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  1. Enjoying this grind so much. Tank seems greater than the sum of it's parts. Don't even mind the low DPM. Keeps my chronic yoloing in check.
  2. The number of these seemingly firing full HE at the moment... I'm finding the chaos that such an event brings pretty amusing for once at least. And yeah, no doubt OP. Cause fucking up tank balance at tier 8 isn't enough for WG. Same DPM as a Cromwell with a gun that can actually deliver it. Plus some armour. Great tank.
  3. Who else on SEA has found that the advertised x4 First Victory Weekend actually means no first victory bonus at all when logging in? 

  4. Who else reports any arty that hits you for 'unsportsmanlike conduct'?

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    2. Vindi


      I report artillery for being artillery. ya

    3. DirtyACE7


      Report and blacklist without fail.

    4. Unavailebow


      At least from my understanding SEA has report off.

      Probably because southeast Asians are easily to be "persuaded"

  5. Not saying I don't think a lot of you points are valid. But I suspect if you separated your tier 8 numbers from you tier 5,6, and 7 figures you'd get quite different results. An unexpected consequence of the new MM is that tiers 6 and 7 are no longer pure Ebola to play. In fact they're fun again. But tier 8 gives you all kinds of diseases, at least on SEA.
  6. Love how arty cripples you even when you're behind hardcover now. Or what about how they now consistently snapshot you when yoloing about in a LT? That's great. Adds so much to the gaming experience. 

  7. I see your emblems and raise you: -arty -no nerf incoming for the Maus or Type 5 -more and more OP premium tanks -OP weebo premium tanks -introducing the credit sink that is ranked battles and further balance issues that come with its rewards, instead of dealing with the existing major balance issues within the core game The reaction from the "community" to all of the above has hardly been what I'd call positive. Yet... RIP Batchat.
  8. I suspect WG has worked out that all the internet buzz comes from a vocal minority and ultimately don't give a fuck what the online community thinks. The wallet vote is the only one that counts. If these changes encourage people to grind previously unpopular tech tree lines...
  9. This what we all thought when WG said they'd finally nerf the E5 and change arty. Look how that has worked out...
  10. Considered getting a premium account again today after several weeks without. Following session convinced me otherwise. Time for a break from tanking.

  11. Edelweiss and Nameless: WoT has now unquestionably jumped the shark

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    2. EndlessAgony


      They are from some japanese cartoon for kids that has tanks, but it's not the one with Pz. IV and stuff, it's a different one. At least I think it is, not really sure.

      Also, they are in Blitz as well - for a long time now as well, and the community is shitting on WG for that, yet WG does not care and released a shitton of other retard tanks from japanese cartoons and some other crap.

    3. cavman276


      @DirtyACE7 weeaboo trash

    4. DirtyACE7


      @EndlessAgonyand @cavman276, that's what I thought I they would be. They must be eating a lot of crayons these days at WG to release this garbage. Hopefully it stays on the SEA server, at the very least.

  12.  I think broken tier 8 MM has killed the viability of higher tier play for me. Trying to grind out over 600k xp in total in the Batchat 12t against endless tier 9s and 10s? Fuck that. Trying to grind credits with my two premium MTs against endless tier 9 and 10 tanks so I can afford to play tiers 9 and 10 and grind tank lines? Fuck that. Continuing to run a premium account? Fuck that. Tiers  6-7 aren't even cheap thrills: they're free.

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    2. dualmaster333


      I still have a bunch of 50% credit boosters to burn through and my plan is to grind credits on various tier 7 premiums. Less efficient, but vastly more fun!

    3. CraBeatOff


      Fun makes the time investment to outcome balance out a lot nicer!

    4. sohojacques


      Having to increase my time investment in the game is my main concern.  My life:tank balance is already out.

  13. 'We nerfed LTs view range to force them to run food if they want to be competitive in higher tiers' is how I read that.
  14. Thought I was finally going to 3 mark a tank. AMX 13 75 on 94.5%. Arty says no. Tard teams then rub salt into the wound. Back down to 92.5%.

    1. RC_Tank


      Seems like that's how every mark has ever gone for me. Take a break, go back at it in an hour or so, you'll get it.

  15. 60+ games in. Decent tank. I'd probably really like it if it didn't follow on from the glory of the two previous tanks. Gun handling is noticeably shitter than the 13 75 as is the clip reload. Centrally mounted turrets suck. And while the low base view range is fine against equal and lower tiers, it hurts when up against a pile of tier 9s and 10s. Which, as I've already noted, it generally is because of broken tier 8 MM.