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  1. Sorry, that sounds rough. I wonder if a body pillow might help any for sleeping? From what I've gathered actual hip bone geometry won't change past a certain age but rotation often still occurs since the ligaments are affected. If both hips hurt it seems to me rotation would be a more likely cause than something you did in your sleep to injure them.
  2. I don't think that's bad advice but speaking from experience if I had tried to count carbs and other things as well as calories when I was starting on reducing my calorie intake I would have found it overwhelming and probably said to hell with all of it. For me at least there's a lot to be said for keeping it simple, I generally try not to load up on carbs like crazy but as long as I'm doing good on calories I'm not too worried about it. I've kept up a 1.5lb/week average loss for 6 months now with just calorie counting, trying to eat more vegetables as a general rule, and trying to take a walk (at least 10 min or so) every day (I don't have an active job or very active hobbies). I have found that cooking more often does make it a lot easier to hit my calorie target (crock pots are an amazing tool for any lazy cooks like me).
  3. I did the same thing but was thinking I'd wait till Bun posted then post it as a response. Should have figured someone here would post it before then.
  4. I'm so sorry. If you haven't already seen it the ACLU is jumping on this and they are looking for service members to get in touch with them. I wish there was more I could do, this is beyond unacceptable.
  5. Those days happen, the important thing is to try and get back on track the next day. I used to beat myself up about doing that then go "screw it" and end up messing up 3-4 days in a row. Since I've started letting myself slide for a bad day and focusing on doing well the next one instead it's helped a lot. I do recommend logging everything once you start logging though. I've found if I skip logging some things or logging for a day it turns into a habit of not logging pretty quickly, that could just be me though.
  6. Glad it went well! I'd recommend MyFitnessPal for the tracking. It's free and there's phone apps too. I've been using it for food/calorie tracking and it's been a big help with losing weight. Some features are paid but the free features have been fine for me.
  7. That sucks, I'm sorry. Awesome that the HRT is going well though!
  8. Glad to see things are going better for you both! That sounds like sublingual administration. I found a page discussing that method for administering estrogen with references to studies here, figured someone might find it interesting.
  9. Glad you're doing well, hope you heal up quickly! In the meantime here are some bunny pictures to help you feel better.
  10. HibachiSniper

    AW Release Date 1 OCT 2015

    I'd like to read those reviews, where should I look for them?
  11. HibachiSniper

    Need a new headset!

    Yikes! I paid $30 or so shipped a few years back but mine is an older version. Didn't realize they'd gone up that much in price, love mine though.
  12. Tons of good resources here on the forums but don't forget about the articles section either. Lots of good stuff in there! (MaxL_1023's Strategy series comes to mind, the first one is here and the rest are posted under his user.)
  13. HibachiSniper

    Need a new headset!

    If you can find a set of headphones that you like and are comfortable for you then you could add an Antlion ModMic to them for headset use, would give you more options to find something that's comfortable. I use a ModMic on a set of AKG K7xx headphones for gaming, best "headset" I've ever had.
  14. HibachiSniper

    WoT on three monitors, worth it?

    I tried it some time ago with 3x 1080p monitors. Side monitors had some fisheye but overall I had it looking pretty good sitting still. At the time I had a core i7 920 (no OC then) and 2x GTX 260 core 216 cards in SLI, that proved insufficient to run the setup at any decent framerate so I gave up on spanning the game. Going off memory here but it wasn't just stretching what you would get on a single screen, there was more peripheral vision.
  15. I'm a bad lurker, just got caught up on the last ~20 pages of the thread. Bun, you need to check your GoFundMe, it's saying there's something going on that needs your attention and not allowing donations.