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  1. I'm impressed regular Bulldog is that low, wasn't it said around that it's the best overall scout after Blackdog, in fact being better at scouting than Blackdog? How do non-prems fare compared to M41 90 and Type 64?
  2. 2mg

    Ranked Battles - SPG FTW?

    "Max 3 arties per team is good for balans, da!" - WarGaming Department of Redundancy Department
  3. That thing was in WoTBlitz like a year ago, even though that game is known to be fantasy tank friendly before it... And yeah, I wonder how Asia players (except animu otakus) will react to having a baby of the Patriot, Liberte and Defender in one tank...
  4. Salute! I apologize if there was a poll like this already, couldn't find it. Since LT stats got reworked, meta changed a bit, and the fact that most of them are collecting rust and dust, I'm doing a cleanup. Regardless of game mode (CW or Randoms or even for Personal Missions), some have to stay, some have to go. What to KEEP? PS: Feel free to voice your opinion about your votes in the comments! PSS: Same poll can be found here, drop your vote there too: Rddt LT VI/VIII Poll
  5. Just came here to say 'sup, been lurking a long time, my first post is here: