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  1. Bwahahaa! But seriously, all these sconqs make tier 10 complete aids, and no, I don't really play a lot of arty, I just need the some cancer missions so I can skip them on Obj 260.
  2. It's not fun to fight against on hills. The huge amount of sconqs in randoms now might be good for doing my arty missions, so that's nice.
  3. Any point in going for 1800X over the 1700X for mainly gaming and some CAD? Edit: And I posted in the wrong thread...
  4. Long time since last I sold a tier 8 premium, this tank made me do it again. Derpy gun, annoying armour and no fucking view range what-so-fucking-ever! Löwe is better in everything except mobility.
  5. I'm on team Gashtag, but I secretly root for Arya
  6. What is consistency?


    1. Gashtag


      Your consistency isn't in game performance, it's in your patience. Finding the will to live through five games in a Löwe deserves sainthood. 

    2. CandyVanMan


      Löwe is awesome, though I was tilting super hard, so that didn't help...

    3. Fulcrous


      What deserves sainthood is playing this game.

  7. Nah, Patton is still better than 30 prot, better hull traverse, better turret, better bloom, better depression, better viewrange and 265 pen is enough to deal with most stuff. It's got superior comfort.
  8. But it was glorious when fully upgraded
  9. Sad that they didn't go through with 50 km/h top speed on Conbae
  10. Will you be able to run over unemployed drunks in your tank then?
  11. That's what got me the most excited
  12. So, Super Conq went from dog shit to borderline OP, nice.
  13. Holy fucking shit ranked battles are cancer! So many camping retards, just lost rank due to my team deciding to camp base on Arctic Region, fuck this shit.
  14. I ventured into the dark abyss that is the official forums a few days ago, place seems pretty dead. Would be nice if a campaign could spice the place up a bit.
  15. Glorious forum drama?