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  1. Looks... mediocre?. Garbage LFP, slow, superstructure probably pennable by T10/9 prem. Gun has DPM and handling but it's with that alpha it really needs it. And 320 APCR as prem doesn't look too good for a TD, albeit accurate gun with good handling counters that slightly. On the other hand, good depression and traverse range, accurate gun, DPM I already mentioned, and I guess the armor will be workable it if's atleast a bit resistant to 330 pen. Also, LFP and armor related, nobody is going to be scared to trade with this thing, most meds and lower alpha heavies are making basically equal trade, everything else makes positive trade. Might be a good or a bad thing, depending on situation I guess.
  2. I have some footage that confirms this theory..
  3. In case anyone ever doubted magical properties of stalinium :serb:

  4. "Unless you're trying to tell me WG buys the tank they're gifting to the player?" Exactly, WG is not buying the tank so it's not a gift. It's a prize. The literally state tanks Purchased or Gifted - tanks somebody paid money for. Don't have an argument so you attack my grammar which wasn't even that bad. BTW, non native english speaker after a couple of beers deep into the night in EU after the week has just ended - wow such a heresy that my sentences are not gramatically 100%. Sorry Mr. English Teacher. They have a set value. Both gold and credit value. In lots of instances they give you a credit value. For example, august event on EU - you had to grind something like over 200k XP and there were other conditions aswell. You got HT n.6 if you finished the mission. If you had it in garage you got credit compensation. I didn't see anybody bitchin' and crying they didn't get gold. "Maybe they have no legal, binding obligation, but they're socially obligated to play fair. They weren't." LUL The old article with old policy is still there though, you can easily find it too. Again, not realizing a mistake, but not trying to alienate a dumb playerbase. Company acted like by the bylaws. And I already have a dick to ride on I like how your posts contain more insults than arguments
  5. Yes I am, obviously. Do you understand the definition of a gift in this game? It has to be bought. You buy a tank and gift it to other person. He has it for free but you pay for it, thus give money to WG. It even says "Purchasing/being gifted" in the article of WG website = the tank had to be bought. Learn to read please, I said it does qualify as a social media "he argues forum falls into social media or etc - sure" (no that sure was not ironic if you thought it was). How is forum a live event? Live event is something where mass of people is present at the same time - forum definitely doesn't fall into that category. I didn't say FB is a live event, again, read my comment."FB giveaway related to some event" What do I mean by that? IIRC, there were giveaways on FB tied to Tankfest, Season finals/Grand Finals (WGL) etc. They were time limited - even shorter than the event itself, to a point where you had to be present to win. So yes, I would qualify that as live event social media giveaway. There were tanks left to choose, he didn't want any of them. I don't really blame the guy, he had the right to reject the tanks since he was promised other tanks. At the same time WG had no obligation to compensate him with gold though. And since you'll probably use the argument "why did they compensate him with gold then?" against me - it's better to compensate than drag the thing out and risk a drama. Like when big firms prefer to settle small lawsuits even if they could win, because dragging it out is not worth it for them. They could argue they do not have to compensate him gold but they'd annoy lot of stupid people in the process and those stupid people might stop giving them money so it's not worth it. Yes you got me. When WG is wrong I'll say what I think. When they're right though but are getting shit I have no problem defending them either. Also please don't be a dick next time when you are replying to someone and you are wrong
  6. What I see is Rita (or Life_in_black more precisely, whoever that is) trying to fabricate a drama. What he won does not fall into the gold compensation category. It's not a gift (somebody has to pay WG for a gift) and it's not a live event either since it was a forum contest (he argues forum falls into social media or etc - sure, doesn't make it a live event either - FB giveaway related to some event is a live even giveaway on social media). It doesn't exactly fall into silver compensation category either (although "You will still receive Credit compensation for bonus codes for Premium Tanks you already own" is pretty close imo, while technically it isn't a bonus code, bonus codes are usually given away for free any nobody paid for them - unlike gifts). Last but not least, the gold wasn't the main prize in the contest - premium tanks were. He got offered that he can choose any premium tanks he wants apart from special ones (CW reward, ISU 130 etc.) He didn't want them. Also, guess what - he got the gold in the end. So TL;DR WoT news websites are a complete joke and catch any opportunity they can to get clicks on their articles.
  7. My advice is to pick 6 top players that you know are going to play and their value will increase. Since you only have 7 players, someone not playing will hurt you a lot. Majority of people that finished top last season went with this approach. It's hard to judge who will actually start unless you know people in teams themselves, and you can't pick 7 guaranteed starters and fit into budget. Also, players that play and play well will shot in value, which is great, because by the end of the season you will be able to afford 7 top players. If you're going to have a non starter, his value will stagnate and you're already behind in budget. PS - I play EU fantasy, in case NA fantasy rules, evaluation of players etc are vastly different ignore what I said
  8. If you beg @Jojo_Joseph_Joestar really hard he'll speak spanish for a game or two and I think he did 1 spanish stream aswell
  9. How bout Close enough if you ask me
  10. Is it just me who sees the irony? Seriously dude, chill. You're overreacting. What you say is going to happen is either > completely stupid - "You will get tanks just yoloing in to groups of enemies specifically so that arty can spam them" Who the fuck would throw away their tank just so his arty can shoot enemies? Even if somebody does that, how effective is it? Non-existing issue. "You will get people spamming gold way, way more than you see now (yes really) into crowds of tanks from both sides brawling knowing they dont have to do more than aim in the general direction of the group and rely on not being able damage the same side tanks." Thanks, I'd still rather aim my shots and actually hit enemies rather than spam in general direction because I don't have to worry about team DMG. Non-existing issue. > pubbies are never going to exploit it or it's so rare it's basically not going to happen - "You will get people deliberately aiming at their own team tanks to exploit ricochet mechanics to hit enemies around corners." Srsly exploiting ricochet to hit enemies around corners? How often do you think there is possibility to make that shot, how often does said shot actually hit AND pen, and how manny pubbies are going to do that? Non-existing issue. - "Big TDs firing hesh or HE into groups of brawling tanks basically rekking face for no skill whatsoever." You'd literally have to have 5 tanks facehugging each other for this to be effective, the TD would have to have clear LOS into the enemies, and it has to be either 183/4005 or Type 5, nothing else has enough splash. Again, hitting correct target in correct places with 183/Type 5 > super rare splash of more tanks. Non-existing issue. "You know those replays where some awesome player succesfully fights off 5 or 6 tanks by hugging a live enemy tank (e.g.side hugging slow armoured non turreted TDs) and using it as cover forcing the enemy to precision shoot or get around?? Yeah?...nah you will never see that again. They will just load HE and spam you to death." The same - rare situation, pubbies will not think to load HE, and making accurate shots with AP is more effective. Non-existing issue. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Removal of team damage is not going to change much. All it's going to do is get rid of the rare occasion where you get pissed because teammate shot you, whether it was on accident or on purpose. tl;dr -
  11. Sabaton
  12. If you want BC AP with better flexibility, play 13 90. It gives you way more flexible clip, less delay between shots, better mobility and better camo(?). 90mm on batchat is flat out downgrade. Worse penetration, worse shell velocity, HEAT with worse penetration as premium ammo, lower alpha. Oh and worse gun handling with worse final accuracy. Alpha/penetration/gun handling are all important in the meta, while final accuracy and shell velocity are both nice things to have. Sure, there might be a few situations where you could use having 13s faster reload. Issue is, 90% of the time you are going to miss everything you trade for that reload. I saw 120mm being used on T95, mostly to shorten the grind to E3 when T95 was utter joke. I also saw it used as a meme gun. And I do not think it's competitive. I guess you might pull decent-ish results with it since T95 is faster than it used to be so you might be able to use the DPM more often. Also, the 297mm vs 320mm pen matters when firing at almost every T10 heavy. Looking at the list of T10 heavies, it'll give you higher chance to pen: 113's upper plate (if your shell goes high), E100's angled turret or highly angled LFP, IS-4's angled cheeks, IS-7 upper plate, Maus's angled turret or lower plate, Type 5 heavy almost anywhere, JPE100's superstructure, you can overmatch STRV's... lots of situations where even 23mm of pen might be useful to not get fucked by RNG.
  13. Looks like UDES that's worse in pretty much everything to me.
  14. Pretty outdated architecture that gets it's power from tons of compute units and high base clocks. I mean, the cards themselves are not bad, but the pricing is stupid. You can have 2 cards for similar price (64 is actually more expensive where I live) with similar power, but one has more power draw, runs hotter and will probably be louder because it needs more cooling... Why the hell would you go for Vega? And if Nvidia can always lower the prices if they'll feel like Vega is any kind of threat and Vega is completely outclassed. The prices should go down for Vega in theory but the reality is different ATM.
  15. I think, since they're "removing" 215b, they should make E5 the new "amazeballs gun on a shit platform" tank. There are enough armored or mobile heavies, let's get one with little to no bloom and good DPM for a change. I think it might be worth mentioning that if you are fighting the 140 that is not using gun depression, you can still pen what previously was overmatch zone with HEAT, atleast part of it anyway (pic is vs 330 pen HEAT, ranges from 80-60% chance to pen, at the edges of what you can pen goes down to 30%).