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  1. Can one pay extra for additional or specifically desired insults? Do tanks have to be involved?
  2. F0R-M07H3R-RU5514

    How to improve WR?

    All of my grinds, except for one, over the past six months, fall into this category. I'm dumb like that.
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    So im not funny

    Right - so, lets get this straight: I'm not a thief! The stockings and heels are shared among parishioners who qualify. We kick a little bit extra into a particular fund, and as a benefit, we get key to a locked cabinet in the back of the parsonage. I felt the need to clarify this point, lest anyone think poorly of me.
  4. Oh, is that what you're calling in now, your 3 inch howitzer ?!
  5. F0R-M07H3R-RU5514

    new not new

    The people you platoon with are undoubtedly holding you back.
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    Life is hard (Solono needs assistance)

    9KB25817M4918960P via Paypal
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    My Fellow Idiots, We have Breaking News! (IOC)

    RIGGED ... never got any such perks!!