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  1. Assuming of course the opponent's tracks don't eat the shot or it goes off to Pluto, but you make a good point. Sounds like KV1S with the 122 gun is the better option.
  2. Not talking about vision games here. It's Mittengard so vision is irrelevant. Both the KV-1 and the KV-1S have access to the 122 derp gun. The OI is so large, it'd be very difficult to avoid being shot by other derp guns so it's less attractive to me. So T-34 vs KV-1S with 122 vs KV-1S with 85 mm
  3. Ah there it is. Thank you. Figured I was missing something. At least with that in mind, the DPM's are more similar.
  4. Trying to flesh out my tank selection for 1v1 and 3v3 tourneys. Mittengard is a frequent selection for 1v1 fights. KV-1S is a good heavium and has a good weapon selection. It also has superior dpm vs the t-34 (2k base vs 1.26k base). T-34 does have better mobility (higher top speed and better power to weight ratio). (And much better gun depression, but that's not as needed in Mittengard 8 vs 3.) So when fighting KV-1, M4's, churchills, each other, etc, what's the better tank? In my mind it's the KV-1S, but I've seen people swear up and down it's the T-34.
  5. Yup. You're right; just checked them all. I figured at least the Patton would have five members but oh well. so back to my previous question, for class specific 1v1s i.e. Meds or heavies only- what are the preferred tanks?
  6. I'd try to quote and respond to all replies but it'd take awhile. Thanks for your replies. I'm already planning on getting both the kran and it's younger brother the Emil 1; both with girl crews courtesy of Wargaming. Also I don't plan on getting the Leo or Patton or CAX. I forget the crew layouts but I think one or more require 5+ crew members so aren't an option for my four crew tank choice. if I get the stb1 I'll be using food. So strictly speaking we're discussing a choice between the stb1 with all the bells and whistles vs a 113 also optimally configured. What tank is the better choice for randoms and tournaments? sounds like far as pubs go, that's easy; stb1 wins. But for 1v1s and 3v3s it's a little trickier. Looking at the typical 1v1 map dance picks it's usually the really small tier 1/2 map. 113 would probably fair better than the stb1 but both are at risk at crippling module dmg. For class specific 1v1s, maybe a better question is, what's the preferred heavy and medium tank specifically? Then 3v3s I imagine city map favors the 113 while an open map favors the the stb1. But I'd appreciate more feedback regarding this as well.
  7. True, Folterknecht was pointing that out as well. That might have to be my one tipping point.
  8. I think you're helping me pull out more hair. Sounds like they'd both be equally good in certain circumstances during 3v3s. So overall: Pubs: STB-1 1v1's: 113 (STB-1 probably would have too much module damage.) 3v3's: Either, depends greatly on map. Which unfortunately leads me back to where I started. At least I feel better that I was struggling. There's no clear choice.
  9. So being busy with family related stuff, CW is pretty much out of the question. Too much required time investment. We're talking pubs and small tourneys (3v3 or 1v1). What about the 113 or STB-1 in smaller team based tourneys?
  10. Tearing what little hair I have left over where to put my latest girl crew acquisitions. I keep going back and forth. I have the E5, working on the FV215b and 62a all with either Berlin or Girl crews. But I have to pick a destination for my last two 55a girls so I can claim my 55a and move on to the 260. Here's the confines of the discussion: I play mostly Randoms, 1v1 and 3v3 tourneys (casual playing Dad) Historically I'm more conformable with heavies and with tanks with gun depression. I am, however, getting better with mediums (and I might end up being better with mediums then heavies at some point). Teal player trending towards Blue WR/WN8; I doubt I'll be much better than Blue long, long term. So do I go for the 113 or do I go for the STB-1?