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  1. Hello, would it be possible to remove a tank from a user's stats (not permanently, just temporarily on the stats page)? For example, a player has a 2k WN8, but has played 8k games in the Hellcat. I would like to be able to remove the Hellcat from the stats to see what the user's overall would be. Is there already a website that does this or could this be something WoTLabs could introduce?
  2. nchoate97

    WN9 candidate prototype

    Thanks for the update! Can't wait!!!
  3. nchoate97

    WN9 candidate prototype

    Any update on this? I'm looking forward to seeing this come into play.
  4. nchoate97

    Amazing game in my ConqGC

    Yes, I know the massive hatred toward arty, but when you say clicked, you make it seem as if you don't click. All tanks click because if not, you'd suck. You just click while using the WASD keys. Yeah, clicking is pretty easy and anyone can do it, but it takes a skilled arty player to calculate how much to aim ahead, how to counter, and all that other good stuff. I even hate arty when I'm not playing. I also consider this an "epic" game in my book.
  5. I had an epic game in my ConqGC. The first shot of the battle for 2503 dmg on an E-100. Check the replay out!