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  1. So is this power creeped in this climate or not really?
  2. I chose SA / Deadeye (already have snapshot) / Off-road (already have smooth). Not sure about loader 4th skill still. FF perhaps.
  3. I have an Jg Pz E-100 crew (only German TD crew I have) that I could use for this, but it only has 60% camo as 4th skill (yeah... well...). Should I drop skills and get full camo or it doesn't matter so much for this tank?
  4. What are the best 4th skills if I have BIA, 6th sense & repairs & snapshot & smooth ride & safe stowage already on a girl crew? Crew is on a WZ 111 1-4 at the moment but will go to the 5A eventually.
  5. It helps very much, thank you. 1) Good point. 2) True, I often go on that right hill but 110 has such bad gun depression that I chose not to. 3) Yes. 5) Yes I should have taken the shot from T28, but my friend tried to flank him and that was it.
  6. nord_korear and DavidLochead on EU blocking all game for no reason. http://wotreplays.eu/site/3850712#prokhorovka-ogremage-wz-111_model_1-4
  7. 110

    I got enough bounces on turret, but they still shoot my ventilation ducts (as I have to aim for long) and that was annoying. IS-2 I hated the big gun as all its stats except alpha are bad and played it with the small gun. So it felt somewhat similar to 110 except the armour is even worse tier for tier on the IS-2. I personally was happier finishing the IS-2 grind than the 110 grind. I did the 110 grind after getting top config in 3 days (running boosters all the time though).
  8. 110

    Redeeming qualities: - It is reasonably fast. - Turret is alright Drawbacks: - Peashooter gun - Bad DPM - Long aim time - Armor isn't great except turret - No gun depression I just finished the grind through it, ran full personal reserves throughout. Ran a half-and-half AP-APCR loadout due to awesome t8 MM these days. Don't say I enjoyed it, but I didn't completely hate it. There are worse tanks. It's a bad tank but it at least goes fast enough so you can at least get where you want. I grinded it up from IS-2 configuration and I must say the IS-2 gun on it is just terrible. It's about the same as IS-2 tier for tier in my eyes. Will sell with pleasure.
  9. http://wotreplays.eu/site/3848779 So initially I did a very unsuccessful poking / trading with Lowe & IS-3 and I'm not sure how much of it is me being bad at micro & angling my pike nose and how much is just them having better tanks for the location and me making a mistake of going there. In any case I lost valuable HP that would have been handy in end game and didn't do much useful. Then I disengaged, did some somewhat useful things in mid-game, and in end-game went and felt like I got painted into a losing situation with no way out as time was running out. One of my platoon mates suggested I should have tracked the T28 and went around him but I didn't see how that would work, given rechargeable repair kits and the soft, hilly terrain.
  10. Thanks, but I'm here in unofficial capacity :). I also have a Noobmeter account somewhere here, I think. Back when WN8 coefficients were first discussed. If I recall right.
  11. I do, somewhat passively though.
  12. Yes. I can pop into PTS TS some time and chat Great, sent you a friend invite, will message you when in the game!
  13. I took a longish break (mostly quit the game not that long after t10 meds were introduced) and have now come back to the game (we'll see how long). I'm at 1.6k WN8 and 60% w/r (some platooning, some solo, avg tier 8 ) recent now. I think I am no longer that rusty on the game mechanics / tank movement / shooting any more, but lots to work on (e.g. advanced map knowledge, current t10 gameplay in the corridor meta). I play quite a few mornings (5 am to 8 am CET) - anyone willing to platoon?