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  1. udes is a great tank, 1600 games now and i would never ever sell it, even at gun point some days with it are not so good, but the days when its good tank, it really shines. havent really played much after the patch but if the map randomness works, then it should be super sweet to play, and finally get those MoE's.
  2. thanks for pointin this out cant wait to play some turret defense maps on multiplayer
  3. tested this,unlimeted gold cheat found
  4. i am trying to do LT-15(2) and dam it seems hard, not very familiar wiht light tanks, ive gotten so close many times, like just few hundred points missing, just gotta keep trying and trying, i only have elc, type64 and type62 to do it, also stuck on the MT-15(2).
  5. this ^^ learn some climbing with udes and you can do magic with it, maps like windstrom, red shire. steppes are really good for it, strvs can climb quite many places too, "easy" 8k dmg, for a good player
  6. Udes 03 is pretty good for these missions, thou its pretty map dependant like e25, city maps and your pretty much screw'd Elc amx is pretty dam good too, in high tier games you don't need to shoot many times and your very high in exp if you manage to spot also.