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  1. Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, When I listen to Metallica, My neighbors do too.

    1. TheMarine0341


      March 11th. 2019. Plan on being against the stage

    2. Medjed


      I see your neighbours have good taste in music


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    2. Action



      Believe it or not - I did that, no problem there. Short term that 's all fine and dandy, long term that 's a whole other story. Problem is most women are shallow, boring and extremely allergic to honest answers (generalization). Feelings >> facts + logic(stereotypical). Yes I 've also met 2-3 women who did value the no BS approach (what is the no BS aproach?), typically the type that played and interacted much with boys at a young age(cant see a relation). One of them (in her earlý-mid 20s) even asked for my advice (before contacting anyone else) when she wound up unexpectedly pregnant. After I gave her the facts as I saw them at the time (I didn't say do this or that - not my place, as I wasn't the father), I "send her off" to one of her grandmothers, the only female in her family and friendcircle I trusted somewhat to keep a level head and not start searching for baby names right away (stereotypical). As a male I'm somewhat limited when it comes to pregnancy and babies (stereotypical/generalization).


      And your idea that men and women are equal is pure nonsense (yeah i know what sexual dimorphism is but biology is only a small part of our society (see simple answers for complex questions), i didnt even start on my idea of equality btw). Our physique is different, our brains are structured differently, our interests and talents are different (overall)(yeah but ours are probably too and we are both males ). But no - like good little communists, if we repeat nonsense long enough, it must become true - and in a pinch we use a hammer to form the world to our liking (are you trying to impy anything here?).


      Not sure if you are old enough (I was in my teens at that time)(am now in my mid 30s so at the german unification i was a little shit), but in the early and mid '90s east german woman were somewhat of a sought after commodity on the west german dating market (thai woman principle of old west german guys who think they have to find a "weaker" mate. nothing new always happened and wil continue, see impact of china 1 child politics), that ofc has tapered off a long while ago. While there were certainly enough gold diggers among them, overall they were less materialistic, better educated and more emancipated (in the true meaning off the word, not todays travesty(in the way YOU understand it i assume)) than west german women - beside they had much less hangups when it came to their bodies (can't forget that one). But with east german woman it went the same way as with the GDR as whole - assimilated and integrated (GG Art 23), not much "unification" (GG Art 146) there.

      So you are a German male from the former GDR in your 40s and in your defining years your known political system broke down, the world changed for us all forever and at the same time you, unfortunately,  didnt find a girlfriend and blame that on the exodus to west germany? (of course that is not the whole truth)

      your comment is chock full of generalizations, clichees, stereotypical assumptions and dont let me even start on the Grundgesetz paragraphs, two most conspiracy theorists like to pull up. the only thing thats missing here is that you are an AfD voter.

      im really sorry that you didnt find someone and now try to sort that out with (imho) falsely applied reason and logick ( thats what men do after all) but my oppinion stands: you wont find answers this way. you are only soothing yourself into false security.

      I cant tell you waht to belive but oyu might want to learn some research methods to check the things you consume online.


      Hell i might write a paper about mgtow/redpill/pu in relation to the german unification.  

    3. Folterknecht


      What kind of nonsense are you writing there - as long as we don't speak about individual(s) cases, when looking at large groups, you can't avoid generalizations. Ofc there are in group differences, but general trends still remain true. And only because something is a stereotype doesn't make it false.


      In the early - mid 90s I was in my teens (school), but I sure as hell wasn't chasing after grown woman - how the fuck do you come up with that after reading my earlier statement? Yes I was an early developer with slightly above average intelligence for my age bracket, but that sure as hell didn't enable me nor was I interested in to go after woman. I could fool avg (intelligent) girls that were 2 years older than me, but come on ... . Being a teenager doesn't equate to being blind to the world around you, at least not in all cases and all the time.


      Only because I know of these GG Artikel(s) and the options that were available in 1990, that makes me a Alex Jones fan or Reichsbürger - you 've got to be kidding me. That is the typical nonsense spouted in MM and by so called intellectuals + politicans that parade around in politic talk shows on TV. I knew of these artikels as a schoolboy, much to the chagrin of my Staatbürgerkunde aka Sozialkundelehrerin (and the entertainment of my classmates), who couldn't stop shouting "Sieg Heil Helmut!" after chearing for Ulbricht and Honecker in the first 45 years of her life. Hell - when I was 12 I interrupted my 7th grade german teacher (50+ years old) in a monologe about how bad the Nazis were, by asking him loud and clear what he did in east germany ... well there was a sudden silence in class for several seconds, after which a red faced teacher muttered some vague threads into my direction concerning my behavior ... pointless to put it mildly.


      I 've never voted CDU (wrong leadership, not sure who was worse: Kohl, Stoiber or Merkel), AfD or a radical right wing party. Sadly we don't have a libertarian party - don't start with the FDP - and the SPD after Schröder is trying to overtake DIE Linke und Grünen on the left side, all them happily abandon civil rights and extending the "police state", while the media is chearing them on or at least tolerates it.

      And while the AfD provides a fresh new wind and entertainment, they have too many REAL right wing morons in their line up. Just being vehemently opposed to uncontrolled mass imigration and a EU superstate doesn't make you a Nazi, despite the lefts constant effort to redefine the terms to make them best fit their current agenda. Though on the ofter hand that alone doesn't make you a party in my book. Maybe in 10 years they manage to sort themselfs out, take the CDUs place after great chairmanwomen Merkel units CDU and SPD under her leadership ;-).


      And before you write any paper, I highly advise you to check mens rights activists and their grievances first and how they apply to germany ( paying for other mens children under certain circumstances afaik - state sanctioned "cuckoldry"). The "only" difference between those groups (MRA, RedPill, MGTOW and with PU you mean PUAs i assume) are the consequences they draw from the current situation. Though I'm not sure what PUAs - man sluts with an unhealthy urge to brag in my book - have to do with the other 3 groups. 


      And concerning "scientific research" especially in so called "soft sciences"



    4. orzel286


      Is of simple truth: if she breathes  - she a THOT. 2d waifus don't breathe, therefore not THOTS. 2d>3d, proven with SCIENCE! :doge:

  3. Regarding your PC question from a while back - AutoCAD and Solid Works


  4. Very good analysis of Heinleins Star Ship Troopers


  5. About women

    1. orzel286


      You can easily shorten this to "Never trust women".

    2. Strigonx


      Believe wahmen

  6. A great YT - channel for young men. A realistic, honest view on life with a positiv touch. Especially for those that grew up without a real father figure.


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    2. Folterknecht


      As far as I'm aware, that can also happen in germany. You don't even have the right to make a DNA test as a man to determine, if the children are yours. And if you do, the test results you obtain arn't grounds for legal action. All in the name of "informelle Sebstbestimmung des Kindes" ... The child has rights, the woman has priviliges and you can go and fuck yourself.


      An other fact - women arn't equal to men, and we arn't equal to woman. We have different brains and bodies. Sure the average woman has roughly the same IQ as the average men, but the distribution is different. While women are more clustered around the middle (100), men have more outliers. Which partly explains the much higher number of male prisoners at one end and also the higher number of men in leading postions be it in science or economy. Doesn't mean there are no genius woman, just that there are fewer of them compared to men. Which makes the whole femminist push for more/equal women in leadership postions and hard science nothing but a joke, when they can't even get basic biology and statistics right.

      And that doesn't even touch the whole topic of gynocentrism and monkey branching.


      I won't deny that there are pretty radical MGTOW channels on YT, but they usually argue from a point of science, statistics and logic (at least the good ones - there are morons in every movement) and you don't have to arrive at the same conclusions/solutions.


      The guy I linked is pretty tame in that regard, but gives good advice on live in general.

    3. Jesse_the_Scout
    4. lavawing
  7. "now ladies just because you got a gun don't mean the bathroom don't need a cleanin' "


    1. Action


      so i watched the first 3 minutes and i cant decide if that guy is a genius making fun of the whole "wemens are bed" reddid shit in a satirical way. or a fucking stupid moron. either way. i think even theese 3 minutes were wastet :(

    2. Folterknecht


      Sgt. Airborne Ranger for 20+ years ... He 's one for tough love, but honest

  9. "For the man in the field, the tension of constant warring very often resulted in a voracious sexual appetite. The outlet for this natural desire for sex was only available when a unit found itself in a relatively quiet situation. While officers and senior NCOs would consort with market girls, female volunteers and Wehrmachtauxiliaries, the common foot soldier was rarely accommodated because of his low rank or standing. The German Army considered rape a very serious matter and the penalty was severe. Local brothels, if they existed at all, would be unable to cope with the demand when a whole division arrived, and in any case, OKH opposed such establishments on principle as sources of venereal disease. Many men actively sought infection with gonorrhoea as a means to lose their ‘fit for the front’ category. (The other main venereal scourge of the time, syphilis, was barely treatable and a condom gave no protection. After contagion there would be a period of remission of several, perhaps many years before its effects began to show, and it was therefore worthless to the malingerer. Gonorrhoea showed after a few days, was highly contagious, did not go away and required immediate treatment.) In order to provide a sexual service and guard against its disadvantages, it was the practice along secure sectors of the front to allow a Wehrmachtfield brothel to be set up. For the purpose of preventing the infection and spread of gonorrhoea, these brothels had more medics in attendance than girls. Preventive treatment for everybody followed a sex session and was painful and extremely unpleasant, involving as it did a large syringe being forced into the urethra for the purpose of releasing 100 millilitres of a green sulphanomide solution into the genital tubes. All handling of the body parts was carried out by the medic. The disinfectant had to be retained for five minutes and could then be urinated free. It was reported that the latter sensation of relief was more orgasmic than the session which preceded it."

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    2. hall0
    3. Errants


      Better to masturbate or just forget about sex in combat, because it's not worth fucking prostitutes, nor is rape okay.

    4. OperatorError


      Well that about settles it. 

      WW2 officially sucked. 

    1. Action


      ok not about HDDs so probably off topic but as far as i can tell you are one of the hardware cracks here and a fellow german? (also i cant do status updates for some reason)

      I need a new notebook and im currently pretty interrestet in a xiaomi mi pro. seems to be a pretty good deal. do you have an oppinion? also sorry for off topic and ill delete if this is against forum rules :)

    2. Folterknecht


      While I'm the resident PC guru, I'm not much into notebooks. I 'd advise you to check out Furthermore it seems to me that the notebook you have in mind isn't sold in germany/EU officially. Depending on the shop you buy from you may have to pay import tax and down the road have interesting experiences when it comes to warrenty + repair. Especially mobile devices like laptops and smartphones are harder to service and break more often than regular PCs.  


  10. earth's deadliest animal


  11. If you 're interested in PC security in any form, read the following thread:


    At first I thought - yeah an other moron from the interwebs and to some degree I still think that (wtf is he posting a problem like this in a "benchmark forum")

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    2. TAdoo87


      I bought Bitdefender in a package and installed it on everything, mostly because it means less frequent maintenance/reinstall on my mother's PC. I am really proud of the fact that she is familiar with the internet, and learned the basics of English at old age just to understand stuff. But in the end she is too naive to the harsh reality of the internet. For that purpose the Bitdefender worked out really well, since with its autpilot mode deals with most of the stuff without interaction and it only gives her a message that what she did was a bad idea. :)


    3. Folterknecht


      I 'd also install µBlock Origin and something like Ghostery and NoScript (takes a little time to set that up and explain) - ofc depending on the content of your security suite.

    4. Assassin7


      jeez, thats some high level shit. 

      I've had one instance of malware I couldn't remove. hid itself in the RAM I think. (thats where my AV said it was) no AV I tried could remove it. ended up reinstalling windows and that got rid of it. 


    1. TAdoo87


      This was beautiful. :music:

    1. Haswell


      I'd rather watch an SSD get thrashed 24/7 until it dies. At least then I'll have a rough idea of how long the stream will be instead of playing lottery.

  13. "Look how straight that line is!"