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  1. Destiny 2 PC launch in a bit more than an hour :PogChamp: Probably the one on here hyped for it :4Head:

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    2. Assassin7


      its like Borderlands 2 but bad. kappa. 

      seriously though. Destiny 1 was good until you completed the story the first time.... and then it was boring. 

      if this is in any way the same.... borderlands is still a great game

    3. Siimcy


      I don't own the game, must be worse than anything I played btw haHAA For example the pvp looked complete boring ass on streams, it's actually fun to play when you do it yourself. It's like watching tanks for me, boring as all fuck but actually fun(at times Kappa) to play.

    4. Cronk


      Got it on PS4 completed the campaign and promptly lost interest and came back to pixel tanks.

  2. But on the bright side the marks will be easier to obtain now.
  3. I traded my Jt88 for this, will see how it is.
  4. Trade in my JT88 for a T54 Mod1, T-34-3 or the new WZ TD(idk if I really like tds anymore tbh, especially since I own a Skorp already) :thinking:

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    2. Siimcy


      I'm sure it's on NA since yetserday

    3. DirtyACE7


      This exchange is going on until the end of October?

    4. Siimcy
  5. Look at it like WoT tanks vs WT tanks, one is an arcade game while the other has more realism. I do like the arcade aspect of WoWP, it's hard to believe but I actually think they did a good job.
  6. I must say I actually quite enjoyed what I've seen so far, the combat feels really easy now, I had a blast, first game I achieved 10+ kills(actual players). SeemsGood will play it more in the coming days sadly my work schedule this week doesn't allow me for anything but sleep and pc for like 2 hours
  7. I will try it out I guess, can't hurt to do so now with dem fast internet speeds.
  8. I guess my 6k bitrate at [email protected] was a bit too excessive I haven't had any drops of it tho, least I saw it was around 5,7k bitrate, that was from 3 hours of streaming with 0 dropped frames.
  9. FeelsGoodMan


    Game looks like a completely different game and I get more FPS even at ultra. LUL

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    2. Siimcy


      I got an Cryorig H7, it's really fantastic. I also had issues with 4.8Ghz, the spike needed in voltage for 4.8Ghz was a bit too step so I just stayed with 4.7.

    3. Fulcrous


      we both got cucked in sili lottery xd

    4. Siimcy
  10. This reminds me strongly of BF1.
  11. I run it at ultra, everything, literally everything set to max I get dank FPS, above the old limit in the current live version(127), I did tank to 80fps somehow at the start of Abbey tho.The game looks way better AND I get more fps, very well done so far. 7700K, 16GB DDR4, GTX1080
  12. Third battle in the Type 5, da balanced comrade)))



  13. When it works it works but most of the time I get spotted and insta dead or I miss 10 shells in a row.
  14. Researched:
    Type 5 Heavy researched. Undistributed experience spent: 256633. Free Experience spent: 927.

    Type 4 was worse than ebola :)

    1. Medjed


      Why are you playing WoT cuntbag

    2. Siimcy


      Good question, I don't know the answer I just hate myself :serb:

  15. I legit hope they bring Caern to the live server, I don't know about you guys but I have so much fun in this.