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  1. reeeeeeeee discord plz

  2. grille 750 alpha+mobility=ez dmg
  3. Triple dap R with the 252u. get the mission done within 14 battles
  4. not again TBH only the e25 does not suck
  5. They should add the ST-ii as the new tier10 soviet heavy. 113,e5 and even maus all got butted, is-4 is still a pile of shit. No matter how you angle the is-4, you get penned by HEAT anyway.
  6. It's a trap
  7. Lowe: 13-3=10 T26E5: 31+1=32 no comment
  8. Not even a week ffs That's not even long enough for a proper shit post.
  9. It's worthy for it's price. But only decent when you decide to play online games only.( Or whatever games before 2014?) Laptop with 1060 or 1070 FTW. They aren't expensive.
  10. So, why would tier10 bother you then? Strong armor exist on any tier, same as the gold spam.
  11. You simply can't go thru some kind of vehicle frontally at all with the standard rounds.Make the shot counts is essential on any tier.
  12. Here is the footage that proved arty splash is completely balanced