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  1. Good overall advice. Your second point is often overlooked, but pertinent. I have had my worst losing streaks when playing while frustrated. I can recall winning one or two battles in a set of 20 and getting more and more enraged as the session went on. Walking away for 30 minutes or just remaining calm would have made a world of difference back then.
  2. WG is really outdoing themselves this year. I'm convinced there is a new development team or some change in leadership that is coming out with all this garbage in 2017. How are they going to advertise the T44 Ltwt? "The T44 Ltwt! The new KING of TANK TAG! Enjoy racing around the battlefield as an invisible tank and watch your accurate shells bounce harmlessly off all the high tier tanks you will see every game!" BOOM! YOU'RE IT!
  3. A friend of mine shared this video with me and I thought it fit this topic perfectly so I am passing it along to anyone that is interested.
  4. Testosterone? I think he has the excessive estrogen levels. He is the one that is being the bitch here and he should apologize for his insults, threats, and overall bad manners. He hijacked this new player's thread with troll-like reflexes for no good reason. The irony of all this is that he has DIPLOMAT under his name. To me, that is hilarious! Sorry Ria, every forum has these sorts of people I guess. I play mostly at night and I am helping a new player (he has about 1000 battles). He insists on playing high tier tanks too. He likes the "being thrown into the deep end of the pool" theory for learning a game. So we lose a lot, but it is still fun. You are always welcome to join us.
  5. Thanks, I thought that, but I wasn't sure. And thank you too!
  6. What do you mean by "M48 lost the tumor?" The cupola hit box? Or the turret in general? Sorry, I'm not a Patton expert and I'm curious.
  7. Jump into your happy tank and play that for a few games. If those are your happy tanks, get a drink and watch your favorite WoT You Tube player for 20-30 minutes and then try again. Rinse and repeat until you win or you're too intoxicated to hit the Battle button. Those are some rough matches.
  8. I missed it. Thanks!
  9. Settle down there fido. Just because you smell a little estrogen in the room doesn't mean you get to be an asshole and roid-rage. It was an accident first of all and on top of that, it was a playful accident (happy face and all) without any malicious character to it! I thought someone was playfully trolling so I playfully replied. Go threaten someone else with your quick wit if you are in a bad mood. Sorry about that Angelic. Welcome!
  10. Nice! I bought it yesterday and played it a few times. I like it. Thanks for the recommendation! Also, what program is that in the picture?
  11. Wow, that is pretty rough. I thought we had a higher class of people of here. A simple, "I think you're wrong." would have sufficed. Or is your vocabulary as limited as your manners? Sorry, I saw this: And the wording of the post sounded suspicious. My bad. No one is perfect.
  12. I was just playing around about the Jagd. II. I bought it back after watching Foch in it a few months back and had the worst luck in it. No matter what I did I lost ever match. I resold it. I do love my Ferdi though. 1500 HP and some armor. It works for me in pubs usually.
  13. Someone is a funny re-roll. Nice one!
  14. I was skeptical. Good points.