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  1. Oh yeah, how stupid of me, I forgot the only reason for CWs was to make credits. Maybe WG should remove gold from the map altogether, and set it so every player of a clan gets X amount of credits per day for each province held....
  2. Please note I put the word decent before the words command structure Rainbow, never said you didn't have a command structure, but some of your higher level officers were promoted within weeks of joining. And ain't nobody leaving PYRO to join TIM intentionally. Multiple Tier X CWs every night, loads of gold per month for playing in said CWs and more memes than Timmy can handle. Who would give that up to go play 8s.... I'm sure you guys could come try 10s next season, surely you have the numbers for it, and if WG increase the amount of land or gold available, why not try to get in on that instead of derping around with all the tomatos that are going to be in 8s...
  3. I thought TIMs recruiting method was 100% solid, use WGs built in "player finder", and if their PR is high enough spam invites until they join, then kick them when you realise they're just too pubstar for you. Come on Rainbow, there's a reason people leave TIM and join PYRO, other than the obvious gold farming / memes, and it's because while TIM might have some really skilled pub players (not that that's a challenge on this server), you couldn't organise a root in a brothel. Set up a decent command structure, set limits on how you recruit, how you trial and how you track who you've tried recruiting and maybe one day you'll be able to come to T10s and play in the big kids pool, instead of the T8 paddling pool.
  4. By accidentally making prem rounds P2W, 15% less damage but 20% cheaper, sign me up
  5. Time to go find my big blue rubber masturbating shoes!
  6. The problem is they let them all change their names for free, at least when they were all users they were easily identified and ignored...
  7. Yeah, in the hands of a tomato it's not great. They haven't learnt that if you sidescrape and use whatever ridge lines you can it's a bit retarded. When you get the rare best case MM in it you can really see why it's OP, I RRR'd and rammed while autoaiming and firing, taking 0 damage in the process...
  8. Error 404: Balance not found. *keeps clubbing around in the ChRYsler because fun and balanced gameplay*
  9. 50% of the enemy team still alive and a full HP superheavy stripped of all HP....
  10. If we still had people hacking, do you really think we'd have to keep mapping to control LZs?
  11. HESH + fire + second shot to my Type 5....
  12. Nice to see detox haven't changed at all...
  13. PYRO for 10s, TIM for autistic clan leader and hiding at T8 on the global map, 1AR for all your PYRO hating needs. Those sadly are about the only choices these days for clams that actually do things. Oh and CRAZY, but I wouldn't go there....
  14. Anyone got any popcorn, with all this salt in here I bet it'd be delicious. I do love me some salty as fuck popcorn.
  15. I think the biggest surprise / upset is your IS3 with 2 kills and 23 damage xD