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  1. You know it's bad when they defend Gasai
  2. I swear most players in WOT are Hank
  3. Maple syrup butter is also pure heaven, maple syrup cookies are also amazing
  4. With the 150 years of Canada why not celebrate all things Canadian This is a thread to talk about food,activities and just plain old Canadian sexiness Non Canadians are allowed (Excepté les Québécois pour avoir détruit la langue française, Si vous amener de la bierre alors peux être vous pouvez venir) Just watch out what you say as we might seem nice but the last time someone waged war against us it ended with a certain house fire, and they lost the war. Just remember one thing, it's spelled colour and not color (Like wtf is that spelling)
  5. Gotta revive this thread
  6. had some slight differences
  7. When you've been playing since patch 6.04 and realize you've been playing all that time RIP
  8. Bulba is going to more dead than the pussy I destroyed last night
  9. Its simple A= Good B= Mediocre C= Bad this is the grading I use, Honestly most of the premiums are average which is why I have so many Bs, and only few are bad (Most are low tiers I haven't played)
  10. Tirpitz- A Pretty fucking great it's just not a MK so I couldn't give it A+ MK- A+ Just complete God tier Arizona - B+ Sadly it is a little too slow Texas- B- Same problem as Arizona but doesn't have great firepower Warspite- A- Godtier if it had faster turrets, it still very very good Murmansk- B+ Used to be god tier with old AFT but sadly the meta has brought it down Marblehead- C+ Shittier Omaha Sims- B Meh torps with meh firepower, only excels at knife fighting Molotov- B+ Great guns on a pretty meh platform Indianapolis- A- Great guns on a surprisingly good platform + Radar Belfast - A+ Godtier, sadly the platform isn't as good as the MK but it is also a tier lower Blysk- B+ sadly with the stealth nerf it lowered a little bit but its still very powerfull Sharnhorst A- A great all around ship, all it needs is more accurate guns to bring it to God tier Ashan- B+ A grem a tier higher, sadly not god tier but still very good
  11. But it was never top tier in tier 7 anyways, so the LTTB was buffed and has better MM (new 3/5/7...) yet you think it is worst than before, if anything its much better