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  1. i agree with all of this but being aggressive is much harder in mid tiers, especially compared to playing the maus; if you have a maus at your disposable, you can be a wrecking ball, it'll be great even with current incoming nerfs
  2. fatton turret isn't bouncing HEAT any time soon; so E5 is still better for holding down hill positions
  3. generally i use caps to point out words of importance; especially on social media where i can't put things in bold easily i could've done something more fancy, but this isn't fucking LinkedIn or something important like that; so i could careless about my image, i HIGHLY doubt my employers are going to find out about what i say (let alone care) about what im saying on a 3rd party forum page for WoT nor do i care about my rep (however im not looking to be gasia yuno; im straight to the point in my post if they are click baity so as to not waste time)
  4. but its the truth; besides, i just people to know i didn't realize sharing the news is bad because i make my title grab attention
  5. as the title says; we are getting free premium until this issue (contact and clan list bugs) is finally put down, which is great from free/ non-paying players source: https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/announcements/contact-and-clan-list-compensation/
  6. nope; like i wrote, its treated like assault mode, and optional mode for random que, but none the less affects for stats WG really went full retard with this honestly unless its acknowledged and fixed
  7. in the 9.20 common test video; they said you can earn MoE's in the new 30v30, this means you'll have double the damage and assist damage possible compared to the regular 15v15 of course, its not in its own que, similar to assault, which means you can choose it like ranked battles; however you'll be doing yourself a disservice to opt out of the 30v30 mode(which you can do, also like assault) if you're aiming for 3 MoE's source (i put time stamp so you'll see just the relevant sentence) :
  8. its literally the only non sim tank game on the market; WG basically has a monopoly in that regard since they have no direct competition also yeah, kinda addicted
  9. but you'll never be able to get the foch 155 again (unless it becomes a clan reward tank)
  10. as the recent news states, the foch 155 will no longer be researchable, but will stay as a "special" tank; im not sure if its desirable even with buffs but i figured if anyone wanted it, that your time is officially limited unless otherwise noted
  11. i noticed im just been getting mad just thinking about playing this game (even more so with WT) i hate the reliance on pubs in pub matches; it makes me feel as if nothing matter (which i know isn't true), but its demoralizing when you have to play and depend on pubs that have single digit IQ's i would improve my wn8/DPG if this game were half as fun as it used to be; not sure if the game is growing repetitive on me but its certainly preventing me from having any desire to improve
  12. well like i said before, it was on my laptop, if you looked at the FPS, it was between 25 and 15 FPS while this was very passive game, i can't spot for myself where as the enemy was also set up for defense and attack, i decided to defend myself since it can perform the role quite well had the team spotted a great amount of targets, i would've played more aggressively, i normally don't snipe from so far, but neither do i normally play under such poor FPS, im honestly surprised i didn't kill myself at the start of the game when i say DPG in E3 is bad, i mean wn8 wise and MoE wise , which is pretty poor compared to what i want to raise it too; i also play my tier 10's sparely, so i never end up with consistent experience on what to do and not (i mostly play tier 8 for credit making)
  13. fair enough, just hate hearing the same shit 10 times over with little to no differentiation i just hate how team dependent this thing is, i love it (especially in comp with a good caller) and i hate it in pubs (for the previously mentioned reasons) despite its power and armor, it has poor flexibility and im far from the best, but i hate that im doing so poorly in this machine; either pushing too much or sitting back too much, at least im not green wn8 in it but fuck i get about the same DPG in my T30 and it is in dark blue i'd probably greatly benefit if i played it in a platoon to ease my dependence on pubs i have one decent replay (on my potato laptop; you'll see i just fucking lag out and drive and die at the end; very passive most of this, had decent early and mid-game shots not far from base, then everyone just kinda kill themselves for almost no reason (like t34 and some others, can't be help); so i decide to turtle to stall the game [ http://wotreplays.com/site/3713688#erlenberg-lordawesome7-t110e3 ] also, shout out to the 101, he was a real team player, we worked quite well together overall) and i could gather more replays of my best and worst (or just get an actual mentor to play/speak with) if someone were to be kind enough to help me with that; especially considering im mostly a heavy guy, i like aggressive action and high alpha, but im sometimes reckless by nature or raw impatience
  14. quite the opposite; you people really annoy i fortify and hull down (cover my lower plate and within reasonable line of fire, often a corridor); im too passive i push aggressively with my team; im "over-extending" as i expect my team mates to have an IQ above single digits, though if you read what i initially said, you'd understand its a bitch to raise DPG when games are landslides wins and losses all too often; often before i can really impact the match much im asking for reasonable advice, not something so pathetic, no one should think this after 10 battles in the E3
  15. quite the opposite really though i don't like been cucked from the sides you see, that implies pubbies are intelligent enough to push with the big, heavily armored TD with cardboard sides (that can often be easily protected if literally 1 other tank came with me)