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  1. Mine went through down the toilet this past week, not that it mattered any.
  2. TDs generally do higher damage, plus the campaigns got buffed a bit. I'm sure everyone is trying to grind out that Stug IV.
  3. +1 for arty comment and Tier 8. Need moar Tier 9 tanks. Real close to getting M103 and Patton. Ways to go on my German TD. KV4 is in grind mode. Need to unlock the big gun. T-54 mod 1 still sucks but not quite as much. Tier 8 is brutal if you have a T-32 or other heavy that has a non-derping gun.
  4. It's getting better for me, also. Slowly but surely. It's hard to reverse thousands and thousands of games played with bad habits; but, I'm getting there also. Had over 50% win rate over the past month. That's a great improvement. Not unicum purple, yet; but, better than a tomato.
  5. I thought that the Mentor skill provided additional crew skills to all crew, but the commander. I moved my Tiger II crew, which is on its 5th skill/perk to the E 100 on Saturday. Today, I found myself putting together a new Tiger II crew, so I gave the commander Mentor, 2 crew members repairs and the radio operator situational awareness to restart. Low and behold, I played my first game with the new crew, got a 2nd class badge with 1738 damage, 2031 spotting assist and 240 blocked damage. The commander now is 25% trained on Mentor and the other crew members got 17%. The radio operator was already 31% on Situational Awareness, as he was left over from a sold tank. I don't know if you can see the picture I'm trying to attach or not.
  6. That's probably a good idea.
  7. I wish I could give this post 10 likes. The current 3 tier match making is killing the game. Tier 8 tanks are almost impossible to play unless you just love getting hammered.
  8. I played four ranked battles last night. Got my ass kicked. Totally different game from pub games. Hard game to succeed in with an E100, which is my only tier 10 tank. I will keep trying as I like the opportunity of playing against better players and trying to become better myself.
  9. I'm trying it for the first time tonight, there are only 42 players in the queue and the number is dropping.
  10. It's a great tank. Plays good in pubs and strongholds
  11. It's a pretty good place. People will help you out. There are tons of really good articles, also.
  12. Best of luck to you and God speed. Hope things will work out.
  13. I know. I love the 10 bonds I get when I win a tier X game.
  14. I have tanks from Tier 1 through Tier IX. I only have the T75 in tier IX, though. I would greatly appreciate the help. I want to focus on staying alive, reaping more damage and becoming a better overall player. My favorite tanks are E75, which I am not good at T20 - got my first mark of excellance Tiger II - Also got my first mark of excellance hetzer - my seal clubber I like playing German and American Mediums and Heavies I suck at the T67 and I would like to get much, much better at that tank.
  15. I thought this was the T-28 prototype thread. My bad.
  16. I'm using ViewSonic VX254252 x 2 UHD monitors. 2ms refresh rate. 1920 x 1080 overclocked at 75 mhz. I'm getting close to 100 fps. $126 each at Office Depot. Can't beat that for performance without spending a ton of money. Using an GeForce GTX 750 Ti with 4 gigs of ram for video card for the video card.
  17. I'm grinding it out to get to the T-30. Just unlocked the big gun on it.
  18. The T-29 is one of my favorite tanks to play. In 185 battles, I have a 51% win rate, 4 high calibers, 1 Patrol Duty and 6 steel walls. I recently got my ace tanker, link below and also have 1 mark of excellence on the barrel. Truly a fun tank to play. Speaking of bullies, in the replay below, I push a Panther/M10 off the cliff. Fun stuff.
  19. I've played 240 games in it. Not a good win rate, have a 3 perk crew 85% on the fourth perk. It plays much better after the upgrade. The reload time is faster, the aim time is faster and the aim bloom is not nearly as big. It's a good credit earner, also. Unless, you play against tier 9 or 10.
  20. I sent you $5.00. Hope all works out.
  21. welcome.
  22. Mine took a nose dive from 48% down to 46%, coming back up now. The 3x weekend did it. Got stuck on many crap teams, too.
  23. Thanks for all the feedback. I did some more research and found that the mentor skill is negligible due to the insane amount of experience it takes to reach 100% in a perk or skill.