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  1. stop your homophobic hate speech A company has to be so gud to reach this level of attitude. WGRU get in, when
  2. >wn8 is still a thing?
  3. quality repost/10
  4. youjo

  5. Nation for those tanks?
  6. grille 750 alpha+mobility=ez dmg
  7. Triple dap R with the 252u. get the mission done within 14 battles
  8. not again TBH only the e25 does not suck
  9. They should add the ST-ii as the new tier10 soviet heavy. 113,e5 and even maus all got butted, is-4 is still a pile of shit. No matter how you angle the is-4, you get penned by HEAT anyway.
  10. It's a trap
  11. Lowe: 13-3=10 T26E5: 31+1=32 no comment