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  1. Welcome. This is a good place. People will try and help you out here.
  2. You need repairs on as many crew as possible in higher tier heavies and mediums or you go back to the garage quick like. Some of the oddball crews I've had where you have to add a loader or gunner along the grind line come into mind.
  3. Here's a Gigayte GeForce GTX 750 ti with 4 gig of ram for $114.99. Brand spanking new. That's what I'm running. Works great, comes with video capture software, also.
  4. What kind of monitor are you using? Graphics card?
  5. I built mine Core i7-2600 CPU @3.4 GHz (Dell Refurb, paid $230 for the box) 16 gig ram Win 10 free upgrade from Win 7 Put in a bronze 650 watt power supply ($40) GeForce 750 Ti with 4 gig of ram video card ($100) Muskin 500 Gig SSD ($125) I'm in for around $495 total. I bought the computer, power supply, video card and got it up and running. Bought the hard drive on sale and used cloning software to clone my existing drive onto the SSD. The SSD really makes your system run cooler and it really reduces the work load on the box and noise that the computer makes. The 4 gig of video ram is a must for gaming.
  6. Check out this kid. He's the king of cheap gaming computers.
  7. Sorry, I don't see the Status Bar. I will research and see if I am missing some settings. I also wasn't able to update my signature; but, I can figure that stuff out later. Edited... Found what you are talking about. Thanks
  8. Got my T14 from tank rewards. Boy, I know it's a piece of crap. That gun bounces on everything. I got a 1st class badge out the second game with 973 damage and 510 spotting. I did move my T32 crew to it, so they can get some extra experience. I don't think it will help much, though. But, every bit of experience helps. The Heavy Tank No. VI is from the valedictorian mission in WoT. Came with a 100% fully trained crew. That was nice of them.
  9. I appreciate the offer; but, I've received some help from another user. Thanks, though.
  10. I have tanks from Tier 1 through Tier IX. I only have the T75 in tier IX, though. I would greatly appreciate the help. I want to focus on staying alive, reaping more damage and becoming a better overall player. My favorite tanks are E75, which I am not good at T20 - got my first mark of excellance Tiger II - Also got my first mark of excellance hetzer - my seal clubber I like playing German and American Mediums and Heavies I suck at the T67 and I would like to get much, much better at that tank.
  11. I don't have an E25; but, if they ever come back on sale.... Well, hell yeah.
  12. Thanks. I've found much good info on this site. Don't mind the hard love, either. Rather have that than the toxicity that exists elsewhere and in the game.
  13. I have several Tier 8s I can toon with. I need to grind enough credits and experience to finish out my KV-4, also.
  14. Thanks, Folkernecht. Swapping vents for optics makes sense, now. I have done that and will try some of the other suggestions. I'll should be able to spot the middle now with the good view range I have along with situational awareness, recon and bia on the crew.