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  1. Are any of the tier 10 light tanks worth getting? I'm enjoying grinding the t54 ltwt and also grinding max 1390 but I don't know if its worth buying the next tier up... most people seem to think they are not so good.
  2. I was just wondering, as the game has progressed, have you found wot more or less fun to play. I don't really know, but overall I would say the game seems a bit off somehow. This could be just me, but at the moment, it sometimes seems to be the case that theres a lot of "enduring the tedium" in this game to get at the fun. I recently got a load of other games in the Summer sale, and they seem to have a massive advantage over wot in that: Its fun to play well... whereas in world of tanks a lot of the time playing well doesn't necessarily mean fun. I don't know, its just an impression I get...
  3. Hi, I'm just checking what is the minimum broadband speed needed for wot to run without without any issues? We had ISP changes recently and was just checking. I have 22.5 mb/s download speed and 6.41Mbss upload. Ping 25. Thanks.
  4. Whats wrong with +1/-1 matchmaking instead? Surely its better.
  5. I guess it depends on which tanks you play. It's OK for some people who stick to certain buffed abominations eg Maus being 1 of 3 top tiers regularly or defender players, and basically enjoying an artificially good time at the expense of others. Also players who have unlocked the tech tree are in a position to choose the tanks which the current imbalance benefits. To say that the current system has small problems is willfully blinding yourself to reality of a gold sink culture in this game.
  6. Wg prob freaked out because people weren't spamming enough gold if the system was more fair.
  7. And surely that shows there's something wrong with the law. What's the point in protecting players from nerfing when the same results can be achieved a number of other ways.
  8. It used to be the top credit earner though. Oh well.
  9. I see very few FCMs in play now. People seem to have lost interest in it.
  10. I can remember only a short time ago (really it was quite recent) that people were complaining that the Is6 was op and the fcm was the top credit earning premium. It's amazing and pretty shocking how wg can turn a high-perfirming £30 investment from an unsuspecting customer into a piece of garbage in a very short amount of type ( while not legally "NERFING" IT) MAYBE there's just something wrong with the law, as the spirit of the law regarding nerfing is being obviously thrown into the bin.
  11. I'd like to throw with another thing out. Is the blatant overbuffing of certain top tiers of tank lines as well as the op premium policy an act of back-against-the-wall desperation. For me trying to judge the situation objectively there seems to be no advantage for a company to advertise a blatant p2w policy unless their hand was forced. Is this whole late strategy a knee-jerk reaction to running out of options. They must have known that this strategy would cause public opinion to worsen, yet they unashamedly pursued this route regardless. Why? Maybe it has to do with the op premiums instead, as I guess their weaker design would suffer more ( Is6 is a massive irritataion judging by wot forum). Someone must have some data.
  12. I agree with a lot of what you say. However I've heard a huge amount of complaints about pref mm tanks. I think the argument is that apparently they are far more at the bottom tier than the top. I don't know if someone has raw data for this. Or could someone enlighten me about what exactly is the (perceived) problem with pref MM.
  13. There are a number of issues withe the current mm. Although I think 357 is a good tier division in team composition I've never seen so much anger in general from the player Base and vocal dissatisfaction from cc s. Issues as follows: 1. Pref mm tanks are screwed. 2. Tank balance totally destroyed at p2w tiers, therefore what's the point in tier balance (effectively you have tier 7s 8s and 9s all classed as tier 8), so tier division means what. 3. Older premiums unusable. Or new premiums disgusting. People are fed up, asking for refunds over defunct purchases but does that sentiment really result in reduced profits? And is tank balance now at the point of being irreparably broken? Will players be finally put off? And behind the calm exterior of pr, is wg in a crisis of direction?
  14. It's quite depressing that the best tier 8 in world of tanks is unavailable to the wot player Base after one sale. It's a mess......