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  1. tier 7 is basically a more fun and mobile version of its tier 6 counterpart
  2. if you have the big gun on the S 51, you should be able to do all the arty missions it also goes without saying, it'd be easier with the tier 8 since you get higher MM and better soft stats
  3. Yuro only, not sure about euro or murica
  4. the fucking respawn system is stupid (or otherwise poorly explained) kv 1 is MY ONLY tier 2, and since there are 3 respawns of DIFFERENT tanks, im FORCED to drag out my tier 1's after my tier 2 (kv1) goes out of commission game is boring anyhow and the grinds are nightmares compared to WoT, so i didn't bother to go any further
  5. i would enjoy the 1 shotting thing if half my shots would at least do something compared to being ammoracked right through my driver by some autistic yolo medium i certainly can't find fun and its annoying since i have a KV 1 i have to drag up my to tier 1's that basically can't do shit, thats really dumb
  6. i know its different i just hate the people that praise this game like its the coming of Christ perfect sim when its really not i can respect the people who understand WT isn't that which is half and half from my experience compared to the WOT community in which we more or less unanimously agree WoT is a shit game (albeit varying degrees)
  7. isn't this that shitty sim game that also tried to break WoT (and didn't)
  8. better faster, pancake chrysler because the Chrysler lacked russian bias profile and gun (which has more alpha and pen, on the fucking medium, cause russia)
  9. just when i had some hope, they pull a fucking kotaku on themselves i really thought they were better then this
  10. how fucking stupid can WG get i never would thought they'd go full gajin
  11. serB wasn't responsible it was Ph3lan (EU staff) who was responsible for this whole incident, i doubt SerB himself would give a shit
  12. fair point; but its not like any of this was done on paper to begin with (even then forgery is a thing) what NEEDS to happen is for WG to make an official statement instead of Ph3lan giving clearly unsatisfactory responses to the EU forums to fully clarify themselves, otherwise their PR status is only going to grow worse and worse, even non-WOT youtubers like jim sterling are spreading the news this is a PR nightmare that should've never happened and they shouldn't of threaten him or forced him to take down his video (and they did admit he didn't want the video taken down, but had to after being threaten/censored http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/629174-wg-going-batshit-over-ccs/page__st__380__pid__14297446#entry14297446 )
  13. he actually proved the threat here http://imgur.com/a/RGPfh soured from his reddit post here: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/6c3ixa/clearing_up_some_things/
  14. if you guys don't know tl;dr SirFoch spoke negatively about WG premium tank policy and got threaten (and thus censored) by EU branch of WG and in turn removed his community contributor status (his video afterwards here: https://youtu.be/VT36zcdnAKM ) as a result, people got pissed and you can see the end result yourself on the release video or look down here i really don't want WG to go down the route that gajin did with censorship, but this is the first step to just that, i am even less inclined to spend money then i already am, even if its just EU, i am not happy with what is happening put simply all we can do as a community is let them know we don't condone this and they will greatly damage both EU and NA communities if they continue such actions PS: feel free to move this to another sub forum if it doesn't fit here, wasn't 100% on that Edit: found the video that was taken down if you want to see what was taken down https://www.facebook.com/WorldofTanksPolskaFanPage/videos/1071566622943302/?hc_location=ufi Edit: staff response to community backlash; which its one thing to remove his CC status but pulling his video down is actively censoring him, no way to downplay that (more here : http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/629174-wg-going-batshit-over-ccs/page__p__14293729#entry14293729 )
  15. alright, for some reason, i thought you could use 5 at a time, but i never bothered to check