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  1. diesel_clatter

    Revisiting the VK 28.01

    I used to run into Tazilon from time to time long ago playing his VK. He played it when it was a tier 5 heat slinging beast. Eventually, I grew weary and left the game for an extended spell. Now that I am back I still run into Tazilon from time to time playing his tier 6 VK despite the uptiering and derps fall from grace. It will be interesting to see if he soldiers on if the big changes actually hit.
  2. diesel_clatter

    =VX9= is recruiting!

    I saw this and thought, cool, another clan is advertising on WOTlabs. Then you all proceeded to point out how they didn't belong in the club. Very nice work.
  3. diesel_clatter

    WZ-111 Review and Guide by Drunken_Walrus

    There goes some more of my money to Wargaming. I will complete a few of the mission segments but the rest will come from my wallet. Does anybody know if this will go on sale as a regular premium just to bait the people that ground out the mission?
  4. diesel_clatter

    How do some ppl have so many Tier 10s?

    I'm at twenty-some tier tens moldering away in my garage. Embarrassing amounts of cash were spent in my earlier days Premium account is extremely beneficial over time. Time is a big factor, years and years of grinding even with cash outlay. I'm not sure this one has been said but there is a snowball effect if you expand your garage and keep lots of elite tanks. This allows you to, basically, play nothing but potential double or better rounds and store that xp away to be converted to free xp. Lots of elite tanks getting lots of, premium boosted, convertible doubles and more worth of xp combined with cash to burn equals the fastest access to all the tier tens you could want. Skill is a multiplier, the greater the skill, the more convertible xp per game and the greater the potential to get gold without having to spend irl money.
  5. diesel_clatter

    The "Post Your Ugly Mug" Thread

    That frog will haunt my dreams.
  6. diesel_clatter

    Rage sold tanks?

    I rage sold the T34 premium, which I had acquired before it was a premium. I also rage sold the E75. Both were for the same reason. I came up solo, in a bad position, against a good player in a fast tank. For some reason I can take getting circled in a TD with no turret, it is part of the deal, but getting circled in a tank with a turret drives me batshit insane. I have since re-acquired the T34 in the mission a while back.
  7. diesel_clatter

    Unconventional WoT Opinions

    Well, I'm raising a kid who is severely retarded, has eaten paste, has eaten crayons, and has licked windows. No he is not a mongoloid. I severely doubt you will ever see him playing World of Tanks. Most of the people who are bad at this game are just typical folks who are bad at a game.
  8. diesel_clatter

    WZ-111 1-4

    It does seem like my win rate in the tank has been rising as the crew matured. I'm still only at 49% but I must have been 33% when I started. I didn't want to look. The crew is now 130% ish and all working dutifully on repair skills. I think the top turret must be harder as well, maybe it was overmatch problems with the is3 turret, but the tank feels a lot tougher now if I can hide the lower plate. I'm starting to warm up to the tank a little.
  9. diesel_clatter

    WZ-111 1-4

    Reading this has given me hope. I liked the 110 so it kept my two skill Chinese heavy crew. The WZ-111 got a brand new, cheap ass, 75% crew with no skills. I have reduced WOT spending drastically so gold is precious and I have ground the tracks and turret the hard way, with only the 110's 320 alpha top gun. I'm just starting the grind for the 130. My crew is at 99%-ish now so I am looking forward to some repair skills coming on line. Track repair is currently endless after the repair kit is burned. The WZ-111 might be the worst grind from stock I have ever punished myself and my teammates with! I only say might because I have a terrible memory.
  10. I may be a strange case as I can count the times I have platooned with better players than me on one hand. I also rarely watch replays, streams, or youtube videos of better players. These tendencies are not conducive to improving but are the result of my situation (full time job, wife, house, pets, kid with special needs) and my personality (extreme introvert) and the part of me that laughs at the part that would even consider turning a hamster wheel into a job. So how have I reached my state of semi-respectable mediocrity? Endless forum lurking and reading has probably added a few tactics and ideas to my arsenal. The habit of watching almost every battle to conclusion after I die, although sometimes infuriating, has taught me a few things as I watch both good players and terrible ones. There is also the trial and error of lots and lots of battles where, after being smacked in the head repeatedly, I sometimes learn and change my habits. Even though my coordination is terrible and reflexes slow I have also reached the state where keyboard controls are generally instinctive. What would I do if I wanted to further improve enough to put in some extra effort? First I would watch a lot more video, replays, and such of good players. I think my current state is rather stale and the few times I have watched things I almost always pick something up. For example, now I am starting to use autoaim, especially when circling something lightly armored in a fast turreted tank. All it took was watching a Garbad T71 replay and observing his almost reflexive and frequent use of autoaim. Second, I would try to platoon with and observe some better players. Thirdly, I would try to join the highest skill level clan I could qualify for in order to be surrounded by better players to absorb ideas from through osmosis. Note exactly a radical list of steps. Will I actually do it? Maybe tomorrow.
  11. diesel_clatter


    I ground the whole way through the T-34-2 and hated it the entire time. The gun handling with the 122 was so awful, the armor so awful, the pen so awful, the accuracy so awful, the depression so awful. It was a test of endurance or something. The 120 seems like dream to me compared to the T-34-2. I did give up the rammer and optics and am running vents,stabilizer,gld on the theory that making quick shots and minimizing exposure is more important than sustained dpm. I can already think of one occasion in my small number of battles where I got edged out for the final shot but it is harder to quantify the times this setup might have resulted in damage versus bounces or misses.
  12. diesel_clatter

    I saw KraftLawrence...The WoTLabs FAME Thread

    I saw Jesse_the_Scout on Arctic Region. He had a very good round and carried us to victory including a nice, solo, mop-up of the last two enemy tier eights. I figure it deserves a post.
  13. diesel_clatter

    Are kids playing WOT really the problem?

    The real challenge will be maintaining your interest for two more years to become the first documented "old" super-unicum. I agree that the game is more thinking than twitch but it is hard to deny that fast reaction time and good coordination have some statistical value. I don't even want to get into the number of times I have died an earlier death due to fumbling the damn consumable keys. (5...oops...no 4....wait...6...boom! dammit!)
  14. diesel_clatter

    Are kids playing WOT really the problem?

    I think you missed my point. I'm not talking about just good or even great. I am talking about super-unicum, the best of the best. Is there such a thing as a 40+ year old person at this level? I'm just curious. I was wondering if there were examples and my quick scan of the thread did not turn any up. I suppose you think ageism is keeping most 45 year old players off the NFL playing fields and NBA basketball courts? While lots of older folks could kick my ass on the basketball court it does not mean they have not lost a step which is needed at the highest levels of competition. I think it only takes a small increase in reaction time or loss of hand-eye coordination to take a player from super-unicum to garden variety, dime a dozen, plain ol unicum. I'm 47 by the way.