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  1. I bought and played the Strv S1 in two games today, both wins. The first match I was instrumental in the win with a decent score and the other match was won by my team in a weak game on Lakeville. Still, I was 2-0 for the day and I called it there. Taking it easy, as you guys suggested, sounds like a good idea. Thanks for the comments and warm welcome!
  2. Thanks Cronk. I earned the Obj. 260 about 9 days ago doing 4 of the mission 15s with honors (SPG, LT, TD, and MT). It is restoring my sanity now that is the hard part.
  3. Hey guys, I'm not new to the game, but I am new to posting on WoTLabs. I've read a few articles in the past, but I think it might be time for me to seriously work on my gameplay. I started playing the game without mods around the December update. It was around this time that I started going for the Obj. 260 in earnest. I had already completed the arty 15 mission with honors in the fall, so all I needed to do now was complete 3 of the other 4 with honors to get the tank. I quickly completed the light tank missions and LT-15 with honors by January. It then took me about 5 weeks or so to complete TD-15 with honors. That was a horrible experience. Then it took me about 2 weeks to complete MT-15 with honors. During this time my win rate took a nose dive as I changed my play style to accommodate for the missions. I played much more aggressively in the lights and TDs and more conservatively in mediums (depending on the map). Combine this with playing in more tier 10 matches than I used to and my win rate dropped about .5% in 10 weeks. I went from about 56.55% to now 55.11% (with 41k matches under my belt). My issue is that even trying to get back to my normal play style, I am still losing a great deal. It is really killing my gaming experience when I load up a match with this specter of defeat looking over my shoulder all the time. I'm trying to read the teams before matches more than I used to and nothing seems to be working at the moment. I'm hoping it is just a slump, like I have had in the past (just never this bad). So here I am, humbled by my recent failures and eager to improve. - Liberty75