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  1. Lunchtime tier 8 pref credit fest?

    1. CraBeatOff


      Works for me. I did my T25pilot mission already but I will do some work now and be ready around noon eastern :-D

  2. Took me two and a half hours playing mostly tier 8 premiums. Also, 48% win rate because reasons.
  3. For me this is probably about 3 hours of playing pref 8s or a bit over two hours of playing tier 10. I really hate tier 10 games these days so I might just spend a few hours farming credits. I've done all the daily missions so far so I only need 3 out of the next 5.
  4. Well, this may be as far as I go with the Shets. Things are pretty easy at this point and it is starting to feel more tedious than interesting. It has been a fun campaign, though, going from a single province to this: Economy was rock solid with my control over Lubeck and the English Channel. Global trade just spawned in London which gave me a nice pile of monarch points. The HRE barely exists although I haven't had a proper war to dismantle it. I have all the provinces to form Germany except for one which unfortunately would require me to backstab Austria. I'd also have to wait 50+ years to get Admin tech 20. I'd basically just spend my time running around beating up Spain then England then Austria then Italian states then repeating. Not terribly exciting. This campaign was definitely less interesting with France stuck in a PU under Spain. Western Europe is completely boring without a free France. Spain is too busy dicking around with colonizing South America. Meanwhile the central European alliance of Shetland, Austria, Poland, and Lithuania meant no one like the Ottomans or Russia would attack into us. Thus it was just small war after small war to gobble up all the European minors. Since I allied all the major powers, France was a lapdog, and Spain was too far away, coalitions were basically not a concern. I was even Emperor for a long time so I didn't have to worry about unlawful territory demands. I have to decide what the next campaign will be. I'm tempted to do a colonial game with the goal of owning all of North America or something like that. Or maybe getting out of Europe for a while but nothing else in the world has really caught my attention.
  5. It is a bit of a shame, but the poor Scots have been relegated to just those tiny islands and I always feel bad for them. But do not worry, they will be "given" the opportunity to show their true allegiance before all is said and done.
  6. The Advance of the Shetters continues. As Lord Emperor I was pretty much free to smash all the little guys without worries about unlawful territory. Naturally it pissed a bunch of people off, but significantly reduced AE with good improved relations over time has kept the coalitions small and weak. Trying to core everything was too expensive (especially with two admin ideas) so I did a lot of feeding chunks of land to a vassal before annexing the vassal. I also had a strong alliance network of Austria, Brandenburg, Saxony, Cologne, and Poland. I actually had Spain for a while (and France under them) but eventually they rivaled me. I have since picked up Lithuania who is not in a PU under Poland. My goal is to form Germany which means I still need a bunch of territories from Brandenburg, Saxony, and Austria. Brandenburg has gotten some good territory thanks to having me as an ally. But the ungrateful bastards have seen fit to break our alliance. They will soon learn that their strength exists only at the whim of the Shets. I'm about to declare a war on a coalition of Brandenburg and all the other remaining HRE minors. I'm not familiar with HRE mechanics, but I think I should be able to dismantle the HRE during this war. It seems like a good idea since I want most of it for myself. Oh yeah, I occupied London as punishment for the Brits. Then I moved my trade node to the English Channel where I have 75% of the trade power so my economy is very strong. I can hopefully also spawn the global trade institution there.
  7. If the conditions are right ( bored, drunk, time ) today's T25 pilot mission doesn't look awful. But you know, only if you value the enjoyment over me giving Kisyli $3.

    1. dualmaster333


      Finishing my mission today ended with about 5 straight minutes of expletives and a consideration of never playing tanks again! Sorry for your 3 dollars!

  8. So there I was, minding my own business, drinking a lot of rum, shooting mostly AP, when I figured I would check my MOEs... I'm not sure which is more impressive, doing that while drunk or maintaining an amazing 58% win rate while getting 100% MOE
  9. So I have been drinking a lot, but it seems the servers are actually super laggy and it isn't just my delayed reactions to everything?

    1. MAJEST1C
    2. cavman276


      The hamsters have reached their average lifespan, I believe.  Seems a lot are dying off.

    3. Tedster59


      yes, the servers are absolute trash ATM.

  10. Sounds like a good day to work on the MT-15 mission!
  11. Please, for everyone's enjoyment, have a special subforum where the only two posters are Garbad and adztownstrike.
  12. I'll be curious to see how this one turns out. The Mass Effect universe was pretty awesome and the first and second game were some of my favorites. Andromeda looks to be a lot more like Inquisition which does not excite me. I always felt that Bioware's strong point was storytelling and the whole open world thing just doesn't work particularly well for that. "Oh, the world is going to end soon? Let me travel across the country to collect some herbs for a dude I found sitting in the woods. I mean, I'll do that right after searching for all these tombs so I can get a nice knife." Some of the side quests at least have their own mini-stories, but lots of them just feel so pointless. One thing I really enjoyed about DA:I was the characters in your party were worth spending the time to interact with. Even if they were initially somewhat boring, conversations down the road could be pretty amusing or interesting. Hopefully the same happens with MEA.
  13. Indeed, many of the little nations around me have gotten a bad case of the Shets. I was looking at forming Hanover, but I'm not sure it would be all that advantageous. I like where my capital is now and I like my national ideas. Forming Germany seems cool just for the heck of it. Definitely try out the custom nation builder. It's one of those fun min/max type of activities where you can pick your national ideas to complement whatever idea groups you pick to accomplish whatever you want to accomplish in the game.
  14. I've been wanting to play a nation in the HRE for a while. Navigating the intricate network of alliances and planning your wars and conquests carefully to avoid unlawful territory demands is pretty interesting. And I have very little idea of how the actual HRE mechanics work. Unfortunately, I wasn't finding any nations that were very interesting (they were either too big of a nation to start or had dumb ideas). Then I was reminded about the custom nation builder. It's really fun to pick your ideas! For example, with Influence ideas I now have -35% AE which is pretty huge for expanding in central Europe. I also picked up a 6-6-6 leader who then lived for 44 years. To get the points for it I made my heir a 0-0-0 with negative traits. I immediately made my heir a general (he ended up being a really good one with two siege pips) and ran him through many wars and sieges until he died on the battlefield :-D My one province nation started in the NW corner of Germany (previously Bremen). I started by steadily swallowing up little guys while getting some mid sized allies (Brandenburg, Cologne, Saxony). When my AE got too high I'd take a war or two for ducats and power projection (when you're small doing humiliate wars is really worthwhile). As soon as AE drops enough I gobble up some more land. Shetland is now a sizable nation. So there I was, minding my own business, just concerned with Shettish things when this popped up: Apparently Cologne, Brandenburg, and Saxony figured I was much prettier than Austria. The funny part is I have no idea what to do as Emperor. I'm not even sure I want to be Emperor. There's certainly some nice perks. I guess I need to figure out what my long term goals are. I think I'd like to form Germany which means conquering most of the HRE land. I don't know if I need to dissolve the HRE (which you apparently can't do as Emperor) or if I can use it more effectively. I also have reason to want to beat up some of the smaller electors but don't know if that is a good idea (what if I made some of them "disappear"). I expect to bumble my way forward! Right now there is a small coalition against me with another half dozen or so nations that may join it. I could pretty easily kick their faces in right now and make a bunch of money from it. However, two of them are electors (but aren't gonna be voting for me anytime soon anyways). I've got some time to kill before starting a big rumble with England and Denmark. The only annoying thing in this game is that once again Spain has gotten a PU over France. France being a lapdog makes the game so much less interesting since Castille is relatively passive in Europe. France would normally be beating people up and generally stirring up some shit. And the Castille-Aragon-France block is a bit too big to attack. Anyways, I'm allied with Castille so I can pull them into some big wars from time to time. I've also been focusing on grabbing major trade tiles in Lubeck so I've grown to be the largest trade power there. It's also possible I could transfer over to the English Channel in the future, but that would only be profitable if I expand into England. Which isn't out of the question
  15. Just because the latest pay2win tank is better doesn't make the Pilot a bad tank. Numerous people are crapping on this tank even though it's top 25% for tier 8 premiums. Also, some of us don't make poor life decisions with our money and waste it on pixel tanks :-D