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  1. if you have OCD about you're wn8 than missing shots would be an issue but just running full AP 9/10 is going to be more profitable than spamming apcr, and the lowe has great gun handling and if you actually get in a nice hulldown or side scrap position you can aim down your shots pretty well it sounds like to me you're more of a medium player than a heavy player because a good heavy regardless of tier will put himself where he can maximize their firepower and armor; the lowe of which has both in very outstanding values and great accuracy at the raw trade off of DPM, its a very effective machine in the right hands this is an old replay (i think before its major buff) and i used it quite well besides a few minor mistakes
  2. E 50 is a tier 9 and it has less pen that the lowe; thats a pretty stupid thing to bring up also i literally mentioned super heavies but nice bringing up a straw man as the basis of your argument, you aren't going to see 6 type 5s in a lowe, that can't happen in 3 5 7 MM so if you really can't deal with it, you should've of put yourself in that position its your fucking game so you can play like shit for all i care but don't bother bringing up an argument if you can't read past a sentence
  3. why on gods earth would you have a need to spam apcr in a lowe, t34, or any other high pen premium idk who said it but they're stupid, i could understand half and half but with the ammo capacity (iits well over 60 and you don't have much RoF) of the lowe you have literally no need for a only apcr loadout as your AP is almost on par with tier X at tier 8, it has really solid pen and accuracy and it would be a waste of credits to predominantly run APCR on a tank with such high pen is a waste (im not saying never use gold but very few times have i actually had a need for it and that's generally for super-heavies which are designed to have stupid armor, but they don't make up the majority of a team on an average game, even bottom tier it isn't that bad if you pick your fights and not solo a tier X or something just as dumb)
  4. no, it doesn't fit my playstyle I prefer the bigger gun of the T 34 3, even with all its drawbacks im not much of a dpm guy unless its my T26E5 which plays nothing like the Type 59 also if they did sell it, it would be stupid expensive and then it definitely wouldn't be worth it cause it really isn't outstanding for its like some of the other rare tanks (albeit most of them are OP low tiers, but low tiers don't mean much to me)
  5. when using prt sc is too hard
  6. its a solid crew trainer, got 3 heavy crew (for each line) worked through that thing just don't expect to be a 252 or patriot, but it has high base pen, reliable armor when angled properly and good accuracy for a heavy; just its biggest weaknesses being its low DPM/RoF and mobility and huge lower plate, its basically a better tiger so if you've played that this should be better overall
  7. at some point you have to let the retards be retards, they don't sound like they can be reasoned with anyhow
  8. i agree, i have about 200 days left of premium (i got a fuck ton of premium a while ago from buying a year's worth + 4 jadgtiger codes before they expired for $80 bucks, thats also how i got most of my premiums) with that being said the bundles and discounts of reason (for me ) are far and few between and its a damn shame they haven't upkeep the deals and have gotten worse rather than better or they would've had more of my money (other than gifts, i haven't spend money on WoT in a while considering the amount of premiums and premium time i have and most of the new tanks i could care less for considering i have the credit grind t26e5 and the retard proof 252u already) the only other thing on my wish list is the vk 168 P with the 15cm meme gun at tier 8
  9. well being more a heavy player myself, lowe isn't bad, but its really slow The T26E5 really gets the best of both worlds with a better 90mm than virtually all the tier 8 meds, reasonable mobility not too far off from the pershing and very strong turret armor and okay hull armor; i'd recommend it to any medium tank player at tier 8 due to its better gun and durable it can hold its own in tier X alternatively when im half asleep i'll run the 252/defender since that thing is basically retard proof; but the lorr 40t i've heard many good things about with a stable gun good gun depression and high flexibility, once you work around its big size its a strong workable tank
  10. yeah, you make some good points except that 3rd person shooters are still very much popular like PuBG and siege which have first person options (actually never touched siege could be wrong on that); in short a 3rd person shooter based on or around tanks and other vehicles could be viable to a mass market if marketed well (marketing sells more than the actual products themselves these days) i think some along the lines of a mix between halo and battlefield where it can be arcady while still leaving a lot for the most hardcore players to toy with; i guess you could make it bigger and F2P if you wanted a server based massive scale warfare including tanks, planes, foot soldiers etc. and maybe have a tech tree system for each thing of sort or back to halo where you pick stuff off the ground and go with it; god i miss BF 1942, that was some straight forward fun, a shame they don't make em like they used to on a side note the closest thing to halo on pc is in the works and its free, im having fun with it and a new update is almost done debugging (no real estimate date) but the 5.1 build itself is really fun: https://eldewrito.com/
  11. yeah, my.com went full retard ignore the advice of competent and experienced game designers and devs in favor of a shitty modern clone of WoT its a shame too i invested so much time and money into the game; they were treading on thin ice for a while and once i got wind of the "new" direction they were going for without obsidian thats where i drew the line and never looked back; its a bitter sweet memory so much wasted potential i'd say its a real shame maybe one day we can have a tank game be developed by an american company with competent devs instead of russians (no offense, but why is it almost exclusively Russians who make tank games, going off warthunder [gajin], WoT [wargaming], and AW [my.com] )
  12. yeah, this going back to WG not understanding their own game, the missions are poorly design and take more luck than skill to do
  13. you must be a twig, its actually feels lighter since i brought it, i must be growing since im still young but its fai from a brick, i move it around with ease and i actually put all the weights back in (from before when i moved them out so i could tune the weight better) i'd wait the 2 weeks if it meant i'd be getting a great mouse at that price
  14. why get that over the M65 pro? it looks like a way more bare bones version of it without a sniper button (and you spend $70 on a $30 mouse, why?)
  15. i got this beast on sale for $40 http://www.corsair.com/en-us/m65-pro-rgb-fps-gaming-mouse-black it has a big red sniper button which is quite handy for hitting small weakpoints while keeping the higher (by deafult, i made it 4.5K DPI) to react to enemy movements and potential flankers its way better than the G4202 (something like that) which had the plastic bubble up from regular use, that and the mouse wheel button stopped working after barely a year and a half of use, im glad i switched, this is a much better mouse with everything i need and it has weights that you can remove if you want it to be lighter (or heavier if you get heavier weights, i think the default ones do the job for the most part)