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    1. Haswell


      I'd rather watch an SSD get thrashed 24/7 until it dies. At least then I'll have a rough idea of how long the stream will be instead of playing lottery.

  1. AMD (Ry)Zen

    I'm also seeing this as an outsider, but professional video editing (scrap disk) might be a usecase. Everytime you can speed up your workflow you save time/money ... . But as I said, that 's me talking out of my rear vent. not for 180-200$, though if he can pay AMD maybe 30-40$ and get a 2600 back instead of a 1600 that's a different story.
  2. New build

    Looks defenitly average. If you manage 4.8 or 4.9 GHz on all cores without AVX offset with only 1.3V or below, I 'd step down there. 1.4V in long run isn't that good for your CPU. It's always best to run the CPU at it's sweetspot over the long run. Example for a fictional Haswell/Devils Canyon CPU: speed --------- voltage 4.5 GHz - 1.2V 4.6 GHz - 1.25V 4.7 GHz - 1.3V 4.8 GHz - 1.4V That's usually also the spot where you can still max our the RAM and IMC. Overclocking the RAM when you near or at the limit of the CPU frequency wise is often very tricky.
  3. AMD (Ry)Zen

    X470 you mean? That aside there is very little reason to do so generally - compared to X370. B350 is basically not suited for Ryzen 8 cores in my book - VRM implementation leaves much to be desired on these budget boards. seems X470 can handle slightly higher memory clocks, though probably more so on higher end boards with a corresponding price tag. Doubt you will buy a new set of 2x 8GB 3600 with low timings also. you might see better VRM thermals on some boards, but that depends on the design and the price tag ... NVME Raid (0 - 1) with two x4 PCIe 3.0 drives possible now, if board manufacturer implemented that (defenition of a niche market right there)
  4. AMD (Ry)Zen

    "Purch" or something like that
  5. AMD (Ry)Zen

    Since Anand La Shimpi left it's not the same anymore :-(
  6. AMD (Ry)Zen

    As predicted 2700(X) = 1700(X) + ~300 MHz more OC headroom, when you go for the non-X version. All 2000 chips seem to hit a hard limit at 4.2 Ghz (~1.4V) and will start running unstable above it. What also is a nice improvement is the voltage curve, seems now you can run 4GHz with slightly less than 1.2V. Stock voltages seem to run higher, so undervolting is the new game. Powerfull SFF workstation comes to mind here. ----------------------------- And that spanish review mentioned above? Belongs where most prelaunch leaks from non reputable sources belong - in the garbage.
  7. New build

    I might have mislead you - sorry. Your 1st kit was probably fine. I think I remember that the other version of Memtest isn't compatible with modern platforms or DDR4 ... something along those lines.
  8. AMD (Ry)Zen

    1) It's wccftech quoting some obscure spanish review ... . 2) If you look into the numbers in that review, you 'll notice the the 6700K often being on par or better than the 8700K --->>> something strange going on there. A CPU that has the same IPC (roughly) as the 8700K, but clocks lower and has fewer cores. 3) Zen+ has no mayor architectural impovements over Zen beside some latency improvements and slightly higher clockspeed. Not a bad CPU, but if you already have a 8700K for gaming, there is absolutly no sense in downgrading - yes for gaming it's a downgrade. edit: And people who claim that Zen is as good for gaming as a 8700K, because same numbers @4K or 1440p ultra are either plain stupid or fanboys. Wait for 2-3 GPU generations and you 'll drr Zen fall behind. The upgrade cycle for GPUs is much shorter than for CPU/RAM/MB.
  9. New build

    Please try this version
  10. New build

    Thx for the feedback Next time take your smartphone and make a picture of the error message from Memtest and safe in case you have to deal with customer support (just in case) - not everytime it will go that smoothly.
  11. my baby died :(

    You said you had very little financial wiggle room ... for 100-130$ a used 280X gives you the most performance on a tight budget. And those new GPUs won't be here before late summer/autumn and meaningful performance will cost you 300+$ on a new card.