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  1. Let it rust in your garage until they do something about the broken tier 8 MM (assuming it's as much of an issue on EU as it is on SEA)?
  2. Stop raging. Trade it in for a T71 or T49.
  3. I marvel at the players who continue winning at this game even when their internet connection goes to shit. 48% WR for the last 7 days for me. And it will keep going down until the feral packet loss and lag spikes cease. I just can't compensate for it. Best analogy I can come up with is a drunk with the jitters wandering around a paddock.

    1. Minderbinder


      Yeh I've been getting shite packet loss and lag just lately as well... plus a nice little +20-30 ms ping nerf as well.... issues with the fiber line to Singapore again perhaps.

    2. sohojacques


      Not another shark eating the line? The last straw was last night when a lag spike drove me forward into a Maus, T62A, and IS-7. Then massive packet loss held me there just to make sure they really fucked me. 

    3. KruggWulf


      Sorry guys, it was just me going for a swim. Saw the line and decided to :rage: *bite* 



  4. Anyone else getting increasingly horrific amounts of lag and packet loss on SEA of late? It's been last December bad for me for several nights now.  

  5. I've got a got a growing discrepancy between recent WR and Wn8 happening. But when I look at individual tank stats the two are generally in sync. Make of that what you will. Is it that recent WR is more affected by horror sessions than Wn8 once you reach a not total shitlord level of competency? I just had two horror sessions in a row: 50% then 40% WR. But because I'm now competent enough to still get some amount of damage out, besides making game losing decisions, my Wn8 is not as impacted.
  6. Thanks for clearly explaining the etymology of Roller's 'joke'. Perfectly explains how someone could mistake a tired racist cliche for humour.
  7. The wotlabs F75 Char stats perfectly match my Lor 40t in game stats. Seems something weird is happening to the numbers if you also previously owned the tier 9 version. What exactly is beyond me.
  8. Never had the tech tree version. But the stats for my premium 40t come up on wotlabs with its old title: F75 Char... As an aside, I heard Skill4 say the other day that the stats for the old Lorraine were merged with his premium version in his in-game stats. This would explain why wotlabs doesn't differentiate between the different versions of the tank either: it can't. Of course, I can't confirm this as I didn't have the tech tree tank before buying...
  9. Just got this tank. Tier 8 MM is so broken, at least on low server pop. SEA anyway. ~20 games. Only top tier for the first match. Which is one more top tier game than I've had in either of my tier 8 premiums since 9.18 landed. Effectively having old school LT MM is hard. Amazing how quickly one forgets. The thought of grinding out over 600K xp like this after the glorious MM experienced playing the AMX 12t and 13 75...
  10. Before 9.18 I never thought I'd pad my WR while grinding the AMX 13 75. It was going so well until I got the flu. The potato plays over the last couple of days...
  11. I was more consistent with the 128 but my average damage was also noticeably lower. Never even crossed my mind to spam HE. Never get to try it now. Sold Rhm the moment the WT was researched.
  12. That's the only way I could get anything out of it
  13. Pleb's impression: I finished the grind hating this tank. Troll or be trolled isn't my thing. But 15cm and only fire when you're proxy lit mid to late game was where I ended up with it. Stock gun just isn't accurate enough at long range to justify using it over the 15cm. Just got the WT. With its rear mounted turret, extra speed, and the top 128, it's a huge step up.
  14. Just got my first Type 64 post-match hate mail. Feels good. Real good. $15 well spent.

  15. This^. I'm not really feeling the nerf and I need all the help I can get at tier X. Just need to be a tad smarter how I play it. Much less yolo face-hugging and I'm having better games for it. .