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  1. @Agamemneon Loves chodes
  2. Lol that 250 gold for the WG kill was a small bonus there
  3. add me ,it's the only thing I play now
  4. But other than the battery all the other phones do everything better
  5. Yup you can't go wrong with oneplus, I have the 2 and it's just great, the only bad thing is the lack of nfc which doesn't really bother me as I've never gotten used to using it
  6. There are other tanks ?
  7. The maps all really play the same, I usually always go to the opposite side than where I spawned, this forces me to not over extend
  8. You'd be surprised sometimes how AP can be really useful Just remember that shooting is the easiest part of this game everything is slow so as long as you think ahead where you'll go and what you'll do next and it will be easy to be purple
  9. I'm now away for school so my play time will be very very low, so yeah
  10. Ah yes and the the US should have a special "Harbour" button where at the beginning of the match a bunch of IJN planes destroy you without you being able to do anything
  11. I'm certain French DDs will appear before the BBs There are only 4 Dreadnought and 3 Fast battleships classes for the french, while they had quite a few more DDs Also I just want to see Le Fantasque in the game
  12. Yamato: = 21 Montana: 19Großer Kurfürst : 25Zao: 18 +1=19 Still the best overall cruiser, best alpha strike,best HE,best arcs, great AP, great torps, great armour. Anyone who thinks that removal of stealth fire nerfed this ship is clearly retarded, This was always the best mid range kiting Cruiser in the game, The Hindenburg has slightly better AP but it will still lose 1vs1 agaisnt a Zao 90% of the time. While a DM only has the advantage if the Zao doesn't get the alpha strike and is an idiot, while a Moskva dies all the time as they are too busy reversing away from the fight.Des Moines: 23Hindenburg: 27Moskva: 17Minotaur: 20Shimakaze: 13Grozovoi: 5-3=2 Unless aided by 5 other DDs this ship just does fuck all, in fact most DDs are like that but this is the worst of them.Khabarovsk: 16 Hakuryu: 18
  13. Only shitters actually play ranked, you literally need to be brain dead to enjoy it
  14. First time playing in a couple months, Finally broke 200k. So far it feels like this game is very easy to get back into