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  1. And me. Have started sneaking through the ditch maze more recently if I think my teammates will at least hold C1 a while though. Speaking of the T-10 and C1 style positioning: I had a horror session in that tank last night using its speed to get to key spots and get first shot advantage, only to find that my teammates repeatedly refused to back me. I know I should never expect teammates to do anything. But it made me question my pseudo Zeven-style dogmatically take key positions approach even more than I have been recently. Abort! Abort! needs to be my new mantra. Blah blah. Good read Kolni. Thanks.
  2. I had an all tier 10 game during the 5x where 12 of my 14 teammates had a 48% or lower overall win rate. Highlight was 30k games for 44%. I'd swear that battle sapped some of my will to live.
  3. Gun marks are back on SEA

    1. Errants



    2. Va1heru


      Yeah LUL 


  4. Yeah I’ve got full camo but no BiA on my M46. Getting out spotted by seemingly everyone bar HTs is the only downside I can find of this tank. But without camo HTs might start out spotting me as well, so...
  5. You forgot the sidescrape-ability. And how much shitter can the Krapwagon Swede thing get in the current meta? Super Conq. makes it even more obsolete, if that’s even possible.
  6. Why they can't check it themselves.... When it was working properly, the new pen indicator was a revelation to me when it came to front drive wheel shots that could track and pen. There's so much funky shit going on in that area.
  7. Cry for help: Could someone with friends (cause I got none) head to a training room with a Type 5 and a T54/T55a. Load HEAT. Point it at the front of the Type 5. See if you can replicate what I’m getting: red pen indicator all over. Screenshot or two would be great. Alternatively, if someone on SEA with a Type 5 could spare some time give me a yell. In game name is Frankbob.
  8. From Wargaming: "Hi FrankBob, Thank you for contacting Wargaming Support. We understand that you are having some issues with the penetration indicator. Can you please provide us some screenshots of the issue so we can check? We will wait for your reply." Can I really be bothered? At some point, I guess...
  9. @Kolni if anything it further highlights how truly fucked the rng in the game is. Not penning a fully aimed shot on a close range stationary target when it’s green causes me a whole new level of rage.
  10. It initially confused the hell out of me. Something is definitely wrong with it. I scored a heaT55a with the arrival of 9.20.1 and the indicator is permanently red while I'm putting HEAT rounds through the front of Mäuse, Type 5s, etc.
  11. (Tried this as a status update but didn't get any concrete answers so...) The in-game dynamic penetration indicator introduced a patch or two back is behaving differently in patch 9.20.1. I suspect it now only shows pen probability of a gun's standard round, even if a premium shell is loaded. Before 9.20.1 it adjusted for different rounds. Anyway, I've sent in a ticket to WG to see if this is the case, or if something else is going on. Will update this thread when I hear back from them.
  12. So the dynamic pen indicator that was introduced 1 or 2 patches back in the vanilla client isn't as dynamic anymore. I'm guessing it no longer adjusts for shell type and now only indicates standard round pen probability. Anyone got a concrete answer on the change? Quick google search just came up with mod options.

    1. DHP


      I did get some funky colour, orange or red penetration indicator even thought my knowledge clearly told me that what i was aiming at, the angle i was aiming at was a garanteed penetration. 


      You might be right that it doesn't account for gold round anymore thought. 

    2. monjardin


      I can add another anecdotal confirmation as I had a similar observation during a session yesterday.

    3. Errants


      I'm colorblind, so didn't realize it changed...

  13. Playing the Perishing after the T20 really highlights how much MM maketh the tank.

    1. Javajunkie8b


      Yeah been thinking about finally buying a T20 with T7 and T9 getting the best matchups with the current MM.  Need a new T7 padding tank :D

    2. Fulcrous


      Well to be fair, there's also the advent of busted t8s.

    3. sohojacques


       240 alpha at tier 7 means something. But at tier 8 it’s chump change, especially once you combine it with low dpm (exactly the same as the IS-3 in my garage).

  14. What monjardin said^. It's much easier to be bottom tier now, except at tier 8. But that is at least as much a tank balance issue as it is a MM one, cause of the massive performance gap between tiers 8 and 9.
  15. Speaking of lacking variety, just went on about being bottom tier more often again. The reality is that Wargaming broke MM when they flooded tier 8 with OP premiums. I doubt they can ever really fix it. Tiers 6 and 7 are easier to grind post 9.18. Tier 8 isn't. Those OP premiums everyone bought aren't as OP anymore. That's it. End of discussion. If you find the game boring/lacking in variety, why do you still play it? Move on. It's just one of many entertainment options out there.