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  1. Re: pen values - Bulldog has 175/210, BC12t 170/210, LTTB 170/216, so it's not actually that terrible compared to other T8 lights. Only HWK has noticeably more at 180/250 but that has it's own drawbacks. Best thing is when you actually do flank an armored TD (E3) and you find full HP T-54 and M46KR camping behind it
  2. It's just, tank is fast, very nice depression, good handling and quick reload - I find myself poking hills or corners (obv not against heavies) a lot, all being quick pokes because no armor and in those scenarios you don't really have time to adjust for huge lead. Plus lots of engagements are mid-long range so the velocity is kinda important.
  3. I checked DPGwhores and some people have around 1,7k recent DMG in it. I have 1,3k @ 75% WR in last 30 days. It's stupidly broken, better than lots of T7 LT's bar HP and a little pen I guess. My biggest issue is actually AP velocity not pen, 792m/s is really slow.
  4. 4th skill on E50/E50M, go full camo (FF won't really be utilized cuz I'm too broke to run food) or rather focus on individual skills?

    I have standard repairs/bia as first two, 3rd skill - 6th sense/safe stowage/sit.awareness/off road driving/snap shot.

    Oh and don't worry I didn't train 6th sense as a 3rd skill :jebaited:

  5. So, not sure if this is something added this patch, but penetration indicator in reticle now works dynamically. 

    I'm sure it's not a big deal for majority of people here but still can be nice when you have tank angled on the edge (Maus for exaple, angling it's turret) and you're not sure whether to shoot turret front or side. 

    Also the threshold where it turns from green to orange is set really high, so lot of the time the indicator is orange even though you have a really high probability to pen.

    1. saru_richard


      it was added this patch

    2. Sapros


      It's awesome for people of all skill levels imo.

  6. I'm still trash On a more serious note, it took like like 750 battles to get on my previous level/start improving. That being said, it's hard to compare what was my level since I stopped back in late 2011 I believe, back then there were no skill metrics, I believe MM was still +/-3 (maybe even 4?) and prem ammo was for gold only, and I spammed lots of lower tiers, so yeah, I can't really tell.
  7. I wasn't playing for roughly 2-2,5 years, my advice is to find 1-2 tanks that you are comfortable with and play mostly them until you catch up with the meta and changes. If you'll have constant shell velocity/pen/mobility/gun handling/armor it'll be easier for you to focus on more important things rather than fighting with your tank.
  8. I'd just like to point out that while it indeed is a great tank, IMO it's the least noob friendly of all T8 prems released last 3/4 year I'd say. The frontal armor is good but not amazing, side is not good either, turret has weakspots, 240DMG means you have to expose a lot.... Out of Liberté/Lorr 40t/Chrysler/Defender/Skorpion/Strv for me Patriot is the easiest one deal with when normal pubbie plays it. If you are a decent player go for it but if you are not there are better alternatives perhaps
  9. I believe some website/app can display "gravity effect on shell" (not sure how to call it short :P) stat, not sure which one though. Maybe tank inspector? Perhaps you can check it there. Edit: well, the stat is in tank inspector but it's the same for every tank (I didn't check every single one but T10 med APCR and T4 derps with 350m/s velocity have the same so I assume everything has the same), only arty varies. However, from that I can conclude that the slower the velocity is, the more shells "drop" and vice versa.
  10. "But, the D-54 (which I'd say is the better gun) in the changed form" Obviously meant after the buffs, although I guess I could've made it more obvious.
  11. I dunno, I don't find these changes that bad. T-44 will be closer gameplay-wise to higher tiers - right now the turret butter, and gun is one of the worse in T8. In this meta, it's balanced by the poor penetration. In T-54's case, unnecessary, yes. But, the D-54 (which I'd say is the better gun) in the changed form has a bit better gun handling and 0,7s longer reload (compared to current D-10T2S), I would not say that is a buff. Turret armor will be a buff, however cupolas and hopefully overmatch still remain. I don't think it's suddenly blatantly OP or anything. 140, yes, this is a bit strange. However WG said they want to make 140 and 62A more apart so let's see if they won't change some other stats for 140 to counter this. Also, the gun leading to 140 being more derpy suggests this aswell, maybe they'll give 140 more DPM than 430 even but similar/worse gun handling/accuracy. PS. more than half of the T9 meds have 330HEAT, why is T-54's HEAT such an issue?
  12. Tbh I had a feeling a historical mode might be comming when I saw the downtiered T2 and Jagdtiger with historical armament. Although those do not fit well with the vehicles you found.
  13. Bloom values are modifiers of base accuracy. If you have two tanks with same bloom values, but 1 has 0.3 accuracy and the other 0.4 accuracy, the one with 0.3 accuracy will have smaller reticle at all times (if the actions you're doing are the same), fully aimed or going 50 while traversing and turning the turret. So while technically cola/vents (basically crew % in general) does not affect the bloom value itself, it affects how big the reticle physically is.
  14. I cannot and will not deny that consoles are more user-friendly and easier to use than PC, but... that plug and play is not really a thing. Lots of games contain day 1 patches, there are system update, you need to be constantly online and have an account to utilize the potential of the console. Ofcourse the need to install games and DLC spam if you want your game to be complete. Shitton of different peripherals (mostly wireless so it needs charging). I know these things seem small but all added up, console gaming is far from Plug&Play it used to be in NES/SNES/PS1 era.
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    Tfw Adztownstrike is accepted to your clan :eww: @WhatTheSkara

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      lol, nice ban evasion you shitter....

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      the ban wasnt a ban. It was a meme...

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      Also wn8 in 9.19 :kappa: