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  1. User "LSSAH" ... really???

    1. Private_Miros


      There's a report function ;)

      Anyway, thanks for the heads up; I cleansed him.. err... ok, maybe not the best word choice.

    2. Folterknecht


      Just now, Private_Miros said:

       I cleansed him.. err... ok, maybe not the best word choice.

      I think it's exactly the right choice of words


    I still remember watching Calgary '88 in TV as a boy. This guy was the highlight.

    1. Medjed


      Is that the guy that absolutely sucked at ski jumping, yet was everyone's favourite?

    2. Folterknecht


      Yep that's him - Eddie the Eagle

  3. Folterknecht

    New PC build ~$1000 budget

    I strongly suggest buying 16GB RAM from the start. With Ryzen and it's memory issues adding aditional RAM down the line may become more than a bit tricky. This
  4. Folterknecht

    New Build

    I heard EPIC won't get updated (Zen+)... if that is the case, Threadripper might also not get it. Zen2 is a different story and still far away at this point. ----- And don't put to much hope into Volta-gaming release anytime soon. Nvidia can milk Maxwell for a long time with AMD flopping Vega.
  5. Folterknecht

    New build

    That's fine as long as it doesn't break "your bank". Tighter timings from the manufacturer guaranties better bining and should result in greater OC headroom. In the pinned how-to-post topic here there is a link to things worth checking with a new monitor. Make a backup of your installation and extract the windows-key. It might be that you need that thing (MS telephon support/activation or similar things). BUt I'm not sure if it will work regardless.
  6. Folterknecht

    WoT Encore results!

    1920X1200 (didn't detect automatically ...) and all sorts of things running in the background got me slightly over 16K @ultra with 3570K @4 GHz, 16GB of RAM and a GTX970. And loading all assets before the benchmark starts (running a Samsung SSD) is really complicated it seems - bench started out at 30-45FPS and than jumped up to 100+. WarGaming ...
  7. Folterknecht

    New Build

    With Ryzen/Threadripper I strongly suggest buying all the RAM you might need from the start. That platform is very sensitive when it comes to RAM. I wouldn't want to be the guy that tries to get different/mixed RAM chips running on Ryzen. Even if you buy the same model and brand later, there is no garantie that there will be the same ICs under the heatspreader -> potential trouble, manufacturers sometimes switch them during production (Samsung -> Hynix ...) The socket TR4 (Threadripper) has a potential problem with the sockets and mounting.If I remember it correctly it's Foxconn sockets that sometimes make problems - LOTES should be fine. If a board uses Foxconn or LOTES you can see on the retention mechanism for the CPU.
  8. Folterknecht

    New Build

    You mean the guy who puts a consumer budget grade Corsair CS or CM PSU into a 150TB storage server? If you would have pointed him to Anandtech, TH, HARDOCP or Techpowerup that would have been fine.
  9. Folterknecht

    New build

    Please open a seperate topic and describe what you are doing (multitasking) with your PC.
  10. Folterknecht

    New build

    In both reviews you can see what a difference decent fans make for AIOs - despite the fact that 4 fans should make more noise than 2 like the competition uses, it stays quiter.
  11. Folterknecht

    New build,4735-2.html
  12. Folterknecht

    New build

    The claims that big air coolers are on par with 240+mm AIOs is nonsense. They beat single fan 120/140mm AIOs and usually are on the same level or slightly ahead of push/pull 140mm AIOs with a thick rad and good fans. There are several issues with many test results that you 'll find online when it comes to comparing cooling performance. many AIOs come with really poor fans, while on the other hand Noctua or BeQuiet fans are known to be among the best. No testing is conducted with reference fans in most cases. testing with CPUs that are unsuited for performance evaluations of coolers. Everything from Ivybridge to Coffeelake without delidding and proper liquid metal application is "worthless". The 2nd issue with these small Intel CPUs is their relativ small heat output - though dense - doesn't really bring top end coolers be air or AIOs to their limit. AMD CPUs while being soldered to the IHS have always had issues with their temperatur sensors (idle temps under room temp ...) test loads generated by programms that arn't producing stable loads (heat output) mounting pressure, seating and TIM application seems to be an issue now and then open test benches favor air coolers in relation to the usual scenario where AIOs usually function as intake/exhaust in a closed case and the air cooler "sits" in the oven stirring up the warm air and contributing to it.
  13. Folterknecht

    New build

    My AIO is venting out of the top of my case - best position for an AIO. System integrators (SI) love AIOs for that reason! They are easy to ship mounted inside the case without much risk, not like monster air coolers ... . If you want to move with the PC in the future, you 'll have to remove the GPU and at least screw down you HDDs, better remove them completly. Tooless mounting brackets for HDDs arn't suited for that.
  14. Folterknecht

    AMD (Ry)Zen

  15. Folterknecht

    New build CPU - 8700K GPU - GTX 1070 Ti; makes the most sense atm price/performance wise when looking at 1070, 1070Ti an 1080. It's basically a 1080 once you manually overclock it, while price is between 1070 and 1080 SSD - just used a 500GB SATA SSD here from Samsung added a 165 Hz 27" 1440p G-Sync monitor. What you are writing there is a littlle confusing. The monitor from Dell is a 24 or 25" with 4K resolution ... *confused. When you are mostly into gaming I 'd keep the small one as backup/secondary and sell the Dell. 4K at that "small" monitor size doesn't make sense much and can't be good for the eyes (deciphering text without scaling, which is bad under windows). Also pushing 4K resolution even with a 1080Ti is more than a little demanding, if you want all the eye candy. High FPS and eye candy at 1440p is the way to go for gaming imo. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think you wrote something about 7 HDDs and constraints when it comes to mounting an AIO. For that reason I picked a case that can handle that (HDDs ->front; AIO ->top). It also comes with USB 3.1 type C. Just as something to take a look at ... ;-). Also removing the top 200mm fan and replacing it with a 240mm AIO that 's pushing the warm air out of the case works fine while front fan(s) are the intake. Related to the case issue (point above) I selected an AIO. I use that model myself and I'm happy with its performance. It comes with 4 high quality PWM-fans for push/pull. I'm using only two like most other 240mm AIOs and it works very well. Assuming you go with an AIO you will have no cooler-RAM clearance issues. I picked 2x 8GB which is perfectly fine for gaming. The moment you go with big air coolers you 'll have to start selcting RAM carefully otherwise you can run into conflicts with you first RAM slot(s) and sometimes even with the top PCIe x16 slot for the GPU. The motherboard is a solid model from Asrock - they arn't bad anymore like 15 years ago, where only ECS managed to produce bigger junk. They make good mobos, if you arn't shopping in the bargain basement. The one I selected uses the same power delivery as their top model. ------------------------- unrelated - my Delid tool just arrived :-)
  16. Folterknecht

    New build

    Afaik you could buy the 8700K directly from silicon lottery. That aside - do you have any applications that would profit from SSDs with high sequential read/write? For most people a decent SATA SSD is more than enough and they won't notice the difference between a NVME SSD and a regular SATA SSD. These NVME drives are usually a little bit more expensive. Do you have any preferences regarding monitors? 16:9 (27-28"; 1440p) or 21:9 (~30"; 3440x1440 )
  17. Folterknecht

    New build

    How serious are you about CPU OC? The thing is that Intel mainstream CPUs since Ivybridge more or less need delidding to reach their potential. My guesstimate for aircooling on the 8700K that isn't delidded is around "allcore" 4.7 - 4.8 GHz without going totally nuts and installing a monstrosity from Noctua or BeQuiet that clocks in at 1000+ grams. You can buy delidded CPUs from places like Before going with huge and hvy aircoolers I 'd go AIO instead. Delidded a 8700K can reach up to 5.2-5.3 GHz with luck and "reasonable" voltages (<1.4V) CPU and RAM OC arn't connected anymore like in the good old days of Gulftown. There is no FSB anymore that will bring RAM speed over the limits of the ICs. You go mostly by multiplier for the CPU and the bus speed stays the same. Still I 'd go with something like 3000 - 3600MHz CL15 and 2x 8 GB DDR4 at least (amount of RAM depends on the applications you use)
  18. Intel Core i7-2600K, i7-4770K, i7-6700K Vs. i7-8700K
    1. EndlessAgony


      When I read this, I was like "oh man, these things are probably special order only right now and cost like 1000000000000000000000000 because eastern european shithole", but a lot are actually available and cost roughly 370€ on average, which is surprising considering most stuff is like 30%+ more expensive than in the west.

      Also, I'd really like one, but too poor atm. Somebody buy me one pls QQQQQQ

  19. The JPZ E100 with 1100 alpha should have stayed the top end and only tank in the game which could do that.
  20. Folterknecht

    Post Your Camo Ideas!

    something along those lines mabye?
  21. Hi! As one of the main PC-support guys in this forum, I m getting a little bit annoyed by the back and forth that's eating up everyones time, causes misunderstandings and can be easily avoided by providing basic system information right in the starting post. In case you want to buy a new PC or upgrade the existing one not sure if problems are hardware or software related or a mix of both try to solve hardware, temperature or performance problems If your system doesnt work at all either provide the name/model in case its prebuild/of the shelve or post a copy of the invoice, if its build from parts/custom, detailing the components please provide the following information in your starting post by either uploading a screenshot like this (use HWInfo32 if your not sure if you have a 32 or 64 bit operating System) or linking to the DxDiag.txt file you uploaded somewhere on the web. In case you are using the screenshot, pleases also post your monitors native resolution OR the monitors name/model. Also tell us what power supply (PSU) you are using - if not sure open your case and take a photo of the sticker with all the numbers (readable pls) and upload it somewhere. And of cause the budget and your location play an important role, if you plan to spend money. If you have temperature issues please also add the temperatures. Screenshots of the GPUz sensor screen set to "MAX" (left click between sensor name and histogramm) for your graphic card and the tempsensors/values provided by HWInfo for your CPU after you put some load on the system. The name and model of your computer case ( or at least big tower or small cube), CPU cooler and the exact GPU brand/model (for example "Zotac GeForce GTX 970 AMP! Extreme") will also help a great deal. In case of performance issues pls first make sure you dont have a temperature problem (modern hardware will often throttle back in that case) and your drivers are up to date. If your temps are ok pleases provide the following infos regarding your ingame settings: - resolution, old or new render, Antialiasing settings ... or just post/link a screenshot like this if not sure. thx Folterknecht edit: List of topics already covered here: Boot Failure Troubleshooting Flowchart by Morris Rosenthal How to apply thermal paste Samsung Releases Second 840 EVO Performance Fix How to clean a Laptop Deliding and lapping a CPU Does RAM speed influence FPS in WoT? You want to buy/bought a new monitor? Things to check before/after purchase! Guides + FAQ + Reviews: CPU i7 2600K Sandybitch vs. i7 7700K Kabylake IPC comparison @4.5 GHz Motherboard How to fix Gigabyte motherboards bootloops PSUs Johnny Gurus Tops & Flops (comprehensive lists of PSUs by the most trusted PSU reviewer on the net - ofc they can't test them all) RAM DDR3 (4) RAM Guide and FAQ by Tomshardware Part1 (good starting point for newbies) Deep dive into DDR3 RAM by Anandtech (if you re bored with tweaking secondary timings) Which memory speed u really "need" by Anandtech (at least read the conclusion) Graphic Cards how to flash your ATI/AMD graphic card BIOS How to fix piss poor cooling performance on GPUs without switching to watercooling or a different aircooler! the difference between Custom and Reference GPUs ASIC Quality and what it means Miscellaneous How to: change WoT replay folder using symbolic links How to: disable Youtube Intro videos PSU repair - A case study (Don't do this at home!) and a 2nd similar story FAQ - NICs (Network Interface Cards) the basics by TH A look into Freesync (adaptiv sync) by TH