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  1. Well I'm guess I'm going to grind the centurion line and grab a UK female crew.
  2. Ordered a Rival 700 since it got a good review on that Hardwarecanuck's channel @Folterknecht recommended and elsewhere, also LED screen that displays gifs seems fun.
  3. Oh that sounds like a great feature, is this the one? https://www.amazon.co.uk/SteelSeries-Sensei-Grade-Laser-Mouse/dp/B007N6HS3G/ref=sr_1_1
  4. So my Logitech G600 died after a nasty fall leaving me needing a new gaming mouse, any good suggestions that would suit WoT and FFXIV, ESO?
  5. Seems the new mail.ru devs have managed to release balance 2.0 on the EU and NA servers a couple weeks after the RU server, anyone tried it out? I'll download it at some point and see if it's still a dead game or not and if it got's any more fun or worse in that regard.
  6. Hey so atm I only have 1 SSD which is not big enough to hold WoT with Battlefield 1, CoD and some random steam games on it atm but I will be picking up an extra either 120GB or 240GB SSD on Tuesday and wondering how big WoT is to see if I could fit it and Mass Effect Andromeda(55GB) on a 120GB SSD just to save me a few quid for other things.
  7. They are ill suited to the meta but people like new shinies I thought?
  8. Woo managed to scramble enough money to get this before it went off sale, looking forward to trying it out, seems like it might be kinda okay next patch with more lights around because of actually being able to bounce some things unlike UDES.
  9. You can add me if you like though I'm busy farming x5 xp tier 8 missions for a while.
  10. I've actually never been truly bad at tanks, at the end of the beta I had a 54% win rate . Of course that immediately plummeted due to abandoning game and has never recovered.
  11. So I pulled the trigger on the last build @Folterknecht provided but I changed the case to a slightly fancier more portable one for travel reasons.
  12. This tank is hilarious though you can beat tier 9/10 heavies head to head if you have a decent position and they're a bit dumb, unless they have a derp gun.
  13. Ahh thanks for the help, curious though could the RX480 become obsolete before 8GB is really necessary or is that moment coming very soon you think?
  14. I want it, also make it OP like 252U thanks so I will be able to play when sleep deprived.
  15. I agree with Leggasiini if arty were removed it would allow the fixing of every other problem in this game, corridor meta would be instantly nerfed since even moving just 50-100m to somewhere that gets you shots on heavies' sides but is unviable due to arty shitting on you for all your hp would become viable, and I know I don't have many games in WoT but hull down tanks securing an area have mostly been a problem for me when you're unable to crossfire them due to arty forcing your whole force to cower in one small area. So yeah remove all arty and you can indeed fix maps, corridor meta, and remove gold without much ill effect.