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  1. It was really close in that one. For the next shot it moved away and still got hit for like 200. But directly against the wall or not it's still a wall and arty definitely shouldn't be doing that amount of dmg through it. Some players have also suggested that splash goes through ground as well. Getting hit by a shot that landed on the other side of a ridge and so on.
  2. Leffehefefefefefe and other small caliber arties don't get stun so it's the same tank it has always been.
  3. An open field probably wasn't the best example of how ridiculous the stun and splash are. Take a look at these. 51dmg and 12s stun seems well balanced when done through a castle wall. Just like 454dmg and 21s stun done to a RU sitting behind a wall.
  4. Isn't the new MM heavily favoring platoons? Take the "ideal" 3-5-7 template and put a platoon of unicums in the top tier while the other team gets three mediocore top tiers. What can those tier 8/9 tanks do against a 907 unicum platoon for example there?
  5. All premium consumables had 60s reload on the test at first but after a lot of complaints they changed all of them to be 90s like normal consumables. This is the way it still is on the test server, including the premium medkit. For the release on NA they decided to reduce all of them back to 60s with the exception of medkit that will still have 90s reload. They have actually buffed RU for release compared to the test. On the test the RU gun has 8.57s stock reload.
  6. Anyone noticed this? Bringing back the P2W. Recharge of almost all standard consumables takes 90 seconds; recharge of Premium consumables takes 60 seconds. The Large First Aid Kit and the Small First Aid Kit have the same recharge time (90 seconds).
  7. World of Tanks servers will be down April 18 from 01:00 to 07:00 PT (04:00 to 10:00 ET) to get everything in order. WG NA published the downtime for Rubicon 2.0. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/general-news/update-918/ They really better get some changes done there.
  8. Compare T49 90mm with Sheridan 105mm. Surprise surprise T49 has more dpm with 10m more viewrange. What an upgrade going from tier 9 to 10. Same with T71 and bulldog. Bulldog is one tier higher and has 600dpm less with the autoloader and has that generous 10m viewrange too.
  9. Well they have never before used NA as a "live test server" before either.
  10. Test server is closing in two hours. Wonder what they'll do now. Would be smart to return lights to how they were pre micropatch and test for the week that there is left until NA release but I guess WG won't do anything and will keep test closed until release.
  11. According to wot express 9.18 release dates will be: NA 18.4 and RU 26-27.4 night. This due to "WG wanting to make sure these big changes work well before releasing to bigger audience". Edit: found a developer confirming this. 9.18 is estimated to be on NA on 18.4 with other servers following later.
  12. Funny thing is that when they released lights on the sandbox they said that they wanted to give them more firepower and make them more competitive. Surely nerfing RU while keeping same MM makes it more competitive and gives it more firepower.
  13. It's not just that mediums have better viewrange than lights. Every single tier 10 heavy has got 400m except for FV215B which has 410 and Kranvagn which has 390. So OP viewrange on tier 10 lights.
  14. Test server is back up. So far I've noticed all lights getting a slight aim time, dispersion, reload and tank traverse buff. All repair and medkits are now 90s cooldown and stun was nerfed a couple of seconds I believe and in return arty got buffs to aim time, dispersion and reload. Playing CGC feels like playing FV304 with longer reload. E: patch notes are here: http://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/918_second_common_test/
  15. No idea about Type 5 but atleast T49 doesn't. I think it was supposed to be only arty and only large enough caliber arty guns so Fv304 for example can't stun.