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  1. Nice! How high did you get it? Broke 5k I hope.
  2. Ok, I'll make sure to run those tests and calibrations when I get the new one. Thanks!
  3. Made one minor tweak to the memory Folter selected ($10 USD more for 14 latency, why not?), and added in all the storage. I'm not too happy with the price but I have to remember that the monitor is almost 1/4 of it by itself so it's not as bad as I think. Not sure if you guys would know this, but I have a Windows 7 Home retail version that I did the free 10 upgrade on. Can I transfer that over? Google seems to give conflicting results. If I do have to fork over for a new full copy of 10, is there any reason to go for Pro over Home? Gaming and media streaming to my PS3 are the only real use cases.
  4. I would have thought the same thing (and some are) but the Arctic Folter recommended is only ~$90 USD (includes 4 fans also but can't comment on their quality) and has quality reviews. Price is one of the biggest reasons I stayed away before but for basically the same price, I'm gonna give it a shot. Speaking of fans, how are the ones that come with the Arctic AIO? In fact, all the fans in my case are stock ones from Cooler Master (my one side fan I poached off my last Cooler Master case as well). Think I should bother replacing them? With the rad going top the 200 is a throwaway, so then I'd have two red LED 120s up front, the 140 on back, and another 120 on the side panel, with room for 3 more 120s if I so desired.
  5. I think I'm actually going to give an AIO a shot for once. My case could certainly handle a large air cooler but it's getting almost out of hand with just how ridiculously large they've gotten.
  6. On my monitors, the Dell is 27" but it only supports 1080p, the 19" is 1440x900. I wouldn't be using either as a primary if I wanted to try out 4K, I would need a totally new monitor regardless, same with 1440p. 1440p sounds like the way to go though. As for the AIO, I am planning on getting some bigger spin drives (right now I have 4 1 TB drives and 3 360 GB drives; I'm using two IDE spin drives [git on my level]) and condensing into fewer drives but I would probably still end up with 2 HDDs, a 2.5 SSD, and then my DVR drive over at the front. If I keep my current case I could still mount the rad up top and you're probably right, 240 venting out over the rad would probably work just as fine as my 200, it's still moving air in that direction inside the case. I wouldn't have a massive heatsink that I'm trying to exhaust anyway. I'm guessing you have yours set up in just push from what you said. If I was that worried about it, my current case can mount two fans to the side panel and two more to the bottom so I add 2/4 fans and point them in to make sure I'm getting plenty of positive pressure. I'm just nervous about water. I know a closed loop system from a good source is a solid choice but there's always that first time hesitation about a leak shorting my entire system lol. Are AIOs shock sensitive at all? I'm expecting a move sometime in 2018 or perhaps 2019 so is it safe to leave it in there while I move?
  7. The 7700K is $290 on sale on Newegg, the 8700K is $404 so just over $100 difference, but the retail on the 7700K is $350 normally. If it really was hundreds I'd definitely consider the 7700K (don't use enough threaded apps to really consider the Ryzen) but for a max $100 delta, I'll take the Coffee Lake. Any dog MoBos you would avoid? I would be fine sticking with an ASUS model since I have always had good experiences with their stuff. It really was, I never expected to make it this far on this machine. Best $2000 I ever spent.
  8. Looks like it, but it costs $45 just for the delidding. Newegg has the 8700K for $404, and the cheapest they have on silicon lottery right now is $480 because of their binning. And honestly, having someone else do the OC and just spit out voltages takes the fun out of it too. No, not really. Looking at the 850 EVO 500 GB SATA vs the 860 EVO 500 GB NVME, it's about another $100. $200 more if I jump up for the 1 TB which I probably will. I just figured if I could I probably should for posterity's sake, but basically gaming and watching videos is all I will use this build for. Looking at some performance testing from my good friend google, looks like it's totally a wash for gaming so I might as well save $200 bucks (hey, that's almost enough to get to a 1080 Ti from a 1080). Good call. This is the original monitor I bought with my build:, it's a 19 inch 16:9, nothing super special. The free monitor I got as a gift is this one,, a 27 inch 16:9. I use the 27" as my primary and the 19" as a secondary for like a chrome tab or something while I game. I don't think I've ever seen actually seen a 21:9 display but I watch enough movies on my PC that I would probably balk at the letter boxing, so I should probably stick with 16:9.
  9. I plan to OC it of course but I'm really not that serious about it. I just want to get what I can out of it. $45 bucks to send it off to someone else to delid it for me though is appealing as I don't trust myself enough not to bork it up. As for an AIO cooler, I'm a little torn on this. I don't particularly want to mount a 1200 gram monster cooler, but I also don't want to have to deal with shuffling everything around to accommodate a radiator either. I have too many HDDs (7) to fit both them and a radiator on the front (I am going to get larger drives to consolidate). Top mounting would lose me the large 200 mm top fan for exhaust. Then I'd worry about airflow for the GPU and other parts. I could try for the bottom mount but then I'm in dependent on the surface I place the system on.
  10. Well, it's finally time for a new build after limping my trusty old rig along these past 2 years. My backup backup GPU finally toasted (mostly) and I'll be getting my yearly bonus soon so seems like a good time. First, I'll honor my retiring system which was stalwart and never let me down: Some of the parts are too old for PC Part Picker to have so there's also a Thermalright Ultra-120 extreme 1366 rev. C cpu cooler, Intel X-25M 120GB SSD, Asus Rampage II Extreme Mobo, and Sapphire Toxic Radeon 4870. It was a good run my friend! Now for the fun stuff. Help me build my next 8+ year system! CPU I've been debating between the 7700K and the 8700K, but it seems like the 8700K will be the way to go. If the price was significantly higher on the 8700K I think there would be more room for debate, but as it's only ~$50 USD more for 2 more cores I think this is a no brainer. The only other serious consideration would be if there is some issue with the Intel 300 chipsets compared to the 200 ones but so far that doesn't seem to be the case. CPU Cooler I'm sticking with air as noise doesn't really bother me too much (short of all out screaming from it) and I don't have some lofty OC goal in mind. I'll be happy to just take what I can get comfortably on my chip. As for the cooler itself, good grief these things have grown since my old one, and I thought it was massive at the time. Without having memory or a MoBo picked out, it's hard to settle on the right one since I don't have sizing data. Need some suggestions here. Also need to find a good paste to pair with it. GPU This one hurts. I've always been a Radeon fan but right now the Vega just isn't that competitive at the top (and you can't find them in stock anyway). Going NVIDIA seems the only real option here, but I'm not a fan of the price points at all. I remember the good old days when getting the 1-2 step down card was a solid value at around $350 USD and only the wacko enthusiasts had to shell out over $500. If I want to get a 1080 though that's what I'll have to spend and I'm not happy about it in the slightest. Getting a 1070 seems....unfulfilling. I haven't yet decided what I want to do on resolution. I feel like I'd rather have 1440 on good frames than 4k on 40 frames, but I've never laid eyes on either in action myself so I have no real eyeball test to back that up with. If I do really want to consider 4k with high frames that puts me in 1080 Ti territory (and I was cringing at the $500 price point lol). Is it worth considering older entries (980 Ti, maybe 1070 Ti) and maybe waiting for the next gen of cards? PSU My old PSU is still running solid, so I see no reason to replace it. Seasonic 850W fully modular. Double checked the PCIE support and it includes 6+2 connectors so I should be good for whatever graphics card I decide on. Memory I think my memory selection was my biggest miss on my last build. I bought what I thought would be reliable and would work with my build (which it did, with no issues at all over 9 years). I paid 0 attention to timings and only minimal attention to speed. Once I got around to OC'ing my CPU (a few years after I first built it), my memory was just blah and wasn't able to contribute much. This go around, I want something that will compliment my OC on the CPU, something that I can actually tune and tweak. I'm looking to stay with 2 sticks if possible (affordable). Obviously has a serious impact on what CPU cooler I can mount. Also need to determine what amount. Is 8 even reasonable anymore? 16? 32? MoBo I'm pretty lost here. I went with ASUS last time because of good reviews and reliability. Also had a nice setup for OC which was great for me since it was my first go around. Now there are more boards than I can throw a stick at. ASUS alone has like 12 entries that would work and are affordable. Pretty much any in my consideration will be more than capable of whatever OC I want to do, and I have to consider new features like M.2 slots. M.2 definitely seems like the way to go for my OS SSD so I definitely want to take advantage of that, but I'm a little confused on the PCIEx4 vs Sata bit here, and also on the keying. One thing I can say is that I have a case with no windows/glass that sits on the floor behind my desk so I don't give a flip about RGB strips or any of that. If the best board for me has it included, I'm OK with it but not seeking that out in any way. SSD Want to take full advantage of whatever speed I can get from M.2. Probably 500 GB but perhaps 1 TB as well if the price is right. The Samsung 850 EVO is/was the king of the SATA era SSDs; are their 960 EVO M.2 offerings as good? Monitor I'm pretty hopeless on monitors. Right now I have a meh Dell that I got for free because my mom won it in a raffle at work that only goes up to 1080p so I'd need a new one regardless of what I decide to do in regards to GPU and resolution. Here's my part picker build which is pretty barren right now of course. The case is also the one I'm currently using since it's a solid case and I'm not having any issues with it right now. Only drawback to re-using it is no USB 3.1 ports, only 3.0 ones. Not a big deal since I don't have any USB 3.anything devices anyway. Thanks!
  11. Haven't played in months. The very first shot out of my barrel tonight is a full HP rack for 1100. Tin foil hat mode engage.

  12. Really, the replacement depends on what I can find. Seems to be slim pickings for cards of this age besides way overpriced ones on Amazon and questionable ones on ebay.
  13. Oh, I thought I should mention the card being replaced is an HD 6970. I'll look into Gpushack, never heard of it before.
  14. Well, after struggling with my rig for a few days I thought I had fixed what I hoped and prayed was a software problem. But now, three weeks later, I've had new troubles pop up and this time they do point to my graphics card taking a shit on me. My desktop on Win 7 split vertically and shifted over, my secondary monitor artifaced all to hell and even some parts of my main monitor had some flickering and a few artifacts. This link has a pic that shows what the split looks like, but doesn't include the artifacts that I got. I forgot to snap a pic myself in my desire to get it unfucked. Telling Win 7 not to use my second monitor fixed it, and turning it back on was still OK, but given the odd nature of the problems I had a few weeks ago, I think my card is in its death throes. So, I need a new video card. However, I'm looking for a budget option. My rig is 8 years old so a newer card is a waste and I don't have the cash atm to do a more substantial upgrade because I'm buying a house. I just need something that will last me another year or two until I can actually save up for a whole new rig. Since Radeons left the old HD7xxx numbering scheme I don't even know which ones or good any more, and I've never known from the start with Nvidia cards. The only real requirements for the card are that it needs one DVI and one DP/mini DP on it. I'm not doing a lot of gaming atm, so something that would play tanks even on low settings would suffice, I'm more interested in saving my pennies.
  15. I like their excuse for removing those starting cards: they were imbalanced. How the hell were cards that have been a part of the game since it was made suddenly imbalanced?