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  1. They're probably working hard to tone the performance of such bot down because it's hard to replicate plays so bad Also, not really looking forward to the premium ammo rebalance. As a basically F2P player I'd like it but at this point, complete rebalance of the game is needed and I don't trust WG to do it properly. Just imagine how crazy 268v4 or Type 5 would be in a world with low pen or low dmg premium ammo.
  2. I dunno, WG seems really reluctant to change armor thickness (well, nerf it anyway), apart from adding Type 4/5 a "weakspot" I don't really remember any straight up nerfs - O-I got something in return IIRC, VKA/B both got stronger UFP to compensate for weaker LFP's.... I think WG will simply trash the mobility and nerf the gun, so it isn't fun to play, but leave the armor layout more or less the same so it's annoying to play against - this seems to be their way to balance tanks as of late. Both of these things can be done through soft stats only aswell so your average 48%-er who doesn't read any news about the game won't even notice something changed.
  3. Maybe WG is just being cautious with it, doing small balancing steps, considering this is a new mechanic and they don't want to repeat what happened when they introduced autoloaders. Wait what am I talking about, they just released 268v4
  4. According to someone who reads official forums, they confirmed there that it's a bug and should be fixed in the final patch.
  5. Here are two VOD's (not mine, just to clarify ) of a 100 games with 5150 avg dmg, 76% WR and 3 marks after 96 IIRC, in case anyone's interested. They are 8 and 5 hours long so probably not something you want to watch whole.
  6. This basically describes me playing any new tank that is considered good, I overestimate it's strong points and just play badly (usually overextend )
  7. Someone please tell me Fisherman's Bay/Erlenberg/Fjords are unfinished on CT because they're basically bushes on the redline with completely flat terrain with no hard cover inbetween them...

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    2. nabucodonsor


      Da comrade!

    3. PlanetaryGenocide


      10 hours ago, Darvek said:

      Well, that was the announced plan for Fisherman's bay. They bulldozed it so tanks with bad gun depression wouldn't feel bad playing the middle. Then they took all the bushes out of the middle so tanks with shit camo/view range wouldn't feel bad playing the middle. And now it's a wide open shitfest where nobody can play at all.

      Balanced! :serb: 

    4. Daerlon


      "You've been telling us that some tanks cannot be effective in the middle of Fisherman's Bay. We analyzed our statistics and found this to be true. Now all tanks will be able to have an effective role on this map. Neither side has an unfair advantage. It will be more enjoyable and dynamic to play from both sides."

      Sorry, just channeling their BS promo copy.

  8. There is a mod for it now that shows rough estimates in garage (when you hover over the marks in stats) and even in battle. It's best you download it because it'll give you the most accurate idea.
  9. IDK, the warning sign under the title says " This page is not a reliable source, there are leaks and developer responses from different places at different times, plans may vary. "
  10. Just want to point out that this is just a fan website that collected things devs said in Q&A's and through other methods, it is by no means confirmed. I would not get too excited (or angry regarding Arty trees )
  11. Guess I don't have to worry about being permabanned on wglna channel anymore
  12. Here you can see the reload in action, first shell takes the longest to reload, next shell is faster, next is even faster.... Reload starts at 3:03 and at 2:35, 28s later there's still 6,26s remaining so the 34-ish seconds calculations are correct (this is with food and no info about equipment/crew skills, mind). Also, no offense to anyone here, but everything regarding inter and intra clip was shown in the video when it was released, all you had to do was watch it and you'd see how long the intraclip is or that it doesn't reload whole mag in 17 seconds...
  13. So Blitz, which is played on fucking phones and tablets (I know there's a PC version, who plays it tho) is apparently reducing penetration RNG to +/- 15%, meanwhile on PC devs are keen to keep 25%...

    1. kukis12345


      There also isn't arty, gold ammo makes less damage and it's 7vs7 instead of 15vs15. Gameplay-wise, it's a better game.

  14. If I understand it correctly, if your magazine is empty, first shell loading takes 14-17s (they say 14s in the video, 17s from TAP supertest stats, looking at the video it looks like high 14's, probably crew and module dependant), if you already have one shell, the second one takes 11-14s, and if you have 2, the third one takes 8-10s. Decent comparison might be pre-LT changes SP1C with it's 3 shot autoloader. It takes 19,5s to fully reload w/o skills and equipment and you can push it down to 16,5s, so almost as quick as the progetto takes to load 1st shell after you empty the drum. It seems they want to discourage people from unloading too often because if you unload, you are stuck with horrible reload, and probably the better way to play it will be to keep firing as a single shot and unload only when you can really connect all 3 shells so it's worth it, or if you think you're not gonna have shot for some time after you empty the clip.
  15. I dunno, I think the new mechanic might be a little bit annoying to play against since you're never sure about the reload time and whether the tank has clip ready or not but it doesn't seem broken or OP to me. The fact that full ciip reload takes ages, that any shell currently loading will be reset and start reloading again if you fire, and that if you have an empty clip and want to keep firing a single shot, you have the full 16s reload as far as I understand, and if you want to have full single shot DPM you have to load the clip first. Also most likely drawbacks when it comes to prem shells loading (unless you shoot APCR only ofc ).