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  1. After some time (only a handful of battles since template MM), I decided to play some E50 - turned into a 3-marking session. I think the word that describes tank the best is "comfortable". I don't recall a single match where I felt there is no position I can go to to have an impact on the match. The tank has downsides, ofcourse, the speed, lower pen, and turret armor. However, neither of these weaknesses is major enough to ruin the tank. The mobility is mostly managable if you have good map awareness and know where you need to be next. The turret, while weak, is not autopen, people do not autospam gold at you when they see you hulldown, and thanks to handling and decent depression you can minimize exposure. The pen - thanks to the MM, you are not really forced to fight superheavies too often, I think in 20 battles I engaged Maus twice, once in lategame cleanup. While the pen is definitely a downside, you can just do so many things with a tank that it really does not matter that much.
  2. Well... since it's an inferior T-54 and you already have T-54, you can just sell it and use the credits you'll get to fund your T-54 goldspam
  3. Yeah sadly this happened when the tank went HD. The turret cheeks went from ~50% chance to pen (flat ground, looking at the turret dead on) to ~90% with 330 HEAT. Tank's also a bit bigger and UPF a tiny bit weaker (6-7% higher chance to pen, again 330 HEAT). Old model on the left vs new on the right
  4. Season 2 trailer, looks good IMO.
  5. Isn't there already a smoothbore gun though? Chieftain/T95 (T8 reward for CW) has a 90mm T208 "(rifled)". Quick google search did not return any mention of there ever being a T208 rifled, only smoothbore. It also fires APFSDS as prem ammo (although that can be fired from rifled gun too). Not sure about it though, I'm sure someone who actually knows something about tank history will have an answer
  6. Maybe played with 50% crew? It appears to be really sluggish, while other tanks don't. While the maps indeed look quite a bit bigger, the scale of them compared to speeds of tanks should be correct. Did a quick calculations based on the Steppes video. It appears to be first 9.20.1 CT FV4005 with 50km/h top speed = ~13,88m/s. It travels from one basecamp spot to another. Using ruler on Map Tactics, this is roughly 480-485m. 480(m)/13,88(m)=~34,5s. He does it in around 39s (leaves one camp spot at 1:02 and reaches middle gorge at 1:41, I measured the distance from these spots). Considering acceleration and not being able to hold top speed all the time, and route not being straight, that is more or less accurate. So if the maps did get bigger, the tanks got faster. Although I don't know if current speed of tanks is accurate to the map size. Other option is, the maps are the same size, but everything else got smaller. Tanks, other models/assets. Together with hill and elevation changes being more shallow it creates the illusion of bigger map. Edit: calculation number 2, Prokh in Pzw ( ) At 15s, he is at the almost top left corner of B2, crosses the rails at 33s = 18s roughly. Travels 368m, measured on current map in MapTactics. Topspeed of 74km/h (~20,5m/s), again some acceleration, route is not straight, and loss of speed at the end. 368/20,5=17,95s. Again very accurate, if anything it does it a little faster then it should.
  7. Maybe it's just different scaling (the maps look a lot bigger even though they are still the same 1x1km size so something has different scale, I guess the tanks and some assets?) or just the ton of new shit (rocks, foliage etc) on the maps but Redshire looks quite a bit different to me geometry wise. So do Mines. I said the "apart" the temples Well, it is in supertest, which is external not just internal testing, which is somewhere between late alpha and closed beta Ye it was probably made before lunch break by hungover belarussian dev who played through SS Fe/Se the night before and forgot where he got inspiration from... Still could've used his time better
  8. I didn't say anything about how the map looks tho. The thing is, I am fairly sure that maps that are remade to HD need to be recreated from the scratch. Not just use better textures on existing models and replace old assets with HD ones, everything has to modeled again, every elevation change recreated, every bush placed in correct position etc. Also, this map is not really super early stage, apart from lack of proper textures on the temple (unique assets I think, had to be either bought or created, same with the totems) it's fairly complete. It has proper lightning, particle effects for the "volcano", lots of trees and buildings that are not essential for the gameplay, neither are the totems. Just seems like a waste of time to me to do this when you're gonna create the whole map again when going HD, unless you plan to put it into the game before. There are however what, 5 new maps and probably even more reworks of current ones that appeared on supertest at some point and we haven't heard about them ever since, so I don't see this map making it into the game before HD maps.
  9. Looks more like Serious Sam level with big ass arena in the middle. I think though this map is potentially older, I just don't see a developer wasting resources on creating a new map in SD that is easily some time from release, when HD maps are coming soon.... Wait what This is WG ofcourse they'd waste resources and who the fuck knows when the HD maps will come, they were supposed to be out by now
  10. WG added weakspots so you now don't need premium ammo to penetrate Thx WG
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    " Bad news is that wotlabs (from 1/10-17) won’t list players who have a wr under 54% and wn8 under 1500. Because of server costs. Only new accounts or rerolls will be allowed. Rather drastic. "

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  12. Barry managed 11,5k DMG game on stream today aswell, VOD if anyone's interested Seems like this tank just shits out the DMG
  13. i3 8350K might actually be a good choice for budget gaming build - games rarely utilize even 4 cores, and high clockspeeds with overclocking potential should be good. With budget build you are not going to aim for 1440p or 4k at 120+ fps anyway, so this CPU should not bottleneck. Depends on MB prices too though.
  14. Looks... mediocre?. Garbage LFP, slow, superstructure probably pennable by T10/9 prem. Gun has DPM and handling but it's with that alpha it really needs it. And 320 APCR as prem doesn't look too good for a TD, albeit accurate gun with good handling counters that slightly. On the other hand, good depression and traverse range, accurate gun, DPM I already mentioned, and I guess the armor will be workable it if's atleast a bit resistant to 330 pen. Also, LFP and armor related, nobody is going to be scared to trade with this thing, most meds and lower alpha heavies are making basically equal trade, everything else makes positive trade. Might be a good or a bad thing, depending on situation I guess.
  15. I have some footage that confirms this theory..