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  1. Wow...somehow 40 years have gone past. There's still a ton of land to take. But overall I think I'm in a good spot. I had a lot of war and conquering during that time but couldn't keep up with specifically the diplo points. I've actually been at peace more than war the past five years while catching up on diplo tech. I'm finally ready to go conquer a little more land. The good news is that I'm four years out from getting Imperialism CB along with the next administrative efficiency (I think that will be 70%). I haven't made much effort to push into Europe. Just the occasional alliance that gets me into a war with one of those nations. I have grabbed a vassal or two and the occasional province so I've used at least some of my AE budget in the area. I've also been forcing some of the colonizers back to Catholic so that the colonies they are setting up for me are in the correct religion. Africa is where I focused much of the last few decades. At this point everyone except Kasanje is a single war cleaning. I screwed up on some overextension calculations so I had to release Najd. But I got some nice reconquest provinces through that. They're going to be my Persian cancer. Syria, who was my Ottoman cancer, was getting a little too big so I annexed them. There wasn't much left to feed them anyways. Speaking of vassals Novgorod has served their purpose and is on the short list to eat when I can spare the diplo. I have Nassau in central Europe that there's no real reason to keep around. I also had to vassal Spain and should probably just annex them. Pretty soon it will be time to get my Ming cancer going.... Asia hasn't changed a whole lot. I cleared a bit more of the East Indies but didn't have the dip to take it all. It's something I'd like to get done in the next decade or two - some of them are colonizing which means more provinces I have to take and core. In India I took a little land and released Gurjat who is going to eat some chunks of Delhi for me (they also have half a dozen cores to reclaim). Delhi is actually third in the world for army so I'm about to go throw them a beating. But otherwise I'm really just getting ready for the Ming war. My economy is rocking so I've probably built 15-20 forts for the heck of it. I have a bunch in India and a line north to south through central Asia just in case they employ stand AI tektik of showing up on the opposite of the world instead of saving their land. The biggest question mark for me right now is whether I can get the One Faith achievement. Taking a look through the ledger, I have about 1000 provinces that need to be converted. Given my missionaries and what I can reasonably get for missionary strength, I estimate I can convert ~700 before the end of the game. I can get another 70 or so by forcing warring Protestants and forcing them back to Catholicism. To make it the rest of the way I'd need to really focus on feeding Catholic vassals and letting them convert the land for me. Basically I'd want to feed them as much low development land as possible while keeping the higher development land for myself. It feels like it is close enough that I'll try to make it happen!
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  3. I'll have to see if I have the spare monarch points. One new feature that should help is Edicts - I can activate +33% institution spread in a number of my key states to speed things up. Another thing I remembered is in my back pocket is a Golden Age. 10% reduction in all monarch point expenditures for 50 years? Heck yeah! I'll probably wait until Imperialism when the conquests go into hyperdrive.
  4. I made a bit of a mistake. I found the autonomy screen in the macro builder and got a little carried away with the "Decrease Autonomy" button. Absolutism is super important and it is just so easy to click the button. But then some bad events happened to increase my unrest, so now I'm dealing with a ton of rebellions - every couple months a 20-40 stack pops up somewhere. So I probably have 250k troops babysitting a few areas to keep things under control. It's not a huge problem though as my army has passed 400k. I've been taking many small wars, primarily in Africa, that has provided a pretty steady stream of provinces to core so I'm not wasting too much time. I may actually just plan to clean out Africa in the next 20-30 years and then not have to be distracted by it later. I'm also eating a couple of my vassals to prepare for some new cancer in Asia. I've decided not to war Ming just yet. Their military strength is a little too even to mine right now. With military ideas coming online, my relative army strength and size will be significantly higher in another 30 years or so. Plus I'll have mostly finished off Spain, Russia, and the Ottomans so I can focus my forces better. In other bad news, Manufactories spawned in the middle of China which means I'll be getting some tech penalties pretty soon. In better news, I disinherited a crappy 3/1/3 heir and was rewarded with a 4/6/6. Given that I am desperate for diplo and mil points right now that is pretty much perfect.
  5. It's nirvana. It accepts What Is in World of Tanks. You recognize that no matter how hard you try or how good you are the RNG will still steal many of your games. So rather than turning into a salty purple damage farmer, you can embrace the RNG. The lowest lows no longer bother you because it is expected. You are then free to ride the highest of highs and achieve that most sought after gift: F-U-N!
  6. Good advice! I agree that Europe is not much of a threat at this point. The only thing I care about is sweeping Spain, Ottomans, and Russia as soon as truce timers are up - otherwise they'd hop in a coalition. That doesn't take many troops anymore though. Apart from Ming and central Europe, the only other substantial power left is Delhi who owns most of northern India. I definitely need to take a swing at them and get some cancer started. I'm less certain about trying to take Ming down right now. It'd be a pretty even fight; Ming has a lot of military ideas (mine are still coming online) and a roughly equal army size. I could definitely win but would take a beating in the process. I honestly don't know if it is better to get it over with or wait 50 years to where I think I can have a larger advantage. If I did break them now then there's nothing substantial left to stand in my way. The good news is that I've been clearing the trade nodes all the way to the East Indies so the ducats flow freely and my economy is strong. With a 30k+ bank roll I could sustain a large merc war for some time. Something else I have in the back of my mind: I could look to reform the Roman Empire. They have some pretty good ideas for WC but the biggest one would be -20% coring costs. I'll likely have most of the necessary provinces by 1700 anyways...
  7. My boss constantly tells me he wants me to communicate better and be a more active participant in meetings. I made this to communicate what I'm usually thinking about:
  8. Uhm....annexing Fez was a terrible idea.....apparently France is based out of the Sahara now.... So I've been fighting in Europe. The Ottomans are a hollow shell that I can sweep for provinces every 15 years. Russia is pretty close to that although they keep expanding west and their large territory is a nuisance to clean up. I took a tiny war that had me killing Brandenburg (who was on two provinces) so I made them a vassal and then followed up by reconquering some of their cores from Bohemia. Austria is the only other decent power there but are pretty inconsequential overall (the HRE has zero reforms passed so no threat from that). I have a decision to make. Ming is pretty substantial right now with ~300k troops, some military ideas, and is keeping up on tech. I can field about 400k troops with enough cash for a substantial merc party. One option would be to ignore Europe for a while and go try to break Ming. I could probably win a large, drawn out war with them. It would likely take a second war to really break them. But after that there wouldn't be any real competition so I could conquer at will. I'm afraid it would really drain me though. An alternative option would be to spend the next 50 years completely smashing Europe. By abusing alliances mechanics and truce timers I could probably roll most of the continent without any substantial coalition forming. I'd probably release two more Catholic vassals and be feeding them territory so I'm not limited by how quickly I can core. I could even take small wars to force truce timers and prevent coalitions. If I can get Europe mostly wrapped up by 1700, then I could descend on Asia with a million man army. Given Imperialism CB and possibly Diplomatic ideas I should be able to conquer huge swathes of land very quickly.
  9. The Crabmaster method: Invite friend Ready up T49s Click battle Do terrible things to pubbies Bask in the glow #pley4fun #allyourbuttsarebelongtous #chode$tars
  10. I need to track it more carefully, but Crab and I have been platooning tier 9s regularly the past few weeks. Seems like most of the time we get top tier only 1 or 2 games out of ten.
  11. I usually read the lineup. As a light tank, the biggest concern is usually your number of mediums vs their number of mediums. On the way to the hill I see how many of our tanks are committed vs what I expect their team to commit. If it doesn't look favorable, I sit at the base of the hill and put one or two rounds into enemies as they take the hill. If it looks like you have the advantage I commit to the hill because it is the most useful thing you can do early. If I can't go hill, I take my couple of shots and then look to work the middle. You have to be pretty cautious, but you can either look to wrap around and get flank shots on their side of the hill or move more into the middle and do what you can from there. Vision really doesn't matter on the map even late game. I find that your best hope is to stay alive and then use your speed to make useful flanking moves once things open up.
  12. Soooo...made a bit of progress this weekend. The year is 1632. There's still tons to do but I keep reminding myself that things really pick up after 1700. Thus far I've been conquering almost constantly. I've been warring Russia and Ottomans as soon as their truce timer is up. I've pretty well broken them so I can start committing to other regions a little more. I've barely touched mainland Europe. Past experience tells me that once you start the domino effect you can chew through them pretty fast. I gave North Africa to Fez. They've been paying the Berber coring costs as well as converting all that Sunni land to Catholic. But now they're too big and have high liberty desire, so I'm placating and annexing them instead of feeding them more land. Speaking of vassals, I released Syria and forced them into Catholic - they had a bunch of cores for easy reconquest CB. I've done the same thing with Novgorod. I really like forcing religion and feeding them. I may try to get the One Faith achievement as well so this helps a lot with getting the right religion. I'm on the 4th or 5th war each with Ottomans and Russia. I've taken 90% of the forts from them so it is pretty easy to roll them with only half my standing army. The New World: Spain has been a great assistant in colonizing. They make nice Catholic provinces that I sweep up every 15 years. The only thing I think I should really do soon is to smack down the Incas. Getting a colonial Peru makes for some nice treasure ships among other things. I can probably do it without too many troops since a couple of my colonial nations are getting to the point of fielding 15k+ troops each. One thing I'm actually considering is abandoning the Exploration idea group. The only thing it really does for me right now is +25% naval force limit. I'd be a lot better off getting Offensive ideas (20% faster sieges ticks goes a long way). I'm currently filling out Quality ideas and then I might dump it. I probably have time to get one more colonial nation started. Africa: I've been cleaning up the coast lines to make the ducats flow smoothly back to Genoa. West Africa and Congo are low priority. Malindi is a recent vassal (Yemen had taken a bunch of their land, so I did the vassal+reconquest thing). I didn't force religion on them because I'll probably annex them quickly. I'll probably let the Foreign Legion clear out Kilwa and Sakalava before beating up on Yemen some more. In the East things have been slow thanks to the usual Ming stupidity and also the Coalition That Never Ends. I've actually pulled a few nations out of it by warring their allies and forcing a truce timer. I have two vassals in the area. In central India I released Golkonda. I actually converted the provinces to Catholic before releasing so they had Catholic as the state religion without having huge liberty desire from using Force Religion. However, for some reason they aren't converting the other territories I gave them? Not sure what is up with them. I'll probably just annex them and find another nation to release+force convert in India. My other vassal is Ligor (just north of Malacca) who is a well behaved Catholic vassal. I intend to keep them around for a while - they're actually colonizing in the spice islands and I can feed them various conquests in that area for the easy conversions. Likely my next major theater of war will be northern India; Delhi has a chip on their shoulder and need to be brought down a few notches. I haven't been accruing any AE in that area so I need to start cycling it. I need a few more troops in the area first though. Everything else in the east pretty much runs into the Ming Wall of Tributaries. I don't have enough units or a good way to get my troops over there at this point so I won't be touching them yet. I figure as long as I get my first war with them by 1700 or so there should be plenty of time to beat them down. The only good thing about the new Ming is that any time you want a war you can just attack one of his tributaries. You can 100% peace him out then immediately attack a tributary and get round two. And apparently all the tributaries hate Ming because you get almost no AE from doing that repeatedly.
  13. Yeah, it's only a 50% off sale right now, but I think some of the DLCs will hit 75% off during the steam summer sale....which should be in the next few weeks. Also, there must be some sort of bug related to Ming tributaries and coalitions. Just like my last Ottoman game, a bunch of Ming tributaries ended up in a coalition against me and NEVER leave. I literally have some of them at friendly with zero AE and they've been in the coalition for 50+ years. Pretty retarded.
  14. Are the saves intact? I had that problem and just rolled back to the previous version of the game.