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  1. Hi, since you are the only one I recognise on sight from the moderating staff (good job btw) I just try it here ;-) I cant find the button to do a status update even if my life would depend on it.

    I can only create forum topics and since I dont want to make your job unessesarily hard i wantet to ask if  it may not be activatet jet due to too few forum posts or something like that?

    if not, could you post me some picture with a big red arrow were i find that function?

    Sorry for the inconvenience and my bad spelling, im not a native speaker and maybe a little bit dyslexic :)

    1. CraBeatOff


      It's either the browser or the forum software bugging. Sorry i don't know more ... It happens to me also

    2. Kolni


      Upper right corner of the website to the left of the alarm bell (your notifications) there's a "+create" button with a dropdown menu. There it is.

    3. Action


      thanks guys, ill try another browser

  2. yeah. mobility seems better than the 343... the gun is a little weak alpha wise but i like the general really good med feeling of the tank.
  3. brought abour 40$ worth of boxes.. got a 59... and to be honest im pretty disappointet.. though its a nice tank, i see a lot of them and i assume its just another WG devaluaging strategy
  4. HI, so today the Roach is in the Advent Calendar. But only as 60Moneys bundle gg WG. is anyone buying it? Im trying to 3mark it for a while now.. hovering arround 88-90% but T8 Meta, my Skills and Teams kick me in the balls every time i try. should i try next week in hopes that the new players dragg the numbers down a bit? Off Toppic: How do i status update? :/
  5. HI, brought it too... so far have mixed feelings about it. The terrain resistances are really good and the gun handling too.. but i loose crew or modules with every hit, and as many already mentioned, dpm isnt really its strong point...
  6. The 2 Grand Finals Lights.. WG already said they wont sell them anymore but hey... its WG after all...