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  1. Oh fuck he's back
  2. Yeah I wasn't planning on spending that much but shit happens
  3. I bought two 11 crate sets (25%CAD)and a single 25 crate set (50$CAD)
  4. I'm sad , I ended up spending about 150$ worth of boxes and didn't get a single fucking tier 8 prem and only got about 18k worth of gold and 70 premium days
  5. Forgot to switch to my wifi extender and played this game with 600+ pingĀ :gachi:


  6. I did around 50 boxes and got 17k gold and the premium pz b2 and that was it
  7. When you consider old is like patch 7.0 and not 9.17 FeelsBadMan
  8. @Agamemneon Loves chodes
  9. Lol that 250 gold for the WG kill was a small bonus there
  10. add me ,it's the only thing I play now
  11. But other than the battery all the other phones do everything better
  12. Yup you can't go wrong with oneplus, I have the 2 and it's just great, the only bad thing is the lack of nfc which doesn't really bother me as I've never gotten used to using it
  13. There are other tanks ?
  14. The maps all really play the same, I usually always go to the opposite side than where I spawned, this forces me to not over extend
  15. You'd be surprised sometimes how AP can be really useful Just remember that shooting is the easiest part of this game everything is slow so as long as you think ahead where you'll go and what you'll do next and it will be easy to be purple