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  1. I bought some boxes and was really disappointed to get what looked like 2 non-camo patriots (I already owned a patriot...like wtf are you kidding me?) ....bummed around in my garage feeling unlucky and deflated and low and behold there was a type 59 in my garage Santa must have put it there, because it did not come from the Xmas boxes, ...apparently Anyway how do you play it? Also please share your Type 59 Xmas miracle story
  2. Hi guys. There was a recent Q & A and the EU response has been very savage regarding what WG perceives as balanced and not. Link here: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/654259-facepalms-incoming-wgs-last-qa/ Would like to know your opinion on the subject.
  3. This is my grind at the moment. The great gun doesnt seem to make up for the fact that this is a sitting juicy turkey for most tanks you face. Armour might as well not be there.... so basically its a big mound of soft butter which moves like a snail. Am I missing something, or is it my fault that everything pens me?
  4. This tank will be coming out soon. What are your thoughts about it: worth it or not?
  5. I was just wondering what you thought was the best thing and worst thing of your WOT experience in 2017? And what are you most looking forward to out of the next year? For me: HIGHLIGHT: Probably the Christmas offer stuff... I saved a ton of money and time with it, and it was probably the best purchase of my WOT life (by a lightyear!) getting 75 boxes... the stuff I got made a huge difference. LOWLIGHT: Tier 8 MM experience is probably the biggest negative, and has produced the most frustrating game experience due to generally being bottom tier and feeling. WHAT AM I LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS YEAR?: Enjoyable tier 8 MM. Not very imaginative I know, but it's the big problem for me as a start.
  6. The T-34-3 is currently on sale in EU. How does it compare to the Type59? And also, if you have a Type59, is it worth getting the T-34-3?
  7. Just got this tank and grinding. Don't really understand how I should play it. Is it a good tank, and what should be my main strategy? As far as I can tell. it doesn't have armour? And everyone spams gold at me.
  8. It's ok I understand you are easily angered, and that the community in general seems to have this issue. Perhaps its the mentality of the gameplay I dont know, but in any case I will stop using the site and like I said on reddit they answer my questions and don't get cross with me. It's better that way. Thanks.
  9. It's ok I found a better forum which answered my question. I understand the culture you have here and that your numbers are dwindling. Thanks.
  10. Tier 8 is terrible for light tanks... except the premiums.... because most of the time on the crucial starting spots theres already a tier 9 or 10 lt on your team doing the job better than you are. I 2 marked the LLTB without meaning to, grinding to T54 Ltwt, and could only pull of 53% wins for that. LTTB though, is one of the most fun light tanks I've played, but then why play it when you can play the premiums... black dog and T92 are great to play. Better than all other tier 8 IMO and also the credits, so I think avoid regular tier 8 light tanks like mediums, they're in a bad place. I was looking forward to getting the bulldog, but not anymore. It looked like great fun before the changes.
  11. Maybe there's a happy average as a target aim?
  12. Does anyone know how much exp you need to grind in the t10 for the new tank, same for the other new tank branches..
  13. I'm getting really confused about this: I've been playing my type 59 and cant seem to win games?? I'm aggressive like I am with my other tanks, and try to play to its strength, and end up often being top xp or top 3 on team. I don't farm, I make sure I go up front and engage as soon as possible... what's going on? I'm totally at a loss now...when this happened with 150 games I decided to take a break and come back...now my wn8 increased but winrate decreased??? 230 games and just no fun with this..
  14. Eh but then surely I would get bad Wn8 in the tank? I don't understand... Normally if I can't carry its reflected in bad wn8 for the tank.... but here its like bipolar correlation
  15. I'm actually starting to think that the type is not a good tank... im really not that bad a player.... its just
  16. 200 games 2500 WN8 49% winrate.... so .... this tank is underpowered right? I mean, or its given teams guaranteed to lose. A nice mixture of purplish effort, and yellow result... Yeah i cant win in it and I have no idea why...got it this Xmas too. Could have got a lot more credits out of it if it wasn't being consistently put in bot teams with no end in sight
  17. Wait so you can start saving xp on the t-10 now or something I dont understand? Also isn't there a problem here with crew training ie the only competitive tier 8 soviet heavy is the defender?? for these new tanks
  18. What you think about this? Does this look competitive to you and are we looking at the advent highlight you think?
  19. It really is one of the most fun tanks to play. Its a bit like on a roller coaster: speed, danger and potential to rack up loads of spotting and ninja attacks! The small size and spotting ability is its biggest weapon it seems. My crew is not that good it still needs camo up, but I will enjoy going up the American lt line with this, and I'm looking forward to getting the t49. Im also grinding the type 4 heavy and thats just lumbering BLAM in face not so interesting. However that's what I guess the forum would consider a good tank. It's just amazing how angry they are getting over the t92, its like it was just an empty flammable box! They are also angry about the MAUERBRECHER but I think thats justified as I've not yet seen one be effective in battle...its a bit of a piƱata
  20. So I bought this tank today. This was what they were saying about it on the EU forum (still are!): "it's a turd" "WG greed premium shells" "A tank that can't farm credits" So far played 15 games, with 80% win rate and 4300 win8, aced on 3rd game with a profit of 250k credits for that game... Also not needed to fire 1 round of gold ammo so far.... made over 1 million credits.... still lots of people on the forum complaining that it's useless and cant do anything ^^
  21. Thanks... I'll do that!
  22. Recent verdict on the Strv S1? Competitive? Fun?
  23. Would you recommend going full camo crew skills on this? If given a choice would would go full repairs first or camo?
  24. I dont know if its just me, but I find the patriot horrible to play in random battles,compared to a lot of other premiums I find it can carry a lot less. To be fair I havent really learned American tanks. What am I missing here?
  25. Is it often on sale, the wz111? The 112 in the tech tree is not worth it in comparison?