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  1. Hi Wotlabbers, My wife is doing a Phd in Clinical Psychology and her main thesis topic is based on experiments around sense of control and what happens in different situations to people who've previously experienced trauma. She's recruiting participants from Amazon's Mechanical Turk platform, screening them with a screener questionnaire (see http://bryantlabvm2.portll.net:81/pcstudy3v2/ for a similar example one) and then if they fit certain criteria, putting them into groups for a set of questionnaires to be answered and then an escape the room game to be played (which is already built and tests things like task persistence) and a threat perception game (javascript, images growing on a black background until a keypress from the user stops them showing). Your job would be to build this out from HTML templates of the questionnaires to mimic the design of PCStudy3 (sample and full brief will be provided - existing code can be reused) and to build the Javascript game. Some familiarity with API's would be useful, particularly the very tiny code snippet used to check IP address matches country reported by user (MaxMind GeoIP) and MTurk. Data will need to be saved in MySQL or SQL Server (or similar - open to alternatives as long as it can easily be exported somehow for use in SPSS). We have been using a Windows Azure instance provided by the University department for web hosting and would prefer to keep using this - also that you use a version control server. Happy to stage payments on mutually agreeable terms - we would however prefer a project rate based on the spec rather than an open-ended hourly, although this could be a price with a contingency figure for any intangibles you see. Current site is built using Classic ASP (VBScript), Javascript and HTML/CSS. I can do the HTML/CSS for you free of charge and prepare any graphic as prior to my spinal cord injury I ran a web development agency (if it helps - I'm happy not to be involved and just play some tanks instead) - I was just never a great programmer! If this might be a fit for you, or you know someone who would be a good fit for the project, please get in touch by PM for more information and we can continue over email, phone, Skype etc as desired. Thankyou! Furry/John.
  2. Will help for funds, because I have none. Happy to work with you on all aspects of your gameplay - and was at your level of stats once so know the steps you need to take your tanking forward. Happy to platoon with comms, watch and give feedback on replays, tank loadouts, crew skill choices etc.
  3. I've seen this too, unfortunately my source material is 6500km away but the argument is silly - a brand new word in popular culture using a word rooted in the french noun meaning "to fly" or the word itself. Your source itself says: "The use of the “V” designation with fix-wing heavier-than-air squadron designations has been a question of debate since the 1920s.", and as he doesn't cite a source for his claims, the author of the book I can't retrieve (was a book on Fleet Design 1880-1930 iirc) was pretty much sure it was just his opinion that it was the majority view (and presented conflicting evidence. I've asked the owner of the house on whose property my old library sits whether he'll dig through and find the ISBN, but he's having family problems atm, so we'll see.
  4. In answer to your question: 1) How about playing to get better instead? 2) Any tank where you outperform the average player more than you do in your other tanks. 3) If other people outperform, for instance when tanks are buffed, OP or become more powerful in relation to their peers due to meta changes, expected values will change and your WN8 will drop to reflect that. Playing disliked tanks like the AMX M4 45 is a way round this - but you have to git gud at them because they're often disliked because they have one/two of armor/mobility/alpha/dpm/pen/hp instead of all of them.
  5. So I'm back to purple recents after some health issues and personal mission chasing tanking my wn8 (through IDGAF issues) with W/R lagging behind because I'm >90% solo for this lot, and I play with bad players I like rather than better ones, usually - Wotlabbers are usually the exceptions! After a mature and low drama clan who don't care about my green issues (working on going teal but it takes a while with my battle count). Should I wait til I get back to dark purple stats to apply for a clan, or just join one I like now? And who'll have me who's worth joining? I'd top out at 2960 WN8 and 59.7% W/R probably - can't see myself breaking 3k/60% unfortunately.
  6. 6edadd33d3964bc74258ff6be4a30b9c.png

    (click through for image)

    Literally the least purple it's possible to be, but finally back to the 2nd best colour of recents after being on tilt healthwise through Nov/Dec/January (and still not right).

    Now to see if I can get back to dark purple or whether I'm just setting myself up for #fadetoblue.


  7. d2e041b917308a007f8226f9b5941762.gif

    Created in honour of that purple player in your life who only managed to get that way by avoiding his 'peers' and taking teals the french way.

  8. Yeah I should've probably clarified as 'english language players', but as you say, Asia pipes work by bribes and cartons of spiced cigarettes. And that's just for the packets from your router! TFW you know some people get good ping to Asia but suspect they usually talk in boxes.
  9. Now you know what being on NA West feels like.... and it
  10. MT-15.4 is done. 5 shots to a Death Star, 2 to a Jageroo and 3 to a T30 on a stupid loss on Overlord - the FU triple-platooned TD's got me the mission with a 4050 dmg high roll after 6 39XX TD dmg games, but the G/SIMP/BULBA double-platoon in SuperHeavies got me the loss - not a single 260 -15 mission has been done with honours so far.

    To cap it all off...I crashed going back into the garage so no screenshot and a malformed replay.

    Way to take the enjoyment out of the moment, Wargaming.


    1. SchnitzelTruck


      Mission completed tho :tanfiesta:

  11. Huge size I can't argue with, but these tanks are meant to be hidden behind a ridge. The size is often useful in that there are a huge number of spots the FCM is perfect for sitting in the dip of while using the ridge to cover it, and turning the top of the turret into surprisingly bouncy (bounce ~40-50% as ricochet) Assuming you're running food in the CDC like me but gave up on food in the P2 because of the fire risk, that setup handles better than a Panther 2. Sure if you're not running food they're pretty even (better aim, worse base dispersion, 0.02 worse on turret traverse and better if your gun get dmged or you shoot it. Obviously the Panther 2 does much better with full equipment, but you can permatrack at a distance with the CDC and really nibble away at HP pools, and when the situation turns bad you can flee - which is harder in the Panthers. Plus that extra gun depression really does je Reload: 6.42 vs 7.67 (+366 DPM) Aim time: 1.93s vs 2.11s Dispersion: 0.30 vs 0.29 Moving: 0.14 vs 0.15 Tank Traverse: 0.14 vs 0.15 Turret Traverse: 0.11 vs 0.10 Firing: 2.38 vs 3.36 Damaged: 1.36 vs 1.92 Gun Depression: -10º vs -8º It loses out on Shell Velocity and has a little less pen (212 vs 223 / 259 vs 261 - negligible differences in terms of what you'll fire at, while it has 35.04hp/ton to the Panther 2's 12.79, even with it's crappy (for a t8 med) terrain resists it is spritely and spry (effective on hard is 42.9 vs 36.8, medium is 37.85 vs 29.4 and soft is 21.45 vs 14.02), plus it has 100 less HP It actually has significantly better engine health (360 vs 260), track health (240 vs 210) - so it gets detracked half of the time on an initial shot by a same gun tank rather than 'nearly all the time' (>85%), and 40 more ammo rack health (same kind of benefit), then it has 15% vs 20% chance of fire. In other words, calling it trash compared to what has been buffed to probably the 2nd best T8 medium in the tech tree atm (I still hate it) and a tank known for it's sniping ability - the problem isn't so much the tank. All the T8 premium meds are much of a muchness - maybe even all of the meds, but the CDC acquits itself better in tier X games than most even if it loses out to what @Zeven would call 'bully'. "If bully then bully" admittedly doesn't come to mind much playing the CDC". Trust me on this - I know people say it is, and it's a hella frustrating tank to play, but it's easy to spin up damage numbers that are quite decent, and the extra 2 base camo really stacks impressively when all is added in. Defender was a mistake imo - it's got too much gun, too much armor and enough mobility, and should've been nerfed on test server. Sure, FCM isn't perfect against a Defender but if you actually play it it's not too bad. More DPM, accuracy to pen the hatches if you're close and the LFP if you're far away, and speed to disengage from the engagement or fight on your terms and choice of terrain. Plus, if you get to a track wheel you're golden! Yep, 183 AP pen means you might have to aim a bit more and the lower pen gold round means you actually have to flank etc. It's entirely capable of engaging T6/7, most T8's, T9 meds and even E75 LFP if you load gold etc, and flanking is needed for Anime Heavies, SuperHeavies and suchlike, but unlike the Mod 1 - which is a trash tank in the current meta, at least on NA, it has the ability to relocate. The sideskirts are surprisingly effective, the turret is surprisingly effective and the armor layout lets you bully lower tiers surprisingly effectively...plus it has the Russian Comfort factor going (much like the Pershing's Southern Comfort)..It's very much a Russian T25 Pilot! And although I've sucked in it to date, I'll get 2 or 3 marks on it pretty soon - and the MoE requirements show me that good players REALLY find it is a tank with a high skill ceiling. But you trashed it when you opened the post on it and I think you're playing it wrong. I'd use Optics, Rammer and Vert Stab, Food and BIA/Camo/Repairs/JOAT/Safe/Designated/+ a driver skill . It'll hit 442.43m view range without vents, situational awareness or recon - ~470m with. Then you're self spotting for targets and with a rather good for Russia -7º gun depression and fantastic traverse and good enough bloom values, plus the extra 10 dmg over the other 90mm options, plus a bit more module damage. The main downside is, like the T25 Pilot 1, lacklustre AP shell speed 880m/s and 853m/s respectively, and you can get round that by running a credit booster and firing lots of APCR - if you're on SEA it's probably what's making you hate the tank, as I've never met anyone before with GREAT ping to that server! Even from here in Sydney I ping lower to NA.
  12. The flip side to this is that having been on the same side as him before, I'm fairly sure that the advice he needs to go from plateaued green to teal is different from that which recent purples are giving him. For instance, this. I think he's probably trying too hard to keep his gun in the game, and getting punished for it. I think he's probably rushing too fast to a forward location, and getting spotted first and arty focused on many occasions. And I think he needs to remember that in a 6 minute game, a shot every 30 seconds in a 240 dmg tank between 60 seconds in and the game finishing on 6 minutes, is 2400 dmg - enough to 2 mark most t8 tanks pretty comfortably and easily enough to make him blue. Making him purple from there is just a case of having his gun firing every 25 seconds - suddenly doing 2920 dmg, or landing 1k in tracking shots as he goes. Thosse who aren't red and aren't purple (most of the time) are more liable to forget how slowly they (we - I'm ~2300 atm after a big fall) need to play the game, than how fast! @capt-jay, if this resonates, look me up in game!
  13. Can confirm. Was #1 in UK & European 1v1 ladders at Aliens vs. Predator for pretty much the entirety of the game, and ran a clan that had 9 of the top 10 and 17 of the top 20 players in the UK. Played in every top clan in UT99 for CTF, iCTF and TDM, and won leagues and ladders including Wireplay, Gameplay, GamesInferno and Clanbase (OpenCup, EuroCup and Nations' Cup). There is literally no record of the AvP scene on the internet, and the UT99 old timers pretty much remember each other in a single thread - and half of the famous names are gone. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, electrons to electrons...eventually.
  14. Not sure what you're on @lavawing. You state these opinions as fact but the FCM 50t now occasionally needs a few of those Annoying Curvature Polished Roundel things, but it has a good slope on the front 120mm to bully lower tiers with, big tracks to absorb shells, it's fast enough to relocate and gun handling is good enough to put down some pain. CDC is just hard to play, and while I've 2 marked it neither you nor I have the skill to go further. Gun handling is a bit derpy at times, but other gun characteristics are good and mobility is epic. This tank is out of our skill level T-44-100 will probably be my next (post surgery) 3 mark tank, it's much better than you think. turret is semi-reliable if you pick your opponents well, mobility is good, tracks are troll, unlike the CDC it's not a huge target etc etc. While 240 dmg t8 meds are a hard set to enjoy in a game where you see a lot of Tier X battles (for instance, 16 in a row during my STA-2 3 mark, thanks NA West!), this looks mediocre at worst, probably a sleeper hit, but definitely worth $free.
  15. Not really, it can ram a few things to death that helps when it struggles to pen, it's still got the HP advantage, and if you can't pen the hatch weakspot on a defender with your standard round and farm it before you lose all your HP, you shouldn't have a KV-5 in your garage anyway,