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  1. 1 and 2 are being addressed 3 is literally in any multiplayer game period
  2. CT is up and live, moved from SB
  3. in summary 1. MM won't have disjoint tier (ie 5 to 2 tier X's and 5 9's to 1) 2. arty stun mechanic is being introduced as the final attempt in balancing arty (if we go by the dev stream commentary) 3. light tanks will have their tiers re arranged to have it -2/+2 like any other tank type and thus will make tourneys more balanced overall (no more bulldogs in tier 7 tourney's for instance) in more detail and my opinion: just recently, the changes to artillery, MM AND tier X LT's are coming together in one big update MM won't give disjointed tier MM anymore, light tanks will have better MM, and arty won't one shot most people anymore AND consumables are now rechargeable, which means tanks that get ammo-racked a lot like the 113 won't suffer as much as they used to from overall im very excited and its nice to see the changes they promised get this close to coming source (and even more details): text: http://worldoftanks.com/…/general-n…/update-918-common-test/ video : https://youtu.be/haclBVtbDbM someone could've made a more detailed thread, but im so hyped i figured i'd make one while on pumped and waiting to the CT to patch in (also, if this isn't in an okay thread, please move it, im still kind of new to this sub forum of WoT)
  4. pretty much, 288 pen means you won't need premium and u can snipe with .29 accuracy and 8 km/h siege gives you better speed then the udes its a pretty solid crew trainer that has siege mode without the grind if you haven't went down the Swedish line like myself
  5. i've been playiing the L/71 as of now and the DPM thing fits my playstyle better and if RNG is going to fuck your shots up anyway, might as well have more times to role
  6. the soft stats are the same, the only real differences are whats on paper (in game) i've also noticed this thread derailed pretty fucking hard, but still, i'd like to point that out and i might just skip the L/100, im liking the L/71, i much prefer the better DPM, especially when trying to kill run away targets, the faster reload lets me get 2 shots when i otherwise couldn't, though i can see why someone would like the L/100, it is a much better sniper gun and consistent with the german accuracy trend the panther 1 worked so well with and its following tanks and brothers (leopard 1, E50/50M, etc.)
  7. lemming rush also does a good job explaining his stuff in much detail, sometimes pausing to go into detail, i would recommend his channel as well
  8. i concur the no bloom travse means i can fight further up than the UDES could even dream of the STRV is built for closer engagements while still being a solid sniper in its own right (.29 is still really fucking good)
  9. no free XP conversion sale in over a month im sitting on so much gold and free XP to convert and now i need it to research modules on the panther 2 in order to grind the E50 doe the on track
  11. you could move them to another, better British tank (like the conqueror)
  12. i concur, i was considering buying the KR or the SP for a while just for crew training, but they seemed meh im glad i didn't since this thing is a dedicated crew (premium) trainer for FREE, which i think is a solid deal AND its not even half as hard, demanding (you need a highly unreasonable amount of vechiles to do the 44-100 marthon missions, especially since nations like czeh literally just a straight line), AND it has better DPM then the pershing which i like
  13. you can look them up and any clan reserve needs to be done by a higher up commander then just anyone however it HAS TO BE tier 8 premium, higher tiers are ALWAYS going to make more XP then their lower tier counter parts simply on the fact that they'll do more damage and assist
  14. crew XP personal reserve + X2 crew XP + clan crew reserve + premium tank XP benefit + daily bonus = a fuck ton of crew XP
  15. like everyone and their mother's are saying, the Maus is your best bet for all around armor have over 200mm of raw armor on virtually every area (besides like the roof) in addition to it, its "prototype" variations have been added to the game that play very similarly, but at a lower tier, the VK 100 P is a monster similar to the maus (but has highest alpha of tier 8 tanks* unlike maus which has that title taken by the E100 at tier 10) if 8's are your thing or you haven't grinded the line yet *no arty or TD, which aren't tanks) although the E100 is second to it in terms of overall armor, though it has more spaced then raw side armor in comparison to the maus IS 4 is your next best bet if you like russian bias memes, the whole line is raw armor (especially the KV 4, its basically a big side-scraping box) tons of good advice on this thread but i hope my 2 cents counts for something