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  1. That could actually be quiet a fun idea to play with. Lets say its a long range support and to "spot" you have to choose a tank within distance of radio operator and you can spot 200m from the tank you "communicate with".
  2. I say keep arty and buff it slightly - acc or splash. But - limit it to 1 arty per game. 1. Arty could be needed to dig out hulldown tanks in otherwise "too powerful"-positions. 2. Que will be significant longer and demotivating 3. Players getting XVM-focus will have 1 arty and not 3 to worry about
  3. Are you still using Rammer/Optics/Binos? Ive looked thru Straiks channel as it was posted in the thread and the only setup I can see that he is using - in later videos (1-2month) is Rammer/Optics/GLD with a 3 skill crew. Im playing it like a donkey, but im used to medium and heavytank gameplay. 12.8cm gun i hillarious thou, doesnt need to win to drop a smile when the gun hits for 500+.
  4. IS-3 also got ammo rack in back of the turret. Russian thing yes? This makes me rememeber the "old days" when IS-3 used to light up like on new years eve pretty much every time it took +500dmg thru the peak. Damn
  5. Take this with a grain of salt as Im a "new player" too, but had a break for over 2 years after 5k battles. Ive been pretty average or slightly below for a very long time but did OK in the Russian lines, as poster above me mentioned its a very versatile line that does everything pretty well but you cant abuse ridge-lines as per say american/british tanks. For me, watching replays is alot of hassle and its easier to find good players and watch their streams and read up on this site. Basicly there is 3-4 things that have pretty much "skyrocket" my performance and its 1. Watch streams/replays. I watch QB and Lemmingrush. QB makes the stream fun while Lemmingrush explains more, pauses the game and draws on the maps and so on. 2. Map/Situational awareness. Make it bigger and look at it every 5-10 sec (reload). Try and read where people are going to to or find a way "in" to help team mates. 3. Analyze your mistakes. This doesnt mean you have to watch a replay. For me, now, I usually feel when I make a bad move. My biggest problem is playing on tilt as it makes me eager and taking way to much risk. Now I feel it during like "Why did I drive here? Why am I driving there?" and usually Im right and blow up. Controling my frustration is huge for me as those sessions are alot better. 4. Tanks.gg . Have trouble with a tank? Look it up so the next time, you wont have the same problem. If you dont have fun, dont push it. Its hard, I know, but its better in the long run.
  6. Okay, then I read the other Q&A and our dream quickly became... https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2017/03/23/wg-dev-stream-qa-23rd-march-2017/ " – Arty will splash much more tanks but kill less;– There are thoughts to remove teamkilling or fight it somehow, there will be tests regarding this; " If they do that, its GG. No teamkilling/damage and massive arty splash... A child would realise how bad this idea is.
  7. I think the level of "annoyance" will skyrocket if arty gets the changes from sandbox. Its like a debt collector. Either you pay full price (oneshot) once a year or you pay a monthly payment (splash and stun). It pretty much means being oneshot a game here and there or get fucked every game - multiple times. I dont buy crews and reskill for real money to have it wrecked by stun spammers. Ironicly its also a change that would make me play arty because I will know how to make the life real sour for everyone but campers. It will be for gloat purpose abd that purpose only. If I cant enjoy this changes I will make sure noone else does either.
  8. I think arty has its place to counter hulldown spots that otherwise would be to good positions. However 1-clicking need to stop and what the hell did they think when their splash became massive along with stun..? 1. Remove 1-shot ability (AP, HEAT) 2. Reduce splash radius 3. Give them a 0.5-1 "stun" which only interupts what you are doing/removed control. Either so the tank stops, similiar to tracking or remove the control of the tank so it acts like "post battle" 4. Remove XVM or fix MM to make battles more even.
  9. I havent had this experience in mine beside the occasional games when higher tier panic and shoot the upper plate and low tiers that cant pen. Aside from that I feel like a magnet and everyone seem to pen on lower plate, side of the hull and manage to avoid tracking shot, drivers hatch, cupola. Guess I have to dance more with it.
  10. Thank you for all the responses. This is not about spamming gold and thinking it will make me better but instead br able to identify and switch to gold when its really needed. There is plenty of times I bounce 2-3 shots in a row that enables the enemy to back up the guy and this hopefully helps me to switch earlier to get the advantage and possibly change the outcome of the battle.
  11. This is what I need to hear. Today Im only loading premium when I really need too (superheavies) and I rather search for a shot with regular rounds than loading premium for a 100% pen. Need to be more active and load it whenever there is a doubt I wont pen but not to the point where I shoot it on soft targets.
  12. Hello labrats of wot. Ive been trying to adress my lame ass win ratio to be atleast the level to match my wn8 and Ive been struggling even in what are considered really good tanks. I usually have an "ok" avg DPG in the tanks and start to think that MAYBE im too cheap/not skilled enough to bring it together in close situation. Example of stats in Patriot is 54% win and 1650 dpg. Defender is 52% and 1750dpg and lets say the T-10 (not enough games but) 50% with 2200 dpg. The trigger to this is that I had a standoff in a Löwe against a unicum and after the first shot he loaded APCR while I was shooting AP. Half of my shots penned his turret/cupola but obviously he came out on top. This led me to think on other games with similiar scenario where I am "too cheap" and trying to hit weakspots that makes me go into very bad trade situations and I lose to much HP to be effective later or the opponents have time to get more tanks in the spot. Another example could be in T-10 trying to shoot thru the turret of an E-75 instead of sucking it up and load HEAT and fire thru his UFP when its a "tight situation". After this happen I usually think Im dumb as fuck trying to go cheap but on the other hand I dont want to spam premium either as Im in the infinite credit grinding process. Am I wrong of thinking of about 100 games shooting premium earlier instead of hitting tricky weakspots could potentially turn the tide in 5(?) games, but in the long run there is a big difference between 52% and 57% overall. What do you guys think about this? Something you "picked up"or doesnt give a crap about? Obviously Im not a very good player, but every little bit...
  13. What changes?
  14. Watch out for the padding-police. I watched QBs stream the other night and the amount of good players playing tier 2-4 with full apcr is just crazy. Was good to see him bleed their credits and punish their game lol
  15. I decided to buy it because of german heavies and I think its mobility is okay. I imagine it being better than T34 but not sure if thats the engine sound that make it feels so or if it is. I really like the reliability. It sidescraped like a champ and bounces JpE100 at the mantlet. The dpm is quite a struggle but I try to control the distance, worst that could happen is that someone yolos you because I cant outshoot another tank, more or less. VR is extremely good and I only got a crew with 50% on first skill. Took it to the railroad at Fiery Salient and assisted 5.2k dmg, got Patrol Duty, Ace and 130k profit. Feels quite good.