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  1. Bulba is going to more dead than the pussy I destroyed last night
  2. Its simple A= Good B= Mediocre C= Bad this is the grading I use, Honestly most of the premiums are average which is why I have so many Bs, and only few are bad (Most are low tiers I haven't played)
  3. Tirpitz- A Pretty fucking great it's just not a MK so I couldn't give it A+ MK- A+ Just complete God tier Arizona - B+ Sadly it is a little too slow Texas- B- Same problem as Arizona but doesn't have great firepower Warspite- A- Godtier if it had faster turrets, it still very very good Murmansk- B+ Used to be god tier with old AFT but sadly the meta has brought it down Marblehead- C+ Shittier Omaha Sims- B Meh torps with meh firepower, only excels at knife fighting Molotov- B+ Great guns on a pretty meh platform Indianapolis- A- Great guns on a surprisingly good platform + Radar Belfast - A+ Godtier, sadly the platform isn't as good as the MK but it is also a tier lower Blysk- B+ sadly with the stealth nerf it lowered a little bit but its still very powerfull Sharnhorst A- A great all around ship, all it needs is more accurate guns to bring it to God tier Ashan- B+ A grem a tier higher, sadly not god tier but still very good
  4. But it was never top tier in tier 7 anyways, so the LTTB was buffed and has better MM (new 3/5/7...) yet you think it is worst than before, if anything its much better
  5. Finally got that fucking mission, thank you MM for giving more than one heavy, also sorry for not saying hi @sr360




    1. sr360


      Ha, I didn't notice you either. Although I did spam a bunch of toon invites to get the toon missions...

  6. All WOWS youtubers other than Aeroon are pure cancer, I'd rather watch quickybaby than most of them
  7. Both tier 8s, the tier 9 is a 132 with the 110 gun which looks actually really good. 320 alpha at tier 9 on a light with good pen might be a great recipe
  8. Seems to have the same great accuracy as the warspite, which will be awesome sadly the turret traverse seems to be more or less the same
  9. So I got a B-C 12t in my garage even if I didn't have any french tanks in my garage before the update. So far thats the best part of this patch
  10. Sold - t57 -obj140 -is7 -GWe100 - JPZe100 -Batchat -m48 (Bought back) Prems i've sold (tier 8 because anything under i've sold exept type 64) - JT8.8 -Kv5 (got back) Why ? Because I just play tanks I have fun in, So I often buy random tanks and barely have more than 3 non prem tanks in my garage.
  11. i'm going water
  12. As a secondary skill sure but as a primary one not over the other skills, I would probably get it for my 16th skill point. Honestly because of the range of its guns the concealment is no longer really helping, if it had a much shorter range around 15km, of course. The better rudder helps a lot with the baiting as you will always be firing (and spotted) unless you are in smoke.
  13. If you guys are too dumb to read the title this is a motherfucking review The ship I want to review is this OP piece of russian bias called the Mikhail Kutuzov History: This is a Sverdlov-class cruiser..... Who gives a shit about the history. This is a post WWII ship in a WWII game because fuck you, we are russian, we do what we want. Why should you trust me with this POS review First i'm not @How_Terrible Secondly: Loadout: Pretty straight forward CA build, With the latest patch and the way the ship plays there is no reason to have concealment. The steering mod will be more worth it. Skills: Again go for the default 6inch cruiser build, these are the recommended skills but with the last 4 points you can pick whatever you want Make sure that you get priority target as your first skill and then IFHE as quickly as possible with superintendent. These are the skills that will help the most. DE should be the first secondary skill How to play: So you just bought this OP ship yet you fucking suck in it. Don't worry @How_Terrible is worst than you but unlike him you will actually get better Quick survival tips: - Don't give your broadside ( Duh) - Wait until you see the BB firing before turning,if you are too close for that well just pray to RNG - Never close in unless you know you can take them out, you have torpedoes but they do not do much damage and the firing arcs are not the best (Not as bad as IJN CAs but still not great) You do have 5 of them on each side though. - Using priority target choose when to bring all guns to bear or to use smoke. IF you just have 1 or sometimes 2 ships shooting at you, you can bait and save your smoke for a important time. IF you have 4+ ships targeting start thinking about using smoke. DMG tips - Prioritize DDs, they will launch torps into your smoke and will fuck you up - Watch out for Radar cruisers, you usually want to stay at long range but if you do get close you better be on the look out - Bait and shoot at max range, yes it is cancerous but yes it works - When you set a BB on fire try shooting another BB, if a BB uses a repair switch to another BB for 10-20s before switching back. You always want to try to make fires stick - IF RNG fucks you, IFHE will help you damage ships without needing fires -You have over 18km range USE IT there is no sense in being over aggressive in this ship, always save your HP for when you can carry. This is coming from a extremely aggressive player. Other than that I don't know what to say, ask any questions and i'll probably be able to answer. If its anything about specific game mechanics i'll have no clue, I just play this fucking game.