'm also more interested in playing something in the east with the new Celestial Empire mechanics. For some reason I've decided to Ottoblob again. It seems like they've been substantially nerfed in this patch. Their -33% core creation is down to -20%. I'm also remaining Sunni on this playthrough (so I can unite Islam) which means I miss out on the Coptic -10% core creation cost as well. Another significant thing that hasn't gotten much attention is that the number of states has been greatly limited. So despite conquering large swaths of land early on, you quickly run out of states so all that additional territory does not contribute much to your empire. Since playing Ottomans is generally easy, my goal is to hit a bunch of achievements with this playthrough: Unite Islam Sultan of Rum (own Moscow+Rome+Constantinople) Trade Hedgemon (own Aden, Malacca, Hormuz) Master of India Mare Nostrum Silk Road (maybe) (own all silk Provinces) Over a Thousand? (own 1001 provinces)
  8. Muscovy and Russia have the same ideas.
  9. Wargaming should teach a class on how to remove variety.
  10. I love the first of April! Welcome home again #1 TD player!
  11. The great British expansion continues! There's been several more wars in Iberia. I ate all of Portugal and her colonies. Spain now exists and has coastal access so they've started a colony in West Africa. I'll let it slide for now. Spain is big enough to be my rival and I've learned the value of using Show Superiority. Peacing out with "Show Strength" is worth 300 monarch points with more coming in from high power projection. In the past I would have kept gobbling up territory, but I really don't have the admin to do that. Instead, doing an easy superiority war every 15 years is probably more valuable. I beat up Burgundy and took the Channel provinces. In 10-15 years when the AE from that disappears I'll take Holland and complete my stranglehold on the Channel trade node. Speaking of trade: I thought Global Trade institution was next to spawn so I've been pushing trade into my node as much as possible. Printing press was actually the next up (I still got lucky and it spawned in Scotland). Right now I have more merchants than I can really use so I'm actually collecting about 15 ducats in Sevilla and Genoa. My economy is very strong right now so I'm dumping a lot into colonizing. My three settlers are keeping a steady six settlements going. Those 3 extra cost 34 ducats a month but I can still easily cover it. Speaking of colonizing: I got the West Indies to 10+ provinces to get the free merchant. All those islands have pretty good development too. I'm working on getting the 13 Colonies to ten provinces. The Chesapeake trade node is pretty important for me because it's the only one from the new world that I can steer directly into the English Channel. My first five settlements grabbed all the estuaries/centers of trade on the eastern seaboard. I also almost have a Louisiana colony going that will work its way into the interior. I still haven't touch the Rio Grande or St Lawrence areas yet. Other colonizers are just getting started - Spain has one under way in Africa and Holland has foolishly grabbed an island in the Caribbean. In Europe I've got a little while until the next war. I'm currently in the process of integrating France but that will take close to a century in total. I should probably send my army overseas to go do the colonial oppression thing. I could grab native land in the Americas or I could go work my way around Africa (I currently have a trade company established in South Africa but haven't gone any further yet).
  12. Some more pubbie love from last night:


    1. MAJEST1C


      Im on his tk list too

    2. Fulcrous


      sure lives up to his name

  13. No pubbie, I don't remember it, but I'm glad to see my instincts are correct even when I've been drinking:


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. EndlessAgony


      huh? is arty getting fucked in the ass hard next patch?

      blitzshitter here, kinda out of loop with regular wot patches

    3. Fifty_Shades_Of_Socks


      I joined a random SH just to TK that motherfucker. Was also on TS with him as well. He sounds just like you'd expect someone of his caliber to talk like.The best part was when the other shit players in his clan tried to defend him. 


    4. DirtyACE7


      I hope the arty rework doesn't actually work out and they remove the class altogether so that trash like this leaves the game. I have a few other ones like him on my blacklist who have 90%+ of their games in arty.

  14. I've always wanted this tank. It's beautiful in its ugliness and US heavies are my thing. You can have your Liberte, I'll enjoy a slightly worse tank that doesn't have to endure the trash that is tier 10 gameplay. Of course, I won't be getting it since it requires real money. I'll just have to wait and see if @CraBeatOff buys it on his dad account my test account.
  15. Hello Wargaming, I just wanted to let you know that on this Saturday I will be giving you many many monies for the electronic pixels that you have done such an excellent job developing over the years. I've been continuously delighted with your steady stream of quality new content and your dedication to balancing every aspect of this fine game. Please consider this upcoming sum as a quantitative expression of my confidence in your abilities!