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  1. This mode really needs either a big boost to credits so the mandatory "feeling" gold ammo and prem consumables don't cause you to lose 500k credits a night or otherwise only no lifers who can prem tank grind and play ranked and whales buying fort knox packages each week will be able to remain competitive.
  2. Hey so now I've got my new PC and can play this game properly I'm wondering if I should rush to unlock a couple tier 10s before ranked comes in with that crazy enhanced equipment and special temp bonuses since it's tier 10 only. Closest tanks I have to tier 10 are the M103(2 skills), M46(2 skills), Strv 103-0(full female crew), the STRV is just missing the gun upgrade others are full upgraded, I also have a fully upgraded IS3(2 skills), Emil 1 (full female crew) and an STA-2( 1 female) that I was gathering female crew for just got to do all the arty and LT missions, last 2 TD missions for remaining female crew for it as I have no other Japanese crew with even 1 skill. So with those lines being fairly well progressed which would be best picks to advance for ranked? I was thinking maybe going for M48 Patton and the STB-1 if ranked has that new huge map otherwise I guess Kranvagn and T110E5? Though Kranvagn could be a pain against Maus.
  3. I wonder what's deader WoWP or AW.
  4. Trouble is ranked is limited time slot and I normally play WoT earlier during the day rather than prime time so I get stuck vs tier 10s constantly, not sure if ranked has helped 8s.
  5. My only lights atm are the M41 90mm and the WZ-131, could free x5 xp to the WZ-132 but tiers 8s get such terrible matchmaking and I'd be starting with a 0 skill crew so need to train crew on tier 7 anyway.
  6. Well I got to rank 3 yesterday playing only the E5, just picked up the M48 today and decided to just watch other people play ranked instead of do it myself, I'll give ranked a thorough play on the last 2 days though. I put as much as I could into the M48s vision I'm hoping I can just farm assisted in it with a bit of damage thanks to the nice soft stats on the gun.
  7. My 2nd tier 10, the armour seems a bit better than the 103-0s at bouncing things, can stop 122s sometimes. The heat fence is also very handy at range.
  8. Got it as my first tier 10, I like it but ranked is making me wish the cupola was tougher when I get unlucky peeking while hulldown.
  9. Just got this as my 3rd tier 10 got it fully upgraded off the bat, free xped from M46.
  10. What rank you playing the CAX and Patton at?
  11. Do you think the M48 could hold up in ranks 4-5 vs all the 907s and 140s? I'm at a bit of a dilemma if I should spend my last 200k or so free xp I got from x5 xp prem missions on the chinese LT line to get the last female crew needed for my jap med crew and have a better option when the non-beta ranked season starts or just blow it all on M48 now and see what I can make do of that.
  12. I think STRV S1 should go to inbetween tier since in the rare t6-t8 game it can dominate many of the tier 6s with the autobounce armour from med range not so reliable up close I've found though, and it's 288 standard pen let's it prey on even the tier 10s adequately in the ubiquitous t8-t10 games ofc it goes to inbetween and not must-buy because of being held back by siege mode mechanics and being so map dependent.
  13. I only played it a little bit and got 1 chevron into rank 1, it was my first experience of using tier 10s and I only have the E5 and 103B to use, it was fun and certainly an eye opener as to what I need to do improve my play further, I was much too aggressive even in the 103B and got punished hard for it, lots of red and yellow WR players using jageroos and things like that I noticed since they only need like 3 good shots to hit top of the team for damage done. Watching streams of rank 4 and 5 meta it seems the best choices to use are RU meds and batchats high rank while low rank the best choices are superheavies. I think I have a chance of making rank 5 eventually though even only my last 200 battles have teal stats I seem to be on a constant upward stat trend lately and I have no preconceptions about tier 10 play that need to be broken to do well in ranked I just lack appropriate vehicles with the only tier 10 med in immediate reach being the M48 which might not be competitive enough vs the all the RU meds in rank 4/5, with a fair bit of missioning and then grinding I could get the STB-1 which I think could work with it's turret having some nice tough angles.
  14. Is having them on a similarish power level so bad though? The M103 with a buffed turret top still wouldn't be quite as good as the E5 and it'd have less hp and dpm. I guess liked how in the little of AW balance 2.0 I tried you could take on a tier 10 in a tier 9 or even 8 fairly evenly due to equal alpha, good enough pen and similar hp kinda wish WoT had scaling like that.
  15. I was going to spend my last free xp on a WZ 131 for scout missions but maybe I'll advance my jackson to the T28 now.
  16. Ahh what wonderful schadenfreude.
  17. No helpful tips here as I'm just green still with only about 500 more battles than you though I have a tier 10 cos' prem spam, just want to say keep on going, looking at your stats page the rate of improvement is pretty cool.
  18. Looks nice, I just picked up a Meng Leopard 1 kit myself I think it was the A3/A4. Probably grab a T-72B3 next but since my modelling skills are poor as I've just moved on from sticking gunpla together I probably won't show it off. Looking forward to what you do next though,
  19. So didn't manage to powergrind this fully during the 2x wins weekend because got vomity but I just wish WG would buff it a little by removing the turret weakspots so I can actually have near fully reliable armour sometimes rather than mediocre armour all of the time, love the M58 gun though.
  20. Wow I didn't expect ranked to come so soon, looks like I'll just have to rush the T110E5, M48 and then grab the STB-1 or IS7 depending which one has more xp in it's line.
  21. Seems the new mail.ru devs have managed to release balance 2.0 on the EU and NA servers a couple weeks after the RU server, anyone tried it out? I'll download it at some point and see if it's still a dead game or not and if it got's any more fun or worse in that regard.
  22. Well I'm guess I'm going to grind the centurion line and grab a UK female crew.
  23. So my Logitech G600 died after a nasty fall leaving me needing a new gaming mouse, any good suggestions that would suit WoT and FFXIV, ESO?
  24. Ordered a Rival 700 since it got a good review on that Hardwarecanuck's channel @Folterknecht recommended and elsewhere, also LED screen that displays gifs seems fun.
  25. Oh that sounds like a great feature, is this the one? https://www.amazon.co.uk/SteelSeries-Sensei-Grade-Laser-Mouse/dp/B007N6HS3G/ref=sr_1_1