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  1. Action

    The End: Object 279

    i dont fkn believe a single word wg says anymore... in one form or another they will put this thing in the game.
  2. What really nags me about the changes is the reselling option for more gold... i have a lot of pref MM tanks and since MM is is so fucked up, i rarely even play T8 at all... i also dont want to get fucked over in 85% T9-10 matches. and this will happen if they dont change the Matchmaker shit. Does anyone know if there is at least a slight chance to get compensatet with real money? (Like the super P incident) I mean, i live in the EU and i think we have laws for things like that. On the other hand i assume WG coordinatet a change like this with their in house legal team :/ This sums up the situation pretty good i think
  3. Action

    On Allchat

    I liked all chat and i have the feeling the game now is... less personal? communicative? i dont really know but it feels like something is missing. though @kunjuro is right. Nowadays i run with chat turned off because 4 strikes and i want to keep my account....
  4. Action

    M35 Marathon Megathread

    My current strategy is spamming my AMX 13 57 and ELC EVEN when it dies... 1k base xp after somewhat over 200 matches in the 57 and i dont have a girlfriend anymore anyway i think ill mannage. I it only feels i get focused all the time for quite a while now... maybe because i got a bit better....
  5. I play on NA. Have aced it a few times now but always with games arround 1500+ base XP... currently trying to 3mark it. Dont know how hard that wil be though... at least this little thing is fun
  6. Yeah...playtime is over. Just had a 1300XP game and only got 2nd class... what glorious games do you madmen have?
  7. Looks really good. Did some models as a kid but havent done something in ages... have a tamiya patton lying arround somewere that ill probably never build YOu did a really nice job there. do you place them like this or do you also build diorama?
  8. Action

    The Return of Camo Meta?

    So i dont know about you guys but all "open" maps i have played in the last 2 days seemed to have a lot more bushes and trees. Also bushes on new positions. I, who plays a lot of lights for quite some time now, really like that. Sure, some situations might get a little more campy but at least the small tanks, most of the lights and the ones made out of paint and cardboard have their odds shifted a little more in their favours. IN my oppinion of course. So what do you think?
  9. well im one of the idiots with an e6... that tank is pure gabage and i wish i would have never taken it... the turret is worthles too in this meta
  10. Action

    Forum Software Updated

    Thanks, I really apreciate all the work you put in this, Im sure im not the only one Would upvote if there was a button ;-) One tiny thing: I still cant create status updates, only topics. Its not that important and there is also a good chance the error is on my side (i.e. me) but do you have any ideas? Oh. And is there a possibility to change my forum name to Action_Jensen?
  11. Action

    Do you EVEN 90?

    I finally brought it. The first few games I was really angry about myself to throw more money at WG and thought the bad reviews on Youtube were right after all. But now after 100 battles or so and beeing close to 2nd Mark I finnaly aced it and I am really happy about it. I have the feeling i finnally grasp how this tank works (As usual a lot of thanks to the WoTLabs Community and @CraBeatOff's replays in particular). My acetanker is quite the oposite though... 0 spotting but still a little bit proud Though this thing is really a lot of fun, I think the better Players and the Unicorns here are right, that this is nothing for the average pubbie. I think it should recieve some buffs too. Aimtime and clip reload buff would be really nice. Does anyone know if this thing would profit from iVertstabs or iVents? I have my first 5k bonds too.
  12. Action

    Do you EVEN 90?

    im still not sold do you think its worth getting blastet one night less in february? i think about paying it out of my party budget
  13. Hi, so after 500 battles played and 58% WR I can say I really like this tank. It may be my absolute favourite in this game. I just have one problem with it. I am not able to 3 mark it. I was at 88% some time but recently i have a hard time to stay at 85%. I dont know if its my habbit to only play certain parts of maps, i read the map wrong, or meta just likes to screw with me (a lot of city lately) on top of me not beeing a super unicum but i feel like i cant get over that plateau. Id gladly take some advicefrom the better Light players here to see what im missing or were i can improve. Here a link on my stats, if anyone is willing to look, id upoad some replays too but i would be really happy for some advice first. Also: Is there a good light guide or especially an t92 how to out there? thanks in advance
  14. Hi, since you are the only one I recognise on sight from the moderating staff (good job btw) I just try it here ;-) I cant find the button to do a status update even if my life would depend on it.

    I can only create forum topics and since I dont want to make your job unessesarily hard i wantet to ask if  it may not be activatet jet due to too few forum posts or something like that?

    if not, could you post me some picture with a big red arrow were i find that function?

    Sorry for the inconvenience and my bad spelling, im not a native speaker and maybe a little bit dyslexic :)

    1. CraBeatOff


      It's either the browser or the forum software bugging. Sorry i don't know more ... It happens to me also

    2. Kolni


      Upper right corner of the website to the left of the alarm bell (your notifications) there's a "+create" button with a dropdown menu. There it is.

    3. Action


      thanks guys, ill try another browser

  15. Action

    Soo... who got a Type 59 this Xmas? :)

    yeah. mobility seems better than the 343... the gun is a little weak alpha wise but i like the general really good med feeling of the tank.