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  1. Always wanted to turn some replays into videos, so here's my very first one! Conway with the 5.5 Derp gun - is it worth it over the 120? All comments welcome. Ace Tanker, 6400 dmg, Top Gun on Pilsen:
  2. The derp gun really is more fun. It drains credits a bit, and running food isn't helping, but i will probably do the rest of the grind with it. I've never made videos from replays before, so this is my first time - don't judge me too harshly Mistakes were made, but it worked out - let me know what you think! Ace tanker, 6400 dmg, Top Gun:
  3. Ah, okay. I'm about to unlock the derp gun and that it's fun is good to hear. I imagine it totally changes the tank - my guess was not for the better, but not for the worse either. So far this thing has been easy to "tolerate" and I'm even having fun here and there. You do feel a bit useless in some maps, like El Halluf, when everyone goes north. I've been playing it like a pseudo-medium on occasion, usually late game, flanking when people are engaged and so forth. The gun almost makes up for the platform in those cases, and the 5.5 could be even better since a lot of the times those are side shots or even ass shots. Still though, I fear the drop in DPM will be palpable. Like a jumbo T49 that is worse in every single way, but I guess it's a taste of what's to come at tier 10. So how's the "shit barn"? Is it worth it to turbo-grind the 183 before it gets yanked?
  4. What do you guys make of it after the buff? I can imagine the 103-0 is better in every way at the same role. However i had the Conway unlocked for a long time, and tonight I finally bought it given the recent improvements to it, and the "shit barn" 4005. My first three games I averaged 2800 dmg, but only 33% WR. It's a very passive machine. I hate camping red line Also - what equipment do you recommend? I went with Rammer, Vents and Binos. Partially because it made sense and partially because I had those things. Camo isn't as good as I expected, so I skipped the net. The reload is so good, I wonder if using something else in place of rammer is worth it. GLD seems pointless, the gun aims really fast. Edit: forgot it has another gun, I was talking about the 120. So maybe GLD for the second gun. Is the 140mm worth using? Still 60k away from it.
  5. In a way that's good to hear because then it isn't just me. On the other hand I remember grinding for it and being way too excited. I put my Swedish women in it, and now have only one left as a commander for the TD line. I thought it would be the other way around, with the TD being bad and the Kran being the new "flavor of the month(s)" Just won the S1 in the halloween event so time to get the 103 I guess! Currently at 66% on the S1 after about 44 games or so, think I'm getting the whole siege mode thing.
  6. There you go. I read your first review, and thought "man I really need to just learn this thing better, unless he wrote this after only a few games" and then i saw this. I can't seem to win in mine, it's cursed, and feels flawed and sluggish even when you're actually penetrating stuff. I'd agree that it's a 6.5/10 tank max, the way the meta is currently. After the 268 this was my second biggest let down as far as 10s go.
  7. Right so it would be complete bullshit, and eventually nerfed in some other way, no thanks. I got the S1 for free during the halloween event. I think I really like it, bounces more often than the UDES and extra DPM is nice. Camo seems the same. When I platoon with a friend in his UDES, I seem to do a bit better even though he has more games in it and we are of equal skill in terms of numbers. At 64% wr, and it makes great money since you never fire prems. May be my new favorite money maker after sLowe. The novelty of the siege mode hasn't worn off yet. Plus my shitty crew is going to be legit for the 103. I recommend it for anyone who plans to grind the Swede TDs. Not sure what it costs in the store though...
  8. I think this tank is getting harder to play now - when it first came out people would actually trade with you when hull down - or at least try. Now everyone moves on to another target and doesn't waste a single shot because they know about the turret. The T8 is very strong for the tier, and worth keeping IMO. The T9 is marginally better but the increased level of competition makes it a bit more average compared to the T8, when top tier. The T10 is the same thing again - slightly better than T9, but guaranteed to see the significantly tougher T10s in every battle, often nothing but T10s. So yeah it still needs something, my vote is a better gun. It is in WG's best interest to make each tank enjoyable to play, and minimize the number of clunky turds. They can easily emphasize some aspect of any given machine to give it a unique flavor and a real edge. This one is "good for hull down" like many other tanks, but as an auto-loader it is unique. I get the intent. When you say you can win and never fire a shot - that right there is the problem for me. This wasn't as pronounced when it first came out, but people these days know to simply avoid you when you are in a proper spot. On the other hand this tank really doesn't do well in forcing the situation. It's not fast enough to change positions, or even get to certain ones in the first place. meanwhile the silhouette is large and the rest of the armor is bad and you will get hit when moving, sometimes for 800 or over a 1000. All this forces it to stay back in most cases. This forces you to wrangle with a fairly derpy gun that seems to miss everything. When you do hit it is either gold, gold, gold or bounce, bounce, bounce. his is why I try to mostly go after mediums with it.
  9. What these silly western propagandists don't realize is that these cracks are also crew ventilation. The Germans were one step ahead of everyone. We're all lucky that Hitler never managed to make more than 1.5 Mauses. If he had gotten the complete two he could have sent one to each front, and then we'd all be posting in German......
  10. 268 is/was the 2nd worst performing TD after the 4005 by basically every measure. However the recent gun arc and shell speed buff is palpable. Still not enough to make this a "good" tank, but it is somewhat playable right now compared to pre-9.20. Still needs something, perhaps mobility. Anyway what equipment would you guys recommend on it? I'm running rammer, GLD and vents but being blind really sucks. Playing it somewhat aggressive, helping push and even leading the charge. 2300 dpg and <50% WR right now, so probably doing it wrong. Camping just doesn't work in this meta. By the time you get shots, the match is over - I hate taking "loser" positions where you get the sort of damage that saves your Wn8 but doesn't lead to a win.
  11. Oh duh, forgot that's a thing.
  12. Obviously, which is why they won so much. Well minus that whole snafu at Kursk and Stalingrad and a few other places. Also yeah, some caught on fire while climbing hills and Panthers couldn't rotate their turrets on slopes greater than 13 degrees, but the steel was definitely the best. Also the welds were very pretty.
  13. This is an interesting way of looking at it. What is ER, in the other graph?
  14. See i think that's BS - is there any justification for that from a historical perspective? I assume the M60 came out later. I didn't grind for the 48 because i had the M60, and I'm not sure if this is enough of ar reason to do it. Isn't there something the M60 does better, like terrain resistance?
  15. E3 is a very interesting tank. I think it needs just a bit more mobility, but that's besides the point. Like many other vehicles, you need to strike a balance between aggression and camping that is tailored for each situation. Never push alone, and don't camp when there's a bunch of people waiting behind you. Some good info in here. This makes me want to play mine - it's been a while. Surprisingly rare tank, not sure why more people don't go for it. I'd rather play that than a JZ, or 268. It's probably my favorite turret-less TD. i think overall the E4 is better in more situations, but i do have slightly higher WR and DPG in the E3.