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  1. Haven't played in months. The very first shot out of my barrel tonight is a full HP rack for 1100. Tin foil hat mode engage.

  2. Really, the replacement depends on what I can find. Seems to be slim pickings for cards of this age besides way overpriced ones on Amazon and questionable ones on ebay.
  3. Oh, I thought I should mention the card being replaced is an HD 6970. I'll look into Gpushack, never heard of it before.
  4. Well, after struggling with my rig for a few days I thought I had fixed what I hoped and prayed was a software problem. But now, three weeks later, I've had new troubles pop up and this time they do point to my graphics card taking a shit on me. My desktop on Win 7 split vertically and shifted over, my secondary monitor artifaced all to hell and even some parts of my main monitor had some flickering and a few artifacts. This link has a pic that shows what the split looks like, but doesn't include the artifacts that I got. I forgot to snap a pic myself in my desire to get it unfucked. Telling Win 7 not to use my second monitor fixed it, and turning it back on was still OK, but given the odd nature of the problems I had a few weeks ago, I think my card is in its death throes. So, I need a new video card. However, I'm looking for a budget option. My rig is 8 years old so a newer card is a waste and I don't have the cash atm to do a more substantial upgrade because I'm buying a house. I just need something that will last me another year or two until I can actually save up for a whole new rig. Since Radeons left the old HD7xxx numbering scheme I don't even know which ones or good any more, and I've never known from the start with Nvidia cards. The only real requirements for the card are that it needs one DVI and one DP/mini DP on it. I'm not doing a lot of gaming atm, so something that would play tanks even on low settings would suffice, I'm more interested in saving my pennies.
  5. I like their excuse for removing those starting cards: they were imbalanced. How the hell were cards that have been a part of the game since it was made suddenly imbalanced?
  6. What I really hate about Generals is that I actually think it has a lot of potential to be a really good game.....and yet WG continues to bend it over and fuck it in the ass.
  7. I got out fatigued by some Paladin who stole my hero power right after I dropped Justicar as Warrior. That was pretty interesting. I would have won 100% without that too.
  8. Where did you get that from? I just don't feel like spending premium dollars for a premium SSD when a more budget option will do the job. This computer is nearing the end of its life cycle and it is too old to support the fastest current SSDs anyway. I already said that my MOBO will only support SATA 3.0 Gb/s. So spending $100 (or whatever it actually is) premium for a PRO version is a grandiose waste of my money. That's the only point I was trying to make. Samsung 500 GB 850 EVO. Price seems to be a steal at $159.99. It's the exact same price as the Crucial BX100 500 GB, but the Samsung comes with a free game code, so might as well go that route. 1 TB models are still a bit pricey for me, and honestly I only play about 4 games at one time so the 500 GB should be enough.
  9. If it's more better = more faster, then that is completely useless to me.
  10. I'm not actually a [email protected], I just don't know the SSD market very well. I haven't wiped my OS drive in about 2 years though so it's high time for a fresh install anyway, which is what I plan on doing. That's what I thought but I wanted a double check. Thanks again. Yeah, that's my plan. Since the Green series are being phased out, I'm keeping an eye out for them to go on sale maybe. I hope I don't wait too long and have to pay up for the Blue ones though. Paying 20-30 extra dollars for the exact same thing doesn't sit very well with me. Frankly though, I still can't believe that I outgrew my current storage though. I already have 5 TB worth of spin drives in my rig, down to about 200 GB to spare though.
  11. I currently have an Intel SSD from several years ago. It works fine, it's just too small for today's world of 50 GB games (120 GB). I'm looking to upgrade to hopefully 512 GB or so in the near future. It will be an OS drive and will also contain my currently most used games on it. I am not concerned about blazing speeds, my MOBO is 7 years old and only supports SATA II anyway. I just want reliable and not too expensive. Windows 7 OS for now, I might upgrade to 10 later. Not sure if it matters but my MOBO doesn't do UEFI. While I'm in here anyway, if I buy a 3-4 TB storage drive, I can still use it as a GPT disk with my old crap MOBO as long as it's not my boot drive right? Thanks @Folterknecht
  12. Who makes the good SSDs these days? Looking at you @Folterknecht

    1. Folterknecht


      Pls open a thread incl.:

      • OS?
      • motherboard?
      • use case?
    2. too3741


      Samsung or intel

    3. engineered
  13. Bumping this thread so I can find it easier. RIP GameLabs. Gone, but not forgotten!
  14. I was going to watch those at work, then about 2 minutes in I had to abandon my plan for fear of busting out laughing and getting busted.
  15. Fuck that non-deterministic ending bullshit.