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  1. Keep in mind too, artillery is more accurate to ever and most high tier artillery have enough penetration to penetrate 14mm of armour.
  2. You are a centurion who can afford to show more it's hull while being hull down and require depression to get autobounce forehead turret armour. You don't have good dpm with your gun (despite low alpha) so you can easily get overwhelmed. Keep things at mid-range if you can, and don't be afair to do a little wiggle.
  3. It's always been funny the damage bracketing of the 32 pounder. Keep in mind that the 3.7" howizter (on most tank it's mounted on, it should be called the 95mm which is a slightly different gun) always dealt 280 damage with it's HEAT round, while the high velocity 32 pounder, a gun which outperformed the 20 pounder on all accounts except gun handling, has 240 damage. Basically think if the >200mm pen Russian 100mm guns suddenly had the same damage as the D-10T. But yeah, the 32 pounder TD gun should be buffed, and it would actually make more sense from historical progression as the 32 pounder was the actual gun installed on the tortoise, not the 20 pounder.
  4. Wait what? Minimal Armour? What? The FV4005 had minimal armour, the FV215b had a lot of armour. In some respects, the Fv4005 was almost a test rig. This one of the drawings for the FV215 The FV215b (183) in game is actually almost entirely historically accurate to drawings and proposals.
  5. And normally to reach the wooden mockup, they have to have fairly complete drawings, or at least significantly complete.
  6. Oh yeah, and it gets another 300 horsepower tacked onto the engine (from 650hp to 950)
  7. Armour of Super Conq beneath the spaced armour. The spaced armour plates which are extra are 20mm thick. As a side note, the lfp is 101.4mm as well as the side armour.
  8. There are plenty of chieftain prototypes and designs for tier 9 (including ballistic testing), and others for tier 8. Having researched quite extensively into the vickers MBT, the whole "they are cheaper centurions" is one of the most frustrating things which propagate about the tanks, and render them so frequently as a subject of non-discussion. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that the Vickers MBT is a "simplified to manufacture centurion with improvements". At the time of their introduction, the Vickers MBT Mk 1 had a better fire control system then the Chieftain. Different gun of course (the L11 was more accurate in this regard), but the vickers MBT had all the components of firing control the chieftain did at the time of it's introduction, plus one or two additional features. The reason it was a cheaper tank was because it was off the shell parts (even if many of the off the shelf parts were from the chieftain), and a simplified armour layout. With the two mindsets during the time being moderate levels of armour or little if none, the tank was designed to be resistant to autocannon fire (like the Leopard 1 and AMX 30 were). That also kept the weight down (which dramatically improved reliability of the L60 engine) and offered improved mobility. Keep in mind, the late mark centurions were some ~52 tonnes. The vickers mbt was 40 tonnes, with similar engine power (if not more as developments to the L60 improved power), and a 15km/h higher top speed. The L7 also featured an system which improved rate of fire, allowing for 10-12rpm sustained, with a peak of 15-20rpm (for a few rounds). About the main thing you can say against the tank is it doesn't quite have 10 degrees depression, but the mk 2 and onwards fixed that problem. In game terms, the Mk 1 is comfortably a tier 9
  9. Chieftain minibranch/branch most likely (there are definitely tanks for it).
  10. Well, if you have played up to the centurion 1, you have a good deal of the modules already ground out. A lot of guns, engines and radios are used in both.
  11. Yeah, in the past little while, there has been a very definite growing rift between tier 6 and 7 and the tier 8's.
  12. To continue hyping the armour changes to the FV4202, this is what currently a FV4202 looks like against 226 AP shell somewhat ideally angled. The turret ring, moves from 200mm to 240mm at the center, making it more of a deep orange/red. The turret cheeks become >270mm against AP, instead of current their ~140mm, and the remaining front of the turret is now at worst about 240mm. Only the turret ring below the turret remains <200mm, but still recieves a buff from 152mm to 165mm. Generally, where before you had to purely rely on the angle, now there's actually some armour behind it all. Even the turret forehead is >210mm against AP with the proposed buffs.
  13. From the looks of it then, the FV4202 gives up dpm for better hull armour and mobility (with the ground soft stats and engine buff). It's worth drawing attention to the hull armour changes in particular: for it's going from 50.8 to 76.2. The hull armour becomes ~180mm thick frontally against AP , ~203mm against APCR, and ~220mm against HEAT on level ground whereas before it was less than 140mm against AP. It will be able to bully D-25t (or similar) tanks reasonably well. Coupled with the turret buffs, and the angle of the ufp, if you get a little angle on that ufp, even a couple of degrees, the FV4202 will be able to go LFP down against AP and APCR, not just hull down (and the hull will autobounce 155mm APCR rounds now in that situation). HEAT is a little different, and requires an additional 5 degrees of angle before it hits 300mm effective.Throw in a wiggle, and unless you have more than about 230mm pen, you don't have a hope in the world of penetrating it.
  14. Actually, on that note, it will be slightly more mobile (straight line) than the T-62A, both have the same top speed, the same reverse speed, and virtually the same hp/t (in the T-62A's favour by 0.05), but the FV4202 has 0.4/0.5/1 for terrain resistance versus the 0.5/0.6/1.4 of the T-62A. I'm leaning on the side of it being a very strong tier 8 premium. If it's dpm was 2000+ I'd probably think to call it one of the best. One interesting point to note with regards to the patriot and gunhandling, is the FV4202 practically has identical gun handling to the current version and future if the proposed changes go through, though 0.33 accuracy versus 0.38 of the patriot.
  15. Well, the tank did have a firing spade for a reason. In fact, the tank was so unstable that before the project was entirely shelved, serious consideration was given to splitting the firing spade into two, and covering a larger area (it was recommended)