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  1. Jingles in his video be like "I know I'm gonna lose subscribers" 

    Suuuure :kappa:


    Meanwhile, Foch's YT channel is not doing bad either 


    PointyHairedJedi/Circon/AgingJedi, the same thing, although they haven't been so vocal about it so it's not such an uptick in their case.

    What I expect to happen now is WG doing some damage control, assuring all the CC's that they will never get striked by copyright, them getting the CC badge back (apart from Foch maybe). 

    Honestly all those poor YT content creators are the winners there, they're the ones milking the drama.

    1. Assassin7


      Jingles inferred he was going to cut right back on his WG content and diversify into other games. That is what was  going to lose him subs. I have first hand experience with this, that the WoT community is VERY disinterested in other games (ill be lucky to hold 5 viewers when streaming anything other than tanks) and since that was the main coverage Jingles did, I can see him dropping views and subs. Maybe not as many as he would initially have assumed, but some. 

  2. WG NA making drama great again
  3. I'm struggling to get any DPG out of this tank. I'm doing ok WR wise, but damage just ain't there. I feel like the gun is one of the issues, I have shit hitrate and penrate, and generally it behaves a lot worse than it seems on paper. It's kind of pissing me off, because I don't know whether I really suck at this thing and the WR is just small sample bias or quite what the issue is. Just for example, I have 66/69/65 WR and 1803/1725/!1455! DPG (overall/30d/7d). Assisted isn't that good either.
  4. Nothing is screwed up. It's fairly simple, most of the LT's that moved up a tier got buffed + MM can be slightly better for them (they have the same MM practically but the MM itself is arguably better). This means they perform better after the patch, and thus the expected values for MoE went up. Your old results still count however, that's why you're dropping %. So let's say before patch, you needed 3000 combined DMG for 3 marks. You were doing 2500, which is good enough for the 87,5%. Now, since the tank performs better, expected values went up and 3400 is needed. So your 2500 is only good enough for 77% (all numbers are hypethetical BTW). That's why you're seeing a decline, you just have to perform better.
  5. So, it's like week and a half after the patch came to EU, arty and LT numbers are not crazy anymore, and I've played about 80 battles. I gotta say, I like it. During most of my battles, arty has pretty much been a non-factor. Disregarding the first time I've played (day after patch, there was still a lot of arty), arty had significant impact (taking away atleast 1/3 of my HP) in.... about 4 battles? That includes playing pretty much every class including T28 proto. Stun also had minimal impact, I lost out maybe on 1 shot of DMG because or reload in couple of battles, I got tracked + stunned in bad position without kits about twice, and once I took DMG because of slow traverse. That's about it for stun. Also, my WR is up by 3% of what I usually get with me playing quite badly. Might be small sample bias, however it supports what I feel like about arty. Reusable consumables, big thing, takes away a lot of module RNG. One tiny problem, you can't gamble on people not having repkits in lategame and permatrack them, so that's one less way to outplay people. It's a price I'll gladly pay for negating module RNG however. MM. After the amount of arty and LT's in queue went down, it works well. MM is more predictable, you can play more consistently, as bottom tier you have lot to shoot at, as top tier there's a lot of food for you + there are single tier games where's a lot of HP. I've had some issues with super quick battles the first week, but that was mostly tied to lot of LT's and arty in matches, now it seems fine. It does have issues when conditions are not ideal however - low server population/dominant class in queue. So in this regard, I see where the complaint from NA/ASIA servers are coming from. Light changes... they are not something I really care about tbh. They butchered some, they made some more exciting. In the end, there's still like 200 tanks to play apart from LT's so I don't really mind the changes.
  6. Meanwhile, I'm here at 1'621 DPG after 35 battles. I heard T32 gun on slower tank without good turret is fun (got the top gun unlocked, but the grind has killed my will to play it). I'm trying to play it like a heavy, my biggest issue is what to do while bottom tier. Do I go to brawling, knowing I can't take any shot because my armor doesn't matter and once flank is being won/lost I can't do any DMG, or do I try to play a TD? I love driving for 2 minutes to get into fight, just so my/enemy team can steamroll it Also, my favourite maps in this are legit Pilsen/Kharkov (from those that I played). Small so I can move around and every engament is a corner brawl so I can use my armor. Shit tank + shit map = good battle?
  7. Unique camo+emblems/reward tank/lot of normal stuff like consumables would be much better idea. But nope, WG rather introduces powerful equipment to force you to play the gamemode, if you want to stay competitive.
  8. You are not considering one thing, that is that camera on has no zoom. You practically never shoot without zoom, so the distance/sizes of tanks are massively misrepresented. So my 2nd picture is still fairly close, if I had to take a wild guess I'd say it's less than 100m. Picture you posted might be one tank length away from Defender, again pretty close. If you look at angles, you'll see you have 3.6 more degrees on his lower plate. That means you have to use 3.6 degrees of gun depression more than in my pic (where you use just a tiny bit) to hit his LFP. So we're talking about "121 can't depress it's gun to shoot Defender's LFP" kind of distance.
  9. Does damage to external/internal modules add to repair cost? I was just thinking, with new reusable consumables, you can repair your modules at the end of the game and save maybe like 100-500 credits :tanfiesta:

    1. Wanderjar


      the reusable consumables don't cost per use so theres no reason to not repair them asap. you only pay for it once and everyone uses the repair kit for the tracks at some point in a match so it's pretty much already paid for

  10. This shit triggers me a lot. Like Schitzel said, so many people have the camera in pretty much facehug distance, massively increasing the angles on LFP and giving totally BS armor values. This is how most people do it This is how you should do it. 22mm difference. Baddies then spew BS and cry how tanks are OP (I saw somebody claim 112 has 225mm of LFP armor...), just because nobody can check the armor values properly
  11. Honestly, I don't think this gamemode will promote individualism. You are ranked by XP, not by DMG, and while on winning team, 12 players get "chevron", on losing one, only 3 of them do. So the incentive is still very much to win, not just purely do DMG. Anyway, while frontline atleast a bit promising, this will most likely be a fail. Special equipment/consumables are guaranteed shitstorm, T10 only and ranked MM mean mode will be dead on NA/ASIA after a week, and it doesn't offer anything new compared to randoms.
  12. Marybanks gif on WotLabs and it's not even this one :feelsbad:


  13. No relation apart from main people behind GT making 22 seasons of Top Gear It's ~6 months till next GT season will air so might aswell bump the thread with Top Gear.
  14. So, couple of days ago, I decided to give the new-new... new Top Gear a go. I wasn't expecting much after last season, which was horrible. I was actually pleasantly surprised, because it's not too bad. Watched 4 episodes so far. More in spoiler
  15. Don't run manual FE. - you get automatic all the time from missions, even if you buy them they cost 10k and you don't use them that often - automatic slighty reduces fire chance - with manual, I believe you burn for 3 ticks minimal, and if you ain't super quick you'll probably burn for more. On T10 that'll cost you a few credits just for repair cost, plus you'll probably do less DMG in battle since you have less HP. All in all, you burn more often, you burn for more and pay more repair costs, and you do less in battles so you don't get as many credits. Running AFE will not really cost you that much more than running MFE.