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  1. I'm certain French DDs will appear before the BBs There are only 4 Dreadnought and 3 Fast battleships classes for the french, while they had quite a few more DDs Also I just want to see Le Fantasque in the game
  2. Yamato: = 21 Montana: 19Großer Kurfürst : 25Zao: 18 +1=19 Still the best overall cruiser, best alpha strike,best HE,best arcs, great AP, great torps, great armour. Anyone who thinks that removal of stealth fire nerfed this ship is clearly retarded, This was always the best mid range kiting Cruiser in the game, The Hindenburg has slightly better AP but it will still lose 1vs1 agaisnt a Zao 90% of the time. While a DM only has the advantage if the Zao doesn't get the alpha strike and is an idiot, while a Moskva dies all the time as they are too busy reversing away from the fight.Des Moines: 23Hindenburg: 27Moskva: 17Minotaur: 20Shimakaze: 13Grozovoi: 5-3=2 Unless aided by 5 other DDs this ship just does fuck all, in fact most DDs are like that but this is the worst of them.Khabarovsk: 16 Hakuryu: 18
  3. Only shitters actually play ranked, you literally need to be brain dead to enjoy it
  4. First time playing in a couple months, Finally broke 200k. So far it feels like this game is very easy to get back into
  5. imgur is honestly easy peasy, the drag and drop function is awesome
  6. Zao was probably hit the least from that nerf, IMO 6 inch cruisers w/o smoke are the only ones that got hit hard. Honestly stealth firing from distance never was the best strategy for cruisers
  7. Witcher 3 and it's DLC's is the easily the best game i've ever played. The story is simply amazing,graphics are great, theres tons to do,DLCs are orgasmic, there's hot chicks to bang. The worst part of the game is probably the combat which is still great and challenging.
  8. Shadow of Mordor GOTY COH 2 Castle Crashers + battleblock theater
  9. WG and rational in the same sentence
  10. You know it's bad when they defend Gasai
  11. I swear most players in WOT are Hank
  12. Maple syrup butter is also pure heaven, maple syrup cookies are also amazing