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  1. Murazor is a drooling mongo, just saying.
  2. CandyVanMan

    The Bond Farm

    Yeah, Patton is not suited for kemping boosh. It's amazing as damage support and being an opportunist asshole punishing anyone poking or losing focus for half a second, maybe a possible substitute for 103B if you don't have it?
  3. CandyVanMan

    Escape from Tarkov

    Game is fucking amazeballs, BUT it is suffering horribly with desync at the moment. Devs are on the case and a patch that should address it is supposedly right around the corner, and they've put in some work on the server side, so it's going the right way.
  4. Don't forget the retarded dpm, mobility and camo that it was combined with
  5. Well, old Patton had quick reload, this has shit reload, so missing a shot will hurt much more. The current 263 is beatiful because it can wreck shit at any range, and it's got good frontal armour as long as people don't smash that lower plate. Edit: Just noticed the "awesome" 760 shell velocity on the 268 v4...
  6. CandyVanMan

    New CPU

    I get 100+ stable fps with an old air cooled 4690K and R9 290 with OBS running and game on max settings (I've only disabled annoying shit that inerferes with aiming) @ 1900x1200, you should have no problems at all getting much better results. Set temperature limits in BIOS or coretemp in case water pump fails, I've seen that happen on Corsair AIO water cooling, resulted in burnt CPU and motherboard.
  7. Guess I'll have to try-hard my way to 3 marks on 263 before they completely fuck the line... Seems like another instance of WG making a tank completely retard-proof to get more people to play it, while nerfing it heavily for anyone with more than 2 functioning brain cells.
  8. That was my cousin, I only did 3,2k Yesterday I had 15 games below 1500 damage... $1500 on "what is consistency?"
  9. CandyVanMan

    AMX 13 105: The Budget Batchat

    I really like my AMX 13 105, but I struggle a bit with balancing my aggression in it (or in other tank for that matter). Camo is amazeballs, and I prefer the 3 shot clip with short reload over what I had in my Bat Chat, I find it a much more fun and flexible tank to play.
  10. I'm slowly working my way down to red wn8, soon I will be free from arty focus when bottom tier!
  11. CandyVanMan

    9.20.1 Personal Missions

    Fun, I just started doing the arty missions for T28 Concept and T-55A for orders towards Obj. 260, and now I'm told that I get nothing for it, not even girls...
  12. CandyVanMan

    Lorraine 40t Appreciation Thread

    Lorraine is a god tier premium, tied with Löwe and Skorpion for best t8 premium imo.
  13. But Intel can go choke on a bag of dicks for cheating benchmarks, false advertising and manupulation of the market.
  14. CandyVanMan

    Super Conqueror Appreciation Thread

    Hull traverse can be crippling on sconq at times, on shit terrain you get circled by E-100 pretty much.
  15. CandyVanMan

    9.20.1 Personal Missions

    @hall0 could you please use a less cancerous image host (imgur is good)? Oh, and thanks for the useful information regarding this horrible new mission UI.