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  1. That wasn't the main point he was trying to make imo. He 's more or less of the same opinion as me - get a board with halfway decent VRMs - though for different reasons. He 's a pro overclocker and I approach it more from the 24/7 longterm use (2+ years) perspective. And that isn't even taking into consideration future CPUs which probably will scale much better with voltage, where as Ryzen can't be pushed beyond 3.7 to 4.1 GHz on air/water regardless of voltage.
  2. Yeah this audio BS under Windows ... nothing changed much the last ~15 years.
  3. If you would also bring back the old tank stats, tech trees (rus, ger, us - remove everything else, maybe exept the french) and old tracer system I would start playing WoT again!
  4. Small sample size ...
  5. Did you test your DAC/AMP on an other machine? Similar to Cronk I also suspect some messed up Windows/RealTek audio manager settings
  6. The kind of feminism I get along with



  7. I might have been not clear enough. I wasn't comparing the Partiot (no experience with it) to the Löwe (2K games before buffs), I was just pointing out a general rule when it comes to t8 prems and credit making. My statement might be better read, if you put Löwe + Partiot on one side and tanks like the IS6, KV5 and SuperPershing on the other.
  8. I'm a little out of loop when it comes to tanks, but I 'd like to point out an important factor when it comes to t8 premiums. Penetration with standard rounds is the most important factor when it comes to making credits. Regardless of how good some of the tanks with preferential MM are, as long as you don't have at least 220mm pen, you 'll be forced to fire premium rounds too often especially as a medicore or bad player, if you want to 've an impact on the game. Good players can often live with ~200mm pen and dab "2" when needed, but I strongly advice against anything with below 200mm pen when it comes to making credits with t8s. This is especially true if you don't run a premium account constantly. Best example of that problem is the IS6 - hate it, love it, all the bounced and missed shots with that bad gun at t8 will eat any profit on standard account for an avg. or bad player. Even a unicum won't make that many credits with that tank on a standard account. Things like the Löwe with it's superb gun (handling) are much better suited for generating a profit.
  9. Well Thermal Grizzly doesn't get hard ... regardless of the other two LMs. Did you isolate the contacts near the DIE?
  10. 1) Coolaboratory Liquid Pro is the only LM that hardens over time - you don't wan't that! Delid again and use Thermal Grizzly or Coolaboratory Ultra, both don't get hard. 2)
  11. training room 1vs1: basic weak spots (lower plate, copolas ...), side scraping demonstration, demo of how to shot unseen from bushes ... things like that
  12. This works often - did it myself often enough mayn years ago.