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  1. Folterknecht

    r9 270x to 1050 ti

    The 1050Ti should be considerably faster than the 270X. If the WoT Encore benchmark is usefull, you should have no problem at 1080p with WoT 1.0. The FX8320 is the bigger question in my book.
  2. Folterknecht

    Forum Software Updated

    Even the permissions seem to work flawlessly. Nice!
  3. Folterknecht

    Graphics card upgrade

    NV and to a lesser degree AMD don't directly profit from the high prices, AIBs and resellers are the ones that are making the huge profits there. NV and AMD "profit" from a higher number of sales/better utilization of their production facilities. There are potentially two potential problems for AMD and NV (and AIBs) resulting from the possible collaps of the gpu-mining market. Nr1 is if they increase production capabilities now, that arn't needed later (if demand drops from miners) and Nr2 the huge amount of cards that would flood the market if gpu-mining collapses (AMD already had that to a degree around 2014/15).
  4. Folterknecht

    Graphics card upgrade

    In 2017 EVGA got unlucky with a supplier which resulted in a batch of 10xx cards that was prone to failure. As far as I'm aware that is sorted out by now. Furthermore their customer support is really good and you are dealing with them directly. I don't know anything about the architecture of the upcoming 20xx cards (how could I ???). I would expect a typcial generational leap in performance around 25% (970 ~ 1060; 1080Ti ~ 2080 ...). As for prices? Who can say with the current crazy market and rumors that NV is working on blocking consumer cards from mining.
  5. Folterknecht

    Graphics card upgrade

    I share lordawesomes sentiment about buying a highend card now. In addition SLI/CF is dead - plain and simple. Nowdays buying a card with the thought of adding a similar card down the line is "stupid". Are there even DX12 titles that support multi GPU properly??? All that aside I have two mayor gripes with these Inno cards. Nr 1 - these coolers arn't that good when it comes to thermal/noise performance, even EVGA's dual fan design is better, let alone Asus Strix or MSI Gaming. The 2nd thing is - how are they handling warrenty complaints/requests ...? A quick check reveals you have to go through the seller of the card (at least in europe). With all that in mind and the current pricing nonsense going on I 'd rather buy directly from EVGA europe. And when it comes to OC/frequency with the 10xx series cards the reference PCB is more than good enough for air/water. The deciding factor is luck of the draw (silicon lottery) and the ability of the cooler to avoid throttling.
  6. Folterknecht

    DPI & Sensitivity

    Two different sensitivity settings in the same game? I mostly worked with high zoom out setting in arcade for overview (mod) - using it with low sensitivity to aim in the general direction of my target - and switching with SHIFT (???) to my favored sniper view setting for taking the shot. That way I dont have to change much and I spend less time traveling around my mousepad. The whole aiming and zoom (in/out) options in the stock client for most of the time I played WoT was rather limited and was probably one big contributing factors for the bad gameplay (situational awareness) of the unwashed masses. Edit: Forgot something - I always used the serverside crosshair (until WG fucked it up) and later via mods aiming fullly in most of the time. That had several different reasons, but one of the results was that I never played WoT as a FPS shooter.
  7. PW for elitist channel can be obtained here
  8. The last week I started to grind freeXP for the Missouri via Ops Divisions t7. Beside very "random" team mates, the biggest problem is the horrible division interface/UI when it comes to ops especially forming one (why don't they just use the old WoT company battle UI???). Finding like-minded people is a pain in the arse. Assuming I'm not the only one with this problem, why not just join the "wotlabs" ingame channel to meet up? I'm sailing under the nick "dodge_the_bullet" my old 2nd account from WoT.
  9. Folterknecht

    Special position for members who passed away

    I don't know what Overlord does nowdays, last I ve heard he was on Cyprus. As for Listy, ~2 years back he still had contact information for Overlord ... . Also you can try to contact - former EU forum moderator from way back (2011). She is german and understands english, tell her Folterknecht send you. Until 1-2 years back she had 1 or two contacts in Minsk.
  10. Folterknecht

    Special position for members who passed away

    If you piss post in the official EU forum or not ... Best bet would be in the RU-forum or try to find someone in the koreanrandom forum who has contacts directly in Minsc. Maybe @seriych knows whom to contact in the koreanrandom forum?! P.S.: Body Count is back? How come?
  11. Folterknecht

    T-34/85 Dragon 1/35

    This one is the best model you posted here so far - by a large margin I might add. The dirt on the tracks/wheels and on the sides looks very realistic, same as the rust on the cast turret.

  13. Folterknecht

    Looking To Upgrade From Old Laptop

    There are no decent (mobile) GPUs on the AMD side of things, because of their terrible power/performance ratio. That just doesn't fly in mobil space.
  14. Folterknecht

    AMD (Ry)Zen
  15. Folterknecht

    Need new headset - halp?

    I think the mic on the 350 is the same as the one on the 30x headsets. And from the 30x review on techpowerup and their audio sample there was no "muffling" I can remember. That leaves the whole USB soundcard integrated into the headset the as the likely culprit in my book.
  16. 1.4+V with that chip and you 'll probably see long term degradation. Also check for WHEA errors in event viewer from time to time - as long as these occur the system isn't really 100% stable.
  17. I started with the following situation when it came to overclocking my CPU And that is using a 240mm AIO cooler running full tilt (with 2 fans - have to mod my case first a little, before I can mount the other 2 fans the way I want) . As you can see I m nearing the 80°C mark, making any further tinkering a wasted effort. The reason for this is Intel's infamous cost saving measure on all mainstream platforms since Z77 (Ivybridge, Haswell, Broadwell and Skylake) replacing the solder between the CPU Die and the heatspreader (IHS) with some kind of thermal paste (TIM). My personal believe is they 're using the cheapest toothpaste they can get their hands on. On the enthusiast platforms X79 and X99 CPUs are still soldered, which means the following procedure is pointless with these CPUs and will even damage it (IHS removal) in most cases. The solution to this problem is removing the IHS from your CPU and replacing the original Intel gunk (it's probably brick hard by now) with Liquid Metal (LM). There are several methods to do this including: razer, vice and the lastest and best imo a delid tool like the one below which I choose. You can also 3d-print your own btw After CPU and IHS are seperated they both are cleaned and the LM (Thermal Grizzly - Conductonaut in my case, any other LM will do) is applied to the CPU Die and the inside of the IHS. Afterward everything is glued back together. LM application in the video below. In my case I also lapped the IHS of my CPU during that process resulting in a flat surface area between CPU and CPU cooler. How to: After everything is put back together I now get the following results: Nearly 20°C lower temperatures leave much more room for overclocking. If you want to read an in depth article about this topic recently published this one. Google translate works pretty well for german -> english. Was it worth it? Hell yes! Despite my CPU not being a golden OC sample judging from the voltage needed to run 4.5GHz, I now can at least find out what the limits are for my CPU and at the same time lower the rpms on my fans. Beside overclocking is there an other use case for this whole operation? A hot running noisy living room / media PC comes to mind, otherwise it doesn't make much sense and even there other avenues should be explored first. Linustechtips also made a video on this topic, worked sloppy and choose the wrong use case. You can admire the fail here. A good example why you should consider that channel more as entertainment and less as a serious source for pc tech information. The only thing left to do, is to thank "Stullen Andi" from for deliding my CPU as I didn't want to spend 90€ on a delite mate and don't have a 3d-printer to print one myself.
  18. Release date - october 5th 2017 Assuming no fundamentional changes to the underlying architecture from Kabylake, especially the 8700K will be the new to CPU to get for gamers/streamers. Early reports indicate 4.8 GHz on all cores with overclocking should be doable with good aircooling, 5GHz will require delidding (sadly). The only downside is the mess Intel created with their chipset (Z370) that will be needed to run these CPUs, which is a stopgap measure with beefed up power delivery for OCing the unlocked parts. In the first half of 2018 Intel will release a new chipset/boards (Z390 ???). These CPUs will not run on Z170/270 motherboards and Skylake/Kabylake CPUs won't run on Z370/390 boards, the later being a Intel firmware restrictian. 23th oct Motherboard Overview (~50 models) by Anandtech ----------------------------------------------------------- Intel Core i7-2600K, i7-4770K, i7-6700K Vs. i7-8700K
  19. In germany they have. You can get the 8700K at MSRP . Problem are RAM + GPU prices. Was thinking about switching from my 3570K to 8700K, but (RAM) prices, availability and later spectre/meltdown changed my mind. Won't buy any new CPUs until fixes in harddware are availble. Instead I upgraded from my 4.4 GHz 3570K to a 5GHz 3770K. That will keeep me "alive" this year. Incl selling my 3570K I paid a little over 100€ for that one.
  20. Folterknecht

    Need new headset - halp?

    Be aware that USB Headsets often are worse than their regular stereo counterparts. If the manufacturer enforces the use of the integrated soundcard to produce 5.1 / 7.1 sound and there is no option for simple "passthrough" (stereo), that usually happens. In case of the Corsair USB headsets I ve used, the stereo option always produced better sound in my book.
  21. Does anyone know when Missouri will be removed from WoWS?

    1. Jaegaer


      Next patch, WG said late mid/end of February.

    2. skyf24


      Hmm, I read patch 7.2. Seeing as how 7.1 isn't even out yet I wouldn't expect it till early march. Or i'm just dumb. That said, it is WG, so who knows.

  22. Highlights from AMD Earnings Call: Hardened "Zen2" and 7 nm "Vega" by 2019
  23. Folterknecht

    AMD (Ry)Zen

    Highlights from AMD Earnings Call: Hardened "Zen2" and 7 nm "Vega" by 2019
  24. golden sample ... the first since my old Q9550 E0