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  1. Thank you, all. This gave me confidence to do this play in my bigger tanks!
  2. I like both t7 and t9 of this line much better. This was playable, but not good.
  3. How does floating ice in the south of Arctic Region work? What decides if it gets crushed or can hold your weight? Is it the weight of your vehicle? How fast you are going? Can you cross with any tank there or just some?
  4. Interesting, I will test this out.
  5. How good would it be for HT-12-4? Better or worse than the VK 100.01 P?
  6. So it was rebalanced quite a bit for 9.22. Thoughts on those who have played it after 9.22? Which gun did you use? How badly does this new 9.22 version need Free XP for modules?
  7. How badly does this new 9.22 version need Free XP for modules?
  8. I have played it now. I think it's quite nice for a tier 7 turret-less TD. I enjoyed top config Challenger more though due to an existence of turret, but this one has armour which works in quite a few matchups. The gun has bad accuracy though and it hurts quite a bit.
  9. So is it better, worse or "as good but different" compared to the Obj 907?
  10. Thanks, good review. Wait, seriously? What are the pros & cons of the different turrets?
  11. How is it after the 9.22 changes?
  12. Did HT15-3 without honours in a Maus. Was easy. With honours is a different story.
  13. There are rumours that there will be a new personal campaign. I wonder if this will cancel the current one and I cannot get Obj 260 any more, or it will be supplemental.
  14. I did HT12-3 with O-Ni on Serene Coast, just went the coastal path in the East and bounced shots from other O-Ni and various TDs. Some luck involved but whatever, I will take it. http://wotreplays.eu/site/4086536#serene_coast-ogremage-o-ni I don't think O-Ni will work for HT12-4 as the dmg dealt requirement becomes more challenging to meet, so I sold it. I am now at HT-15-3 - what's the meta on that? I'm thinking to just keep trying to have good games in Maus and Super Conqueror. Does that make sense? I have a bunch of other tanks available (50B for pure dmg, 113 / IS-7 / 5A for dmg + some bouncing, etc., etc.).
  15. I'm doing the Jap heavy line and thought I might do HT 12 while I'm at it (damage blocking). Which of this line is most promising for it? I suppose I can sell O-I t6 as other tanks down that line will be better for these missions? Or should I just re-buy T29 that I've already sold twice in my lifetime? Any other good ones? VK 100.01 P? VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B?