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  1. Can one pay extra for additional or specifically desired insults? Do tanks have to be involved?
  2. All of my grinds, except for one, over the past six months, fall into this category. I'm dumb like that.
  3. Right - so, lets get this straight: I'm not a thief! The stockings and heels are shared among parishioners who qualify. We kick a little bit extra into a particular fund, and as a benefit, we get key to a locked cabinet in the back of the parsonage. I felt the need to clarify this point, lest anyone think poorly of me.
  4. Oh, is that what you're calling in now, your 3 inch howitzer ?!
  5. The people you platoon with are undoubtedly holding you back.
  6. 9KB25817M4918960P via Paypal
  7. RIGGED ... never got any such perks!!