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  1. wow, that sucks for me, my (wot edition) kraken barely lasted a year; ear cushions feel apart due to cheap coating (and you can't even replace em either), the wire was no better than my $10 headset i use in a hurry; they were meh until the ear cushion tears were unbearable and the wire was giving out despite minimal strains. If i didn't get the kv 220 2, i'd be quite disappointed (still a shit product though)
  2. yeah, bouncing from him, i'd recommend saving up just a notch bit more from this price point; in addition the 1070ti is really close to the 1080 performance while being close to 1070 cost (about $30); if mininers don't buy up all these cards, it might actually be worthwhile (and buy-able) for gaming http://www.legitreviews.com/nvidia-gtx-1070ti-see-october-26-launch-date-430-msrp-according-source_198176
  3. yeah, they seem like macs alright but they don't deliver for their asking price, i get better with acer (especially the helios 300) and MSI
  4. one is patented rigged matchmaking design to make players pay to improve or be on par with better per battle (aka rigged matchmaker, and in a $60 game no less) and the latter is just really dogshit balance because everything needs armor kappa
  5. for this kinda money, you could get a 1060 laptop (aka the helios 300 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06Y4GZS9C/ref=s9u_wish_gw_i1?ie=UTF8&colid=25H89Q9NV13MK&coliid=I35L3XREJDINWE&fpl=fresh&pd_rd_i=B06Y4GZS9C&pd_rd_r=QQFJWK6YVVP0CRS2MDT0&pd_rd_w=2Odad&pd_rd_wg=6tg9Z&pf_rd_i=desktop&pf_rd_s=&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_r=RA60NM564GT1C9Q40FEY&pf_rd_t=36701&pf_rd_p=781f4767-b4d4-466b-8c26-2639359664eb&th=1) alternatively if you still want a desktop, you should at least get a 1070 for this kind of budget, or better yet, wait for the 1070ti thats coming out next month and see if you can get one of these i can share some of my builds, this one is primarily gaming and its pretty easy to upgrade later on with the initial benefit of a top of the line gpu https://pcpartpicker.com/list/jLg3LD of course this pre built is agrueably better than this build since you don't have to pay for the OS and it comes with a 1070 (which is much better than a 1060) https://www.amazon.com/Performance-Desktop-G11CD-WB51-GeForce-processor/dp/B01K1JWCAK/ref=sr_1_4?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1507336950&sr=1-4&keywords=gaming+desktop+gtx+1070 you could then pair it with this monitor which unlike your friends, is $20 less and has IPS screen https://www.amazon.com/AOC-I2267FW-22-Inch-Frameless-Brightness/dp/B00CLZ047Q/ref=pd_sim_147_12?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00CLZ047Q&pd_rd_r=1MAATV71PRB5Q94EGJF4&pd_rd_w=cUG5n&pd_rd_wg=S5YI0&psc=1&refRID=1MAATV71PRB5Q94EGJF4
  6. so i've heard, but i get can get better for less also i too have an MSI laptop, the build is great and the software is actually useful instead of cancerous (mine is the MSI GT62VR Dominator Pro-238, does everything i need it too between school and play)
  7. well it seems to be a problem exclusive to razer, can't help that they have such poor drivers
  8. razers product were always of low quality from my experience
  9. buts that kind of what i like when you do well, its great and that can happen a lot if you don't fuck up, which gets easier over time (besides arty, you'll never be able to avoid that if its on your case)
  10. oh boy, can't wait for my super conq, i didn't think they would make it even better
  11. i'd recommend learning it you dont have to be very good in pubs with it as long as you can keep your gun in the fight and prove you can be useful in CW, i doubt they're going to buff the already sturdy t 62A and the extra gun depression is still going to put the 140 on top of the 62A in addition to its better mobility
  12. to answer your question about on tracks it only give combat XP from tier 2 - 7 8 - 10 get crew XP bonus (which is more resourceful than you'd think when you're grinding 300,000 XP give or take and since you have the 140 researched, you should buy that ASAP, its high dpm, good mobility, and strong turret armor with -6 gun depression make it the most flexible medium in tier X
  13. if you want a fast meta tank, the 5A is currently king with its high speed and hard hitting gun if you want a medium with high rof/dpm, 140 no question, especially since it got buffed for literally no reason, negating its biggest weakness as for myself, i just do on tracks since they are WAY less expensive to get tier 10's on and give strong XP bonus on low tiers to burn through em quickly
  14. It seems similar to a beach map from console minus the whole middle area with the pryaminds i think it is more of a placeholder since it clearly isn't finished and the blue doesn't sit well with the tropical colors it has the potential to be good though why show it now when they still haven't finished HD maps is beyond me
  15. i agree though i wouldn't rely specifically on a set of brands, its always about price to performance which LG delivers, especially their older phones and newer ones and until the announcement of the v30, all their V phones and up until the G4 have all had removable batteries and mirco sds, though the v30 has the mirco sd option in there, they go down in price while still having the same power, but i'll look into other phones in the future when the time comes, but i highly doubt i'd want to drop out of all the potential storage and power which i have yet to see anyone debunk on such inexpensive platforms there is this cool thing called quick charge which more and more android phones are getting, though this feature definitely isn't exclusive to the OP5