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  1. This is my favorite tier 7 light right now. It does play like a medium and everyone gives it a double take because it is so beautifully ugly. The low rider of WoT!
  2. I went on a horrible losing streak from about January to April (win rate was 56.55 and dropped to about 56.10 with 40k games). Granted I was playing like a dope for over two months doing missions for the Obj 260 and that hurt A LOT, but then when that was over, my win rate continued to slide. It was like I forgot how to play the game, except I didn't. I still maintained a decent WN8 average for the period. I just couldn't get wins. I figured I had really REALLY bad luck or I was doing something wrong. While it may or may not have been bad luck, I tried to improve my game play. I even started using WotLabs during this period to look for tips to help me out. Sadly, luck does play a role in the match making, but in my opinion that is a short term thing. Over the long haul, your win rate will catch up to your ability. I have had slumps in the past before this one (just not as long as this last one!) and each time it eventually ended and I was a better player than before the slump because I looked to improve each time. Read some information, like here on WotLabs, and watch some videos on YouTube. Keep playing your heart out and eventually you will turn that corner. Consider this "growing pains" as you improve as a player. Also, try to have a positive attitude. I can't explain it rationally, but whenever I play this game agitated, it seems to snowball on me and get worse and worse. As I think someone else said, cut your losses and take a little break. Good luck out there.
  3. Thanks. And I agree. I would rather face a maximum of three high tier tanks than 6 or more. In that last run, I had a nice carry on Prokhorovka in a tier 8 match which probably wouldn't have happened if I was swamped with tier 8s. Thanks again for the feedback.
  4. Final Analysis I played another 50 games in a row with the VK3001D over a few days and the trend seemed less pronounced, although similar, but with a greater share of the games going to middle tier matches. I played in the afternoon and morning more, so that may have a little to do with it. Playing at a different time from the first 50 games should also give a better all around view of tiering frequencies when the results are combined (see below). Here are the results of the second set of 50 games (win rate is in there for reference again): * Top = 3 (2-1 66%) Partial Top = 0 (NA) Middle = 17 (10-6-1 59%) Only Tier Six = 10 (7-3 70%) Partial Bottom = 0 (NA) Bottom = 20 (10-10 50%) My win rate was the exact opposite and now I am overall 50% with this tank. As I stated in an earlier post, I don't mind top tier battles and they are EASIER to influence under this new system, but it is not ideal. The higher your position in tier, the more likely you are to influence a match, as these 100 games seem to support, along with the logic of having better firepower, armor, and hit points when you are high tier. Here are the results of all 100 battles combined together: Top = 8 (6-2 75%) Partial Top = 0 (NA) Middle = 22 (13-8-1 59%) Only Tier Six = 23 (12-11 52%) Partial Bottom = 1 (1-0 100%) Bottom = 46 (18-28 39%) From 100 games, here is the frequency per tier level for a tier 6 tank: Top = 8% Partial Top = 0 (NA) Middle = 22% Only Tier Six = 23% Partial Bottom = 1% Bottom = 46% 100 games is not enough to get a perfect picture. The data, while insufficient, is enough to show a general trend. Players at tier 6 will more likely be bottom tier, which will place more emphasis on the random nature of your "teammates" than on your skill to determine your win rate. In other words, the control you have over your win rate destiny will decrease (even if only slightly) when playing at this tier under 9.18. I don't have any data to compare the old Match Maker (MM) frequency to this new version. Anecdotally, I would testify that I was a top tier tank more than once in every ten games at tier 6. If fact, I recall understanding that I had a decent chance at being top tier every time I hit the battle button (I am guessing that it was about 25-35% of the time). If we combine top tier with only tier six matches we will get 31% and this would give us a similar result to the old MM. The downside of all tier six matches is that you are again at a decrease in win rate destiny (depending on the caliber of your teammates) compared to being top tier with the old MM. This decrease is most likely slight, yet still a factor. If this helps anyone, I'm glad. I saw a trend when I first started playing the VK3001D and it made me curious: was I getting bad luck or is there a new trend in the MM? As I discovered, there is a new trend with the MM. This makes sense with the new breakdown of teams into a set 3-5-7 format and the amount of tier 8 tanks being played on the servers. I'm still neutral about this new MM until I see how it works over a longer period of time. I am concerned that there will be "sweet-spots" at certain tiers that will be exploited to the detriment of other tiers and this may create an unhealthy environment overall in the game as people try to grind though those disadvantaged tiers and give up on the game and hurt the population. I would conjecture that tiers 5 and 6 seem the most likely to be affected. Then again, this concern may be totally unfounded. In any case, good luck out there and thank you for your patience if you reached this far in the post! ------------------------------------------------- * Here are the first 50 games again for quick reference: Top = 5 (4-1 80%) Partial Top = 0 (NA) Middle = 5 (3-2 60%) Only Tier Six = 13 (5-8 38%) Partial Bottom = 1 (1-0 100%) Bottom = 26 (8-18 31%)
  5. So far it seems that tier 6 is bottom tier most of the time. I have continued on my quest and I am playing another 50 games in the VK3001D to verify the first 50. I am 28 games in and 13 of them have been bottom tier and 2 have been top tier. The disparity is still great. And this makes sense, as DHP says, with the breakdown 3-5-7. I'm guessing tiers 1, 2, 9 and 10 are the sweet spots when playing now. Playing in tiers 3-8 you are going to be on the bottom or middle a large majority of the time. I am not sure if the population at tier 8 and 10 throws this assessment off. There just might be more tier 8 and 10 dumps than other tiers.
  6. I'm sure I will feel compelled to buy it and then play it 10 times and then it will sit in my garage and collect dust. I guess I can always trade it in now and save it for the next OP tier 8 premium tank.
  7. Wargaming has entered the used car, I mean used tank business... Now can people buy the tanks that were trade-ins at a discount since they were used already? If they had camo, will it still be on there?
  8. Being bottom tier is not bad and is expected. It is the rate of being bottom tier that should be worrisome. Being top tier only 10% of the time is not very equitable. While you and I are not phased very much by being bottom tier, other players out there tend to be bothered by this. Even I would like to be top tier more than 10% of the time. With the new MM, I think 20-25% would be a more ideal situation. And even this would only be every 1 out of 4 or 5 games as top tier.
  9. I agree with this, above stats aside. I've never minded higher tier battles and like the challenge. With 9.18 I feel like I can make more of a difference than before. The direction WG went in seems to be for the better. Thanks for the information. Hopefully this update will alleviate some of the inconsistencies between the tanks on each team.
  10. That would be better. Although, I think at this point, I would rather have the old MM back. I never minded fighting higher tiers once in a while because I would see a good mix of games in where I was in the middle or top tier. That isn't happening now at tier 6. I'm guessing that tier 8 is the sweet spot with server population with all the premiums. If this is true, there will be more high tier tanks in the pool of players waiting to enter battles than before the change and more players at tier 6 will get stuck fighting tanks 2 tiers higher than them more often now, as per my recent experience. This is a serious flaw in the new MM, if it is the case.
  11. I like the idea of only 3 top tier tanks in a three tier spread. In practice though, the results for me have been disappointing. WG should equalize the top tanks to a certain extent. A recent example from my time playing in the VK3001D: I have three M46 Patton KRs (not platooned!?) on my team and the enemy team had three VK100.01 heavy tanks platooned. Needless to say, those three tier 8 VK heavies plowed through all opposition and it was an easy win for them. Equalizing the tank classes at the top OR weighing tanks more correctly per team would help. OR maybe only 3 top tiers is too few? I can't believe I said that! We wanted fewer top tier tanks and now that we received them, it might be worse than before! "Be careful what you wish for!" My mother was right!
  12. I am usually better than average in tier 6 tanks so when I struggled to get wins I began to notice that most of my matches were tier 8 and I was constantly becoming powerless to influence games enough to pull out the odd win here or there to pull my win rate above 50%. It was so bad actually that my win rate after 50 games is 42%, 21 wins and 29 losses. I played these 50 games over three days with no other battles in any other tanks. The new tiering possibilities seems to be broken down like this, using the VK3000D as the sample tank and in order of difficulty: Top tier (ex. Tier 6 to 4) Partial Top Tier (Tier 6 to 5) Middle Tier (Tier 7-5) Only Tier (Only tier 6) Partial Bottom Tier (Tier 7-6) Bottom Tier (Tier 8-6) After 50 games, a decent sample size, here are the results (WN8 2435 for these 50 games): Top = 5 (4-1 80%) Partial Top = 0 (NA) Middle = 5 (3-2 60%) Only Tier 6 = 13 (5-8 38%) Partial Bottom = 1 (1-0 100%) Bottom = 26 (8-18 31%) Bottom tier games dominated my play time more than any other bracket combined. If I add together all the other brackets to get a win rate, it is 54%. Which is lower than I hoped it would be, but compared to being bottom tier with a WR of 31%, it is amazing. Is this an isolated incident or have others been experiencing the same thing? I'd personally like to know so that I can save whatever is left of my WR and not play tier 6 anymore until this is addressed by WG.
  13. Now that I have played some of the lights, I can agree with this statement. Sacrifice gun capabilities for camo and mobility or play a medium. That said, I have enjoyed playing the T54 Ltwt, WZ-132, AMX 13 90, and even the B-C 12t (well, it was fun on the test server and the one game I played on live server). I didn't enjoy the T-49. I played it with both guns and was underwhelmed with both. Maybe it was just bad luck for a few games. I don't know. I free xp'd past it after a handful of games. I sold the HWK 12 and I haven't played the RU since the update. The HWK reminds me of the SP1C and I don't like that tank. The HWK 12 does have decent stats on paper though.
  14. Nerf and buff. They hit a lot less harder, but they hit more often (reduced reload time, more accurate, and faster aim time). Plus they hit a larger area radius and can hit more targets simultaneously. The one change I did notice while playing arty at tier 9 and 10 was those games seemed to move much faster. Most of my games were basically over in less than 5 minutes. This is of course due to the light tanks and not the arty. Due to the speed and lack of armor, these things are zooming around and getting killed quickly. This may keep people from playing arty, since you only get 4 shots off, if you are lucky, before you are running for cover or the enemy team is wiped out and you look at your pitiful amount of damage now.
  15. The German M 41 90 is going to be much nicer than the other 5 non-premium lights. If anyone grabbed the German light premium, they are going to be in for a treat. It does have the highest dpm, it is tied with the HWK for alpha (240) and pen and just below the WZ (250) in those categories, and it has one of the best aim times. Now that you made me think of it, I may not keep any of the tier 8 lights except for maybe the B-C 12t. The Blackdog, as you call it, is essentially a tier 9 light now with the tier 8 designation. I was going to free xp past some of the tier 9s, but I may have to play them out to get a feel for them. I'm a horrible light tank player, so this might be an exercise in frustration. It will depend on my mood and how rng is treating me at that moment. I'm guessing the update is coming out this week from the Meathead video released on Friday. If I have anything to contribute about the 9s after they are released, I'll post it here.