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  1. Thanks
  2. It's not that important to have a premium crew trainer, I personally find it dumb. Out of the lines you listed I recommend German or Russian MTs
  3. Didn't read but if you have 5 people on cap, then you divide 3 points among all of them. So each person gets 3/5 a point a second. Once reset you simply reset his counter like normal 99.9% sure
  4. yea rip SEA server, at least you guys might get some competitive action soon
  5. I'll be on today at 4 EST if you want to toon for a bit
  6. Does WGA not push forward their times to align with DST? 

    1. Inciatus


      Nope. I'm pretty sure they use the international date line for determining times at least for missions.

  7. I don't see the joy in playing any tier that isn't 10... ;-;
  8. FINALLY - I three marked the bat! :D

    1. XXCaptainUnicorn


      I take full credit for this. I took all of the hits for you on your way up to 94% :^) 

  9. 8356759ebe5d37fcb7b24f5970cabe8f.png

    God I love teh weekends :disco:

    1. XXCaptainUnicorn


      Nice photo editing skills 

  10. @NthirtyTwo Neither the Pz 7 or E100 are better than the Maus.. Don't know how you came to that conclusion considering how the Maus has better gun handling, dpm, and armor. Sure if a pubby plays the Maus it's awful but if a player understands angling and positioning then the Maus is much superior than any other heavy.
  11. Maus isn't boring wtf
  12. I chose the Skoda because I don't have one and it usually appears on tank rewards super frequently. So the next time the Skoda is an option I'll get 3700 gold instead :))
  13. Leo 1 is wayyy better tbh
  14. You and everyone keep whining and claiming that the game will be dead in 2 years, be original? Smh What I read was that each game (WoWS and WoT) will have seperate design teams and that they plan to do their best to keep the game alive with improvements and by listening to its community. Ofc what he said isn't set in stone but I have high hopes.
  15. If they do plan on doing this it will be pretty hard to switch the tiers without any confusion among the players