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  1. Hello. Just installed it but cant get horizontal stabilization to work inside sniper mode, able/disable but it wont help. Ive tried following directions from the thread but I only find 1 horizontalstabilization-file and its the new mods-folder, if I remove it the game wont start and just copying the files under dynamiccamera from the old files doesnt do anything.
  2. Well Ok, couldnt hold myself back so I decided to buy the STA-2. Ive had 10isch battles in it and Im happy with it. Better manueverability and top speed than the Patton KR but no mantlet. That mantlet is kind of crazy right now, was bouncing all kind of shells haha. Unfortunatly I got maps that Im not very happy with and I was so eager I died the tomatodeath alot of times. Now it didnt feel like a punishment to farm credits, cant wait till better crew and better games. Ploot me already! Make premiums great again!
  3. Ive just looked at a few videos on youtube and sure it looks pretty good with the alpha and all. Im just afraid that it will be another slow moving turd which I eventually will hate. With T34 and SuperP I dont want to click the "Start"-button but since I need the credits I have too. Patton KR has been so much fun even if the profit is a little less especielly if I have to use some premiumrounds. I would snatch Cromwell B if I could. could have should have would have if I didnt dwell on it. FV4202 is a no go.
  4. Hello all purplegans. Im a noob who plays for enjoyment, dont know my wn8 since I picked up WOT after a long break and now Im more of a patient player which pays off. Im grinding different lines and I want to buy myself another moneymaker and its not very important which nation its in. I enjoy the playstyle using ridges and the gun depression and my Patton KR works this pretty good except some gold-rounds in tier10 games. Atleast I have a good time rolling it around. For some reason my win rate in for example T-54 took a dive over 10% from 55% in T-44 to 44% in T-54 so that is the kind of tank if not comfy in, sam with Panther which I hate. Other tanks I enjoy is Centurion (even with crap gun) and Strv 74. The premium I already have it T34, SuperP and Patton KR. Before I got the last I enjoyed the first too, but now I hate them. If its a bigger outdoor map its pretty much "RRR" and go for a drink and perhaps Im halfway when Im back. On the other hand its easy money on a citymap going hulldown. So this pretty much come down to STA-2 and AMX CDC. I have a decent crew in a batchat, but I hardly play it since I dont enjoy bad gun dep and "hiding" for half the game even if I did great in the 12t, 1375 and 1390. My highest winrate ever closer and above 60%, perhaps the Type 64 could be something? If this was a year ago I would have picked the CDC but the STA-2 has the pen buff and the speed buff maybe its the better choice for a player liking the Patton KR? If the Amx 30b was good it would be a no brainer, but that seem to suck compared to STB-1. Mutz aint a choice for now to exclude it. Sorry for wall of clutter/thoughts/walloftext Best regards, yellow-mellow.