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  1. Found this on some local website some time ago since the guy behind this game is from our fgt country. If you want to back up the process you can donate me the money, I'll give it to him... I promise
  2. @Zinn @Tunnel_Snakes_Rule last DLC of DS3 is tomorrow and afaik last of its franchise. I'm curious how it'll all end.
  3. Ringed city tomorrow @Tunnel_Snakes_Rule :gachi: MengLuu

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    2. X3N4


      I killed him in 3 tries. But I think I lucked out a little with the dragon phase. I found the twin princes and especially the soul of cinder WAY harder. Apparently that's all a joke tho compared to ringed city :feelsbad:

    3. Deus__Ex__Machina
    4. Siimcy


      Yeah, dating sim, casual, relaxing, cute EleGiggle


      MFW I came back from work in the morning, went straight to bed and just realized I forgot to DL DS3, well, it's tomorrow then because I can't do anything with non usable internet for a few hours.

  4. 140, I wish, with a 144Hz monitor with no adaptive sync I get eye cancer from even below 70~80fps really and I get like 50fps DansGame
  5. It kills my FPS regardless, I need to have it to absolute low and limit render distance so I can get some fps that isn't choppy as fuck. Maybe the 7700k in ~2 weeks will boost that fps, no idea how CPU/GPU intensive is H1Z1 to begin with.
  6. Hey, I'd fucking love to play a nice BR game which doesn't have fucked up hit reg, non chunky movement, actual working physics and optimization but as you've said one can dream. As long as Ubishit doesn't publish the game we're for the most part good.
  7. Maybe like a For Honor effect, everyone was so hyped up and then the negativity started and everybody(at least on Twitch), left. It does look kinda fun tho, but at this point my potato of a PC couldn't handle it at playable frames I guess. If H1Z1 runs like ass already for me I can't imagine this game run any better.
  8. Since sloomcy is bored, I guess, rip the rest of the life I got now besides being at the job :kappa:



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    2. Siimcy
    3. Sergeant_Fgt


      Up to 3/10 mythic, with randoms - thought about joining a guild but I've only played casually 

      not gunna cum bek since I'm currently trying to sell my pc/have quit games in general (not rly having time)

    4. Siimcy


      Mythic :jebaited: With randoms? 4Head Gib me your armory :kappa: 

  9. Dawaj paycheck cum faster I need muh 7700k :gachi: Everything ready(or on its way) expect the CPU... soon I can say bye to my 2k09 prebuilt 1st gen i7 :serb: 

    1. aaveq



      be ready to get ebola from temperatures undelidded Kreygasm | check if the cpu is properly sealed, if not  send it away, fucklords send away theirs i7s if they have bad OC :babyrage:

      and my screen is not yet on its way :feelsbad:



    2. Siimcy


      The shop I'm buying from I bought most of my stuff is actually delivered by a person working at that shop there, you can inspect the item before paying, 30days to exchange or give it back and 3 years warranty on pretty much everything :doge: Funny thing is next to no other shop even accepts stuff you bought back.

    3. Monkey


      Thats pretty much unheard of Siimcy!

      Glad you finally get to build it =)

  10. Ever since I got a job I can't be arsed with WoT anymore, I got better things to do in life than getting cancer in a game with no meaning. I don't have the time to devote to anything WoT related anymore and I don't really miss the game as much as I thought I would of. I'm not leaving the website but I'm probably stopping with WoT for the distant future, I'm coming back at the soonest in August to check out the new graphics that's about it. Now I understand when people say they don't have time for this shit because I really can't be arsed either.
  11. I just browsed my topics posted and here is my reply back in 2k16, I don't even think it was the PSU fault at the end tl:dr: I reseated all cables coming from the PSU itself and reseated the GPU as well, since then I had no crashes. If I remember now correctly my 24pin or 8pin connector wasn't all the way in or something alike and it caused random crashes, I have 0 idea if I got the new PSU already back then but ever since I had no such crashes anymore. Try this, can't hurt you at all and it's better to do that than buy new components which may be fine.
  12. Funnily enough I used to have the exact same error code, Event ID41 and ever since I've replaced my "750W gaming no name brand" PSU with a quality PSU I did never encountered that problem anymore so it may be the PSU fault at the end of the day, but do what the other two wrote above.