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  1. I do think WG should do an anniversary event where they bring back one of the builds from a couple years ago as a temporary "test server." It could actually be a PR tool where they say "see how far we have come." All the long term players would get a kick out of it for a little while. Everyone would realize that despite all the complaints we have about the game there are actually many things that are much better than they used to be. And since it was a temporary server it would be gone after just a few weeks.
  2. Tank is so effortless, thanks chodefriend!


  3. The 120mm is a fantastic gun, however it doesn't work all that great on this platform. The 120mm requires a lot more exposure which the giant paper turret can't afford to do. Maybe if you plan to redline this thing the 120 could be effective. It's also nice to have 325 APCR which means you can pen anything. The 5.5" is a mixed bag. I haven't fired an AP shell out of it yet although I should really mix it in more often. The HESH round is very unreliable; on some tanks side shots in to the tracks will fail to pen at which point you're just spamming HE at them. On the other hand, rolling 800+ on pens is pretty damn satisfying. I certainly think the 5.5" is the better gun because alpha works better on softies like this. Overall I find the Conway on the funner side of average. It certainly isn't great but I'm enjoying playing through it. The tank moves extremely well; acceleration is good and it can hold the top speed while turning and even climbing some. This helps a lot with poking and covering during reloads. The 5.5" handles pretty darn well for the alpha. But mostly the satisfaction comes from the HESH pens. Basically anything that punishes Skorps/RHMs amuses me.
  4. I'd argue UDES is as good as anything. While it does need the right conditions to farm 5k, it gets those conditions fairly often. In the 50 games I played it on this account I broke 5k a number of times and broke 6k at least twice. The combination of pen+accuracy+super camo+speed to relocate makes it effective on more maps than you might think.
  5. @CraBeatOff well now you've put me in quite the pickle because I both want it and am sickened by the principle of it. What to do.... 


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    2. Tedster59


      I gave in and bought one, it was worth.  Also, remember that declining it just sends the gift to him.

    3. TheMarine0341


      And then Crab gets the gold value, as he was gifted one from Yankee.

      @dualmaster333 just fucking give in and accept that shit

    4. Fulcrous


      might as well not make it wasted dollars.

  6. Hundreds of game in the Tier 9 Strv, they all sucked, but this one one pretty okay:


    1. CraBeatOff



    2. kreigermann


      that is so appropriate... the number of pubbies that would randomly come behind me when I was in seige mode to flip me for fun..... thank you

    3. nabucodonsor


      The best is that he never turns the turret LOL

  7. If I'm going to play premiums, I usually pop a 1 or 2 hour credit boost and try to play for that whole time. I prefer variety so I usually play a bunch of different tanks in a single session. I'm generally playing for credits so I most often play tanks that make credits well (i.e. don't need lots of premium spam). Tier 8 can also get boring (especially if the MM is being unkind) so sometimes I will drop to Tier 7 or even 6 just for some variety. Credit earning isn't as good but fun is more important than credits. Good characteristics: High pen standard round High alpha Strong armor Preferred MM Premiums I will often run: Type 59 - Really nice, balanced tank with the recent buff, only sees 5 tier 9s at worst, and can shoot mostly AP rounds for excellent credit generation. Lowe - Recent purchase, it has a great combination of armor and firepower. AP almost all day, but an APCR that handles 10s easily. A little slow but not too bad given how good everything else is. T25 Pilot - 240 alpha mediums are not very good, but the Pilot is super comfortable and I have good US medium crews to help it. M4A1 Rev - It's really not a great tank, but the 390 alpha makes it a fun diversion. T34 - Not great, but tolerable to play and makes bank T-44-100 - Also not great, but with recent buffs it's pleasant to drive Premiums I occasionally run for variety: Type 62/Type 64 - Decent light tanks at easier tiers E-25 - Just for a reminder of how easy that tank is Strv s/42...er....whatever that swede tier 6 tank is - Fun autoloader at low tier 112 - Solid heavy if you can get past the awful gun handling IS-5 - Same comments as 112 Super Pershing - Can't stop myself from spamming APCR which hurts profits FCM 50t - Actually a pretty solid premium with pref MM, but currently I think a Type 59 is more fun Premiums I rarely ever run: FV4202, CDC, STA-2, KV-4K, KV-5, variety of Tier 7 and 6 premiums I don't have any of the real-money-only tanks but of the whole bunch I'd really only be interested in the Patriot and 13 57.
  8. 3500 bonds down. 1500 to go. I cannot wait to play more T49. I used today's tier X sale to buy a discounted 5A, so i can actually get picked for this next clan event. So I can get bonds, so I can outfit the T49...the circle of (chode) life. 

    1. dualmaster333


      I just hit 2500 bonds with no indication of further progress. I have to see if BULBA is actually doing the clan event thing. I'm on business travel for the first week or so but should be able to get enough games in for some sweet sweet bonds.

  9. I like the ultralight mindset of a cat stove next to the comfort hiker mindset of a giant -25° bag.
  10. Ahahaha suckers
  11. Yeah, having some good/fun/tolerable premiums will be particularly valuable once you need to start winning 12/15/18+ games. Pop those credits boosters and settle in for a few hours of credit grinding.
  12. Mountain pass was a candidate for worst five. 4 corridors, two of them are awful and the other two are merely bad. A mediocre opener followed by dicking around until something opens up.....which often never happens.
  13. Up until today I've only missed one mission out of all three tanks for all days. I figured I have some time to grind so I would get early days done and then see what I wanted to do later on. Well today with interest in any aspect of the game waning, I made the decision for sanity and decided I will only be pursuing the IS-6 missions. Of course I won only 1 out of 4 games today, but since the mission was kills it didn't matter. The ability of skill to win at this game is hardly better than poker.
  14. I went through the map pool and picked out maps that I liked. I ended up with 6 maps in total. Sand River was the sixth. It's a solid LT map (especially in assault mode) and can really teach vision kiting; there's not much in the way of bushes so vision games involve dancing in that range of you-can-see-them-but-they-can't-see you. I feel like it produces interesting games less often than the top 5. It's still one billion times better than windstorm though.
  15. THE GOOD: #5: Erlenberg - There's a lot of long vision lanes and good bushes for engagement. Both sides of the map have useful early spotting positions. A lot of movement and probing is rewarded. Often games will have multiple time where you advance, spot/shoot, and then run away. It feels pretty dynamic and actually takes some thinking to execute. The middle town offers some useful spotting and flanking opportunities. Then there's also the option to entirely switch sides if the tank count is favorable. This map will occasionally devolve into a strong east/west camp, but usually some strong T49 play prevents this from happening. #4: Redshire - Once again, this map provides a number of openers that provide useful vision or damage and can be particularly fun when you delete a softie. Later, a good read of tank deployments can usually tell you where to apply pressure. It's common to work through the middle or direct fire arty heavies on the 0 line. As the match progresses there's ample opportunities to exert vision control and turn the game in your favor. This game also has a tendency to provide more late game hard carries due to a nice mixture of cover and open spaces with a lot of room to move around the map (almost the entire map is actually usable space). #3: Westfield - I feel like my play on this map has become pretty formulaic. In a fun way though. Early spots on the south side net some good shots (and often some amusing pens). After two or three minutes everyone south is safely behind their hill, so you leave there and head north. The north brawl is usually a fun one with opportunities to flank and poke on distracted fatties. And to feel their anger and frustration as you chodeslap them to death. Once things are thinned out there's almost always a booty to be had. After north is won, there's three possible outcomes. Your team won south and the game is over. South is 100% stagnant like it was several minutes ago when you left (common). Or your dumbs lost and now it is time to put on your carry pants as you deal with their team trying to cap you out. The third outcome is the most fun and win or loss it usually ends up being exciting while also requiring some thinking and good play. #2: Lakeville - 520 view range and good camo make playing the spotting game from the edge of town a lot of fun. Watch their TDs get viciously punished when their team hasn't even spotted a tank. See their confusion as they slowly try to back up to safety. Verbally mock all your bads who are sitting in the middle. Once the brawl joins up in town find the best way to annoy the hell out of some heavies. And assuming you can win town, more spotting is needed as you attempt to push into their base area. This map is one of the better producers for high assisted damage. #1: Cliff - Hands down the best T49 opener in the game. Since some light/medium on the enemy team will attempt to go hill in almost 100% of games you can set up to punish it right off the bat. And it just so happens that you can punish it from a spot that is almost 100% safe. So many matches on cliff will start out with a solid booty pen and, if your chodefriend is with you, an easy deletion. After the opener there are plenty of angles, bushes, and distances to work with. Eventually you can usually get up hill with minimal HP loss and proceed to be a giant pain in the ass to two-thirds of the map. Deck pens are common. 500 meter arty shots are the norm. If the pubbies try to challenge your control of the hill you have 152 reasons why that's a bad idea. Even when your pubbies completely potato and you end up losing, this map still provides more laughs than any other.