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  1. sohojacques

    Re-introducing myself here

    Think I had 0.3 accuracy. Couldn’t reliably hit with it at range either. And the bloom when moving the hull is so bad that close range brawls would often lead to T49 worthy misses. Recently sold.
  2. sohojacques

    Obj 430U

    Just played my first game in it. 0.38 dispersion... Hardly surprising after the uncanny accuracy of the tier 9 though.
  3. Still 260+ Ping for me to HK. The rest of you?
  4. I’m in Tas. Might settle down . Will try it again tonight.
  5. Just tried HK server. Basically 100 extra ping. So mid to high 200s for me.
  6. sohojacques

    I give up... (after 8 years)

    The uniformly bad map redesigns and bush camo changes broke me. Having to proxy spot single bushed arty and giant TDs with my pimped out LT crews... get fucked. But after a 3 month break I’ve come back as a F2P player. Entertainment does need to be very good when it free.
  7. sohojacques

    I give up... (after 8 years)

    Great map design from the perspective of the camping shitter...
  8. sohojacques

    I give up... (after 8 years)

    I played 3 all tier 10 matches last night. Each one ended with a tank, or tanks, having to suicide into a shitbarn to try and light the fucker. Each game the barn did 4-5+k damage. Each time it was driven by a 47-48% WR player. It’s the new TD meta.
  9. sohojacques

    Conqueror OP

    @Archaic_One I struggle to think of the T29 as aspirational.
  10. sohojacques

    Light tanks and (passive) scouting

    The big patch definitely dumbed down the game to the advantage of redlining shitters. The amount of bush camo on offer to them combined with more open spaces in front of them... But passive spotting people who actually try to play the game still bears fruit. Central west to the centre of Fisherman’s Bay offers very good cover to a pimped out LT I feel. I’m still learning exactly where though. Most frustrating to me is the redesign of central Paris. The one area where a LT could genuinely contribute early game on that map now requires a full yolo to spot anything. It’s an amazing feat to make what was the shittest map in the game markedly shitter.
  11. sohojacques

    The return of Province

    The whole of patch 1.0 was about this, imho. Big open spaces and fucked up bush mechanics that provide E25 levels of camo keep the redlining shitters alive for longer.
  12. sohojacques

    For 1.01, what's better for HT 15.3, S Conq or Maus?

    Pete can fix that little problem for you: Sorry. Leaving now.
  13. @Ezz Has your connection to the Oz server come good. Mine’s permashit.
  14. sohojacques

    The return of Province

    Rush the valley or barely leave spawn, the result is the same: get stuck behind hardcover somewhere and chai-snipe, corner brawl, until one side can’t take the boredom any more and pushes into a wall of invisible TDs. Cause bush mechanics post patch 1.0... Getting a bonus 1.4k damage and two kills from blind shots last night was pretty funny though.
  15. Yeah SG is stable for me as well. And I’m with Optus, so it’s not a provider issue.
  16. sohojacques - Now hiring, 4k+ WN8 recent required!

    I won’t pretend.
  17. Anyone else getting bouts of epic packet loss on the Oz server? Having ~50 ping while watching tanks teleport around the map is really starting to give me the shits.
  18. sohojacques

    Object 430 Appreciation and Boasting Thread

    This tank definitively proves that the accuracy and aim time stats found in the garage are the most irrelevant in the game. Playing it full povo. So no food and hardly ever load the gold as the minimal pen increase only counts as a bit of RNG mitigation imho. With food and a straight apcr loadout this tank would be... But not losing credits with a stock tier 9 and no premium account feels good. Real good.
  19. sohojacques

    You're not a real world of tanks player until...

    ...complained about game balance ... yet bought/power ground an OP tank ... then bitched when it’s not OP anymore cause power creep.
  20. sohojacques

    Show Off Your Triple Marks of Excellence

    Last hurrah until I get a new computer. No finesse required with this fat, pencil-dicked, kraut.
  21. New patch lands on SEA and as I feared my geriatric Mac don't like it none. Runs like shit on minimum settings (which are a whole new level of ugly btw). So no more pixel tanking for me for a while. Did at least get to see the bulk of the new/reworked maps. Glacier seems alright. But RIP Erlenberg.

    1. hazzgar


      Same here. Minimal settings get normal fps on paper but I can't see shit. My wr dropped by 10% and i don't even know how and where to angle because I can't see nothing

    2. wes


      Played some games with T71, some bushes did nothing while some made me invisible until 50m. It's all messed up.

  22. sohojacques

    WN8 vs WR correlation

    My recent Wn8 is dark purple despite my recent WR only being blue because of my light tank fetish. You say you like the class. If you want to pad your Wn8 ( I would rather win more ) spamming Type 64, AMX 13 75, T71, AMX 13 90, etc will quickly get the job done.
  23. Clubbing in my Cromwell:
  24. After losing 14 of my last 18 games in my AMX 1390, including losing the last 5 in a row, Campinovka gives me LT15.4:

  25. Travel well Va1. Gotta get back on the bike myself. Don't have a personal life to salvage. Got kids instead...