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  1. You're the guy who caps because 4v1 against a 350hp T95 is "asking for a loss"? Or is that another Dr_J?

    1. DrJ_Zoidberg


      I've never capped a pub game in my life

  2. How about clipping the shot for us? You tell us it's a shit replay - that's asking for us not to watch it!
  3. Do you have a video of this? I keep getting spotted after i knock the trees down, so perhaps there's a problem with my technique.
  4. And I thought I was doing surprisingly well despite being a broken excuse for sub-functional. This little tank has crippled my self-esteem and self-image in one glance.
  5. And others of us will be HEAT44 assholes who finish our missions and get our 260 and do the thing we've wanted to do since girl crews became a thing:
  6. Back on subject @Fulcrous, wouldn't you say for Stun to be a meaningful mechanic it has to last longer than the reload time of the FV215b 183, Shitbarm and Jagdpanzer E100, and especially longer than the Pz VII/VK7201/E100/IS-4/IS-7/Type 5? If you're stunned between reloads and it affects literally nothing by the time you've finished reloading, what's the point in the mechanic? And for myself, while the repair kits and consumable changes are a good way to deal with the new mechanic, I feel they're a backwards step in the game as there's far less management of modules and repairing your tracks is almost meaningless in the wider scheme of things, while healing crew and then reusing the bandages and diamorphine+adrenalin you'd think such a kit to contain to heal the next crew member - how does that remotely work conceptually? I know it's not a historical tank game, but physics and getting rid of faux-paper tanks like the WTF-E100 were positive moves toward realism, as were the new engine and gun sounds, but this is an arcade-esque pandering to those of lowest skill imo, and somewhat barrel-scraping in terms of mechanics.
  7. 2) answered the question directly. the best statpadding tanks for one person might be French heavies because the majority of people play them with no clue, while another might find the Super Pershing works. Btw @OOPMan have been meaning to Pm you, just have pneumonia and feeling beyond shitty.
  8. I agree, but there's often an idiot red in a place that it hurts my brain to find them in when I'm playing at 3am. While on one hand I should just count tanks before I shoot tanks, OTOH counting to less than fifteen is hard. As far as I'm concerned Jesse did that when he called people he doesn't know mongoloids. If he did that in game 5 times and got reported, he'd be permabanned. And as we're all here, we could try for a bit of decency and respect toward one another. Especially when we ban people like @Gasai__Yuno and @Gasai_Yuno for the same lack of respect for others - unless we say it's okay as long as it isn't directed at us? Edit: I also appreciate @Jesse_the_Scout's posts mostly and know that they'll generally come with useful content but explicit language. However I didn't call him or others out the last couple of times mongoloid/downer/retard/autist got used, which just legitimises their use and passively condones it. And I'm sick of that shit, so I'm gonna call it out, and if it gets me warned or banned this won't be a place I'll stay. I'd rather have my morals than forum access.
  9. You forget that the live server arty players are more stupid than you. They *easily can and will miss*. Also, mongoloid is highly offensive. Either you're calling people from East/SE Asia and North American Arctic regions dumb because of genetic features usually peculiar to that region, or you're comparing these people with people with Downs' Syndrome (Trisomy 21), or you're just using a outdated and offensive word for people with Downs' Syndrome. I've got 2 friends with Down's Syndrome who play tanks, and they're both in top 10 clans according to the last 2 campaigns. If you want to call people shit, just call them morons/shit/tomato's, whatever.....I'm not even a major fan of calling people shitters because I've got a spinal cord injury and it's only luck that I don't shit myself, but someone as comparatively bad as me still shits on plenty of pubbies. The correlation isn't between mental or physical illness and being bad at tanks. It's between not caring about playing well and not getting better. When I lost the use of my hands for the first time, I played tanks til I got back to purple. And the second time, I went from black recents to purple. Now I'm struggling with recents because I need another 3 operations, or I'd be happily hitting 5k sessions every day, instead of just when I take a med that gives me Parkinsons' Disease symptoms (which don't go away). TL:DR Remember that a lot of us are actually 'Downers, Cripples, Spastics and Autists', and we don't announce it through our play. Target your abuse to those who are actually the targets please.
  10. Sorry, totally just being friendly and needed a at the end of it because I forget some of you don't know me from another random grammar nazi! I typed it like that for understanding rather than to seem critical. Sorry if I came across as an asshole.
  11. The problem is that apart from @HeartMiner and A_UselessReptile there aren't many arty players whom I'm scared of (i.e. possessing both skill and target prioritisation). There are however heaps of arty players, and if you refund their line XP and credits you'll find they're suddenly playing all the other low skill floor tanks in the game, namely the JPE100 and FV215b 183. I'd rather get hit by arty now and again and stunned than get blapped for 1150hp by a 17cm or 183mm AP round or 2k from a lucky high roll.
  12. They're great for getting one-shot by their American counterparts!
  13. loose = was not tight lose = did not win I thought wotlabs was meant to be a haven from this kind of thing.
  14. After ~2 years hard work, Object 260 is in garage.

    Now what do I do?

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    2. FurryLionBalls



      that's how it appears, but it's more a factor of 

      a) playing tier X when asked rather than when well. I could 2 mark all of the tier X's in my garage and 3 mark a few of them (not the 260, RUmeds or CentAX for sure), but I've historically played tanks whether I've felt well or shitty, and through regaining the use of my arms, twice. So my stats overall are an average of being able to play 'okay' and being literally black/red, even using one of these for approximately 12000 games
      b) playing at 1-7am when I can't sleep due to pain and insomnia.
      c) getting bored and yoloing stuff for missions.

      You'll notice I've mostly 3 marked T8 tanks, but it's really that mostly having a standard acc, 3 marking premium tanks is something I can generally do at some sort of profit (at least when I'm feeling okay) while I can mess around with others before or after a marking session and profit handsomely. I should probably treat all my tier X's as 'marking' tanks and only play them when I feel good, but where's the fun in that?

      Might have to try the random strongholds - CW is enjoyable but at the wrong time of day for me and team battles are pretty dead on NA. Think I'm gonna do more Tier 9 and grind the Pz VII and E50M out, then unlock the WZ-120 before the new lights unclip that connection, and then maybe finish the STB-1 and TVP grinds that I'd planned to do to help with MT-15.4. 

      At least now I can use a Razer Deathadder Chroma (won it), even if it's cack-handed for me (I'm a leftie)

    3. 1m9j9s3


      Sell it :doge:

    4. FurryLionBalls


      The account? Or just the 260? :f