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  1. Folterknecht

    New Tank Game (Sim level with multi crew)

  2. "For the man in the field, the tension of constant warring very often resulted in a voracious sexual appetite. The outlet for this natural desire for sex was only available when a unit found itself in a relatively quiet situation. While officers and senior NCOs would consort with market girls, female volunteers and Wehrmachtauxiliaries, the common foot soldier was rarely accommodated because of his low rank or standing. The German Army considered rape a very serious matter and the penalty was severe. Local brothels, if they existed at all, would be unable to cope with the demand when a whole division arrived, and in any case, OKH opposed such establishments on principle as sources of venereal disease. Many men actively sought infection with gonorrhoea as a means to lose their ‘fit for the front’ category. (The other main venereal scourge of the time, syphilis, was barely treatable and a condom gave no protection. After contagion there would be a period of remission of several, perhaps many years before its effects began to show, and it was therefore worthless to the malingerer. Gonorrhoea showed after a few days, was highly contagious, did not go away and required immediate treatment.) In order to provide a sexual service and guard against its disadvantages, it was the practice along secure sectors of the front to allow a Wehrmachtfield brothel to be set up. For the purpose of preventing the infection and spread of gonorrhoea, these brothels had more medics in attendance than girls. Preventive treatment for everybody followed a sex session and was painful and extremely unpleasant, involving as it did a large syringe being forced into the urethra for the purpose of releasing 100 millilitres of a green sulphanomide solution into the genital tubes. All handling of the body parts was carried out by the medic. The disinfectant had to be retained for five minutes and could then be urinated free. It was reported that the latter sensation of relief was more orgasmic than the session which preceded it."

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    2. hall0
    3. Errants


      Better to masturbate or just forget about sex in combat, because it's not worth fucking prostitutes, nor is rape okay.

    4. OperatorError


      Well that about settles it. 

      WW2 officially sucked. 

    1. Action


      ok not about HDDs so probably off topic but as far as i can tell you are one of the hardware cracks here and a fellow german? (also i cant do status updates for some reason)

      I need a new notebook and im currently pretty interrestet in a xiaomi mi pro. seems to be a pretty good deal. do you have an oppinion? also sorry for off topic and ill delete if this is against forum rules :)

    2. Folterknecht


      While I'm the resident PC guru, I'm not much into notebooks. I 'd advise you to check out Furthermore it seems to me that the notebook you have in mind isn't sold in germany/EU officially. Depending on the shop you buy from you may have to pay import tax and down the road have interesting experiences when it comes to warrenty + repair. Especially mobile devices like laptops and smartphones are harder to service and break more often than regular PCs.  


  3. Folterknecht

    New Tank Game (Sim level with multi crew)

    Destroying a moying tank in a sim, especially if player controlled is hard. Forget WT and it's mouse aim. Furthermore you will also have friendly air cover and realistic damage models for planes, no WT planes with fire extinguishers in the engine and fuel tanks. But we ll have to wait and see ... .
  4. Folterknecht

    New Tank Game (Sim level with multi crew)

    It is, but as Magz explaines in (t)his vid, the game engine makes tanks possible and they are extending a developer mod to a 100km x 100km map (Kursk area). I doubt it will have much in common with WT let alone WoT. There is no vehicle research or crew leveling in IL2, you just buy a module (Moskau, Stalingrad, Kuban, Bodenplatte ...) that includes vehicles (planes atm) and map(s) - that 's it. There is "no" balance only the drive to get as close to historical accurate as possible. -> get gud, it's a sim after all. But tanks could be a big success for them even as a sim, because the barriers of entry are much lower compared to planes. And if they keep their current buisness model, it might appeal to many people.
  5. I wouldnt touch neither of them, at least until you made sure that you can upgrade the RAM in the 4GB model with the FullHD screen. Often in low cost models (or Apple) the RAM is soldered without the option for expansion. Trust me when I say two low clocked cores with only 4GB RAM in todays day and age becomes a pain in the arse even with websurfing the moment you have more than 5 tabs open. Without addblockers you better have a good old fashioned men's magazine at hand to bridge the site loading times. And I havn't encountered a 1366x768 screen I didn't want to smash the moment I saw it, if only because the web is designed for FullHD. And that is before the issue of picture quality these screens have.
  6. Side note: Sometimes bad thermal performance for GPUs isn't the result of bad TIM application (see above), but insufficient tightening of the screws that mount the cooler.
  7. With only 400€ you won't get far be it specs or (build)quality. I selected dome very basic specs (8GB, 4 cores Intel, 1080p) and you already look at ~500€
  8. Folterknecht


    an other delidded 8086K
  9. Folterknecht

    Graphics settings

    A long time ago I had that "feature" activated by accident and I found it pretty irritating, when textures changed suddenly for no apparent reason despite a good framerate.
  10. Folterknecht


    I feel the Threadripper is the wrong chip for that PR stunt - a 2700X + a X470 board would make more sense. Threadripper and Skylake X because of their architecture make "poor" gaming CPUs compared to 6 core Coffeelake. Or they should have gone for a "Replacement Kit" - 2600X + 16GB DDR4 + X470 board which is roughly the same price as a new 8086K.