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  1. Made a comment under Jingles last Mingles w. Jingles vid regarding H.J.Marseille (star of africa) and germanys disturbed attitude towards its "war heros". 

    Got what I expected - I'm now officially a nazi, because all nazis are bad. Some people on the left ... .

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    2. hazzgar


      @GehakteMolen Euro model from the 45-90 is now called communism in USA despite it being same under Ike who wasn't one

    3. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      Its a guilty by association crime, anything Nazi is so taboo that to even suggest that some elements attached to the regime were not completely reprehensible, your own leanings get questioned. 

    4. hazzgar


      @1n_Soviet_Russia I wonder what cognitive disonance would the fact that the germans introduced animal protection rights would bring among the buzzfeed leftists (I really hate all people who express their opinion but never spend time to educate themselves given I'm someone who is stupid enough to read a 1k page economy handbook diagnosing inequality for the last 150 years and I still get shit from morons who learned economy from reddit)

  2. CPUs dying is a very, very rare event. That usually only happens either through physical mishandling or extreme voltages when overclocking. What you are describing sounds like a typical Gigabyte BIOS/motherboard fail.
  3. If the board can't be resurected, you might wan't to wait with purchasing a replacement till the beginning of October. Intels Coffeelake will be released at that point incl. 6 core CPUs.
  4. Did you try the solutions linked in the overclockers-thread?
  5. Breaking GigaByte bootloop
  6. Batterie isn't responsible for that ... Did you also remove the CPU when cleaning the board Edit: here ist is ... Will also link it in the pinned "How to thread" here - you 'r not the first wotlabber to has this kind of fun with a GB board

    1. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      I saw this live and it was the funniest shit ever.

  8. Welcome to "World of Gigabyte Bootloops". Shut the PC down, pull the power supply cord from the wall. Press the PC start button 3 times (long). Remove everything except 1 RAM stick incl. GPU. Take out the battery from the motherboard and let it rest at 1/2 hour (or overnight). Your motherboard has video out, if 'm not mistaken, so you should be able to run the PC without dGPU when starting it up in the morning. Trying to boot without RAM or CPU can also break GB bootloops (sometimes) among other obscure methods.
  10. First that guy who gets triggered by ranked battle rewards and now we have a case of OCD in regards to session stats ... . Really though this forum was dying a slow boring death, but I see there is still some life left
  11. You are the epitome of ignorance. Someone should force you to play a 3K/60%/30000 games overall account for 2 weeks. You 'll beg to get back to your shitlord account.
  12. Just watched 2 videos on AdoredTV regarding Nvidia ... wasn't disappointed ... fanboy dribble camoflaged as some form of journalism. The rabid AMD crowd is it loving ofc.

    1. Marty


      I turned the video off quite quickly, but based on what I saw and read in the comments, he's basically calling people idiots and fanboys for buying better/more suited to application products? Did I understand that correctly?

      Also AMD offering the cards with similar price/performance ratio is completely fine. It's not their fault they can't compete it's nVidia's and fanboys' fault!

    2. Folterknecht


      Nvidias buisness practices were never fine and their PR + product placement sneaky, but their last mayor fail was the 480 aka Thermi.Sure not everything aferward was a "970", but when I look at AMDs last releases when it comes high(er) end from 290 and onward ... . The days of HD 4870, 5870 and 7970 (aka 280X) are long gone.