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  1. Its a very good tank I must admit.... my crew is trash though at the moment but this will make the crew grinding enjoyable!
  2. What you think about this? Does this look competitive to you and are we looking at the advent highlight you think?
  3. Well I got it today...seems fine still not sure how to play it to its strengths
  4. Its pen is bad for tier 7? I would like to earn decent credits from it.
  5. Its on sale now and was wondering whether it is worth the money...Any advice welcome...
  6. How is the type 59 in general, for example compared to other tier 8 meds? Is it balanced? Or underpowered?
  7. About as dull as it could possibly be so far, apart from the dodgy T92 on day 1. Anyone happy with it?
  8. Im kind of convinced this tank is maybe the most overhyped tank in the game... I've seen many people calling it OP when it seems pretty ordinary.... if it came on sale, would you buy it (obv assuming you dont have it!)... and why?
  9. Yeah.... on balance im gonna say pass.... anyway crew training wise im much more interested in what the t44 lwt is going to offer...
  10. That's a pretty dull line up IMO, as I have the tanks I want from those..boring...
  11. Also one more thing the fact that right close to sale WG announce an engine buff (I think?) does not inspire confidence as it suggests a rush job and a truth in the complaint that the tank is underpowered.... that finally sealed my opinion that I won't buy yet.... so Ill keep monitoring the feedback and see if I can make an informed final judgment.
  12. So essentially you think its balanced? The black bulldog for me is one of my best performing tanks in terms of win rate and I consider it one of the strongest. However, there is the point as well that I'm not particularly excited about the high-tier American tanks (is the Sheriden worth going for? I have the T100 Lt and Amx 105 and people seem to say they are the tier 10s which are worth the effort). So in terms of play style and enjoyment does the T92 fulfil a role which the black bulldog doesn't? I am definitely a light tank enthusiast....just not really bothered about American crews right now... There's also something else on my mind which is what is coming in the rest of the calendar that's new, but that's a bit different....
  13. The eu forum is currently full of people criticising the t92 and some people who regret buying it... it's put me off for now. Lots of very mixed messages, mainly negative though, unfortunately.
  14. So overall for people that have it.... worth it or not? (be honest please!!!)