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  1. I saw this earlier on the WoT forums. I didn't see it recently so I assume the original post was removed so I added my own. It's important consumer information for us all; help spread awareness. Incidentally, the policy in place is still listed as this: If Cabbage is receiving direction from on-high, don't be surprised if the linked policy above is changed for contests. I would view this an instance meeting either of the following qualifications: gifted a Premium Tank that you already own (A WG employee is technically gifting you a tank as a result of winning a contest; it's also how other players give out prizes for their own contests) -or- Winning a Premium Tank in a live event (Twitch stream, player gathering, social media, etc) Winners of said contest do not meet the qualifiers listed below for silver credit compensation: On-Track Missions with a Premium Tank reward (not an On-Track mission) Events via any other mission (Daily Log-In, Month Long Missions) (not an in-game mission) You will still receive Credit compensation for bonus codes for Premium Tanks you already own (bonus code was never used) (Posting this in wotlab forum as well as WoT forums because, frankly, the WoT forums post will probably be pulled.)
  2. Do you mind sharing that math? Could be useful for more discussion.
  3. IS-3: 30 Object 416: 12 - 3 = 9 Poor gun depression, not fully traversable turret. Lowe: 36 T26E5/Patriot: 33 Rhm. Skorpion: 16 Obj. 252U/Defender: 29 +1 = 30 As much as it pains me, this P2W piece of trash has better armor in places than the IS7, better alpha than ANY gun in tier 8. It's the "Maus" of tier 8 currently. You need 5% more win rate? You buy Defender. Ya. Rasha. Lorraine 40t: 3
  4. Many people don't agree with me, but I'm going to quote my thoughts I previously posted on WoT forums about how to use Mentor effectively. link As far having Mentor as your 6th skill, that's just silly. You're honestly better off with camo on a tank like the Maus then mentor at that point. link
  5. Sure, I won't disagree with that statement. I definitely don't feel like I've played well in a tier 8 until I'm getting passed the 2500 damage threshold. I know I've done really well if I get 4k or higher.
  6. Preventive maintenance is far from useless. Specially on frontal engine tanks. I imagine a lot of Fv215b players would also disagree with that statement.
  7. I could quote SaintLaur's post too, but Veo's is much shorter. My main question revolves around whether or not we're talking "average damage per game overall" or what typical damage you should shoot for per match. 2k/game in a tier 8 is really high. Average should probably more like 1.6k. That's across all games. Just not necessarily what you should be shooting for in a winning game. Let's compare two sets of tier 8s. Emil 1 and Tiger II. My Tiger II has 1.67k/game. My Emil 1 has 2.1k/game. As you can see, 2k/game average is a REALLY high bar. That isn't easy by a long shot. Hell 1.6k average per game gives you high WN8 numbers for some tanks as can be seen by the Tiger II stats. Conclusion? An averge damage of 2k/game in a tier 8 is not realistic for 90-95% of the playerbase. It might not even be realistic for tier 9. It, however, should be each player's goal during a typical match.
  8. Here's my thought process and I'll separate it out. Bat Chat 25t AP For the Bat Chat 25t AP, 41 seconds (top gun) for the reload keeps me out of the battle so long, I feel like I'm having less of an impact. Sure 1800 damage is great. I can kill a whole 8 with that and various tier 9s. But part-of-the-meta-that-is-WoT is presence. If tanks are worried about an enemy tank (like a Conqueror or Emil or t62a) shooting them, their overall shot output will decrease. This in turn helps keep your allies (Pubs/Potatoes) alive longer. Another interesting bonus is my power to weight ration is better with the 90mm which means I feel less sluggish and the tier 9 batty feels sluggish with the top gun. So 1440 dmg, better presence with reload of 28s, better mobility, but worse overall pen -or- 1800 dmg, less presence with reload of 41s, slightly worse mobility, and better pen? t95 Now onto the t95. Slightly simpler question. Better dpm, less alpha (3300 dpm, 400 alpha) vs less dpm, more alpha (2900 dpm, 750 alpha)? Based on experience, I played better and tore more shit up when using the 120mm gun. Why? Most players were not A) expecting me to reload so quickly B) Keep them tracked in some cases and C) Not blow my load on a single high alpha shot. The 120mm doesn't allow tanks to as easily flank and get your sides or rear which, let's face it, is the main weakness of the t95. When I started using the 155mm, I was seeing higher damage games, but much less carries because the end game typically saw me facing 2 or 3 tanks-- I'd kill one or two, the leftovers would get my sides/rear. So better dpm or better alpha (120mm vs 155mm)? TLDR: For these two tier 9 tanks, I'm considering using the smaller gun because of the benefits they provide. BONUS QUESTION for t95: Camo net for 20m less enemy vision, toolkit for faster track repair, or vents to help max vision? (I use gun rammer, optics) I was leaning toolkit, but I'm realizing I can pair optic and vents to get 445 view range.
  9. Side question: has repair speed at 100% gotten longer since the advent of reusable consumables or is it just confirmation bias? I swear it's longer now despite being at a full 100%. I'll have to check my old repair times (I used to time them using different gear and setups to compare using a stop watch.)
  10. Yup, I have that tank. It's fun as hell now. I'm really just grinding the 25t AP to unlock the tier X. And ug Trump. What a douche. Guy can't even keep business leaders happy and he's a "business leader."
  11. So if I hear you guys right, you all think I'm crazy. Ok, fairly convinced using the 2nd top guns isn't the best idea. Thank you for letting me bounce this idea off of your collective heads.
  12. Yup, I'm fine with no camo net. That leaves a toolkit vs vents discussion. Let's list the pens for both tanks for both guns. t95: 120mm: 248mm/297mm 155mm: 276mm/320mm Bat AP: 90mm: 200mm/250mm 100mm: 232mm/263mm So the t95, we're mainly debating 248mm vs 276mm b/c the gold pens are both so high. If you're worried about penning something, you'll probably pen it regardless with either gold shell. 248mm pen is pretty high. That's higher than most tier 8 gold shells. (Interesting side note, I just realized the 120mm is the same gun as the T34.) As a t95 you're shooting the fronts of heavies and sometimes other tank destroyers, tiers 7 through 10. Tiers 7 and 8 are butter to 248mm. No issues whatsoever there. Tier 9's, you're really only going to struggle with other ultra armored tanks. Same with tier 10 super heavies and tds. In either case, you're going to load gold regardless. Besides the fear factor, I'm still not seeing why I should use the 155mm over 120mm. With the Bat AP, 200mm vs 232mm is pretty rough; the 90mm does lose out on quite a bit of penetration. One upside I didn't bring up with the 90mm earlier is the # of shells. 42 shells vs 30 shells. So you can worry less about ammo loadout going into battle. Bringing more gold shells isn't as much of a concern. On the other hand, 232mm isn't going to pen t95's, e100's, Maus, mini mice, types, etc from the front regardless; you're going to want to shoot from the sides no matter the gun if you have AP loaded. And even then you may want to STILL use gold for that. 250mm is HEAT while the 263mm is APCR. Long story short, 90mm gives flexibility and that's what I'm arguing for. The Bat Chat AP just has such a long reload on the 100mm that it limits its flexibility in: mobility, ammo loadout, initial map control (mines is a great example, you'll be dead before you ever load your first clip if going hill), and presence. The point of playing a medium is flexibility. The point of playing an autoloader is being able to clip targets. My point is that maybe the 90mm gives a better balance of flexibility for a slightly smaller damage per clip.
  13. I don't know if "sound decision" and Wargaming should be used in the same sentence or paragraph. If they keep these WH tanks on Blitz, that's fine. I dread the day anything of that ilk comes to WoT itself. That'll be the final nail in the coffin for me. That or when Camelot Unchained finally comes out.
  14. Trying to flesh out my tank selection for 1v1 and 3v3 tourneys. Mittengard is a frequent selection for 1v1 fights. KV-1S is a good heavium and has a good weapon selection. It also has superior dpm vs the t-34 (2k base vs 1.26k base). T-34 does have better mobility (higher top speed and better power to weight ratio). (And much better gun depression, but that's not as needed in Mittengard 8 vs 3.) So when fighting KV-1, M4's, churchills, each other, etc, what's the better tank? In my mind it's the KV-1S, but I've seen people swear up and down it's the T-34.
  15. Assuming of course the opponent's tracks don't eat the shot or it goes off to Pluto, but you make a good point. Sounds like KV1S with the 122 gun is the better option.
  16. Not talking about vision games here. It's Mittengard so vision is irrelevant. Both the KV-1 and the KV-1S have access to the 122 derp gun. The OI is so large, it'd be very difficult to avoid being shot by other derp guns so it's less attractive to me. So T-34 vs KV-1S with 122 vs KV-1S with 85 mm
  17. Ah there it is. Thank you. Figured I was missing something. At least with that in mind, the DPM's are more similar.
  18. Tearing what little hair I have left over where to put my latest girl crew acquisitions. I keep going back and forth. I have the E5, working on the FV215b and 62a all with either Berlin or Girl crews. But I have to pick a destination for my last two 55a girls so I can claim my 55a and move on to the 260. Here's the confines of the discussion: I play mostly Randoms, 1v1 and 3v3 tourneys (casual playing Dad) Historically I'm more conformable with heavies and with tanks with gun depression. I am, however, getting better with mediums (and I might end up being better with mediums then heavies at some point). Teal player trending towards Blue WR/WN8; I doubt I'll be much better than Blue long, long term. So do I go for the 113 or do I go for the STB-1?
  19. Yup. You're right; just checked them all. I figured at least the Patton would have five members but oh well. so back to my previous question, for class specific 1v1s i.e. Meds or heavies only- what are the preferred tanks?
  20. I'd try to quote and respond to all replies but it'd take awhile. Thanks for your replies. I'm already planning on getting both the kran and it's younger brother the Emil 1; both with girl crews courtesy of Wargaming. Also I don't plan on getting the Leo or Patton or CAX. I forget the crew layouts but I think one or more require 5+ crew members so aren't an option for my four crew tank choice. if I get the stb1 I'll be using food. So strictly speaking we're discussing a choice between the stb1 with all the bells and whistles vs a 113 also optimally configured. What tank is the better choice for randoms and tournaments? sounds like far as pubs go, that's easy; stb1 wins. But for 1v1s and 3v3s it's a little trickier. Looking at the typical 1v1 map dance picks it's usually the really small tier 1/2 map. 113 would probably fair better than the stb1 but both are at risk at crippling module dmg. For class specific 1v1s, maybe a better question is, what's the preferred heavy and medium tank specifically? Then 3v3s I imagine city map favors the 113 while an open map favors the the stb1. But I'd appreciate more feedback regarding this as well.
  21. True, Folterknecht was pointing that out as well. That might have to be my one tipping point.
  22. I think you're helping me pull out more hair. Sounds like they'd both be equally good in certain circumstances during 3v3s. So overall: Pubs: STB-1 1v1's: 113 (STB-1 probably would have too much module damage.) 3v3's: Either, depends greatly on map. Which unfortunately leads me back to where I started. At least I feel better that I was struggling. There's no clear choice.
  23. So being busy with family related stuff, CW is pretty much out of the question. Too much required time investment. We're talking pubs and small tourneys (3v3 or 1v1). What about the 113 or STB-1 in smaller team based tourneys?