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  1. Very good write up by TH on Ryzen overclocking CPU + RAM (incl BCLK and memory deviders) with interesting findings - learned something new there. Really worth reading completly,5011.html
  2. Hi, will be moving next week or the week after that and I'm not sure when I 'll have internet at my new place - could take a while. Folterknecht
  3. Some more historical perspective
  4. Guys, I received the following email from ASRock regarding Taichi availability. "Thank you for your interest of ASRock MB. The next ETA to Newegg is 4/27 or 4/28 but due to quantity is vey limited so suggest you sing up auto notify. Thanks"
  5. Honestly - I'm not really impressed by these AM4 boards, big part of the blame here goes to AMD though and not the board manufacturers as they struggle with the same mess as the customers while trying to fix all that broken shit without making erros themselfs. Personally I 'd go X370 - especially considering the supposedly long life span of the AM4 platform. You might find yourself somewhat limited in future when it comes to pushing newer AM4 CPUs (Zen 2) to their limits with the B350 boards basic layout. ASRock X370 Taichi (also incl. external clockgen. which might enable you to get more out of your RAM)
  6. Don't know - sorry. Maybe you are able to get your money back through amazon and purchase a different board?
  7. Before you do anything how does the board behave with only 1 stick of RAM installed? That aside, I 'm leaning toward a different motherboard. Ofc if you have a friend near by where you could borrow his RAM (DDR4) for testing purposes ...
  8. AMD Releases Chipset Drivers 17.10 WHQL with Ryzen Balanced Power Plan
  9. AMD Releases Chipset Drivers 17.10 WHQL with Ryzen Balanced Power Plan
  10. It should at least run at 2133/2400 MHz with relaxed timings regardless of the chips on the sticks. Higher clocks are a different topic ofc.
  11. Could it be that we finally have found something ... What happens if you load "Optimized Defaults" in BIOS?
  12. Did you use automatically applied RAM settings or did you set it (all) manually ... Nope - ingame 100% GPU usage is a "good" thing
  13. Well - as long as the VCore under load and idle behaves ... . VID seems to be bugged with Ryzen atm. Had an other idea while sitting on the throne - set you RAM speed/timings manually to: 2133MHz 15-15-15-36 -50 (RC) 1T like the profile displayed in your screenshot before you try reinstalling. This is the JEDEC standard for DDR4.
    1. Folterknecht


      Donate to your local pub instead - much more usefull!


      Snake oil (Defrag in times of SSDs :eww: and sequential writes on HDDs when Windows can do nearly the same), System "Optimization" stinking of "1-click solutions" :drunk: (your PC might behave like that after you run that), Free Backup Solutions and who the fuck ever paid for WinRar/WinZip wallbash.gif


      As far as I can see - for every product listed there probably more than 1/2 a dozen free alternatives exist, that are comparable, better or already meet your needs in their free versions.

    2. TheMarine0341


      That's what I was thinking as well. I liked the last software bundle I got, but this one seemed... Meh