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  1. Folterknecht

    AMD (Ry)Zen

    1) It's wccftech quoting some obscure spanish review ... . 2) If you look into the numbers in that review, you 'll notice the the 6700K often being on par or better than the 8700K --->>> something strange going on there. A CPU that has the same IPC (roughly) as the 8700K, but clocks lower and has fewer cores. 3) Zen+ has no mayor architectural impovements over Zen beside some latency improvements and slightly higher clockspeed. Not a bad CPU, but if you already have a 8700K for gaming, there is absolutly no sense in downgrading - yes for gaming it's a downgrade. edit: And people who claim that Zen is as good for gaming as a 8700K, because same numbers @4K or 1440p ultra are either plain stupid or fanboys. Wait for 2-3 GPU generations and you 'll drr Zen fall behind. The upgrade cycle for GPUs is much shorter than for CPU/RAM/MB.
  2. Folterknecht

    New build

    Please try this version
  3. Folterknecht

    New build

    Thx for the feedback Next time take your smartphone and make a picture of the error message from Memtest and safe in case you have to deal with customer support (just in case) - not everytime it will go that smoothly.
  4. Folterknecht

    my baby died :(

    You said you had very little financial wiggle room ... for 100-130$ a used 280X gives you the most performance on a tight budget. And those new GPUs won't be here before late summer/autumn and meaningful performance will cost you 300+$ on a new card.
  5. Folterknecht

    my baby died :(

    If you have a halfway decent PSU, look for a used R9 280X.
  6. Folterknecht

    New build

    Would be interested in your RMA experience with G-Skill.
  7. Folterknecht

    New build (split RollerCoaster)

    lucky you ;-) usually people are on some kind of a budget, that's why performance or vale/$ is one of the first things to look at for me. monitoring: GPU-Z, CPUz, HW-Info64 and Afterburner if you want to mess around with the GPU benchmarking/testing: Memtest86+ (USB version), Prime95 for stability and heat testing, Cinebench, things like Heaven bench or 3Dmark to determine if the GPU works properly (produces bench scores in line with similar GPUs)
  8. Folterknecht

    New build (split RollerCoaster)

    I ve split your post from the other topic and made two changes to your part list 1) The Kraken X62 is overpriced and the real issue here isn't the performance of the AIO anyway. The problem is with the stock Intel TIM under the IHS and the big gap between DIE and IHS creating the thermal bottleneck. Here is a video that explains the problem of a thermal bottleneck: The solution to that problem is liquid metal and delidding. 2) While both SSDs you selected are good products combining them makes little sense for the avg user/gamer. If you are hvy into video/photo editing or something similar a scrap disk makes sense otherwise it's better to just buy a bigger SSD. You won't notice a difference as avg user between a regular SSD and a NVMe SSD. That's why I swapped these two SSDs for a 1TB drive -> more flash storage for roughly the same price.
  9. Folterknecht

    New build

    More than fine. I 'd only add Memtest86+ - run it over night (from USB stick - not under windows) after enabling XMP profile in BIOS.
  10. Folterknecht

    Dying RX480

    This nope - I dont think so ----------------------------------------------------------- new - 1050Ti used - something like a 280X, 380 or GTX680. Though I d go with AMD in that case because of VRAM
  11. Folterknecht

    WN8 vs WR correlation

    @TanagerComparing KV1S (with 22K battles you probably played while it was still the t6 rofl stomp tank) to a T10 makes absolutly no sense (apples and oranges). And that is totally beside the fact that WN8 was never intended as a tank or balance comparison tool. It was designed to assess player skill compared to other players, especially with the 1250WN8 player with a few thousand battles (aka "Mr. Somewhat Usefull"). WN8 or more accuratly it's development process only highlighted the shitshow that is the WG balance department and the nonsense they create on a daily basis, because it was the first serious outside investigation (by mathematical + gameplay gifted people) into player and tank results outside of Minsk. Ofc there is a correlation between the overall skill of a player and the performance of said player in different tanks no question. But that doesn't change the fact that WNx is the wrong tool for the job of direct tank comparision especially between different tiers and tanks that are at different points on the balance scale. addendum Until you get to at least ~400 battles the error is too big to compare directly bewtween players that are of a similar "caliber", though 100 battles are good enough to usally distinguish between a potato, Joe Avg and so on.
  12. Folterknecht

    Dead XFX R9 280X

    Just to make sure - did you test with the iGPU of your CPU to make sure the monitor is ok? That aside, I strongly suggest that you use the warrenty. The current GPU market (incl. used parts) suffers from totally inflated prices. You might get lucky and XFX will send you a better card as a replacement (the 280X being very old by now ...). 200$ for a used 970 ... *sigh
  13. "Look how straight that line is!"



  14. Folterknecht

    R9 270x dead??

    As I said - very unlikely, though Corsiars budget PSUs arn't the best ones out there. Their highend offerings are a different topic (very good usually). Do the cross testing thing first.
  15. Folterknecht

    R9 270x dead??

    Fucked up images likes yours arn't usually related to driver problems. Driver problems usually result in instable applications/system and faulty images in a certain application(s), but NOT in fucked up images everywhere. The later is a typical indication for faulty hardware. What can be misleading is a instable PSU that triggers crashes and reboots when put under a certain load even during driver installation, when the GPU switches from 2D clocks to 3D clocks (higher load). But that happens relative seldom and probably not the case here. Mangled images arn't usually part of the symptoms there.
  16. Folterknecht

    I need a new router

    I'm not that well versed when it comes to routers, but you might want to take a look at this:
  17. Folterknecht

    R9 270x dead??

    Either try a different monitor or plug your GPU into a different PC.
  18. Folterknecht

    R9 270x dead??

    Looks like a hardware failure.
  19. Folterknecht

    Need new headset - halp?

    Today I got the GSP 303 from amazon and it will go back :-( It fits on my head (barely) have to set it to max size and it's still a close fit- my helmet size is 60 (certainly on the bigger side but far from enormous). But the ear cushions are just too small for my liking, yes they fit around my ears but constrict them from the sides - no I'm not related to Dumbo. Seems to me they designed that thing for boys and women and forgot about adault males bigger than 1.80m (>6ft).
  20. Folterknecht

    r9 270x to 1050 ti

  21. Folterknecht

    r9 270x to 1050 ti

    As I said - a significant performance boost. Thx for giving us feedback - that helps other users with similar "problems". ... Swap to Ryzen+ or CoffeeLake down the line and you 'll get an other one. My 3770K @ 5GHz together with a GTX970 (~GTX1060) running on a 5 year old Win7 installation achieves ~16.5K points at ultra (1080p).