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  1. This one didn’t. I swore of playing tier 9s without at least their top gun a while back (besides the obvious exceptions). In the case of the Conq that meant free xping everything but the top engine...
  2. Just got the Conq. two nights ago. If the 32lber had a higher pen premium round I'd consider running it for a laugh. Cause it's kinda boring to play after the lunacy of the Caravan's pew-pew-pewing. No denying it's a very strong tank, though. ps fuck arty. All reports of arty having a hard-on for this tank are true. Fortunately there aren't swarms of butt-hungry T49s on SEA.
  3. Held off on buying the papa Batchat for ages cause I thought I'd suck in it. And I do (avg 2.8k dpg after 30-odd games). But I don't care. This tanks is stupid amounts of fun. It's also the first tier 10 I feel relaxed in. You've either got the drop on someone or you don't. RNG goes your way or it doesn't. Reloading... think I might just teleport to the other side of the map. Glorious. So glad they left it alone.
  4. Rage sold the standard Cromwell about a year ago because of the gun handling and repurposed the crew for the British HT line. So I don't know what possessed me to buy the Crom. B when it recently came up for sale. Glad I did though. My time spent working on chode handling in the T49 over the last 6 months means I no longer find the Cromwell's gun to be problematic. You can basically teleport around the map, so waiting for the reticle to settle a bit isn't an issue. Ran rammer/EGLD/binos on the Crom. Thanks to the BiA crew on the Crom. B I went with rammer/vents/optics this time around and this setup is working really well for me. Half aimed shots seem to find their mark with surprising regularity over medium ranges. I rarely stay still longer enough to justify either EGLD or binos taking up an equipment slot. Two MoE. Would probably run food to get the view range up if going for a third. Overall a better tank than the standard Cromwell cause: insta-BiA crew; noticeably faster acceleration; not noticeably worse traverse or gun handling.
  5. Finally started the tedious process of getting my 1000-odd CD albums onto a hard drive. Damn you obsolete format. Damn you. 

  6. Highlight is the ANZ server for me. My connection stability to the Singapore server was bad on a good day. Continuing lowlights: arty, of course; my computer which drops frames like they’re hot turds cause I did something like try and look through a bush.
  7. Did WG remove Erlenberg Assault?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. sohojacques


      Can’t remember playing it once since the ANZ server got going. Guess a high ratio of Oz players have turned off assault? Still occasionally seeing assault on Sand River, Karelia, and Siegfried Line, though...

    3. mistervanni


      can confirm we can get it 2 times out of 5 battles on EU...

    4. sohojacques


      That’s Abbey for us.

  8. I seriously considered free xping this after the horror of the Churchill 7. But the BP feels positively OP after that steaming pile of dung. Just having gun depression again.... Spam gold and make pubbies cry. So for anyone considering grinding the line: the Churchill 7 is by far the worst of the 3 Church tanks and the one I would consider free xping if I had my time over. The other two are entirely bearable so save your free xp for upgrading your Caravan and Conq.
  9. My festive atmosphere is at level 8. But I've only got 7 more boxes available from missions. So the odds of me being able to even get to level 10, and get my fourth female crew member, are tiny. Cool that you make it hard to get to level ten WG. But making it not even possible is really shitty. Which is in keeping with the whole holiday program on SEA I guess.

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    2. hazzgar


      and it is easier. You have reserves, you have xp bonus. The same grind would be harder 2 years ago. Not to mention BP is bad but you can make it work if 55-60% wr satisfies you. 

      Last but not least you planned this wrong since tier10 festive level is more important than tier5 christmass type. It's better to get level 9 or 10 fist since that's one multiplier. 9x3 or  is still a big boost and and it's easier to achieve than 7x4. 

    3. sohojacques


      Cause right now I give a fuck about WoT 2 years ago, when I didn’t even know it existed...


      The holiday op’s were designed around buying at least some crates with decorations in them. Can’t even get those extra decorations on SEA. Yet you keep insisting everything is hunky... ciao.

    4. gabse


      i also did it without paying in the last 2 weeks

  10. Last time I saw it, it was crawling away from a brutal thrashing from the nerf bat
  11. Meanwhile, in a room on the 's space station:
  12. Just imagine if the second gunner in the Churchill 1 got off his lazy arse and started firing the hull mounted gun... 

  13. This isn’t even remotely the case on the SEA server. Will be briefly when WG inevitably sell the Defender again, probably in the next week or two. But until then... And I try not to face O-Ni’s. I prefer to shoot them in the side with my 3200dpm (yes, I know, I’m being a smug dickhead now). Pretty certain With food and vents the dpm clears 3400. Add the old school TD camo bonus when firing to this equation... As for light tanks: their clips need reloading. My sixty shell clip doesn’t. Of course the tank has limitations. But it’s basically like driving an easy mode version of the old ELC bis. What’s not to like?
  14. Circon raves about this tank. Worth having a dig through his YouTube channel.
  15. Preferential MM is way kinder at tier 7 than it is at tier 8, though.