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  1. Skip cunts spam so much arty. The very same skip cunts who used to bitch about camping asians on the SEA server...
  2. Fair enough. It’s definitely not clear cut. But no way I can lead shots in third person view like that. Never seen any of the good streamers pulling it off either (no pun intended). And no decent player leads like that anyhow. Funny thing is rng still played a big role aimbot or not.
  3. Possibly. Replay bug? Looks dodgy as to me though. This is the vid: Think QBs call that it wouldn’t really help shitters in higher tiers is right though.
  4. sohojacques

    T-64 MBT=New Premium Light Tank? (Object 432)

    Do WG calculate the dpm on these preliminary stats with or without rammer? Regardless, if it gets T92 level camo and the 100mm gun it will be a relative boss. I would assume that it’ll get thrashed by the nerf bat instead, like the Even 90 did. But it’s Russian, so who knows...
  5. It’s the shots that do hit yet, for no discernible reason, don’t pen that really gets me. Shooting the flat side of a tank (not Russian of course cause magic happens) with a green pen indicator showing and hearing “that one didn’t go through!” makes my pubbie tears flow.
  6. QB had footage of aimbot in action on YouTube yonks ago and yes, it was.
  7. I thought it was more of a Skynet kinda relationship?
  8. sohojacques

    New Pilsen

    Russian bias map, really. Notice how the coal piles in the east offer no advantage to tanks with good gun depression, because there’s nice flat road between each one. All key positions best suit low profile tanks with turret armour.
  9. sohojacques

    New Pilsen

    How are people going with this? Only played it a handful of times. My first impressions are: - Whoever takes the 0 line quickly roles the east flank. But just like the central road on Lakeville, pity the fool who tries. Waiting to see fast HTs/heaviums yolo it instead of defaulting to the west. Could break the map? -The rubble piles around E2 and F2 work best for lower profile tanks. Taller tanks have their turret roof/cupolas exposed while they drive out far enough for the rubble to not block their shot.
  10. sohojacques

    Standard B is ... balanced?

    Put my shitty win rate in the Pantera down to tier 8 MM . But I can’t seem to win games in the B either. 176 games for 50% WR. Only recently dropped below 2.4k dpg. I know that’s nothing to write home about. But 50 fucking %.... I know I could be getting more assisted. But I’m also still working on my 3rd crew skill and can’t afford to run food. So my view range and camo are still subpar. But ultimately I have no clue as to why I can’t win in this tank. Got any pro tips for me folks?
  11. When you win despite your IS-7 running a camo net.

    1. Ham_


      Don't underestimate russian cloaking device

  12. sohojacques

    Progetto 65 worth the credits?

    The alpha creep of recent HTs/430U doesn’t help either.
  13. sohojacques

    Progetto 65 worth the credits?

    Fuck me just checked my recents. I can’t win games with auto reloading tanks. So I’ve answered my own question: no 65 for me.
  14. sohojacques

    Progetto 65 worth the credits?

    I keep meaning to run a large repair kit on the B cause getting tracked and ammoracked by arty is a bit of a thing.
  15. sohojacques

    Progetto 65 worth the credits?

    Just trying to get the ball rolling... How are people going with this? I'm currently grinding the Standard B and, despite a bad even for me win rate, am having more fun playing this game than I have in a long time. But will that carry over to the tier 10? Does the horrendous dpm finally come home to roost? Almost 50 sec reload if you fire the last shell leaves the two last shells as more of a deterrent than anything else most of the time? Also a tad worried by the centrally mounted turret and slightly less gun depression. The B might have no armour either but you need to expose very little of it to get a shot off with any kind of terrain undulation at hand. Thoughts?