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  1. I like it, it's quite quick, bar acceleration/going uphill (downhill, it goes over 60 and I think I went like 27 backwards aswell). It's paper but the turret can bounce, it's not reliable though. My main issue is the gun. 243 pen is really low, I was shooting E75 at ~30 degree angle and could't pen him. Defender/Liberté are a bitch to pen, I bounced 3 shots in a row off of the front of an O-NI (APCR ofcourse, although it was at long range). I also don't seem to hit anything, sure the gun handling is really nice, but even fully aimed shots go all over the place, I really get the "sandbox dispersion" feeling with this tank - 70% hitrate so far. Although, thinking about it now, the servers are pretty bad lately, last game today I was lagging really hard, my tank was just moving when I didn't want, and while I use server reticle, perhaps this is partially responsible for the missed shots. Hopefully, my luck on shots will get better, because like I said I really like it bar that. Well, next day, gun blows even more. Shit like bouncing FV 4202's hull 3 times in a row, missing fully aimed shots, hitting tracks for 0 when getting sideshots... Triggers me super hard and after that, I play really badly too.
  2. My music has been described as earbola or earrape on multiple occasions by people of internet, so you've been warned if you think the same Kinda hooked on Candlemass, they have the right mix of Cheesiness/Heaviness/Dirtiness Also listened to Havok's latest album earlier, it's bad... like rly bad, they've been really declining
  3. Game is taking a shit on me everytime I play E5. Everything else is fine, but with E5 I get whitewash matches (and stupid teams), BS MM and desk-breaking RNG (especially on E4's.... can't pen LFP with AP, can't pen turret cheeks even with heat, can't pen side, can't even pen ass). Game is telling me to go back to tier 7 I guess. 

  4. The stats on have been changed slightly ( Mantlet is now 203mm like it was on gamemodels, pretty sure it got better engine or is ligter too - I think it had like 13,3 hp/t before, now 14,20
  5. Is this how you get good in arty?
  6. I'm not sure about the mobility. It has like 1hp/t more than FV 4202, but worse ground resistances, and loses like 1,5hp/t on Panther 8,8 with just a bit better terrain res., so IMO it'll fall inbetween the two mobility wise. Other than that it looks pretty balanced, not bad but not broken like latest prems - I guess that's why it's a maraton reward
  7. Well, it's overbuffed - overmatch zone is now 40mm, side armor is crazy, frontally it got even more trolly. But knowing WG they'll buff it even more
  8. Competitive-scene/top 0,1% of players wise? Kinda, lot of top players quitting, clans losing motivation to play SH/CW, lot of good players focusing only on specific modes. Population wise? Na-ah, infact start of this year has been the best since mid 2014 when it comes to new players registration and number of players per week - see I'm pretty sure the game will last for quite a long time still, question is what kind of players will be playing.
  9. I don't really watch Zeven, but he's a good as a teacher. Apart from him, Overlord_Prime, Mailand (streams in German a lot lately though), Akula, Anfield, Schockisch perhaps. The likes of Decha, x1ts, Fyreon, Swift_m0ti0n, Aniallator, yung are really great players but rely a lot on micropositioning, not sure if they're as good for a beginner.
  10. I feel like T-100 or Rhm might be taken for CW's/SH's. They don't have the potential to clean tanks up quickly like batchat, and even the T-100 just doesn't have the firepower or HP/armor to replace 140 as a medium. But they'll allow you to quickly take map control, give you really early spots, which is vital. Also, these tanks will most likely be amazing at climbing - maybe there will be new gamebreaking climbs discovered because of them, plus having a tank with strong turret capable of climbing can open up some, until now useless positions. When you consider that they still have really nice firepower, I think they might find their place in competitive modes, albeit in small numbers, bar some really specific strats.
  11. My 2 cents: (hopefully the image makes sense, colors match the color of the base and double-colored are for both bases)
  12. You want to grind the L/100 not because of P2 performance, but because it'll make E50 grind much easier. Luna already showed that on E50 L/100 is actually a viable gun even compared to 105mm, to have stock gun with similar performance to top gun is massive. So I'd do it.
  13. I like the visual aspect, even though the art style is a bit too similar for my taste. But... RIP climbing - considering they presented Mines and Cliff first they really want to deny it. I don't like the maps from gameplay point of view at all, less bushes, less terrain differences.... It's still early though, things might change. Right?
  14. I'm pretty sure those numbers are effective traverse not hp/ton. And judging by those stats, it's likely that VK on flat terrain will out-accelerate KV-4 up to 20km/h.
  15. T30 can get perfectly hulldown behind T95 and push it a bit, together they form mighty train with 2 750 alpha guns, 5,5k DPM, ultra stonk hull + turret and 3450 HP