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  1. I general i would have preferred viewrange buffs rather then gun buffs. I play a scout to spot and zoom around the battlefield rather then doing all the dmg myself, even when only a few maps allow for that. Also i dont know how to feel about the rheinmetall panzerwagen changes. Sure those gunhandling buffs are necessary. However looking at 320 alpha with mediocore accuracy of 0.35 and sub 2200 dpm look lackluster
  2. I would call a turret with 254mm front and a 270mm mantlet something that may bounce stuff. Furthermore it might not been clear but caernarvon gets a own turret and loses the AX one.
  3. didnt notice the turret change. Though i just compared the super conq to the fv215b stats wise: 7% less dpm and less then chinese heavys. 0.3 sec longer aiming time 50% worse dispersion on the move 20% worse dispersion on turret rotation 30% less track traverse worse ground resistances 150 less health 10 meters less viewrange all that in exchange for armor? I wonder how the super conq will perform. It will for sure play a lot different from the fv215b
  4. More details on caernavon changes: Canernarvon: Side-armor: 50->76 Turretrotation speed: 36->30 Dispersion on the move: 0,14->0,16 Dispersion on turning the hull: 0,14->0,16 Dispersion on turret rotation: 0,08->0,10 ->all in all dispersion nerfs by ~15% and some armor changes on hull and turret in exchange for a slower turret rotation
  5. The Super Conqueror -Rumored to replace FV215b Mr COnway in EU-forums: Source: My opinion on Caernarvon: if that reload stays (2800dpm without crew and rammer) it can become pretty sick, especially since british heavys usually have very nice gunhandling. Super Conq: a bit disappointing gun compared to the fv215b (less dpm, worse handling and aimtime) and the mobility should be about 10% worse then the t9, but maybe that space armor can make up for those loses. I mean 113 and wz11115a are spamming heat all over the place in stronghold and the Super Conq might be a nice counter for that. Some additional pics for the super conq.:
  6. Another piece of information from apperently 180° for the fv4005 means 90° to the left and 90° to the right. Furthermore the dispersion on turret traverse gets buffed from 0.34 to 0.3. At least what i can understand using google translator. Link: So snapshooting with fv4005 becomes almost viable. The aimcircle will now match just a quarter of the map and not half of it.
  7. Interestingly also lists 180° turret traverse and +8/-10° gunelevation/depression for the shitbarn Furthermore it says the challanger gets a 32-pr gun