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  1. Ogopogo

    Badger Badger Badger

    It's not fast enough to reposition quickly, doesn't have good camo to avoid being spotted, noit high enough alpha to really really be effective on that alone, and poor armour to push a line. Any of those things would be enough to make it a decent tank. It's basically a brick that can be easily spotted, that excels in staying hull down and letting enemies advance upon you. And it's armour isn't even thick enough to be outright immune when hulldown at that. There's nothing that it does better which makes it a better choice than the Sconq outside of people feeding you.
  2. Ogopogo

    Badger Badger Badger

    Which is kinda funny, because it still doesn't really fit the theme of the line in regards to tier 4-9 being assault tanks with the changes, while the Badger isn't that good at advancing.
  3. That's why I said, "provided the design was relatively complete", which is pretty much the opposite of the Japanese heavies. If it is simply a picture they are going by (with no numerical details) then yes, it's going to be a shitshow. If it's a schematic of some sort, there are few tanks which deviate far from their original armour.
  4. Provided that the tank design was relatively complete, it won't be 50% even in the best scenario. If you make armour thicker, you need stronger (and more powerful) drive related components. The Chieftain, for instance, gained several tonnes just from a relatively small weight increase, because they had to redesign the suspension. I would be more inclined to believe 20-30%, with an absolute max for vertical surfaces of 40%.
  5. Well, if you have the credits, hold on to it for next patch. Getting rather good armour buffs.
  6. Yup, and prior to the 32 pounder being buffed, the 3.7" howitzer did 280 damage with heat rounds, while the high velocity 32 pounder (also 3.7") only did 240 damage.
  7. Ogopogo

    British TD changes

    Changes to All British AT series tanks AT 2 gets pretty gutted loosing a fair bit of armour across the front of the tank AT 8 is capable of being an assault tank now. Frontal weakspots are gone (unless you consider 152mm a weakspot), with the 76mm by the 20mm gun being buffed to 203mm. AT 7 Weakspots are buffed, overall should be better, but not night and day like the AT-8 AT 15 sees buffs to the UFP (it's now 139.7mm) and there is no gun weakspot as the hole behind the mantlet was removed (unless you have 250-275mm of pen you aren't going through it) Some improvements to the miniturrets and cupolas. Tortoise... Just everything was thickened. Will stand up to tier 10 standard rounds fairly well, but most importantly, the roof is now 57mm (was 25mm). It will no longer be autopenetrated by 76mm+ guns. FV205/FV217 still not available for viewing yet.
  8. Ogopogo

    French Heavy ST Stats

    The models are up on 3dgamemodels Tier 8 Tier 9 Tier 10 ELC EVEN 90, Recon Panther and Caernarvon Action X were added to supertest as well
  9. Damage is completely arbitrary and caliber is only one possible thing to consider when selecting damage for a shell, they could have considered.
  10. Oh boy, another 750 alpha TD! Just what we need! While the Su-122-54 and Su-101 could probably see a little love, there is nothing so wrong about the object 263 to warrant replacing it.
  11. Ogopogo

    Super Conqueror Appreciation Thread

    Depression isn't thing I really wish they didn't handwave away, because of the physical effect on the design of tanks. Tanks like the STRV 74 had such a big forehead because that's what was required for 15 degress of gun depression with that gun. It really gets into fantasy tanks, and not in the manner of something which only existed on paper, but entirely made up.
  12. Ogopogo

    Challenger - challenging

    It really should have a turret roof like the T25/2 where it is spaced armour, not part of the hitbox. The little bit of armour that goes up to the roof piece is actually fabric IRL.
  13. Ogopogo

    Super Conqueror Appreciation Thread

    I think giving it 10 degrees gun depression AND fv215b dpm was what tipped it over.
  14. It gets armour buffs, but it is less than what were planned. 200mm where it was 240mm, and for the cheeks, they are 140mm instead of 165mm. Forehead is 80mm now (don't know what it was with the buffs though)
  15. Was designed to be a light self-propelled/assault gun, not a light tank role.