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  1. For its pretty easy Cruisers are my best class with BBs being second. I can play DDs but I don't really enjoy them and I've only played carriers once or twice during beta but since that never
  2. exept it require more skill - Moving - Actually aiming - No shooting over everyone - Easy to kill Also I almost never get one shotted by them
  3. 121: 20+1= 21 Great effective DPM, alpha, gun handling and decent armour all it needs is better gun depression. It might not be as easy to play as the RU meds or Patton but it can be much more effective 113: 20 TVP T50/51: 21 Foch 155: 20 AMX 50B: 20 Batchat 25t: 20 AMX 30B: 20: 20 Jagdpz E-100: 20 Maus: 20 E-100: 21 Panzer VII: 20 Grille 15: 20 E-50M: 20 Leopard 1: 20 STB-1: 20 Type 5 Heavy: 21 Centurion AX: 20 FV215b 183: 20 FV215b: 20 FV4005: 14-3= 11 The gun is broken while the tank is trash yet its still just a giant piece of shit. The only good thing is that its not arty T57 Heavy: 20 T110E4: 20 T110E3: 20 M48 Patton: 20 T110E5: 20 Object 268: 20 Object 263: 17 T-62A: 20 Object 430: 20 Object 140: 20 IS-7: 20 IS-4: 20 Kranvagn: 20 Strv 103B: 20
  4. I have none that give bonus's so I just run my CBT one to show I'm not a normie
  5. Every time I go on WOT and see this I think of all the time I could of done something good with my life 

    Created: Friday, April 22, 2011.

  6. Shoot shit and rage in chat
  7. 300mm is still quite a bit worst than the other tier 10s :/
  8. Its a shame that the only way to blow off steam on WOT (allchat) is now gone, those arty sympathizers are ruining our game
  9. It helps not having a class like arty and actual balanced MM
  10. I just can't seem to hit over 200k I average 108k in this yet it just won't happen
  11. Isn't Des moines at around 500mm at that range
  12. Damn it looks decent, Sadly that long reload will hurt it a bit but having 19.1km base and 23km with the upgrade will make it like a battlecruiser. Looks like decent shell velocity and pretty good pen but I'll need to check it compared to the moskva because I feel like the moskva will be better with the much faster reload.
  13. From all the tier 7 prems i've played its the worst which is why I picked it. I'm sure there are worst ones but compared to the 4 i've played its at the bottom and with these list I always pick those I know well first. Sadly like many other tanks that used to be good now theres just something that does it job better
  14. It no longer is, all the best tanks in this game have something exceptional about them and everything else needs to be solid. The e-25 has nothing exceptional except for camo which is useless with 90% of maps. And has speed which the su122-44 has also, but the 122-44 has better useful DPM,Armour,alpha ,pen even the camo is pretty close. TDs without turrets are already below the average tanks