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  1. just when i had some hope, they pull a fucking kotaku on themselves i really thought they were better then this
  2. how fucking stupid can WG get i never would thought they'd go full gajin
  3. serB wasn't responsible it was Ph3lan (EU staff) who was responsible for this whole incident, i doubt SerB himself would give a shit
  4. fair point; but its not like any of this was done on paper to begin with (even then forgery is a thing) what NEEDS to happen is for WG to make an official statement instead of Ph3lan giving clearly unsatisfactory responses to the EU forums to fully clarify themselves, otherwise their PR status is only going to grow worse and worse, even non-WOT youtubers like jim sterling are spreading the news this is a PR nightmare that should've never happened and they shouldn't of threaten him or forced him to take down his video (and they did admit he didn't want the video taken down, but had to after being threaten/censored http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/629174-wg-going-batshit-over-ccs/page__st__380__pid__14297446#entry14297446 )
  5. he actually proved the threat here http://imgur.com/a/RGPfh soured from his reddit post here: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/6c3ixa/clearing_up_some_things/
  6. if you guys don't know tl;dr SirFoch spoke negatively about WG premium tank policy and got threaten (and thus censored) by EU branch of WG and in turn removed his community contributor status (his video afterwards here: https://youtu.be/VT36zcdnAKM ) as a result, people got pissed and you can see the end result yourself on the release video or look down here i really don't want WG to go down the route that gajin did with censorship, but this is the first step to just that, i am even less inclined to spend money then i already am, even if its just EU, i am not happy with what is happening put simply all we can do as a community is let them know we don't condone this and they will greatly damage both EU and NA communities if they continue such actions PS: feel free to move this to another sub forum if it doesn't fit here, wasn't 100% on that Edit: found the video that was taken down if you want to see what was taken down https://www.facebook.com/WorldofTanksPolskaFanPage/videos/1071566622943302/?hc_location=ufi Edit: staff response to community backlash; which its one thing to remove his CC status but pulling his video down is actively censoring him, no way to downplay that (more here : http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/629174-wg-going-batshit-over-ccs/page__p__14293729#entry14293729 )
  7. alright, for some reason, i thought you could use 5 at a time, but i never bothered to check
  8. those were AMAZING, got 4 for $80 bucks, ended up turning into a fuck ton of gold those codes are now expired, glad i took the opportunity when it was around, basically got all the tech tree premiums i needed and then some how many invite codes can one use at a time? never checked
  9. i am helping my friend get into WoT, however i know there are a ton of invitational codes that are free or really cheap compared to flat out buying them however, i haven't looked into this in a while and don't know any of them by heart, if you know any universal or have spare single-use invite codes, please post here or PM me if its a one time use code, thanks in advance WOTREDDIT is the only one i know, though i thought it was different at first
  10. there are already tons of "fiction" tanks in WoT like the BC 12t and at least half of the Japanese heavy line and anything with VK on its name to point out a few it isn't THAT much of a stretch when you consider a ton of tanks in this game never existed (aka "fictional vehicles )
  11. but the RHM is like half the size of the leopard and the turret is MUCH smaller, you're pretty much impossible to hit once you're hull down and the raw dispersion makes the gun handling only slightly worse (if that) in practice then it shows on paper following that, the RHM has a much better step up in terms of camo, making it much easier to use that 420 view range then the sheridan and makes it the only decent scout out of all the tier X's in terms of spotting capabilities and has a more accuracy gun then its light counterparts and is easier to hide and spot with then the leo 1 the T 100 JUST has mobility over its medium counterparts, with equal or worse view range (even the bloody IS 7), its gun handling doesn't really mean shit with that base dispersion unless you plan to yolo more then anything else, even then its DPM is a tier 8 levels, so it'll take you a while to kill most tanks, you'd still be better off with any other russian tank since it has virtually nothing going for it other then speed wz is tier X 54 ltwt. 13 105 is horse shit any "nato medium" has worse spotting capabilities then the RHM without exception besides the M48 patton, but that thing is the size of a house and goes 2/3 of the RHM speed, so it won't outspot an RHM or outrun/chase it down (in fact, im pretty sure the RHM could circle most mediums besides maybe the leo 1 on its amazing speed alone)
  12. i think once you get used to them, you'll find the love of reliable fire as oppose to spamming shots like a DPM manic (430 for instance)
  13. but RHM excels in everyway not related to brawling and its better raw dispersion means its effective gun handling isn't as bad as it would seem, and unlike the Sheridan, it is faster and has a lower profile, making it more effective to scout and climb certain points and T 100 has such poor DPM and view range, you're better off using a Russian medium since it has about the same gun handling and more accuracy (though this could be argued for all light tanks since the hard nerfs) HWK has 410 base view range and is quite accurate once you get used to its quirks, its arguable the best light tank in everyway besides firepower
  14. i would find it easy if you simply keep your distance rhm is much more a sniper as you described, however, with its 420 base view range, much better camo, and extremely good P/W ratio, its not too hard to find the time and place to aim your shots
  15. i guess, but even then, 13 75 is virtually better in every way besides alpha and pen a tier under though i guess this difference is still better then T71 and M41 autoloader (but unlike 12t, M41 gets a single shot option to compensate)