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  1. I use them for firefighting on my russian meds so I can run food with less risk. It costs 2 bonds/battle So it is easy to run a session and have positive bonds at the end if you run plenty of T10's I also use the designated target bond on a couple of my LTs that have a newish crew that I haven't got around to training the actual perk. (At this stage, only my Type 62 (first chinese completely new crew) and my AMX 13 90 which I pinched the crew a while back for my batchat 25t/lorraine 40t combo. I think improved equipment is the better way to go, but If you can live without it then there is nothing wrong with directives. Just bear in mind that some of the more expensive directives _will_ drain you bonds if you run them on too many tanks.
  2. get beside it and shoot the log. it will pen every time without the need for gold. Just dont try to do a track+damage shot and you're golden
  3. Really? edit: actually, I guess living in NZ i've taken for granted the fact that the coast has never been more that 20 minutes from my house and that i've spent a significant chunk of my life on the water. Some of you guys in the middle of the states have to drive for days to get to the coast.
  4. With my crew, I swapped the vents out for optics for a laugh about 3 months ago. I am hitting 493m VR now and it has been extremely helpful for digging out STRV's and cammo'd up mediums in many late game situations. So much so that I have decided to leave that setup in place. Like Archaic_One says, the vents are nice, but they can be replaced if you have a good crew.
  5. Thats the the best way for people to get an indication of your thought patterns/decision making while playing a tank.
  6. So I'm curious to know what the consensus is on this forum about the new T9 Obj 430. I've heard almost nothing from anyone about it and given the sweet spot that T9 is in now I am a little surprised. I'm thinking that it is going to be a bit of fun and a variation from the T-54. The soft stats are the same as the t-54 and given that it is retaining is armour profile/camo rating and also has 1800 hitpoints I'm looking forward to playing it.

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    2. monjardin


      Derpy gun with the same alpha as a tier 9 NATO medium. What's the point? I'd rather play a T-54 or WZ-120 at that tier.

    3. Fabunil


      It is a bad gun on an excellent platform.

      Average but not nearly as bad as some people make it out to be (It definetly beats the ever forgotten WZ-120 by miles though).


    4. Tman450


      I think it's pretty good. The gun is meh, but it's a 122 so it has glorious Stalin overmatch. Accuracy is bad but gun handling is okay. Good DPM, great armor. Same profile as current 430. A but slower but has hovermed terrain resistance.

  7. Dragon Ridge - 32 (Edit: My bad - I changed my mind halfway/ Good catch Rexxie) Hidden Village - 30Komarin - 18 -3 = 15 = May this map die in a fire.Northwest - =28Pearl River - 34 + 1 = 35 I still don't know why they removed this map.Port - 31 Province - 27 Severgorsk - 21 South Coast - 31 (Added Kolni's vote form earlier)
  8. Its the fuel tanks behind the LHS of the UFP. Two shots to there and you burn. same as all of the russian tanks. I started repairing my fuel tank with multi use repair kits at @Kolni advice. I've been getting few enough fires in my russian tanks to be able to run rations now.
  9. has had the new values for a while now.
  10. Did you also ram them?
  11. The M48 only burns if your arse is to the red team. I have never run an AFE in ~450 battles and I have never once regretted it. Also, running the camo directive doesn't take into account the commanders +10% bonus, so you will always run ~2-3% lower camo than if you train the crew for it.
  12. Whats you opinion on running designated target over armorer? My setup is almost exactly the same as yours just with that one difference.
  13. Not a purple, or even close for that matter. but for the interest of science; My most played premium is Lorraine 40t, and i usually pop a 1hr credit PR and get bored after about 30-40 min after i've got some ~400 - 500k credits and start then start playing tier 9+10
  14. You're aware of the fact that the 183 will overmatch the majority of your UFP with autoaim right? The biggest part in the middle of the UFP is only 51.5mm thick. This allows the 183 to triple overmatch. Also, if they're shooting AP at you - you're not going to bounce, even if perfectly angled.
  15. Try switching to HE and almost everything should be red. Might be a way of getting an indication if there is some fuckery going on.
  16. Remember that you never see the other side of the bell curve on this one. You will never notice when you roll 301 on a 300 hp tank with a 390 alpha gun. It is quite difficult not to fall victim to confirmation bias when all you can see is half of the data.
  17. has new values now
  18. Did you lose the keys to your T49? That is the only explanation that I can come to as to why you are running around shooting HESH/HE out of the charioteer.
  19. I don't play arty. So RIP me ever getting the t-55a or 260. At least they'll give me the female crew for the arty lines on the Stug and HTC (Or so I read this as) Also, I wonder if you have to have these vehicles in your garage to be credited with the previous missions. It would be just like WG'g to penalize you for selling the reward tanks.
  20. Oh not at all. The T49 thread is on my daily list of things to check for a quick chuckle alongside xkcd etc. It has pretty much convinced me that when I'm done with unlocking the T54E1 I'm gonna shift the crew out of that line and drop them into the T49 and give this chodeLife a crack.<pun intended> only 50k xp to go. one good session with a booster and i'll be done with the T69.
  21. Wut? I think you might have that backwards. edit: nvm, I see what you're saying now. refer post below.
  22. You just want another map with lots of little ridges/hidey-holes to jump out of an surprise chode people in the butt.
  23. 1. Go with the mediums. 2. play peak-a-boom until someone dies 3. use newly formed wreck as cover for hull/lfp (seriously digging out an IS-7 that is using a hull as cover is fucking annoying it he has enough support that you can't rush him/her) 4. create more wrecks for more cover as you advance. 5. Profit.
  24. Probably because they tried to include ranked and GB for MoE and back tracked after testing. My guess is they had to reset some stuff after this.
  25. If you know its likely to be on a flank its pretty easy to play around/deal with. I still find those swedish pancakes more irritating. If one catches me in the open I really only have myself to blame.