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  1. ok then, no trolls here. Just shut up and play, got it:(
  2. Its 10pm in North Texas and wotlabs has yet to update. Usually at about 6pm central US, midnight in the EU. it updates and I can start the new day stats. Some times its a little late but today 4hrs and counting. Just wondering it says it updated at 7:18pm EU time but has none of my games from today, still has yesterdays! Hummmm
  3. Glad its not just me. I had about 3 weeks of 30% winrate gameplay, I just could not get on a descent team 3 -15 over and over. One min you are looking good , the next you are all thats left and 12 tanks are swarming you, lol I mentioned it in WOTs forums and was trolled, your a shitter, learn to play etc. Makes me happy to see I wasn't going nuts