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  1. I don't play arty. So RIP me ever getting the t-55a or 260. At least they'll give me the female crew for the arty lines on the Stug and HTC (Or so I read this as) Also, I wonder if you have to have these vehicles in your garage to be credited with the previous missions. It would be just like WG'g to penalize you for selling the reward tanks.
  2. Oh not at all. The T49 thread is on my daily list of things to check for a quick chuckle alongside xkcd etc. It has pretty much convinced me that when I'm done with unlocking the T54E1 I'm gonna shift the crew out of that line and drop them into the T49 and give this chodeLife a crack.<pun intended> only 50k xp to go. one good session with a booster and i'll be done with the T69.
  3. Wut? I think you might have that backwards. edit: nvm, I see what you're saying now. refer post below.
  4. You just want another map with lots of little ridges/hidey-holes to jump out of an surprise chode people in the butt.
  5. 1. Go with the mediums. 2. play peak-a-boom until someone dies 3. use newly formed wreck as cover for hull/lfp (seriously digging out an IS-7 that is using a hull as cover is fucking annoying it he has enough support that you can't rush him/her) 4. create more wrecks for more cover as you advance. 5. Profit.
  6. Probably because they tried to include ranked and GB for MoE and back tracked after testing. My guess is they had to reset some stuff after this.
  7. If you know its likely to be on a flank its pretty easy to play around/deal with. I still find those swedish pancakes more irritating. If one catches me in the open I really only have myself to blame.
  8. The crew is the most valuable thing in that purchase. I bought my thunderbolt for the crew alone. They almost 3 full skills now at less than 100 battles.
  9. Did you get so worked up about the Emil that you forgot to vote for a good tank?
  10. The difference is that with rubicon you really needed to pay with gold to get the bonus' because paying with credits was prohibitive to progressing in the game. This you get the rewards for excelling in another battle mode with has skillbased MM. I welcome this patch for the battle mode alone.