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  1. I disagree with those that hated/disliked the mode. Ranked battles played far better than your regular run-of-the-mill randoms, because (while not perfect) for the most part, you actually had to give a damn about the outcome of the match - or at the very least perform at the top of your team (if you're losing). Whereas, random battles these days is filled with bots, griefers, ppl that drown themselves intentionally and incessantly, and general pubbies that don't give a shit about winning. At least in ranked battles, those ppl get weeded out super fast (i.e. they can't reach Rank 5, much less get silver and gold rewards) I think the changes they made are even more fair. So if you're expecting more than average results for being an average player, I would say one of 2 things: either get good or stop having stupid/ridiculous expectations And fyi the improved equipment isn't some game changing overpowered stuff: it's just marginally better, aka within the realm of fairness.