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  1. I can't get a win in this thing to save my life sub 40% WR, so how are you supposed to play this thing ELI5 please?
  2. Yeah I can't imagine what goes through the minds of people who play this game consistently enough to reach that WN8 I get pissed off enough with it's RNG and arty as a green after a week.
  3. Traded in skorpion for chinese td and liberte for 112. Hoping pref mm premiums get buffed at some point but idk why I play this game still arty so irritating.
  4. Bombers late night are quite relaxing dunno if that will change when get experienced to their shenanigans but so for the tier 3 one is easy peasy credits and xp just meandering around bombing stuff at 3k metres, it's a braindead class like arty but it doesn't feel dirty since it doesn't ruin other players matches.
  5. I like it so far it's a lot less stressful than WoT even when I get stomped by my bots derping out or the other humans being not so hot because I get to play practically the entire match often. Decided against unlocking the tier 7 US Navy fighter and got the tier 7 heavy fighter instead not used it yet but it seems promising from fighting them in a Meteor.
  6. Yeah those bots seem to have incredible accuracy, heavy fighter bots are downright deadly if they get on you which makes zeroes and the like shit as they're rendered helpless to help take a cap vs heavy fighter bots up at 2000m. I'm wondering if they intend to phase out GA or something with the introduction of bomber lines coming mentioned in the devblog.
  7. I fail a lot at the suicide before squall line, so hard to carry when you're down to 50hp in the last 2 minutes in a close game because some bot beaufighter got on your arse for 4 seconds, they should remove it I think it feels like serves no real purpose that can't be done by tuning point gain from caps. I'm getting off corsair line at tier 7 to go for F7F because it has a long boost but that's not good for much when it only has 1200m optimum alt with so so manoeuvring.
  8. Played 50 battles and at 60% WR right now so I may be doing something right compared to others, which I think is picking planes that can at least go high enough to kill the heavy fighter defence bots and focussing on taking and then stubbornly holding the correct cap point for the whole game. I die often enough that my respawn can reach 45 seconds but unless it's a complete steamroll I always get around 8-10k+ points, heavies are what kills me the most followed by simply being outnumbered with no wingman to clear my tail since autoaim makes it hard to shake enemies for long. Observations are that US Navy line seems a bit weak but usable tier 6 the cannons do good damage but overheat so fast, heavy fighters are god tier and interceptors S tier, low altitude turn fighters are F tier if you want to do more than farm noobs who turnfight in BF110s at 600m.
  9. Bought the M46 and the M103 because Kolni said it can do okay even if it's worse than other US heavy, atm though Warplanes is sucking down my time.
  10. So unlike most people who use premium 8s for crew training I use them for earning free exp so I can skip to tier 8 elited out tanks so I was wondering if I should buy back my M46 Patton and M103 and use those for earning free exp instead of using the Defender and Patriot considering that tier 8s now almost always go against tier 9 and 10s, credit earning is not a consideration atm really.
  11. Oh so it's the T-64 predecessor design in WoT, should be quite powerful then but the tier 9 gold rounds looks worthless for anything you'd want a gold round for.
  12. This mode really needs either a big boost to credits so the mandatory "feeling" gold ammo and prem consumables don't cause you to lose 500k credits a night or otherwise only no lifers who can prem tank grind and play ranked and whales buying fort knox packages each week will be able to remain competitive.
  13. I wonder what's deader WoWP or AW.
  14. Trouble is ranked is limited time slot and I normally play WoT earlier during the day rather than prime time so I get stuck vs tier 10s constantly, not sure if ranked has helped 8s.
  15. My only lights atm are the M41 90mm and the WZ-131, could free x5 xp to the WZ-132 but tiers 8s get such terrible matchmaking and I'd be starting with a 0 skill crew so need to train crew on tier 7 anyway.