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  1. SEA Server Stats Overall Average Win Rate: 49.19% Average WN8: 839 Recent Win Rate: 49.78% Recent WN8: 1004 Average Tier: 5.38 Players Tracked: 269923 Clans Tracked: 4960 Active Players Average Win Rate: 50.42% Average WN8: 1123 Recent Win Rate: 50.99% Recent WN8: 1258 Average Tier: 6.2 Source - wotlabs server summary Karlossus : Yea I do realize that now. But has one one plot the data before and is anyone else interested in seeing how it changes over time? HS5: By all logic I should be winning more but it doesn't seem so. It might be me imagining things or it might be true. I might be hopeless against a multitude of tomatoes or I might not be. Which is why I'm asking if there is a way to look at the data. We can hypothesize back and forth but honestly until we compare my winrate over time vs server average winrates over time we'd not have an inkling of an idea. Also, another reason is that (and this is purely hearsay) I've heard people experiencing a lower winrate when they buy premium accounts, activate a reserve and people who had higher winrates after they've stopped playing the game for awhile. This does make good business sense for WG to use player-experience in order to maximize the player base (give players a good experience so they stay and once they've committed, move on to give other players a better experience). Again, it might all be conspiracy theories and speculation but can we truly say that WG is 100% transparent with their MM system? It can be answered pretty easily from the data. The data is definitely there pretty much taking a snapshot of the above every so often and plotting it by date and time. Is no one interested in that?
  2. After a shitty weekend grind, I was looking to see if any of the main stats websites did track average server winrate over time to test my hypothesis of idiots crawling out of the woodwork over the weekend. Couldnt find anything close to what I was looking for so if there is such a function available I would appreciate being pointed that way. However, if no one does it yet, how feasible would it be to set it up or to include it in one of the current website. I assume if you have the recent winrates of most players it would be possible to plot to with some resolution (as close to real time as possible). Including the number of players active at the same time also would be quite interesting. Might be able to plot the winrate as the number of players active at a certain point of time. If this leads to players favoring certain times. All the better, WG needs that impetus to fix that problem.
  3. lolbbq

    Rating the Premium Tanks (Tiers 5 through 8)

    I think the STA is great for its play style and costs, very similar to its non-premium tanks. If I had some spare money I'd put it into that (when on sale) I would put IS6 at the bottom with recent MM. "buy only if you want to collect-them-all".
  4. 10K games. No T10s yet. Still trying to improve. I don't believe win8s or most other stats are very meaningful but boy do I wish I could just obliterate my first 5k battles. teammates frustrate me a lot. It is the weekend and I'm sick and tired of seeing 3 quarters of our heavies rushing into the open and half of the mediums camping with the TDs in the same spot. I've also come here to see if I can learn a thing or two about the WOT data and to maybe provide one or two suggestions that might help other players make better choices. Happy to take any advice offered!
  5. To both errants and operator, what is a good survival rate? At 27% mine is pretty shit as well and I'm starting to be more aware about conserving HP and surviving. However, I do tend to play on the risky side of things and if there is a whole gaggle of hopeless campers at the corner and we're down 7 tanks, I'll just take my MT to scout to get some points rather than to waste that extra 5 mins of my life waiting for the opposing team to swarm us. To mortimer, patience is quite important in this game. As I mentioned above, I'm usually quite patient but I give up when there is no hope of winning and teammates are being stubborn idiots.