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  1. But will that be the case on tanks that are getting bumped up a tier? I doubt it. Otherwise you'd be scoring a new tier X light tank research free.
  2. Watched some poor fuck in a CDC try to take one of these down after I got clicked the other night (I believe "for the memes" is the correct expression, or too 2016?). Began with the CDC driving up to the arse of the 252. Stopping. Aiming. Firing. Bouncing. Of course the tard in the 252 didn't even try moving his hull during this or the rest of the engagement. Just kept spinning his turret around and around as the now panicked CDC circled, penning maybe 1 in 3 shots. Red arty eventually splashed CDC for almost all his hp and took his tracks off in the process. The 252 then shot him in the face and scored a kill. "Cause MTs can flank".
  3. I don't quite get this? Way less assisted damage to be farmed for lights without arty. Getting shotgunned by arty sux when mopping up. But I feel relatively (emphasis on relatively) arty safe in my LTs early and mid game? And I'm shit compared to you two. Don't get me wrong, I truly detest arty. But I think we're in a catch 22 at the moment. Can't live with it. But without a monumental rebalance of the game, something WG is clearly incapable of doing well, can't now live without it either. The removal of arty would equal a massive nerf to LTs in my view. Only a major map redesign to get your average TD player off the redline could compensate. And the thought of a line of Maus' spotting from mid on Prokhorovka...
  4. That was my original interpretation and why I bought 5 tokens, as I thought could do with a bit of gold anyway. But rereading WG's conditions for the tokens I don't think that's the case: "Any leftover tokens after the T25 Pilot as been successfully redeemed will be refunded to the player as in-game gold soon after the package purchase." I've fucked up. It's because I'm stupid.
  5. Corrected. Creeping is so 2016.
  6. Despite having as bad a couple of days as you could have in a tank so do I. But unless the proposed MM changes are introduced I really question the viability of Tier 8 premium MTs. When bottom tier on SEA the MM is frequently made up of 6-8 X's (I've had 11 on quite a few occasions)/2-3 IX's/the rest VIII's with maybe a VII scout thrown in. Add to that the completely imbalanced MM that regularly occurs when top tier: i.e. 6-8 OP premium HTs vs your 2 on a corridor map. Your extra TD's never compensate and average pubbies don't adapt. There just go where they always go and you get stomped faster than you can blink. Maybe Ravioli with its alpha and shell velocity is an exception? Wouldn't know as I don't have one. I'll keep playing it because I really like how it handles and it's nice being able to gather a few credits on a standard account. RIP my stats. They're shit anyway.
  7. I'll rage quit after 7 straight loses. Wont be getting that token back in gold.
  8. I think the Maus/252U meta has tipped this game into unaffordable territory for me.
  9. I do wonder how the slight reduction of mobility vs the IS-3 sees it hold up when bottom tier? Does it get enough troll bounces off its hull to compensate?
  10. Read back several posts: did today's mission on my first attempt in my T29. All the previous missions have been way too time consuming though. Bought 5 tokens. Need a bit of gold for rejigging crews. So I'm happy to earn tokens back as gold.
  11. ...and armour, because it can use all of its dpm when top tier. IS-3 is restricted/"balanced" by it's soft front of hull. If the 252 had as bad or worse dpm than the Lowe or T34 you could almost justify it armour layout. I perform best in HTs by every measure. But I also enjoy playing them less and less (this meta ain't my meta). So $60 Australian is a bit too rich for me. But if I was going to cough up for a premium HT...the 252 is what I thought the IS-3 would be when I got it as my first Tier 8.
  12. Just aced it during my 12th outing. Just over 4k damage and six kills. Really comfortable quirk-free tank and the gun handling compensates for my shit evening internet connection nicely. No complaints.
  13. Wish I'd done this. Stock T-54 is a horror grind.
  14. Charging up or down the 1 line is like spotting from the lake rd on Lakeville for me: total boom or bust. More bust recently, cause no support as TDs seem to be focusing on mid more than the 1 line recently on SEA. So I'm slowly learning the intricacies of brawling from the middle of the map, at least at the start.
  15. So I finally got out of my internet provider that it doesn't matter what speed I pay for, because until  the congestion is dealt with in my area (no timeline) the best I can get is the lumpy as fuck ~5Mbps download speed I get all evening, every evening. Yet they happily sold me a 'speedboost' to my plan knowing of this preexisting issue. The NBN is so badly managed, it's like the Lib's want it to fail. Oh. That's right. They do. 

    1. cavman276


      Killing net neutrality (something "libs" fight for) will make your problems even worse.

    2. sohojacques


      "Libs" as in Liberal party which currently govern Australia and are fucking up the roll out of the National Broadband Network even more than the previous Government did. And what has net neutrality got to do with me paying for 25Mbps and getting 5Mbps? I read this back and it sounds like I'm really shitty, when I'm not. Cheers.