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  1. Do you EVEN 90?

    The ELC EVEN 90 is now available to purchase early for those who have a premium account. Play one battle and you'll get an offer to buy the tank.
  2. Do you EVEN 90?

    Have they said anything about why the tank isn't available on EU? Was really waiting to get the tank on the light tank special weekend.
  3. 9.20 Supertest - Soviet Medium Changes

    Nothing was said about not nerfing bat. Seems like they'll nerf bat anyway but because ppl didn't like bat nerfs they won't buff russian meds.
  4. 9.20 Supertest - Soviet Medium Changes

    WG has cancelled all the russian medium tank buffs because BC nerfs weren't well received by players. Though 140 will still get an armor buff. Instead they'll buff US mediums and Type 59 gets a rebalance.
  5. Expected Values Updated to v29

    How will WN8 continue from here on? I've read on the russian sites that XVM team has decided to not use the v30 values and instead give tanks values themselves. So we now have "xvm wn8" values in xvm and the v30 values on wn8 tracking sites. Noobmeter atleast hasn't updated to v30, it still hasn't even updated to v29.
  6. 9.18 Top Tier MM Potential Bug

    Normally I'd be really against using a bug like this but considering that the bug is now known by "everyone" and WG has said over 24 hours ago that they have a fix ready, I really don't care anymore. If they really have a fix for it then surely last night would've been great for "unscheduled maintenance". If they are saying that they have a fix but they don't implement the fix I don't see why anyone should not use the bug.
  7. 9.19: Bonds! (and its repercussions)

    Secondary effects are: Increases extinguishing speed by 50%, adds 2 seconds to the duration of designated target, adds 3 seconds to the duration of call for vengeance, decreases 6th sense activation time by 1 second, increases ammorack durability to 37,5%, doubles clutch breaking effect, doubles snap shot effect, doubles smooth ride effect and increases camo skill by 10%.
  8. 9.19: Bonds! (and its repercussions)

    I remember hearing that ranked battles would be limited to certain time of day. Not sure though. I think it was like from midday to 20 or until CW battles begin or something. If they are limited to certain time of day it'll limit or restrict many players from getting bonds at all. Ofc that would limit rigging somewhat but would it really matter anymore when not everyone has access to them anyway?
  9. 9.19: Bonds! (and its repercussions)

    Will be shite for anyone that wants to play CWs for example. If you don't have these new boosts on your tank you'll never get to play CW in any competitive clan. In randoms it'll just make the gap larger between good and bad players. Won't be available for any good players that have less time to play either. Ofc WG did say that bonds will never be sold, just like the mutant.
  10. 9.18 is up on NA and available

    It was really close in that one. For the next shot it moved away and still got hit for like 200. But directly against the wall or not it's still a wall and arty definitely shouldn't be doing that amount of dmg through it. Some players have also suggested that splash goes through ground as well. Getting hit by a shot that landed on the other side of a ridge and so on.
  11. 9.18 is up on NA and available

    Leffehefefefefefe and other small caliber arties don't get stun so it's the same tank it has always been.
  12. 9.18 is up on NA and available

    An open field probably wasn't the best example of how ridiculous the stun and splash are. Take a look at these. 51dmg and 12s stun seems well balanced when done through a castle wall. Just like 454dmg and 21s stun done to a RU sitting behind a wall.
  13. 9.18 Update Notes

    Isn't the new MM heavily favoring platoons? Take the "ideal" 3-5-7 template and put a platoon of unicums in the top tier while the other team gets three mediocore top tiers. What can those tier 8/9 tanks do against a 907 unicum platoon for example there?
  14. 9.18 Update Notes

    All premium consumables had 60s reload on the test at first but after a lot of complaints they changed all of them to be 90s like normal consumables. This is the way it still is on the test server, including the premium medkit. For the release on NA they decided to reduce all of them back to 60s with the exception of medkit that will still have 90s reload. They have actually buffed RU for release compared to the test. On the test the RU gun has 8.57s stock reload.
  15. 9.18 Update Notes

    Anyone noticed this? Bringing back the P2W. Recharge of almost all standard consumables takes 90 seconds; recharge of Premium consumables takes 60 seconds. The Large First Aid Kit and the Small First Aid Kit have the same recharge time (90 seconds).