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  1. Love Buzz popped up on my playlist and reminded me that we need to show pubbies some more of our love.

  2. I enjoy penetrating people from behind with my 152mm chode. Sometimes it leaves them burning, but I always feel warm and satisfied.
  3. Since Crab did it, I'll do it too:
  4. I've been platooning the T49 with @CraBeatOff a lot lately because it is by far the most fun that can be had in this game. I've been hanging around 90-92% on MOE for a while. Partially it is because a lack of consistency and partially it is because we have fallen into a rhythm where he often takes up the spotting role while I hang back in support. It works pretty well considering we usually run at 70% plus win rate. I've actually been playing the T49 solo in the evening the past few nights and am happy to have pushed my MOE over 95% with the glorious 152mm. Back when I first three marked the tank I ended up using the 90mm with HEAT spam. I don't think I've ever actually hit 95% while using the derp so it feels pretty good. The games below were the final push from something like 91% to 95% (I actually hit it, dropped below for a game or two then pulled it back up again). There's actually a handful of pretty poor games in it (blood alcohol level was pretty high for all these games) but I guess the overall consistency was enough to drive the marks up. T49 95% Run
  5. Engage T49 Carry Mode #besttankinthegame #DUI #noregrets #HEalwaysdoesdamage #chode$tarz This game was dedicated to my T49 Pal @CraBeatOff
  6. At tier 8, the low alpha mediums are in a pretty bad spot right now. You end up hitting 2 a lot and even then there's plenty of tanks you just can't do much against. However, tactics is still king and will win you more games than anything. Below are the better games from my past few days of credit grinding. There's a tier 10 game on Ensk, a Tier 10 game on Ruinberg, with another tier 8 game on Ensk. Not exactly an ideal set of maps or MM, but paying attention to the map, flanking, and making yourself an annoyance will still turn games in your favor even with a mediocre tank. The last game is a solid carry on Prokhorovka, with some vision games, map control, and knowing when not to engage (with a little luck mixed in too). T-44-100 on Ruinberg T25 Pilot on Ensk T25 Pilot on Ensk, bottom tier version T25 Pilot on Prokhorovka Also a hard carry from the best tank in the game
  7. Even after 5 years of playing this game I am still blown away by the ability of pubbies to throw away an easy and obvious win. I swear we're being trolled by WG and half the players are actually bots set to "retard" mode.

  8. Erlenberg is actually one of the more enjoyable maps to play for light tanks. So it makes sense that they would ruin it....
  9. Apparently MOEs have dropped a lot on this tank because saying I'm drunk right now is an understatement:
  10. I've always thought WG balance department was bad at their jobs, but the past 6 months has made me think they're returning to "what do you mean M4 w/105 HEAT is unbalanced" levels of incompetence.

    1. Hellsfog


      At this point, I am pretty sure that nobody in the WG balance department speaks to one another or has any guidance.  They just seem to do random things without any master plan. 

    2. Assassin7


      or speak to the players for that matter. 

  11. It was a little tedious but I forced myself to do it. The reformed Holy Roman Empire in 1656: I got most of the Imperial Authority through conquest - Scandinavia and Russia are a veritable goldmine, but also getting into the Balkans gave me a nice pile of low development provinces. Seeing the impact of the reforms along the way was fun. With the second to last reform the HRE basically turns into a massive vassal swarm. In fact you can have a much larger total army that way than after you actually integrate the entire empire. It's also interesting that you don't inherit heretic nations. I'd been avoiding chewing up Austria's land because I assumed I would get it all. Otherwise I would have annexed them much more aggressively. Anyways, this was fun but there isn't much sense in playing it any further since it would just be blobbing through a bunch of stuff with no real purpose. For the next campaign I'm looking for a fun achievement to do. A few that have my interest: Prester John - Starting as Ethiopia in East Africa seems like it could be interesting and having to punch through the Ottomans could be a bit of a challenge. Steppe Horde - There's a couple of good achievements around playing a horde. Own 200 grain provinces, reform Yuan or Golden Horde, and some others I'm also tempted to play something in the far East as a Ming tributary. Supposedly it can be abused pretty hard because you can freely conquer other tributary land, but if anyone else attacks you Ming will come to your defense. I'll have to see if any of them have interesting achievements
  12. Thank you Wargaming, please continue to add tanks with large paper structures to the game. I don't care if it makes game balance worse because my T49 will HE you all day, every day.
  13. Prussia game is pretty much on cruise control now. After the religious league war I actually managed to get electred and get the empire back in order. There were lots of little wars to force religion on heretic princes. I completely dismantled the Netherlands to get territory back under HRE control. There's still a few territories held by Spain who I am keeping as an ally. There's also a couple heretic princes but they are free cities and apparently are a huge pain to attack. I'll probably just leave them be. I've been building Imperial Authority just by conquering and adding territory to the HRE. Thus the push into Scandinavia and Russia - lots of low development provinces that still give 1 IA from being added. The other expansion route has been into northern Italy for some juicy development. The worst part is that the HRE princes war non-stop. I keep having to demand Unlawful Territory. If they don't obey, then I have to go and spank the naughty little princes. However, I just enacted the fifth Imperial Reform which disables all internal HRE wars, so I guess that will go away now. I have a very strong alliance network with Spain, France, and PLC. They occasionally drag me into annoying wars, but I really don't worry about anyone attacking me and I've built up lots of favors so I pull them all into wars whenever it serves me. At this point the game is a little boring but I would like to actually form the HRE for once. I probably need another 50ish years of game time to make it happen so I will just try to speed through it......as much as you can speed through anything in EU4.
  14. T49 things
  15. A T49 is fun, but platooned T49s are magnitudes more enjoyable! Himmelsdorf is actually fun for a T49