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  1. Nice work. I was chuffed when I reached and held ~2600-2700 recent Wn8. I was pretty certain I was about to crack 60% recent WR as well. Got to 59%. But then my internet connection went to shit again and my stats are in free fall. 320+ ping
  2. Yep. My interpretation is that you get massively rewarded for completing all five sets of missions with honours per tank. 5 orders to play with on subsequent tank missions vs potentially none. If you refuse to play arty you'll (at the very least) have to use the 4 orders you earnt on the LT, MT, HT, and TD, missions to get your reward tank.
  3. @8_Hussars 1 order per mission 15 with honours completion, according to the article. Which does make sense.
  4. That's not redoing or reusable. It's doing it for the first time. I'm confused?
  5. I wouldn't premise anything on what the linked article states. Trying to interpret WG through a bad translation will only lead to tears. He also says: "you can redo the mission and retrieve the order since they are reusable." If orders were reusable you could just do the Stug set of missions over and a over to get all 4 tanks. Not likely.
  6. I'll shift the focus, for a moment, from acts of chodery to moments of getting choded. I've had my entire crew KO'ed in my Lorraine 40t twice at E5 on Ruinberg by T49s; the only two times it has happened in nearly 20k WoT outings.
  7. @ThomChen114 I played those days as well... MM is a fickle mistress.
  8. In terms of the wallet vote, I'm surprised by the lack of these in randoms on SEA. Maybe 1 per side. Often none at all. Pubbies bought the Primo Vitoria shitbox on mass. Had heaps of games where there were several of them per team. The STG is genuinely novel, at the very least. The workings of the pubbie mind...
  9. 9.20 bonus. Went from nerfing the Batchat to giving it more shells for Grand Battles. AP hitched a ride.
  10. Is the IS-3 going to do a Steve Bradbury? #russianbiasisreal
  11. @garryallen @SaintLaurentius 42 shells now, not 30.
  12. Fucking hell. No one told me I was signing up to a cult. #deprogrammingdualmaster333.
  13. @nabucodonsor I wouldn't say I make it work. But a fast and camouflaged version of the KV-2 is such a ridiculously bad idea that I have fun trying. Expecting to miss feels better than than the inverse RNG related rage.
  14. Since I've got ~350 ping at present and lag spikes to match I thought I may as well try sallying forth with the chode attached. The agony. The ecstasy. The lighter side of WoT.
  15. I just saw the M1ster_R0gers thread for the first time. Wow. 

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