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  1. Would optics work? The thing is it actually works really well bullying close up, so maybe vents is the best option..
  2. What equipment layout is best for this tank?
  3. Best equipment loadout for this vehicle?
  4. argh then still can't find ` premium I want to buy!
  5. Just seen this in the premium shop. Is it worth the money?
  6. You see thats hat I'm thinking.... I'm kind of anticipating the next wave of incoming premiums as I think apart from the ones I have, the ones on offer aren't that appealing. Like the Lowe, I know its a good tank, but it doesn't interest me really it just isn't exciting for me, and you kind of want that excitement factor from a tier 8 purchase especially.,... Like a Russian tier 8 light, that might be interesting...
  7. Normally theres something I really want, hence why I have a fair few premiums, but the premium shop seems lacklustre, nothing really shines through in terms of vehicles...
  8. Got a 30% coupon but have no idea what to get, looked in the premium shop, seems dull. Also, they keep reserving a puddle for me and I don't actually want one, but its stuck in my special offers, rather than a decent tank which I might want to buy..... my poor coupon might die unfulfilled and unused.... edit: pudel autocorrect... although it might as well be a puddle...
  9. But the type 59 is not that good isnt it?
  10. I was just thinking, when I talk to some other players about the new tier 8 tank releases, a few are quite cold about buying a tier 8 premium, not because the tank itself is bad, but because the mm is hard on tier 8s. Do you think that the current mm has lead to reduced sales in tier 8 premiums, which seem to be the main marketing strategy wg has been going for (judging by how many they are churning out)...
  11. Thanks for all the advice. Is the vehicle actually genuinely competitive? I feel though its on the verge of being a great unique tank, all the negatives are a bit too much in combination...
  12. Still can't play this thing after a while. Could some experienced players give some advice on opening plays and roles. Also, how much gold is needed and which situations does it shine in and which to avoid. I'm talking really about all tier 10 battles mainly. Also lots of people don't like it. Is it underpowered? Is it that useful in current meta?
  13. So therefor in a map where the opposing team has type 5s and Maus, do you go to the brawling points as I guess the type 5 doesn't care if you are hull down and the superheavies will own you. I have the same problem with the fv215b where I'm just not sure where to go if I see multiple superheavies on the opposing team. Ah OK. And against super heavies does hull down brawling still work?
  14. I just got the is7 and trying to work out how to play. Any advice welcome. I particularly struggle against type 5 heavy and Maus (do I have to shoot gold to face it 1-1 frontally and should I avoid facing it in a brawl). Is the is7 a brawler first and foremost? When is it most effective?