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  1. Question: What happens when your T49 stops exercising and eats too many potato chips?
  2. I never usually TK teammates, but Crab does it so often that it is rubbing off on me :-D The premium HE is/was an experiment. The idea was that in an end game scenario the difference in potential splash damage could be enough to clutch the game. Crab also mentioned the increase in penetration; this was driven by the change to Foch side armor that went from a juicy 40mm to a marginal 70mm. Doing the math, using premium HE increases your penetration chance by ~20% for armor in the 70-80mm range. Since those are marginal shots to begin with (you need a good angle) I'd load HEAT anyways or just hold the shot for the butt. If you check the splash damage increase for premium HE (check the Sheridan thread) the bonus is tiny unless you're hitting fairly far away (like, whiffing into the ground next to a tank distance) so I don't think it has much use for damage potential. Basically I never load it anymore. But at the same time it doesn't really hurt to carry it. You almost never use all your ammo and if you do, you're just burning a few thousand extra credits. The only place I've actually seen it be a problem was last night where Crab burned through all his HE and was firing HEAT without realizing it.
  3. When maximum aggression wins a flank:
  4. Evening tanks is an occasional go. I hope your Sunday and Monday nights are free and clear this week! We have pubbies to abuse and memorialize in gifs.

  5. Good reading for aspiring chodestars:
  6. A Chode$tarz Guide to Dealing with Superheavies This is applicable to both the Sheridan and T49, although the Sheridan has a number of advantages that make it better than the T49 for dealing with the current heavy armor meta. Specifically, the Sheridan has a signficant advantage in the aim time, accuracy, and reload departments. It can more often afford to aim shots, it can more often actually hit where you are aiming, and you can do it much more often. However, the concept is perfectly applicable to the T49 (and really any time you fire HE). When to shoot super heavies? Basically, when there is nothing better to be doing. I will still look for flanking opportunities and chances to go after their softies first. But given the prevalence of heavies these days and the fantastic map design, you will regularly find yourself trying to gun down heavies. What are we trying to accomplish? First and foremost, to be annoying. That stupid Maus goes through all the work of angling nicely off that corner, bouncing all your stupid teammate's HEAT shells, until some annoying bastard (you) comes along and starts chipping his health down a couple hundred at a time. You asshole. I see there being three useful types of shots to take. The first is to just try and hit the enemy; it's not worth trading shots so you may not have the time to aim. Let 'er rip and take whatever damage you might get (always amusing to roll a -16). Second, go for a tracking shot. A tracking shot at the right moment can lead to an enemy being annihilated by your team. Our 152mm of Glory is rather excellent for that. Aim for a lower plate near the track. However, many times a track shot won't accomplish much and in this case we want to aim our shot to do the maximum amount of damage. That's what the rest of this guide is about. HE Basics When an HE shell contacts a surface but doesn't penetrate, rays are drawn from the point of impact to all armored surfaces within the blast radius (direct line of sight only). The damage done is a function of shell alpha, raw armor thickness (angling doesn't matter), and distance from the point of impact to the armored surface. This is calculated for all surfaces within the blast radius (I think) and the highest possible damage option is selected. Long story short, the goal when shooting HE is to hit directly or as close as possible to the thinnest armor on an enemy tank to generate the maximum damage. Simple enough right? The Superheavy's Weakness Heavy armor all around blah blah blah. Except for: On pretty much every tank the engine deck/hull roof is very thin. This can lead to some awkward moments for tanks like an IS-4 which has a relatively low hull; it's piddly 30mm can be overmatched by tanks next to it with ease. On a Maus, which otherwise has 185mm+ plates, the engine deck is a piddly 50mm. So if you shoot the engine deck you will do significantly more damage than hitting any of the (much thicker) armor on the tank. Well, that's great, but you usually can't shoot the engine deck directly. So what do we do? Simple, we try to hit as close to the deck as possible. Here is our friendly Maus who is nicely angled off the side of a building. But he is still exposing a contact surface that is very close to the engine deck; so we aim for that spot... By hitting at the base of the turret our point of impact is very close to the engine deck so our damage will be very close to what it would be if we shot the engine deck directly. For example, hitting the turret 0.5m above the deck will still do 86.4% of the damage compared to hitting the deck directly (for a standard Sheridan HE shell). I call this "decking" and it is surprisingly effective against heavies. Facing down a Maus from the front it is possible to do 350+ damage per shot and in a way that no amount of angling can save them. Other bonuses include the possibility of critical crew damage or engine fires. While doing 350 damage every 16 seconds is far from exceptional DPM, it seems to have a psychological impact on the average pubbie. The average player doesn't know how to push to win or spend their hitpoints effectively, so they will take their E-100 to a corner and play angle games because they think that is being good. Taking 2-3 HE shells will drive them off and prevent them from ever pushing forward. Of course, the effectiveness is magnified if you have a ChodeFriend doing the same thing. Letting loose a salvo that does 700+ in a second seems to terrify the confused pubbie. If they don't back off, you can do it 16 seconds later and suddenly that big fat heavy is missing half its health. Below is the armor model for a bunch of the tier 10 heavies. I was surprised that even the IS-7 has a thin deck that is accessible frontally. I also found it interesting that the Type 5 heavy has a 75mm deck which explains why even good shots on it do less damage. E-100 VK7201/PzVII Maus JPE-100 IS-4 IS-7 Type 5 T110E5 What about shooting Gold HE? Gold HE increases the splash radius from 3.66 to 5.11. This increases the damage from a non-direct hit. Is the bonus damage enough to be worth the huge credit cost? I wasn't sure so I decided to do the math: From the wiki: actualDamage=0.5*nominalDamage*(1-ImpactDistance/SplashRadius)-1.1*nominalArmorThickness*SpallCoefficient The important part is the factor (1-ImpactDistance/SplashRadius). As your splash radius increases the damage reduction for distance decreases. This is easiest to see when you put it into a spreadsheet: As you can see in the table, the splash radius only begins to matter when you hit far away from the thin armor section. For direct hits it doesn't matter at all. Gold only gets you 35 more damage when hitting a meter away. So the question is whether you regularly hit far away from the weak armor. In my experience decking E-100s (which has the 40mm deck armor shown in the table) I typically roll in the 350-400 damage range. This means that firing gold HE would only increase damage by 10-20 which is miniscule. Note that the damage increase from splash radius is independent of armor thickness so the damage increase is the same for 30/40/50mm decks. Based on this math, I see no value in firing gold HE for deck shots unless it is an absolutely game clutching moment. Now, enjoy these gifs of super heavies getting abused by light tanks:
  7. That is essentially how I read it (except you almost certainly have to unlock mission 15 before skipping it). However, that seems FAR too easy so I doubt it is correct. If it does happen to be correct, well, I guess I get the 260 on patch day.
  8. Reading the comments below the article, it is evident that the writer of the article does not really understand it either.
  9. Lunch today is freed up

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      today I tried out the stabilizer directive on the t49. it was amazing. I put the replay up on my wot replays page, on erlenberg. 

  10. The fact that spot is still in the game is a witness to the quality of WG's map department.
  11. Probably my best and most amusing Kharkov game yet (spoiler: contains butts):
  12. So yeah, some of these are the Sheridan, but I feel like the memes need to all be in this thread:
  13. Open WOT client Click Battle Better than 50/50 odds the chosen map will be worse than Dragon Ridge So yeah, why not. I actually never hated the map.