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  1. In all honesty I do most posts just for a few giggles. I am not trying to be serious, just lightening the mood. If you gave so much as a snort when reading I succeeded in my goal.
  2. yes but is it in the right place? inquiring minds want to know.
  3. OttoT

    LFC, 1550 overall

    Send a message to Bascelik. if you are in the mood he is recruiting for skirmish clamwars
  4. no the cake is a liar you don't always choose who you like.
  5. Well i started a post/petition on the War Gaming forum about people being flogged with a wet noodle for the Paris map. It devolved into a map hate thread, and the wet noodle flogging was trampled under. and now for something completely different. It has been another thrilling week in WoT. The servers have moved someplace where bribery and graft are easier to solicit. A rock band has been given it's own premium tank model, and a small army of undead hookers has been gathering in the desert outside Las Vegas. The only thing missing is F0R_M07H3R_RU5514 and his stylish red high heels he was given or stole from the pastor. This may be only the beginning, because if it is the end my grades will be terrible.
  6. So I use the WOTlabs TS with some frequency. I have seen any number of people who I have never met. Kind of like a dating game where no one wants to mingle. I know every one shows up with the date or the date is meeting them later. However please feel free to stop by while i am in the general chat/looking for platoon channel. I am ever so lonely waiting for my steady platoon mates. I do not bite unless paid. I also shower often and Im not all bad. How ever if you do invite me to a toon and force me into tier 6 the jokes on you I use a 3 inch howitzer on the Cromwell.
  7. I think i have been doing this to long. New account here, lurker off and on for years. I have offended just about everyone at one time or another. I know i am not popular. I play for fun, losing is not fun and as of late i cannot stop losing. Came looking for answers, something is missing something i lost. I never claimed to be a great player, but i have always thought of my self as a good player. Any way saying hello. OttoT