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    an other delidded 8086K
  2. Folterknecht

    Graphics settings

    A long time ago I had that "feature" activated by accident and I found it pretty irritating, when textures changed suddenly for no apparent reason despite a good framerate.
  3. Folterknecht


    I feel the Threadripper is the wrong chip for that PR stunt - a 2700X + a X470 board would make more sense. Threadripper and Skylake X because of their architecture make "poor" gaming CPUs compared to 6 core Coffeelake. Or they should have gone for a "Replacement Kit" - 2600X + 16GB DDR4 + X470 board which is roughly the same price as a new 8086K.
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  5. earth's deadliest animal


  6. Folterknecht


    "Poor" is the tech press coverage of new CPUs in the last 1-2 years, especially when it comes to the OC section of their reviews and tests. While the manufacturing process of new silicon gets smaller, the voltage these clowns run to get big numbers and draw attention to their reviews is slowly creeping up. While I know what to make of 1.4+V under air/H2O, the avg user doesn't. Not understanding that short term "bench stable" in this case leads to electromigration in the long run.
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    That 's why I used the term "rumors" ... .
  8. Folterknecht


    Might be the case. I also picked up rumors regarding poor overclocks on the latest 8700K batches.
  9. Folterknecht

    Regarding RNG in Games, in general

    That's ok. The problem starts to rear it's ugly head in E-sports ... . Furthermore RNG is the most frustrating for those players who are potential E-sports material even outside of it. Among other things it's probably one of the main reasons of the exodus of top players since 2013/14.
  10. Folterknecht

    Regarding RNG in Games, in general

    +/-25% on aim, pen and damage is a problem. At least the later two should be reduced dramatically.
  11. btw - Threadripper 2 is also rumored to be released in the next few months.
  12. Folterknecht

    Arty Stun Mitigation Skill

    That whole stun mechanic shouln't be in the game to begin with.
  13. If you 're interested in PC security in any form, read the following thread:


    At first I thought - yeah an other moron from the interwebs and to some degree I still think that (wtf is he posting a problem like this in a "benchmark forum")

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    2. TAdoo87


      I bought Bitdefender in a package and installed it on everything, mostly because it means less frequent maintenance/reinstall on my mother's PC. I am really proud of the fact that she is familiar with the internet, and learned the basics of English at old age just to understand stuff. But in the end she is too naive to the harsh reality of the internet. For that purpose the Bitdefender worked out really well, since with its autpilot mode deals with most of the stuff without interaction and it only gives her a message that what she did was a bad idea. :)


    3. Folterknecht


      I 'd also install µBlock Origin and something like Ghostery and NoScript (takes a little time to set that up and explain) - ofc depending on the content of your security suite.

    4. Assassin7


      jeez, thats some high level shit. 

      I've had one instance of malware I couldn't remove. hid itself in the RAM I think. (thats where my AV said it was) no AV I tried could remove it. ended up reinstalling windows and that got rid of it. 

  14. ~300 MHz more won't make a big difference

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      This was beautiful. :music:

  16. Folterknecht

    AMD (Ry)Zen

    1. Haswell


      I'd rather watch an SSD get thrashed 24/7 until it dies. At least then I'll have a rough idea of how long the stream will be instead of playing lottery.

  17. Folterknecht

    AMD (Ry)Zen

    I'm also seeing this as an outsider, but professional video editing (scrap disk) might be a usecase. Everytime you can speed up your workflow you save time/money ... . But as I said, that 's me talking out of my rear vent. not for 180-200$, though if he can pay AMD maybe 30-40$ and get a 2600 back instead of a 1600 that's a different story.
  18. Folterknecht

    New build

    Looks defenitly average. If you manage 4.8 or 4.9 GHz on all cores without AVX offset with only 1.3V or below, I 'd step down there. 1.4V in long run isn't that good for your CPU. It's always best to run the CPU at it's sweetspot over the long run. Example for a fictional Haswell/Devils Canyon CPU: speed --------- voltage 4.5 GHz - 1.2V 4.6 GHz - 1.25V 4.7 GHz - 1.3V 4.8 GHz - 1.4V That's usually also the spot where you can still max our the RAM and IMC. Overclocking the RAM when you near or at the limit of the CPU frequency wise is often very tricky.